The Right Impression

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Sophie tapped the screen, then snapped several more frames. One picture was never enough – someone blinked, or something got in the way. She was always pedantic about making sure that things turned out right, even though she didn’t care too much how she looked in photos. It was something I appreciated about my future sister-in-law. It was the perfect complement to my fiancé, Tara. Tara wanted everything perfect, but she was more careless in her approach and never quite got there without Sophie’s final touches.

“Take a photo of us now!” Tara, as usual, wanted to capture everything on her phone. Both Sophie and I shrugged. We didn’t mind that much. I swapped places with Sophie, taking Tara’s phone. The waterfall provided the perfect backdrop. We were close enough to the cascading water that the mist felt like a cool change in the warm summer. I framed the sisters on the screen and took several shots. Tara bounced over excitedly to check the photos.

“Oh no, I can’t put these on Facebook!”

Sophie strode over. “Why not? Oh…” she looked at her chest.

That was another difference between the two sisters. Sophie was more comfortable with her body and had a more laid back attitude. She was past the stage of trying to impress people. She kept her makeup to a minimum, preferred comfortable open clothing rather than trying to fit into classy blouses, and didn’t pay much attention to people trying to steal a glance at her form. She felt at home at the gym, and the guys knew that she wasn’t going to be easily impressed and didn’t bother trying to pick her up. Today she was wearing white sports bra, and the outline of her nipples was clearly visible.

“Sis!” Tara protested, pinching her. “Darren, why didn’t you say something?”

“Huh? Oh, I didn’t notice.” Which was a lie. I had been trying not to spend too much time perving on Sophie. Even though she was OK with it, it still felt wrong. I mean, I was in love with Tara. But Tara was wife material – the right energetic personality to go with my more quiet nature. Sophie was the eye candy that I secretly fantasised, but didn’t dare touch. Tara was loveably childish in some ways, while Sophie was the mature one. Which was about right, considering that Sophie and I were both turning 30, while Tara was five years younger.

Actually, it made a lot of sense. When Sophie was 18, she lost her mother to cancer. They hadn’t seen their father since they were young. Sophie took it upon herself to make sure that Tara got through school, while supporting herself through her college studies. Consequently, Sophie matured with a different mindset. She didn’t have the time to be bothered by trivial details. Tara obsessed over them as a way to cope with her loss. It was sometimes a burden for me – I had to deal with Tara’s hyperactivity and occasional immaturity, but it was the kind of contrast that made our relationship work. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have popped the question. And deep down, it felt that Sophie appreciated what I had done for her little sister. Never having a big sister, I really looked up to Sophie, even though we were the same age. In some ways, instead of making a good impression with the parents, I had to impress Sophie. That was something no man had managed to do. She was happily single.

There was a lot to admire about Sophie, but today my hormones were steering my focus on her physique. She put a lot of effort into her body – she ate well, trained a lot, and the results were incredible. Her shorts clung over her perfectly toned buttocks; her sports bra contained her round breasts well. Unlike Tara, Sophie was a brunette. She kept her hair in a short ponytail. Tara, by contrast, was far more modest. She wore capri pants and a t-shirt. Not to say that Tara was unattractive in any way, but she was envious of her sister’s physical attributes. It was a challenge to keep my attention on Tara as we continued our trek. Sophie seemed to be aware of my dilemma, and seemed to go with it. She paused frequently to stretch, turning towards me, allowing me a glimpse of her cleavage or appreciate the jiggle of her breasts. I decided that she was either flirting with me, or she was testing me.

We were over an hour into our walk. We had been to this national park many times before – it was a place where Tara and Sophie’s parents used to take them as children. That meant a lot to me, to be considered part of the family. This was one of the times where Tara was less chirpy than usual, and I was with her every step of the way. Sophie looked on, a glimpse of faint envy in her eyes. We hadn’t spoken much. We knew each other well enough from my time with Tara, but I didn’t visit as often as I should. Tara had a habit of shifting all our dates away from home. Apart from the occasional family get-together, such as birthdays, I seldom saw Sophie, and knew little about her own love life.

Despite the fact that I was trying to hide an awkward erection, it was a pleasant walk through the forest. For the most part, I felt like the third wheel. Tara and Sophie bayan escort ankara were reminiscing, bringing up childhood memories. Their father was noticeably absent from all topics of conversation. It kind of hit me that I would be the first real man in the family, and I had some big shoes to fill. Tara caught me pondering in my own thoughts.

