The Resort Ch. 02

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The plane landed safely in Sydney. Gina Barese was jolted awake from her long sleep. She panicked as there was total darkness, only for her to realize that she still had her sleeping mask on. She started to stroke her hair back and wrapped it up with her hairband. She guessed she must have looked like a mess, flying from Chyenne to Los Angeles, then here to Sydney, and finally over to Perth.

The plane de-boarded, and the passengers were filed through Australian customs. Gina had applied for an expedited visa online to get into the country. She was starting to become aware of how much the trip was starting to cost. She had been trying to save up enough for a down payment for her own home. She was by no means broke, but it was still hitting her in the pocketbook.

She made way out of customs into the airport, then found a day hotel to relax in. She got a much needed shower, then went to lie down for a couple of hours. She awake terribly hungry, so she went over to the food court to enjoy herself.

Gina took her meal over to a table and sat down. The food court was extraordinarily busy, and she was lucky to find one. She began to eat when a young lady approached her. “This seat taken, dear?” She had a casual Australian accent, much different from the more posh one Jake had.

“No, go ahead,” said Gina, thinking that she wanted the chair. The girl sat down and put her phone on the table. The Aussie girl had lovely straight blonde hair, with gorgeous blue eyes and a deep tan. Her body was slim, and her breasts were modest but nice and round. She wore a loose-fitting blouse with cut-off white jean shorts, and her shoes were bamboo-weaved platforms.

The girl smiled. “Sorry, I just needed to rest here,” she said.

Gina smiled. She held up her sushi tray. “Go ahead. I bet you’re hungry.”

The girl’s eyes lit up, and she carefully picked up a sushi roll and jammed it all in her mouth at once. She covered her mouth, clearly embarrassed. “Sorry, mate. My name is Josie.” She offered her hand.

“Gina,” she replied, and grasped her hand. The Aussie girl had very tender fingers.

“You sound American,” said Josie.

“You got me!” Gina said, giggling. “I’m here just for some vacation time.”

“Oh, that’s so nice,” Josie cooed. “I’d love to get to America. You always hear that it’s so scary, but you meet them in person and they’re the sweetest people.”

“Oh, thank you,” said Gina. “Actually, I came for a man. I met him just a week ago, and I came out to surprise him.”

Josie put her hands to her mouth. “That is so romantic!” she said. “Oh, I wish a boy would do that for me.”

Gina and Josie chatted for some time. It turned out that they were both taking the same flight to Perth, where Josie was visiting with her sister. Gina and Josie chatted as if they had been friends for years all through the flight.

Eventually they landed in Perth. Josie gave Gina the address to her hotel. Despite Josie being so much younger than Gina, Gina felt like she could relate to this woman so well. She had so much promise and potential in her future. Gina prayed that she did not end up like her, her heart broken and her wealth wiped out.

They said their goodbyes, and Gina caught a taxi to Jake’s apartment. She still could not get the image of the two of them together that night at the ski lodge out of her head. That young man left a great impression on her.

Gina wheeled her suitcases over to the lobby. She searched for King on the buzzer but to no success. She wheeled them back out to the curb and sat down on one of her suitcases.

A young Asian man walked by wearing a Murdoch University shirt. He looked about Jake’s age, and his jersey looked like something a rugby player would wear. “Oh, excuse me!” she exclaimed at the young man. He stopped walking and looked at her. “I’m looking for a Jake King. Do you happen to know him?”

The young man smiled. “Ol’ Eggs and Bakey Jakey? Yeah, we’re good mates. I’m on the rugby team with him.” Gina was surprised that he spoke with an Aussie accent. The young man walked over and offered his hand. “I’m Bings Phan.”

Gina giggled. “You’re my biggest fan?”

Briggs laughed. “No, love. My first name is Bings, short for Binghamton. My mother couldn’t speak English well when I was born, and I think she read it off a sign or a postcard or something. People just called me Bings and it stuck. Phan is a somewhat common surname from Vietnam.”

Gina nodded knowingly. “Ah. But you were born here, right?”

Bings smiled. “Don’t let the face fool you, dear. I’m as Aussie as they come.”

She smiled. “Well, I guess I should find where Jake is.”

Bings snapped his fingers. “Now I remember—he was down at the pitch today. We’re all trying to get some practice in.” He looked around. “He might not be back for some time. I’d hate to leave you out here. Are you checking in to a hotel?”

Gina grew red. “Well, I was kind of hoping to stay with Jake. Now I might have to. I was kind of hoping I Travesti could do this trip on the cheap.”

Bings licked his lips. “Well, look, if you need someone to show you around, I could spare the afternoon. I had nothing planned. You can leave your bags at mine.”

Gina sat up excitedly. “Are you sure? Oh, I hate to be a bother.”

