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The first day of summer was usually one filled with excitement and relief for most students, especially those who had just graduated high school. For them, summer meant trips to the lake, late-night parties, and movie marathons at the Schulman Theater downtown. For Zack Baskins, however, this was not the case. In an effort to raise his grades, his mother had made a deal with him. Get straight As and he could go to Germany with his best friend, Chet. Anything less and he would spend the summer working odd jobs and saving money for college.

“Stupid B+,” Zack mumbled as he walked up the long walkway leading up to the large dusty old house up the hill, dragging with him trashbags, gloves, and a rather impressive assortment of cleaning gear. Upon seeing his final report card, Zack’s mother had picked out the perfect punishment from an ad she’d seen in the newspaper. The ad was placed by Ashley Cameron, the daughter of the richest man in town. In it, she stated that she was looking for someone to come clean out her late father’s large house. The job would take the majority of the summer but it would pay well which, to Zack’s mom, sounded perfect.

Zack dropped his stuff on the step and rang the doorbell. He immediately heard footsteps. A woman came out smiling and pushed out her hand.

“You must be Zack,” she said. Ashley was in her late 30’s and definitely still attractive but she didn’t flaunt it. She was blonde with green eyes, about 5’8″ and appeared to have quite a nice rack underneath her blouse and stuffy coat. Also, she walked like she had a stick up her round ass. If she wasn’t so friendly, Zack may have thought of her as a cold bitch. Probably just her rich upbringing, he thought as he shook her hand, noticing her lovely red nails.

Ashley pulled a key from her coat pocket and handed it to Zack. “Well, like I said over the phone, most of the furniture has been moved out, all of the electricity is still connected, but the phone line isn’t. This key will open every door in the house, but there are a few of them that I haven’t even been into in… ever to be honest with you. My father was a very private man. If you find anything inside that you want, feel free to keep it. I have everything that I felt was worth taking.”

Ashley looked up at the large looming mansion and winced. “I appreciate your help with this. I just don’t think I could go through it…” As she continued to talk, Zack stopped listening and let his eyes roam down to her cleavage. The top two buttons on her red coat were undone and her cleavage was quite visible. Zack could feel his cock moving in his jeans.

“Everything clear?” Ashley asked. Zack snapped his eyes back up and nodded.

“Yeah, um… would it be inappropriate of me to ask when I’d get paid?”

Ashley laughed. She actually looked beautiful when she smiled. “Not at all. How about half now and the rest at the end of the summer? I won’t even tell your mom,” she said with a wink.

Zack eryaman escort smiled, surprised. “Okay, yeah. That sounds good.”

Ashley handed him a check and headed down the steps. “My cell number is on the kitchen counter if you need anything,” she shouted over her shoulder. “Thanks again!”

Zack waved half-heartedly and stuffed the check into his pocket. Sighing, he unlocked the large front door and stepped inside.

The house was dusty and dim. Zack groaned, thinking how much work this was going to be. He dragged his cleaning gear into the front room and left it there. Today would be inspection day. No cleaning. Even though he knew he’d have to do it all eventually, that plan made today seem a bit more bearable. Besides, after talking to Ashley, his dick was still very awake. He rubbed it through his jeans and started up the stairs.

Reaching the top, he found a long hallway filled with doors on either side. He bounced the key in his hand and started walking down the left side. “Okay… which one of you doors is the big private room?” He stopped in front of the first one. “Is it you?”

Zack tried the door and it opened easily. “Guess not,” he said and stepped inside. The room was empty except for a few books lying on the floor. The room smelled like dust. Zack went back into the hall, leaving the door open and moved to the one across the hall.

“How about you?” Zack pulled the knob and found the door firmly locked. “Ahhh, maybe something interesting in here then…” he said to himself as he unlocked the door. With a loud click, the knob gave way and Zack pushed the door open with some effort.

Inside this one seemed to be what was left of an old office. A desk lamp was broken and lying near the window and what appeared to be a bundle of phone jacks beside it. The only other object of note was a large closet on the right side of the room. Zack walked over to it, kicking at the remains of the lamp on the way, and opened the closet door.

“Holy fucking shit!” Zack yelled and nearly tripped over his feet as he stumbled backward, away from the dead body in the closet. His heart pounding, he tried to get a hold of himself and took a closer look at it. The body was one hell of a body. A gorgeous brunette woman, dressed in a French maid uniform stood smiling inside the closet. Her eyes were open and instead of looking creepy, she looked gorgeous and warm. Zack cautiously approached it.

The woman didn’t look dead. Her skin was white and her face was immaculate. Her full red lips pulled into a smile were youthful and shiny. Her breasts were nearly spilling out of her black frilly top and her long luscious legs were barely covered by her tiny black skirt.

“What the fuck…” Zack whispered as he stepped closer. He reached out and touched the woman’s arm, finding it warm. He caressed it softly and felt the tiny hairs respond to his touch. Whatever she was, she definitely wasn’t dead.

“Hello?” ulus escort he asked. The woman gave no reaction.

Zack licked his lips. He thought his hormones were going crazy for Ashley, but he was now sporting a full hard on while looking over this beautiful specimen of a woman. He tried, briefly, to stop himself, but couldn’t resist. He reached up slowly and touched the woman’s breasts, finding them soft. He squeezed and ran a thumb over her very hard nipple.


