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After a run to the market, Joe and Karyn were grabbing the last bags from the car when some old friends pulled in the driveway, visiting from out west. They were a bit shocked by an unexpected visit from 3000 miles away, but were happy to see their old friends. Putting away the groceries quickly, they also pulled together some lemonade and ice tea. The two couples headed to the back deck to catch up. Joe noticed though that both Scott and Louise seemed a bit on edge. They did not sit next to one another and seemed a bit fidgety, especially Louise. During a lull in the conversation, Joe and Karyn were shocked to learn that this was not a completely innocent visit.

As it turned out, Scott had an indiscretion a year earlier with a colleague. He was truly remorseful and the couple tried to put it all behind them. In most areas of life, they had, except in the bedroom. Each time they would attempt to get intimate, Louise, having known the woman, would have visions of her naked, making love to Scott. It ruined the mood every time and had driven a wedge between them. After yet another unsuccessful attempt, Scott one day blurted out that perhaps if she slept with someone else, they could move forward. He was surprised a week later when she told him that he was right, that is what she needed, something else to focus on, so that she could get back to focusing on him. At that, Joe shot a glance at Karyn, it seemed they both had the same thought – this could lead to a bad end for these two.

Of course Joe and Karyn assumed that the deed had been done and that they were about to learn of their friends’ impending divorce. However, this was not the case. It seemed that Louise was having trouble making a decision on the details. Would it be a stranger? That was distasteful to a conservative woman like herself. On the other hand, she did not want it to be someone she would see frequently afterwards. In fact, for weeks, they have been trying to decide how to proceed and find a partner. When Scott asked about a possible old boyfriend or something, Louise declined. She would not be comfortable with an old boyfriend as it could rekindle old emotions. She did however finally tell Scott that the idea of someone she knew would be better, just not someone where they lived now.

Now it was Karyn and Joe’s turn to be surprised, Louise asked if Joe would be willing to help. Karyn made some thoughtful sounds, but when Joe looked at her, she had a huge smile on her face and nodded with a wink. Joe suspected she had other plans brewing in her head, but she did not share them. So, with Karyn’s approval, Joe consented. Louise then mentioned that there was one other requirement. It turned out that she found out about Scott’s romp when she came across a video of it on his phone. She had watched the entire thing, which is why it was always easy to picture her naked with Scott. The woman had also done certain things that Louise had never done with Scott. Their agreement was that he would sit downstairs, watching her on an iPad. They brought all of the camera equipment needed for him to watch. Joe shot a surprised look at Karyn when she said, “ok, but my condition is that I get to watch with Scott.”

Louise agreed. Taking Joe’s hand, she sat up, and headed upstairs with him to set up the two cameras.

Once the equipment was set up, Joe told Louise that it did feel a bit awkward and that he was not sure how to start. Louise giggled, gazed at Joe and pulled down his head towards hers. Their lips met and they began kissing, gently at first. Joe’s heart began to race as he tasted her sweetness, their mouths opened and passion grew. Joe pushed his tongue into her mouth and accepted hers. They explored each other as their hunger for one another grew. Joe allowed his hands to slide onto her hips, rubbing the bare skin beneath her top gently with his fingertips. He could feel the goosebumps of pleasure rising from her silky smooth flesh.

“Awkward for you maybe since we did just spring this on you, but I’ve been thinking about it since we started driving here 6 days ago. I’ve never masturbated so many times a day thinking about it. Take me, I am all yours,” Louise melted as she talked.

Joe pulled his lips from hers and began exploring her neck, gently and playfully. His cock stirred in his jeans and pressed against the fabric. Louise could feel it press against her. She jammed herself against Joe as hard as she could as he pulled her top over her head to reveal her white sheer bra holding her tits high. She wasted no time pulling off Joe’s shirt and taking her tongue to his chest, finding his nipples, one by one, biting playfully. Joe’s cock instantly reached a raging hardness, forcing a large bulge in the front of his jeans. Joe unclipped her bra, allowing it to drop to the floor, releasing her tits, small, soft with small dark areolas crowned with small nipples.

Joe instantly moved to them, cupping them both in his hands, gently squeezing and moving them in a circular motion. He stooped to take a nipple into his mouth, flicking his tongue over it and gently nibbling. The pert İstanbul Escort love button responded by growing and hardening while Joe sucked harder.. Louise groaned lightly and pushed Joe’s head into herself, like she was trying to smother him with the soft mound of flesh.

