The Woodsman Ch. 2

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She sat in the chair over him and closed her eyes. She felt his pointed tongue licking between each of her toes. He bent her right foot so that he could lap at her instep and with each lick she felt electric pleasure racing up her leg only to pool in the deepest parts of her pussy. She groaned loudly in a long low animalistic growl. That spurred Adam to double his efforts and with each lick she felt herself flowing freely in wanton desire.

He body began to ache for his touch. She wanted to be consumed by this mountain of a man. She withdrew her foot from his mouth and stood over him. Her legs straddled his chest and looking up he had a perfect view of her neatly trimmed bush. He saw her swollen lips and her clit, slick with a film of her creating, jutting out proudly from its hooded hiding place. His eyes were filled with a kind of sadness, and she was certain she saw fear there as well. She felt the power rising in her once more. She knew he wanted what he feared to ask for. The idea of making him wait only served to excite her more. She lowered herself over his chest. Her breasts covered his face as she arched her back, brought her shins over his hips and delicately positioned herself so that her toes caressed his heavy balls. All the while Adam licked, kissed and sucked her breasts. He was frantic now, his head moving from side to side between them. She placed her hands on his shoulders and pushed herself up from him. Her toes wiggling now and slipping toward the base of his revived cock. She smiled at him, cocked her head so that her long hair fell to one side, and asked, “What do you want? Tell Sarah what you want.”

He looked at her wondering what to say. He stammered and said, “I want you.”

“You want me,” she said with a playful teasing voice. “You want me how? What do you want me to do?”

” I want you,” was his quiet answer.

Sarah could feel herself becoming more excited. “What did he mean, what does that mean,” the question resounding in her head. She began to realize that this was no quickie fuck in an alley. This was no bathroom blowjob. He felt something. It frightened her to think what that might be but the wetness that flowed from her now overwhelmed her fear.

Belek travesti I think I know baby, I think I know.”

She lowered herself over his body. Her clit was so swollen now that even the slight brush of his body hair there sent a shiver through her body. His cock had grown hard from her foundling and as she slid lower she reached back between her legs and lifted it off his belly. Her eyes widened as her hand closed around its large head. Until now she had not truly realized how large it was. He tiny hand was barely able to circle it. She slid down his body until his tip parted her lips. She stopped.

She starred into his eyes and waited for him to move. Peter would be deep within her by now but Adam lay frozen. She took his cock and rubbed it up and down her length. “God baby, do you like this? You feel so good right there.”

The heat in his eyes seemed to grow more intense. He nearly barked his response to her question. “Yes, oh god it feels good.” She saw his face soften and he began to plead with her saying, “let me, please let me.”

She felt each word as if it where a stroke of his beautiful cock. She purred and moaned, smiling at him as she lowered herself slowly on his dick, sheathing it in her warm wet and rapidly opening canal. “Oh god baby, you so big, so big,’ she moaned as more and more of him entered her.

She was determined to have all of him in her. She let herself fall over his entire length until she felt herself bottom out on him. His cock filled her completely. She wanted to fuck him now, to go completely wild on his long thick cock and feel him come within her. She held back, slowly grinding and gyrating on him while she engulfed his entire length. “Oh you like that, you like that. You like Sarah’s pussy. You want to come in Sarah’s pussy don’t you,” she said in deep hot tones, which came from the spot where the tip of his cock met its end within her.

“I……….I………. want you,” he said almost painfully.

She began to move now with purpose. She lifted her hips and rocked over him, riding his cock with wild abandon. He began to move with her, slamming up deep within her. She had never felt so full and she loved each stroke. His hands Kemer travesti came up to cover her ass. It was the first time he had touched her with his own initiative and it drove her to move even harder on his cock. He grunted and groaned and moved piston like within her.

She was surprised when he moved. She felt herself being turned to her side and gently laid on the floor. He was still inside her as he moved her. He laid behind her now the tip of his cock still hot inside her. She brought her legs up toward her chest exposing her pussy to his assault more completely. She kept her legs together as he drove his cock deep within her. He was frantic, wanting to be deeper in her, but the position kept him from his goal. He rocked and moved with a speed she hand never felt before. She lifted on leg and laid it over his hip so that he might have more of her. Her juices flowed out from her like a hot syrupy stream. Her pleasure was almost too much for her. She felt his hand moving over her belly, and then, one finger from that hand found her clit. She moved her hips in little gyrating motions on his cock. He held his finger motionless on her clit, forcing her to move faster on his cock so that she might feel the pleasure offered by his finger. “Adam,” she cried. “Oh god Adam, fuck me, baby please fuck me.”

“Do you want my come,” he whispered in her ear. “Adam’s gonna fill you up, gonna make you his, gonna come Sarah, deep, deep in you.” You like that.” “Oh fuck, oh fuck.

She felt him stop moving. She ground her hips on him and his finger moved lightning fast on her clit. Her orgasm rocked them both. He felt her inner walls pulsating over his cock, milking his come deep into her.

She felt his cock twitching and throbbing as it offered up its prize to her. “Oh god baby, like never, like never,” she moaned.

“You like my cock, you love my cock, you want me,” he moaned as he drained himself within her.

They lay there now gleaming with perspiration. His held her in his arms, one hand covering her breast the other stroking her side. She felt his breath bellowing from behind her onto her neck. With each breath she took she shuddered. She had never had an orgasm like Konyaaltı travesti this one and emotions flooded her brain. He whispered, “don’t leave me.”

The pain in his voice made her ache. She fought to find reasons in her mind to move. She could not bare the pain in his voice but she could think of nothing comforting to say to him.

“If you leave me I will go back,” he said sadly, “I don’t want to go back.”

“Back? Back where?” she asked.

She heard him draw breath to answer and then she heard an odd thwack. “What is that noise,” she asked distractedly.

“Don’t listen. Please Sarah don’t listen,” he begged.

The thwack sound returned and returned again. Adams voice grew faint. She heard him say, “Please, please Sarah, if you leave me I will go back.” His voice faded more with each word he spoke. Thwack, ping, was the next sound she heard.

She smelled the musty canvas of the tent even before she opened her eyes. She blinked her eyes opened and grew frantic. “Adam,” she whispered. “Oh god!”

Peter heard her shout and ran to the entrance to the tent. He threw back the covering and leaned in. “You alright sweetheart,” he asked absently.

She nodded and tried to smile. It was a dream after all and she knew it really didn’t matter. Peter walked back to his wood and began to chop. Sarah lay in her sleeping bag and thought about her dream. Her body told her it was not. She felt the warm afterglow she always felt after really great sex. She relived the dream and she swore to herself that she could feel his tongue, his cock, the strength of his orgasm, and she could taste him. It was too real, and yet it had to be a dream. To believe otherwise would mean she was insane and she was certain she was not that.

Later that day as they hiked through the woods the couple came upon a meadow. Sarah’s nerves ran cold as she realized it was the meadow from her dream. Across the meadow there was a cabin. It was in fine shape and from a distance they could see another couple inspecting it. There was no smoke from the chimney now and as they got closer they could see that it was a cabin maintained by the Park Service. They climbed the stairs and stood on the porch. There was a plaque on the door. Sarah did not want to read it and tugged at Peter’s arm to move him away. He stood his ground and read. Adam Clark built this cabin in June 1868. He lived here alone until his death in 1910. Known to his fellow Park Service employees as the Woodsman.

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