“No bother,” he replied. “I get to spend the day with a fine bird. No downside.”

They took her baggage to Bings’s apartment, a rather nice ground-level condo. Jake lived in the taller building across the street. Gina loved the spatial simplicity. “Wow, and you have a garden out back?” she said from the living room.

Bings was putting her luggage into his bedroom. “Yeah. See the hedges? Total privacy. I’m on a scholarship as well as getting some money from my mum. Our family is a small partner in a rum business.” He came back out to the living room. Gina admired how tall and athletic he was, probably the same build as Jake. She loved his eyes. She thought Asian men were so darling to look at.

To make up for the trouble that she put him through, Gina offered to take Bings to an early dinner. She could pass the time away in Perth with a new handsome man while she waited in anticipation for her lover to come home.

Bings was definitely more comfortable with women than Jake seemed to be. He was just as courteous, but there was a sense of relaxation with this new man, as if he saw her company as the gift, rather than anything Gina had to offer him as a favour. She felt warm around this man, and she hung on his every word.

“So we’re in the scrum, yeah?” said Bings as he reminisced about one of his big rugby matches. “Now, what Jake is supposed to do is hook the ball back so we keep possession. He’s a hooker, as you might know.”

Gina was enthused with the story. “Yes, he told me. Go on.”

Bings took a bite of his chicken wing. “So he dives in, but he panics and decides he’ll try to break the scrum instead. Now, I’m a prop, so I’m just on his left and trying to push my opponent over. Jake just jumps right up in the air and tries to go sideways so that he can knock two or three of them over.” Bings laughed, and Gina offered her own laughter even though she had no idea what he was saying.

“All I can tell you,” Bings said, leaning in and being quieter, “is that one of those poor sods got a my man’s donga right in his face. Bloody crazy strategy, but we kept possession.”

Gina put her hand to her head and rolled her eyes. “My innocent little Jake,” she sighed. She took a drink of her cocktail. The rum drinks they mixed in this little bar were to die for.

“How do you know him again?” asked Bings.

Gina’s eyebrows perked up as she was sipping her straw. “Oh. Well. That is a story,” she said. “I met him while I was doing some IT work for a ski lodge out in Wyoming. That’s the state I live in.”

“Oh, right!” exclaimed Bings. “Jake has a summer job in America.” He twisted his lips. “So I guess you two were…involved?”

Gina smirked and bobbled her head. “Mmm, sort of. He invited me out here just on a whim. Actually, I don’t even think he knows I’m here!”

Bings continued telling stories about rugby and school, but seemed a little more guarded with Gina. He was willing to go shopping with her, taking her to some of the nicer tourist attractions and down to the CBD.

Once they got back to Bings’s condo, Gina dropped off her purchases. She went up to Bings and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. “Thank you so much for taking me out,” she said. “I know it’s not easy for men to watch us girls shop all day.”

Bings smiled and shrugged. “I didn’t mind. You’re really nice company.”

“Okay,” she said, gasping in a huge breath. “I’ll go and surprise Jake. Will you still be around so I can get my bags?”

“Yup,” he replied. “Come on over any time.”

She gave Bings a handshake, then left for Jake’s apartment. The apartments had outside access, and Bings was able to tell her which one to go to. She made her way up the stairs to the second tier apartments. When she got to unit 29, she wanted to knock but stopped herself. On a whim, she went to check the doorknob. The door was unlocked.

She decided to step in and surprise Jake. She peeked her head in and saw no one inside. Stepping into the apartment, she closed the door behind her. She could hear the shower running in the bathroom. This reminded her of the time she almost caught a peek of Jake in the shower at the Graymont.

Quietly, she stripped off all of her clothes. She hoped that Jake had no roommates, unless they wanted to catch an eyeful of Gina in the nude. She looked down at her snatch, and gave it a mild passing grade. She decided to trim the whole business this time, and she only had a couple of days of stubble.

She crept into the bathroom. There was definitely someone in there, as she could see from the shower curtain. Gina struck her best pose on the other side of the curtain, then grabbed the Antalya Travesti edge and pulled it back.

Gina bellowed, “Guess who came to–WHAT THE FUCK?!”

Jake was in the shower, all right. He was slightly preoccupied with having his penis inside of a young slattern, pounding in and out with fury. She was bent over with her hands on the shower wall, trying to stabilize herself against the pounding she was taking. The girl had nice, round breasts and a tight ass. Her legs made Gina think she was also some kind of athlete.

Neither Jake nor his new girl knew how to react right away. Jake was still fucking her after a few seconds of realizing who it was. “Gina,” he said, surprised. Gina was too stunned to realize that she was standing there completely nude, watching the man she lusted after just a little over a week ago was now balls-deep in some other woman.