Louise moved to meet Joe’s lips, taking his tongue in her mouth once again before pulling away and whispering ‘Stand still.’ Louise lowered herself to her knees. Her face was now level with the bulge in Joe’s jeans. She then locked her eyes onto his and expertly unfastened the button and zipper. After pulling them below Joe’s knees, she bit her lip and rubbed the huge bulge in his boxers. Joe let out a loud groan at the sensation it sent up and down his shaft. Louise tugged at the waistband and the new cock sprang free. She took it in her hand, hard as stone and engorged with blood, and examined it closely.

Pulling her head low, Louise put the tip of her tongue at the base of the throbbing shaft, and slid her tongue along the underside before stretching her mouth over the head and sliding its length across her tongue and deep into her throat. Unable to control his body, Joe grunted and threw his head back as she expertly drew back and forth – sucking and swallowing with each stroke as the tip of the cock hit her throat. She wrapped her left hand over Joe’s sensitive balls holding them firmly as she accelerated her movement and began humming and groaning with pleasure. This created incredible vibrations through Joe’s cock and into his loins. He felt the tenseness rise in his balls and the base of his shaft. Not wanting to cum yet, Joe gently pulled her off his cock. Louise was unwilling to just stop, so she flicked her tongue and stretched it towards the tip of the purplish prick, glistening with her saliva and Joe’s precum.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Scott was transfixed on the scene. When Joe pulled his cock out of Louise’s mouth, he looked at Karyn to tell her that Louise had not given him a blowjob since before they had kids, over 25 years ago. Karyn gave him a reassuring smile and snuggled in to him to get a better view of the action streaming to his iPad.

Joe picked Louise up and kissed her deeply. It felt to him that she was trying to consume his tongue, much as she had with his cock. She was sucking it as far into her throat as she could. Joe pushed her down onto the bed and watched as her tits bounced. He pulled at her leggings and she lifted her ass from the bed, allowing the fabric to be peeled down her tanned skin. Louise was now just sporting a tiny white thong. Through the lace, Joe could see a dark, trimmed tuft of pubic hair. Kneeling down with his cock jutting in front, pulsating and throbbing, Joe took one of her feet into his hand and began kissing it. She giggled at the sensation first, and then groaned a little as he continued in circles around her toes. She moved her other foot onto Joe’s raging hard-on and manipulated her toes up and down the hard shaft. The slightly rougher textured skin on the bottom of her toes scraped the head giving Joe a sensation he had never felt before.

Joe noticed a large damp patch had appeared on the thong and guessed the time was right to pay her pussy some attention. He quickly pulled the wet fabric over her hips, down her thighs and off her ankles. He studied her small triangular bush, her bald lips already swollen and parted to show her red hot hole, ready, slick with her juices. Joe breathed in her sweet aroma as he moved his head down low to flick his tongue over her clit which was engorged, standing proud out of its hiding place. Louise pulled her legs apart, allowing Joe access to kiss, lick, suck, bite and nibble her aching sex unhindered.

Joe wanted everything on his tongue at once. He swirled it all over her, nearly possessed with a desperate need to taste her and to please her. He pulled her lips apart with his fingers and plunged deep inside her satin smooth hole with his pink tongue now contrasting to the reddish purple of Louise’s love hole. He licked up and down from top to bottom and back, savoring every last drop of juice that flowed from her pussy. Every so often, he would change things up by circling and flicking her clit as she pulled Joe by the hair deeper between the deep ‘v’ in her legs. Louise was grunting as she rocked and bucked across Joe’s face, her juices soaking Joe’s beard before she began squealing. As her orgasm built, her legs began clamping down around her new lovers’ head. It had been 30 years since she had touched another man and she was going to make it count. Joe once again pushed his tongue deep inside her and tasted the sweet trickle of her nectar flowing over his tongue and down his throat. Joe sucked and licked every drop she could give until she finally exploded on his tongue, her body stiffening with a loud ‘YESSSSSSSS!’ lasting several minutes until she fell back, spent. As the aftershocks diminished, Joe pulled himself up on top of her. His cock was once again throbbing and hard, ready to plunge into her lonely cavern.

Back downstairs, Scott was İstanbul Escort Bayan still glued to his screen. Karyn noticed him shift in his seat, his hard on making him uncomfortable in his jeans. “She hasn’t let me do that to her in years either,” he said almost to the air.