“You’ve been strangely quiet today,” she said. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine,” I said, unconvincingly. Tara rolled her eyes and fetched my water bottle from my backpack, thinking I was dehydrated. We shared the bottle and gave each other a quick hug and kiss, which helped reset my mind.

“I think he’s feeling a little left out,” Sophie said, being more aware of the world around her. She flashed a slight grin at me. “Are you?”

“Oh, it’s just that,” I stammered. “I don’t want to interfere with your talk.”

“But you’re part of the family now!” Tara chimed. She flashed her diamond ring to remind me.

“It takes some getting used to,” Sophie replied. She turned back to me. “You didn’t have a proper family either, did you?”

“Takes one to know one, hey?” I replied. “Parents divorced when I was a teenager. Actually, they lived together until I was eighteen, and then my dad moved away and I never saw him again. I didn’t realise they were divorced until my brother mentioned it. I kind of thought that all families were that impersonal and indifferent.”

“Well, that’s got to change,” Tara said, hugging me tightly. “We’re going to have a happy family! Mum, Dad, and Aunt Sophie!”

Sophie and I recoiled from that. A bit too soon, perhaps.

Nearly an hour later, we took another break, resting our weary legs – except for Tara, who was taking more selfies. Even without being able to upload (there was no coverage in this area), she was already getting her photos ready when she got back. Sophie and I watched as she posed and snapped.

“Do you think she’ll change once we get married?” I asked Sophie. I wasn’t sure in hindsight if this was the right question for the right person.

“She’ll change,” Sophie said, vaguely. “Just let her enjoy what she has now.”

Tara, oblivious to our contemplative conversation, waved to us. “Hey! I haven’t got a single photo of you two together. Come on!”

Sophie and I rolled our eyes at each other. Keeping Sophie’s advice in mind, I allowed Tara to take over as master photographer. She picked just the right spot for us – a rather non-descript patch of ground that was overlooked by the unique rock formations above – the drawcard of the national park. Tara took some time to find the right place to take the photo from. When Tara was ready, she yelled at us to smile. Sophie put her hand around my waist. I followed suit. It was awkward and clumsy – it was in fact the first time I had laid hands on Sophie. My hand on her bare midriff was electrifying to me, as was her hand on my waist. There was no intimate contact, but something was different about Sophie. Her touch felt calming and trusting. We both smiled as Tara took the photos. She looked at her snaps, but pouted.

“I’m trying to get the mountain in the frame as well,” she said. The rock formations were hardly mountains, but they were the highest point in the surrounding area, so we got what she meant. Logically, I would have suggested that she kneel down for a low-angle shot, but that would have made too much sense and I wanted her to enjoy her madness. “Step back,” she said, somehow putting together a method. “A bit more. And…a bit more.”

Sophie and I fell. Not in love. And not over a log. We literally plummeted into a hole. In fairness, it wasn’t Tara’s fault. The ground looked fine, but as soon as we stepped onto that specific patch, it disintegrated. We were lucky that we didn’t hit any hard rocks. We slid down the dry dirt embankment into a large hollow in the ground. It happened in a blink of an eye, and the next thing I knew, I was flat on my back. Sophie slid down on top of me. Seeing a small avalanche of dirt and pebbles following her, I flipped her over and lay on top, shielding her from the shower of stones. They were annoying more than anything else, but the spontaneous act of chivalry did not go unnoticed. That would be later on. For now, I was on top of Sophie. And I still had my awkward erection. I quickly rolled off and dusted myself off. Sophie was okay, but looking up, we realised how lucky we were. The hole we were in was nearly a 6-metre sheer drop. We had been standing on the edge of what was now the opening. Had the surface collapsed while we were a step further back, we would have had far more serious injuries than grazes and bruises.

“Oh my god!” Tara yelled from above. “Sophie? Darren?”

“Stay back!” I yelled. My voice echoed up to where Tara’s head appeared. I was afraid that the hole might widen and bring Tara down too. Tara heeded my warning and stayed clear of the edge. “We’re okay. A little shocked, but no broken bones.”

With the immediate concerns out of the way, demetevler escort we were now presented with another dilemma. There was no way for us to get out. The walls of the hole offered no handholds, and the tiny roots simply pulled free, weakening the wall further. A rope would have helped, but since we were only here for a day trip there was no reason to bring one. There was no signal on the phone. Tara looked like she was going to have a panic attack. Sophie picked up on this and took over.

