The Trip to London

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I have many memories about a particular girlfriend that I would like to share. I have been contemplated sharing these stories for a while so I thought I would choose one of my more favorite romps. As you can tell from my pen name, I have an uncanny memory for sex. In particular, sex with women from my past. Might seem odd to some, but not to me. I hope to share more stories, but I am going to start off slow and see what type of reaction I get from this one.

I was flying to Chicago for the holidays, planning on taking my girlfriend at the time to visit my parents in London. We were going to spend a couple days in London, but the real reason for the trip was to go to Paris for New Year’s. Along the way we would stop at different spots through out the French countryside, and ultimately get to Paris and celebrate. It actually was an exciting time because my girlfriend and I had actually met in Europe. This was the first time we were going to go back together. Oh, another good detail to share. I was living in SF at the time and she was in Chicago. Long distance relationship….the best thing I would never want to do again. You can imagine, every time we left each other was like breaking up, but we had honeymoon sex each time we were with each other.

I met her in a restaurant at ORD and we proceeded to catch up over some beers. Being away from each other was tough and it wasn’t the most ideal relationship, but we knew the trip back to Europe was going to be special. We caught each other up with what was going on in our respective cities, but we couldn’t wait to be able to get back into bed and fuck. She was gorgeous and I was crazy about her. She turned me on big time and I always wanted to have sex with her. We had a ton of phone sex while being away from each other, but we couldn’t keep our hands off each other when we were back together. Since we were flying, we could wait. Thinking back on it we should have done the mile high thing, but whatever.

The flight was fine, we got in early and we were completely jet lagged. My Mom suggested we try to get some sleep, which was fine because that meant we would be able to jump into bed and get the first fuck out of the way. We were practically sleep walking, but we still were hot and horny.

She was wearing black leggings with a white turtleneck sweater. I was wearing a t-shirt and jeans. We got under the covers in one of the guest rooms at my parents place and I naturally snuggled up against her back. I wasted no time. I slipped my hands underneath her sweater and started to massage her incredible tits. To give you an idea of what these looked like, picture a typical model. She was tall, long legs and stayed in great shape. She had these perfectly shaped tits that legitimately didn’t need a bra to keep them up. They were perfect B size tits that were wonderful to get my hands on. She also had perfectly size nipples that would get Osmanbey travesti extremely hard when I would rub them or slightly pinch them.

I was feeling her tits and getting her nipples hard while she smiled and she could feel the hard on that I had, thru my pants. I started kissing her neck and slowly sliding my hand down her stomach to her waistline. I switch my hand from the front of her stomach to her ass and soon was digging my hand into her leggings and fingering her hot, wet pussy from behind. I love fingering her because she immediately started moaning ever so slightly and she knew I was about to tear my pants off and slip my hard cock into her. Without taking off her top, she lifted her hips, staying on her side. This way I could remove her pants. I then took off my pants and then slide right back into place. My cock was rock hard at this point and I started rubbing her pussy to just wet the tip of my cockhead. I could feel the heat that radiated from her body. I positioned my head at the tip of her pussy and I slide my hips up against her cold ass. I was slowly getting my cock in there. I felt how wet she was and she let out a little moan again. You have to remember, my parents are in the kitchen, on the other side of the wall, and so we had to be quiet.

I remember her ass being cold to touch but I loved cupping her cheeks. The wetness of her pussy told me she was hot and horny. I was thrusting into her while fitting myself into her back, not letting go of her tits. My balls were aching because I had been anticipating this for so long. I knew this wasn’t going to last a long time. I thrust my cock as deep as I could and I didn’t stop fucking. She was practically asking for more by moving her hips back to meet mine. All of a sudden my toes start tingling, my balls start tingling, my mind starts racing and I explode an enormous amount of cum into her. I pumped 2 or 3 more times, the whole time holding in my moan and squeezing my eyes shut. It felt incredible, and she was reaching back cupping my ass so that I could stay deep inside. Short, sweet, hot and fun. Little did I know, that was only the beginning.

Fast forward to nighttime. We finished eating dinner and were still a little groggy from traveling. All of us were done watching TV and everyone was retiring for the night. We were going to head out early the next day so we wanted to get some sleep.

The girlfriend, who will remain anonymous, and I went back to our room and I knew it was going to be a hot night. We had already gotten our first fuck out of the way and we ended up having a great day. We walked outside, get some fresh air and had some good wine at dinner. Overall good day, but for some reason I just knew it would be a hot night in bed and be our first of many solid fuck sessions during this trip.

After readying ourselves for bed, we both got into bed and lied next to Ayrancı travesti each other on our backs. She adjusted to her side, facing me while I stayed on my back. I had mesh shorts on and she had on a t-shirt and underwear. Comfy clothes for bed, but they weren’t going to be on for long.