As Karyn stood to get them some drinks, she said, “I suspect you will need to brush up on your skills then.”

Back upstairs, Louise had recovered and rolled Joe onto his back. She climbed on top of him and kissed him passionately yet again. Louise tasted her own juices for the first time as they dried on Joe’s lips and beard. She sat astride Joe, pushing his cock flat along his belly. She teased him by rubbing her wet pussy against it, sliding deliciously up and down the shaft for a few moments before she stopped, lifted herself up, grasping her new cock toy in her hand. Meanwhile, Joe reached up and grabbed her tits, squeezing them and pinching the hard nipples that had grown nearly three times their original small size. They were now as thick as Joe’s small finger and nearly an inch long. Joe could feel her position the head of his shaft against her dripping wet opening. Louise balanced herself by pressing on Joe’s chest for a moment before slowly lowering her hips. The couple groaned together as the walls of her pussy slipped slowly down his cock, the intense heat inside her sent shockwaves of pleasure down Joe’s cock which leapt with joy with the insertion.

Louise slid down to the hilt before waiting a moment to adjust herself to the size of Joe’s cock, the first cock she had taken since Scott had revealed his affair. She began leaning toward Joe, rocking her hips back and forth, slowly at first. She soon was building in speed and intensity, causing her ass and pussy to slap wetly against Joe’s thighs, somewhat crushing his balls in a joyous agony. She was rocking up and down as Joe groaned loudly and squeezed her tits harder. She reacted by pounding harder and faster until Joe had to stop her once again from making him cum. Joe held her ass steady above his achy member. He bent his knees up into the air, and used leverage from his feet to push his raging manhood up into her. He moved slowly at first until the need to come had receded. He then started to pound her upwards, slapping against her clit while he pulled her pussy open, stretching her flesh tight over his cock. Joe kept pounding her until he chose to slow down again, almost edging himself, knowing that the more times he held back his orgasm, the harder and more ecstatic the moment would be when it was finally unleashed.

Joe gave Louise control back, settling back down on the bed, allowing her to lower herself back onto his member. Joe took in the wonderful view of her pussy lips, stretched and wrapped around his cock, stretched, he thought to himself, for the first time in over a year. The thought itself revved his mind even more, like a forbidden fruit being enjoyed. Before long, Louise was pounding up and down wildly slapping Joe’s hips with her round ass. She was breathing heavily and grunting as each stroke hit deeply into her pussy. Joe’s cock was burning inside her as she accelerated further, lengthening her strokes. She was losing control and allowed Joe’s cock to slip out of her. He hurriedly put it back inside when just moments later she groaned and yelled out in ecstasy, ‘Oh damn, oh fuck I’m cumming! Oh please! YESSSSS, FU-UU-CKKKK, you’re fucking me so good Joe,UGH-HH, YESSSsssssss’.

Louise stopped moving at that point. She sat down hard, first straightening and then arching her back, her pussy walls tightened and contracted around her lovers’ shaft, clamping it as she released more thick sweet nectar that flowed over Joe’s sack and trickled down the inside of his thighs.

Joe gave her no time to recover, he was ready ro cum. He pushed her onto all fours and swiftly positioned himself behind her, thrusting deep into her still throbbing hole. She squealed as Joe humped her frantically. In the next minute, Joe felt his balls aching, ready to explode. He felt his entire prick tense up. He lunged forward, sending ropes of cum deep inside her in hot, sticky, gushing spurts.

Joe held himself there for a moment, allowing the intensity of his orgasm subside before he pulled his spent cock from Louise’s abused cunt, covered in a mixture of his seed and her love juices. Louise smiled as she turned herself round, taking Joe’s cock in her mouth. The touch of her tongue on his throbbing sensitive tip caused a recoil reaction from Joe bringing a giggle from Louise while she slowly sucked the knob clean of their juices.

Scott turned from his iPad, “Wow! I really expected to be disturbed watching, but I am incredibly turned on right now! Is that normal?”

Karyn looked him in the eye, smiled broadly as she walked away, and said, “I know it turns Joe on to no end every time he watches me fuck another guy!” As she headed up the stairs she said, “if you liked watching that, you’re going to love the second act.”

Karyn told Joe later how worked up she was watching Escort İstanbul him and Louise and how dropping that bomb on Scott was so satisfying. She could see that Scott clearly had a hard-on causing him to keep shifting in his seat. All of this had given Karyn an idea, so she headed upstairs. She knocked, but came right into the room, closing and locking the door behind her. She grabbed her vibrator out of her bag and stripped without a word.