“Tara, we’re okay. We just need you to get some help. We’ll be fine until you get back.”

“Are you sure?” Tara asked.

“Positive,” I replied. I gave her the thumbs up.

“Alright. Don’t go anywhere!” she shouted before running off.

Sophie and I sighed. We had both shared the same half-truth. We were both physically unhurt, but it didn’t take much common sense to do the math. If Tara couldn’t get a good signal on her phone, she’d have to go all the way back to the visitors centre. All things considered, help might arrive in three or four hours. It was just after noon, so we had plenty of daylight and there was no forecast of rain. The temperature was cooler, though we expected it to heat up. There was actually a surprising amount of space – the bottom of the hole was several metres across, so we could comfortably stretch out and pace around. There wasn’t much light, and the opening was partly obscured by trees and roots, but our eyes soon adjusted.

“How do you think this was formed?” Sophie asked.

“Probably an underground current,” I said. “Water can hollow out the soil. Then it dries up.” I was forgetting something, but I couldn’t place my finger on it.

“Kind of like a Venus fly trap?”

“Well, more like a pitcher plant, if the Earth was trying to eat us.”

Sophie chuckled. It was going to be a long wait and we needed as much stimulation as we could. I still had my backpack, so we ate our remaining snacks. I had been carrying all the water bottles, so we were OK on fluids too. The main concern we had was not causing too much noise in fear of triggering another collapse. Sophie didn’t seem too bothered by our predicament, and to honest, I was glad that it was Sophie and not Tara that had fallen in. Tara would have had a panic attack.

“You’ve got a deck of cards, don’t you?” Sophie asked. I did, but it was a bit too dark for us to see the cards. I fetched them from my pack anyway.

“What are we playing?” I asked.

“Strip poker.”

I gagged and did a double-take. “Are you serious?”

“What’s wrong with strip poker?” Sophie asked, tilting her head to the side. “Are you embarrassed about seeing your sister-in-law naked? Or your sister-in-law seeing you naked? Or do you just have eyes for Tara?”

“Uh…” Sophie’s barrage hit all the right spots. She was certainly eye candy, but admittedly I had not fantasised about her that much during my time with Tara, especially as we had been spending more time together and therefore had less time for the mind to wander. Now that Sophie and I were trapped in the pit, that all began to come back.


“It’s…too dark to play poker.”

“Oh.” Sophie sounded deflated. I felt a pang of guilt. As much as I felt awkward about it, I felt that Sophie really did need some cheering up.

“How about high-card?” I suggested. “It’s quicker and easier in this hole.”

“Loser strips? That might go a bit too quickly,” she replied. “How about a best of five for each item?”

“Sure, that sounds more suspenseful,” I chimed in, thinking more about having a good contest and less about the consequences. “We’ll shuffle after each loss, and we’re even. Shirt, shorts, socks, shoes, and underwear. That’s five items each.”

“Four,” Sophie corrected. “I’m not wearing underwear.”

If there was anything that could trigger a rush of blood to my loins, it was that.

“I…guess I could count one sock each?” I said, resulting in a burst of giggles from Sophie. Yeah, it was a logical conclusion, but it also sounded incredibly lame. “Hey, I wasn’t that kind of college kid.”

“You would’ve been adorable as a roommate,” Sophie said. “In my first month of college, I shared a dorm with a guy and I forgot to pack my bras. I went braless until I could afford to buy more. He just couldn’t stop looking at my boobs. Then again, I mostly wore really low-cut tank tops. And my shirts were a bit too thin. He wasn’t creepy or anything. Just…typical. You’re imagining me now, aren’t you?”

“No…well, yes.” Busted.

“Let’s game on then,” she said. “Maybe you won’t have to imagine.”

Our first few rounds went through slowly. There were a surprisingly large number of ties and no round was a clean sweep. The shoes and socks came off, and later my luck capitulated and I was down to just my underwear.

“You’ve got a bit of a belly happening,” Sophie teased. “No offense. I think it’s cute. I just thought you’d be a bit more built.”

“Tara actually hates ankara evi olan escort that,” I replied. “She wants something squishy to hug, not a rock-hard chiselled body.”

“I’m sure you have something else that is rock-hard.”

Damn, busted again. Eager to get one back, I pushed on. This time, after reshuffling the deck, I drew three consecutive aces and swept the round. Sophie pouted in disbelief. Expecting her to take off her sports bra, I was surprised when she slipped off her shorts.