While talking to her about nothing in particular, she started to massage my chest and stomach while staying on her side. She was right handed so she was on my right, which made for great leverage. We started to kiss real slowly and every once in a while our tongues would touch and we would kiss deeper. I was staying on my back when she decided to take my shorts off. My cock was slowly getting hard and she had it in her hand. She was amazing at giving hand jobs and she was stroking my cock to complete stiffness. She would take her hand off my shaft and slowly rub my balls, which just paralyzed me with excitement and horniness. I remember thinking that my cock had never felt this hard or big ever. I loved watching her use her hand in such a gentle, sexual way. She lowered her head to my stomach and took my cockhead in her mouth. Her mouth felt so hot and she started to take the entire thing in. Her lips were locked around my shaft and I started to pump my hips up and down to simulate fucking her face. She loved this, she would moan and flick her tongue all around my cock. I was in heaven.

I shook myself out of my state of bliss to notice that she had taken off her shirt, underwear and she was on all fours. She was blowing me like she was hungry for dick. Her ass was to my side but facing me and I could see through the dark room that her pussy was getting wet. I reach out and starting rubbing her ass and spreading her cheeks open to see her asshole and pussy. She responded to this well because I could feel her sucking my cock faster and harder. I think she knew what was coming next. I used my hands, which were holding both sides of her hips, to adjust her one leg over my chest. She was now straddling me and we could sixty-nine. I moved her back so that her pussy was on top of my mouth and I started to feast on her pussy. She loved it. She actually had to take my cock out of her mouth so that she could breathe, and moan passionately. We could be louder now. We were far away from anyone else. I kept my hand on her ass cheeks and I kept spreading them wider and wider so I could dig my tongue deeper and deeper into her pussy. I wet my right index finger and started to circle her asshole, which made her even more wet and me even harder.

After about 10 minutes of sucking, licking, moaning and rubbing, we repositioned ourselves so that I was on top of her. Like I said earlier, she had a model’s body. Her legs were long and I loved putting them up against my chest while fucking. I would lean into them and she would have her feet on either side of my head. Once I had her in the right Cebeci travesti position, I slide my cock into her and started a rhythmic pounding. It was incredible. Her facial expressions were amazing. And I vividly remember them turning me on with each stroke. Her eyes were shut, she was moaning for more and you could tell she was really into it. To my amazement, I was able to look down to watch my cock jet in and out of her. I noticed probably the hottest thing to happen to me during any sexual encounter. I don’t know if it was the angle or our position, but each time I stroked in, the bottom half of her ass, which was visible since I had her legs so far back, would spring back up to meet me. It was perfect synergy and it was one of the hottest slapping noises I can still hear to this day. That made my cock swell, made me want more and made me go faster and breather deeper and hold onto her thighs harder.

We then switched to doggie style and I slipped back into her pussy. She would swing her head up with pleasure. I gripped her hips again and probably was moving at a 15 MPH pace. I was fucking her so hard and felt so good. The whole time I am thinking to myself I won’t cum too quickly because I already got one out of the way. I would slide my hands up her side and pinch her nipples and rub her perfectly shaped B cup tits. Her moaning got deeper and deeper while I was thrusting faster and faster. I slide my hands to her shoulders and pulled her back while I was throwing my hips forward. We were fucking, in unison and the heat coming from both my cock and her pussy was supernatural.

I pulled out of her and I could tell I had one more position in me. I knew we wouldn’t have that much time before I shot another sizable load. I got on my back and she climbed on top of me. With almost no effort, my stiff dick slid right into her. She was a pro on top. She was a champion. She would arch her back and throw her head back while cupping her tits. She would lean all the way forward and come down to passionately kiss me. I would grab her tits and help her bounce up and down while we both let out moans and words of encouragement like “fuck me, yea, fuck me!” I told her I was about to cum and she jumped off me to my side and took my cock in her hands. I thru my hands behind my head to make an effort to stay out of her way and she proceeded to grip my fat cock. She jerked me probably 3 or 4 times and bam! All of a sudden I shot a hot, unrestrained load of cum all the way to the top of my chest. Maybe 4 ropes of hot liquid that was making my toes twitch. I had lost my breath and couldn’t speak. She loved it! I could hear her talking shit to me, “yeaaaaa, you love me stroking your cock. It’s so hot watching you cum; I can feel your cock throbbing in my hands. What a big cock you have!” I was shaking like a little boy coming out of a cold pool. She had complete control over me while I tried to regain my composure.

After about 5 to 10 minutes of complete silence, she slid back up into my arms and we just held each other. We both knew what had happened was incredible and probably was the best sex we had had with each other.

What a great start to the trip.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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