Zack stopped, frozen. He hadn’t moaned. He looked up at the woman. Her eyes were closed, but her lips were slightly parted in a soft sensual moan. Zack’s hand stayed glued to her chest as her eyes slowly opened and looked at him. “Well, you don’t have to stop,” she said.

Zack’s hand dropped and he stepped away from the closet. “Um, I’m sorry. I, uh… what are you doing in there?”

The woman flashed her smile again. She was nearly as tall as Zack, who was a solid 6′. She stepped out of the closet and he noticed she was wearing very sexy black high heels. His dick was throbbing.

“I’m Elise. I live here,” she said softly.


She laughed. “Thomas Cameron created me. I’m… artificial.”

Zack’s eyes darted around the room. He stepped closer to Elise, his voice lowered. “Listen, I’m sorry. I was just supposed to come in and clean the house. I feel like a huge perv now. I don’t know if this a big joke or if this is going to be on TV but I really would rather not be a part of it.”

Elise cocked her head to the side, her long wavy black hair cascading down her lilywhite shoulder. “TV?”

Zack nodded. “Yeah, or whatever. I just…”

“Did you say you needed the house cleaned?” Elise asked, interrupting him.

“Yeah. So, I’m just going to do that and you can… just… do whatever you do,” Zack said, his face red. He started to step away, trying to tell himself why he should even stay after embarrassing himself like that.

“Very well. I will start with this room, sir. Would you like me to clean in the nude?” Elise smiled, her voice sultry and soothing.

Zack turned back. “I’m sorry?”

“My creator often enjoyed watching me clean in the nude. He created me to be visually pleasing,” Elise said, looking down at her soft D cups. Zack stared at her, unsure what to say.

“Whatever… I’ll go get the cleaning stuff,” he replied finally.

“I will be here,” Elise said, smiling.

Zack hurried down the stairs and grabbed some rags and several different varieties of cleaning sprays. He looked around quickly, still not convinced fully that he wasn’t in the middle of a very weird practical joke. With his supplies in hand, he ran back up the steps.

He returned to the room finding Elise standing in exactly the same place, however, the room was spotless. Zack dropped his rags and bottles.

“Uh… wow. You really cleaned it,” he said, looking at the office.

“Yes. I eryaman escort did. Would you like to be pleased now?” Elise asked, stepping closer to Zack. “I am programmed in hand, oral and vaginal pleasure as well as cleaning.”

Zack stared at her. “What?”

Elise reached forward, her long white-tipped nails grazing Zack’s crotch. “You have an erection. May I help you with it? You have had it since you woke me. Please allow me to please you. Perhaps my lips would serve to relieve your sexual tension?”

Elise kneeled in front of Zack who could barely speak. “Um…” was all he could say.

“Here…” Elise unzipped his jeans and pulled them down, leaving his boxers on. She smiled up at him and leaned back, undoing her top to reveal two perfect D cup tits. They bounced as she smiled up at him, rubbing his dick through his boxers. She blew softly over it as she gripped the sides and pulled down. Zack’s cock sprung out and Elise moaned gently, admiring it.

“Ohhhh…. It’s so nice… what is your name?” she asked gripping his shaft in her soft hand.

“Zack,” Zack said quietly.

Elise began to stroke it, rubbing the head with her thumb. “Shall I suck you off, Zack?”

Zack nodded, looking down at the perfect brunette as her full lips parted. Her tongue slid out and licked his shaft from balls to head and took the whole thing into her mouth. She moaned as she began to stroke and suck. Her hand twisted around his dick and her lips slid down to his stomach, taking all of him into her mouth.

Zack began to moan, watching her. He put his hand onto her bobbing head and felt her soft gorgeous black hair. He closed his eyes and listened to her slurping and sucking noises as she sucked eagerly for his cum.

She popped his cock out of her mouth loudly and pumped it expertly in her hand. She leaned back and cupped her huge titties, squeezing them around his cock. She then tilted her head down so she could keep sucking the head. Zack instinctively fucked her melon tits. “Ohhhhh fuck…” he moaned.

Elise let him fuck her tits for a bit then dropped them, returning her full attention to sucking his throbbing dick. She moaned, slobbering all over his cock as she sucked it hard into her throat. He came up for air, then went back down as Zack began to moan, feeling his orgasm building.

“Oh, fuck, I’m gonna cum,” he moaned. Elise moaned harder, stroking, sucking, almost begging him to finish into her mouth.

Zack pulled her head to him as he spurted into her mouth. Moaning with her, he unloaded his cum. “Oooohhh, fuck….”

He looked down at her. Not a drop was on her chin. She’d swallowed it all. “Wow…” Zack said. “That was amazing.”

Elise pulled her top back on and stood up. “I love sucking cock,” she said, smiling. “Next time you will need to fuck me…. Or one of the others.”

Zack stopped, halfway done buttoning his jeans. “Others?”

Elise nodded. “Yes, Thomas made several of us to pleasure him and do the housework. I don’t know where they are, but he kept them in various places around the house. They are programmed for pleasure too.”

Zack stepped out into the hall and looked down it at the endless corridor of rooms…

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