“Easier to take off,” she said with a grin. “You’re not seeing much in this darkness, especially when I’m kneeling. Pussies are for touching, not looking.”

“You must be very experienced at strip games,” I said.

“I had to get through college somehow.” She paused. “Wait, that didn’t come out right. I meant I had to pay bills and…oh, drats.” She giggled. “Let’s say I won a lot of bets.”

“I bet you did.” We exchanged a fist-bump. “Alright, last round.”

“How about one card draw?” she suggested. “I can’t wait any longer. I want to see those come off.”

I agreed. I drew first, slamming it onto the soil with unnecessary flair.


Sophie clapped with glee and immediately drew her card. “Yes!” Unashamed at being bottomless, she got up and danced. “Come on, drop ’em!”

“Wait.” I tapped the card and held it up. The poor light had fooled her eyes. “It’s a two.”

Sophie frowned. “Well, drop them anyway. I’m not letting a tie stop my mood.”

“But I didn’t lose!” I protested. “You have to take your bra off too.”

“Fine.” Sophie didn’t hesitate. She lifted the tight band over her large breasts, allowing them to jiggle free as she lifted the bra over her head. “Taking sports bras off should count as resistance training.” She dropped her bra to the ground and massaged her boobs before stretching out her arms, relishing the freedom of being nude. It was such a contrast to Tara, who was more modestly endowed and less confident about her body. Even in the poor light, I could appreciate the full, round shape of her breasts – just the right size to be firm yet soft to touch. A ray of light drew my gaze across her large, erect nipples. Sophie could see that I was gawking. “What? Haven’t seen a naked girl before?”

“It feels odd,” I said. “Not because you’re my future sister-in-law. I thought women would be more embarrassed…hey!”

I didn’t spot her movement in the dark. She yanked my briefs down to my ankles, causing me to trip and fall onto my backside. Before I knew it, she tossed my underwear aside. Then I felt her warm fingers clutching my rigid shaft.

“Oh wow, you really ARE hard.”

“I…” My lips trembled and I felt a spasm zap through my body. Sophie was gently squeezing my penis, getting a feel for its length and girth. Her slow, precise caress was making me giddy. “Tara hasn’t seen this, has she?”


“Mmm. She wasn’t always conservative. Ever since Mum passed away, she became really religious. Mum didn’t mind what we did when we were alive. She would look out for us and supported us no matter what we did. I guess that’s why I became more comfortable with my sexuality. Tara hasn’t really learned the hard way.”

I couldn’t find any words. Sophie literally had me in the palm of her hand. She was an expert, putting enough pressure to make me feel pleasure, but not enough to feel uncomfortable. She was glaring right into my eyes. “Surprised? Remember, I won a lot of bets. I also lost a lot. You learn a lot in college.”

“Wha…what if Tara sees us?” I noticed that at no point had I tried to resist.

“I wouldn’t worry about Tara. It’s me you have to impress first. I only want the best for Tara.”

Without warning, she swallowed my dick. No hesitation or reluctant. She sucked it right down. I’m not a particular well-endowed man, and she had no problem in working my manhood from tip to base. She went up and down with a steady rhythm over my throbbing penis.

“Uggh…” I stifled a moan, somehow terrified that Tara might find me, but the risk also intensified the pleasure. This was an unimaginable scenario, a forbidden fruit. Sophie was right – Tara was a very introverted person. I often tried to imagine Tara’s cute face going down on me, but I knew she would never do so. Now her big sister was going right at it, and had no inhibition in pushing me to the edge.

I tried to struggle free by shuffling back, but I had hit the edge of the pit and she had control of my lower body. I braced myself by stretching my arms out to push against the dirt wall, and Sophie pinned my legs down to stop me from squirming. Watching her head move up and down in the dark, and feeling her mouth covering every inch of my dick, was better than anything I had ever seen and felt. It felt so wrong. I kept on having flashes of Tara in my mind, reminding me of who I was marrying and who I should be doing this with. Perhaps that was what stopped me from my placing my hands on Sophie’s naked body or pushing head down. Not that she needed coercing. She was perfectly capable of keeping her rhythm. She knew which buttons to press.

I don’t remember how long she blew me for. My restraint meant that I didn’t cum. She slid her mouth free and continue to massage my dick using her hand, looking at me with hungry eyes. “You’re the first who didn’t blow a load into me. Am I not good enough?”

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