She headed over to Louise. She leaned over and whispered in her ear. Joe could not make out much, but he thought he heard something about driving Scott nuts now that he was by himself downstairs. Louise smiled as she looked up at Karyn. She happily accepted Karyn’s tongue as Karyn bent over and began to kiss her. While they continued to kiss, both women were exploring the others’ breasts and nipples. Karyn was rolling Louise’s still engorged nipples in her fingers. As she tweaked and rolled them, they once again became quite hard and extended into rather long points.

After a while of feeling each other’s tits, both women lowered their hands and began exploring each other’s pussies freely. It began with them both rubbing each other’s soaking wet slits, before inserting fingers into each other. They began to finger each other vigorously while they took turns sucking each other’s nipples. Joe was enjoying this wondrous sight immensely, as proven by a now quivering cock which he began to slowly stroke as he watched.

Joe’s hot wife Karyn and Louise slid to the floor, still fingering each other. Joe was massaging them both along their sides, down their legs and back up, each time, gently stroking their nipples. He began kissing their breasts, arms, legs, touching whatever he could reach. Joe had forgotten about the cameras as he was in heaven. Although his wife and Louise were actually completely involved in making love to each other, he was there, contributing and loving every moment of the action.

Almost simultaneously, the two women seemed to have the same idea, and slid around on the floor so that they were in the 69 position. They spent a few seconds looking at each other’s open, wet cunts, before starting to lick each other. They both started with long, slow movements to lick along the length of their cunts, sometimes holding the pussy lips open, savoring the smell and taste of their friend. They inserted fingers into each other along the way, and continually probed each other with fingers and tongues, they were panting with a building excitement.

Joe tried his best to help out, caressing and kissing Louise’s backside as she was the one on top. He was able to witness his wife’s tongue doing its job on Louise’s re-awakened pussy. When Karyn moved her attention to Louise’s clit, Joe slipped his fingers down and wet them with Louise’s cunt juice. Joe was able to press a finger in deeply until he was quickly fingering Louise as his wife was licking her clit and sopping wet cunt. Louise only took this attention for a short time before having a massive orgasm, wetting Karyn’s face beneath her with her cunt juices as they exploded from her.

Louise asked about the vibrator Karyn had pulled out earlier, her reliable magic wand. “Well used and loved”, Karyn assured her. Karyn sat on the edge of the bed and slouched down to present her pussy invitingly to Louise’s tongue and fingers. Louise began again to finger and lick Joe’s wife’s darkened pussy lips and clit which was now soaking wet and wide open. Karyn switched on the vibrator and began touching her clitoral area with it. Joe kneeled behind Louise and reached between her legs with one hand to caress her cunt, while massaging her tits the other hand. He fingered her for a while and decided now was the time to really join in the action. While the conversation up to now had mainly been grunts, sighs, combined with various “Oohs, Aahs and Yes’s”, he now asked Louise, “Would you like me to fuck you again now?”

She immediately replied “Oh, yes please; if that’s ok?” directed at Karyn.

Karyn immediately replied “Fuck! I don’t care what he does, just don’t stop licking!” This was all Joe needed to hear, his swollen prick was right up against Louise’s cunt lips. He rubbed it up and down, coating its head in her cunt juices, then pressed it firmly into her soaking wet slit. His insatiable cock slipped into her as if her cunt was made of warm, wet velvet. He stayed still for a short while, enthralled by the feeling of being embedded in her cunt once more.

When Joe began to move his cock in and out of Louise, he did it slowly to avoid being overcome with the excitement of the situation. He watched his wife lying on her back, her vibrator causing her multiple orgasms while her cunt was being fingered and licked by an old friend. All the while, Joe was fucking Louise slowly from behind. He started to increase the rhythm, holding her hips firmly while fucking her in earnest, Joe was ramming his cock into her as hard as he was able. Within a few minutes they were both cumming hard. Louise was pushing back into Joe, her pussy pulsating around his cock. Joe was holding it deep inside her while he nearly screamed out loud. He was spurting into her for what seemed to be ages. Once again, he withdrew his cock wet with his thick wet seed mixed with Louise’s sweet and sticky nectar. As Joe pulled out, he wondered how Scott was doing downstairs.

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