The Two Bus Rides

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It was the beginning of December and the landscape along the highway was snow covered. She blankly gazed out the window of the bus, lost in her portable cd player.

Their song was playing. She had set the cd player to play it on repeat and hadn’t switched it off for the whole, hour and a half, bus ride.

“This was it!”, she thought. She finally was doing something wild. She had met Ryan years ago, but had lost touch. Only recently did she discover his number in one of her numerous notebooks and decide to call it.

As she hashed over the past in her mind, she was awakened by the jerk of the bus stopping. She looked out the window, scanned the bus terminal in the strange city she hardly knew. She looked around for Ryan but couldn’t see him through the mass of people. As she stepped down off of the bus she went to collect her bags and as if out of nowhere he appeared.

A huge grin appeared across both their faces as Ryan embraced her. She planted a sweet kiss on his lips. Both of them savoured the peck as it was there first kiss together.

“Love you,” Ryan said timidly. They had said it many times over the telephone but never in person to each other.

Stephanie smiled and said, “I love you too.”

Ryan picked up Stephanies backpack, holding her weekends worth of luggage and headed for the parking lot. They got in the car and the grins persisted on their faces; they were both in a dumb state of shock.

“So how are we going to spend our weekend together?”, Ryan asked. “I’m up for anything!”, she replied.

They arrived at Ryan’s parents house. Steph would be taking his room in the basement and he was to sleep on the upstairs couch.

They spent the afternoon talking and Ryan played their favourite song on his guitar for her.

His music made her fall deeply for him. There was something in his voice and the songs he wrote and played that drew her to him.

It was nearly supper time and Ryan had volunteered to his father to go and pick up some Chinese Food for supper. Steph and Ryan got back in the van, if only to steal a kiss.

They placed their order at the Esat travesti Chinese take-away and decided to go to a nearby parking lot. Steph had gotten Ryan a gift. A big care package with lots of little things to remind him of her.

Ryan leaned in and kissed her sweetly. They paused for a moment and then resumed kissing. Their lips tingled at the feel of each other. Their tongues danced as they held each other, eyes shut.

After a kiss that lasted for eternity they picked up the food and went back to eat dinner.

Later that evening they decided to take a drive. Ryan took her to his favourite spot in the city. A quiet park which was his own special place.

They sat in the car and both fueled by hormones kissed again. Ryan placed his hands around her waist and she wrapped her arms around his neck. They barely paused to breathe as they lost themselves in each other. The sweet taste of her lip gloss and the silkiness of her tongue excited Ryan.

Stephanie stopped their kiss and noticed Ryan’s bulge. She asked if she could straddle him. He was more than willing. She hopped seats and was now sitting on him. They resumed their make out session kissing and fogging up the windows. Stephanie was very hot for him now, she decided it was time to go a little further.

Stephanie begun grinding herself into Ryan’s bulge to which he reciprocated. She put her hands up his shirt and felt his smooth chest. After a while she lifted up her shirt to reveal her 34c breasts to Ryan. Ryan touched them gently… his eyes marvelling at their perfection and beauty.

It was getting late so they decided to head back home. They rented some movies for the night and settled in on the couch.

After everyone had gone to bed they resumed their make out session in their pajamas. They were lying on the couch totally ignoring the movie that was playing. Ryan’s hands roamed her breasts as he kissed her and their tongues battled.

“Want to go to the bedroom?”, Stephanie asked. Ryan hesitated… “I’m not sure we should.” They both debated the idea and decided to stay and cuddle on the couch longer.

They Kızılay travesti cuddle up and Stephanie could feel Ryan’s cock pressing up against her ass. She coyly moved her hands to run her fingers along his waist line at the top of his boxers. Soon enough they were engorged in one another and she was fondling his cock and balls while he ran his fingers through her curly pubic hair.

She parted her legs and Ryan’s fingers were greated with a great, warm, wetness. He slipped a finger into her warm pussy and she quietly moaned.

Enough was enough… they could not control themselves anymore. Ryan carried her to the bedroom. They were worried that Ryan’s parents would find out so they layed down on the flower.

Ryan lay slightly on top of her as he fingered her and made her eyes roll back into her head. She pulled down his pajama pants and jerked his cock hard. She marvelled at it’s size.

Eventually they both found themselves naked. It was, in essence, the moment of truth.

Ryan began to enter her but she was incredibly tight. He grabbed for some vaseline which he usually kept handy for masturbating and coated both of them. He inserted his 7 inch cock into her almost burning depths and sighed. They slowly made love, kissing, looking into each other’s eyes.

Ryan’s cock began to stiffen to it’s full extent. He grunted as his cum shot deep inside of her.

“Are you on birth control?”, he asked in a frenzy.

“No…”, she replied quiety. “Oh well, it’s too late now.”

It didn’t really matter because they loved each other. They had planned on eloping but didn’t now exactly when it would happen. But if for some reason she did get pregnant, they were not worried.

They decided it would be best to go to bed and see each other in the morning.

They next day they went for another drive. Ryan wanted a cigarette badly. He had broken the rules by sleeping with Stephanie, so he threw all his ideals out the window. Ryan and Stephanie both smoked at the park they had made out the day before. They sweetly embraced each other and kissed.

They Alsancak travesti rest of the day was spent pretty normally, seeing as Ryan’s parents were around. But they again decided to go for a drive at night.

They drove to a huge parking lot that opened up onto a field. They got in the backside. Stephanie felt wild and unzipped his pants and started giving Ryan head. She savoured the smooth cock in between her lips and ran her tongue down it’s length.

Ryan tore off her pants and in the back of the car they started to make love again. But this time it was much more rough… I guess you could call it fucking. Stephanie got on her hands and knees and Ryan pushed into her doggie style. The windows were all steamed up but they could see the lights of snowmobilers all around the field.

Stephanie begged Ryan to give it to her hard. He rammed his cock into her dripping pussy and let his balls slap against her clit. “Again!” she cried. Ryan slammed into her again and began a rhythm that had her screaming and him with his mouth gaping open.

Finally Stephanie came but Ryan kept going and a few minutes later unloaded his cock into her depths.

They were both high from the sex, the kissing, the cuddling, the love. They weren’t thinking straight.

“Come home with me.”, Stephanie said. Ryan was hesitant… he wondered about leaving his job and family behind. He knew he loved her, and he knew he wanted to be with her and that’s what gave him the strength to say yes. After all, he knew, and so did she, that they couldn’t spend a night alone ever again.

So the next day, after fabricating a story about going up to visit her town. They both boarded the bus at the terminal. Ryan and Stephanie sat arm in arm looking out the window. They arrived at her small town in the middle of the night and this became the beginning of their life together.

They both had many new firsts together. Ryan taught Stephanie how to give a world class blow job and she admitted taht he was the first she ever had finished with her mouth. And Stephanie introduced Ryan to anal sex. They experimented with sex in public places, always seeking the high. They bought toys and rented movies and 69ed. They found their freedom. They became totally comfortable around one another. They were truly in love and that christmas they had the justice of the peace marry them.

The End.

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