Gina watched as Jake thrusted forward while they both kept eye contact. “You’re still fucking her?!” she screeched. She threw her hands over her private parts, then ran out of the bathroom. She ran to the hallway and put on her clothes as fast as possible.

“Gina, wait!” called Jake. He was running after her with a towel on. She had gotten the rest of her clothes on and ran out the front door, now starting to sob. She made it halfway down the stairs when she stopped and looked up at Jake.

“Oh, sure!” she wailed. “All that talk about being a virgin and feeling insecure! Well, you sure looked like you knew what you were doing!” She started to break down crying.

“Look, Gina, she’s just a friend from school. We’ve known each other for years, and we just kind of met up again.” Jake struggled to keep his towel on. “I had no idea you would actually come all this way!”

Gina wiped her tears away with the back of her hand. “Yeah, well, here I am!” She raised her arms as if she won a trophy.

“You should have called,” said Jake, realizing nearly right away he was blaming her.

“Yeah, and you shouldn’t have fucked some other girl! Guess we’re both idiots!” Gina ran down the stairs again. Jake retreated back into his apartment, where he was certain he had other problems waiting for him.

Gina went back to Bings’s condo and knocked on the door. He opened the door, only to be shocked by what he saw. “What in the hell happened?”

Gina jumped in the front door and grabbed Bings by the shoulders. She was still sobbing and groaning. “He was in the shower with another girl. I just made a fool of myself!” She put her face into Bings’s chest and continued her crying jag. Bings led her over to the couch and sat her down.

“Let me get you some water,” he said, and dashed to the kitchen. He got her some water and ice and brought it over.

Gina had trouble closing her mouth to speak. “Thank you,” she whispered. She tried to take a drink between her heaving gasps.

Bings shook his head. “God, I’m sorry. If I had known, I would have given you fair warning.”

Gina snivelled and wiped at her eyes. “He said it was a girl he knew already.” She shrugged. “At least she’s pretty.”

Bings stared forward and shook his head. “Did you and Jake…date for a long time?”

Gina smiled and sputtered. “I was there for a weekend job,” she said. “We had sex. It was really good.” She looked at Bings. “I must look like a desperate idiot now. One guy fucks me after a divorce, and I chase him all the way across the world.”

Bings touched her hand. “Hey, that’s a pretty brave thing to do. You put yourself out there, at least. Look, Jake’s my boy, but he does stuff like this. No fuckin’ common sense.”

Gina grabbed onto his hand and squeeze, looking deep in his eyes. “Do you happen to have some of your family’s rum?”

Bings made Gina a rum and Coke. She drank the whole thing down, then made a face and stuck her tongue out. “Ooh, it’s like medicine!” she said.

Bings laughed. “Yeah, I heard that from a few foreigners. We have a Listerine taste to most of our booze. You get used to it.”

Gina held up the glass and shook the ice cubes. “Get me used to this.”

A few more drinks, and Gina was fast asleep on the couch. Jet lag had finally taken over her senses. Bings threw a blanket over her, then turned the lights out and went to bed.

When Gina awoke the next morning, she was mercifully without a hangover. She got up and folded her blanket, then had a look around the apartment. There was still a lot of straightening out to do. Gina proceeded to sweep the floor, wash down the counters, do the dishes, and dust off the shelves and pictures. She stood back and admired her work. “Young boys always neglect housekeeping,” she said with a sigh. Her vacation was not going as well as she had hoped.

Bings finally arose from his bedroom and stretched. “G’mornin’,” he said as he looked Gina over. “How’s your heart today?”

Gina had put most of the bad experience out of her mind. “Ugh, don’t remind me.” She laughed as she stretched and pulled at her hair.

Bings Bursa Travesti stepped towards her. “You need some sun to recharge yourself. You have a bathing suit?”

Gina looked down at her own body. “I guess so. Are we hitting the beach?”

“Nah, we’ll just stay here for a bit and do it in the backyard,” said Bings. “No one will see us.”

Gina went into Bings’s bedroom to change. This was another place that could use some tidying up. She came out into the hall, with Bings standing there in long shorts. He led her into the bathroom, where Gina noticed the shower was more like in a locker room with tiling and no enclosure. There were actually two shower heads next to each other.

Bings got her a full-length towel and grabbed one for himself. There was a long patio chair out in back, which Bings proceeded to set his towel down on and lie down. He had his shades on as well.

Gina looked around the backyard. Sure enough, there were hedges all over that would make it impossible to be seen. She laid out her towel and proceeded to lie down.

Bings sat up. “Oh, you probably need some suntan oil,” he said, then dashed to the bathroom. He emerged with a pump bottle that he handed to Gina.

Gina pumped the oil onto her and rubbed and massaged. Bings stood there as she got into every crevice she could find. She was wearing her sheer yellow two-piece. If you got it wet, there was nothing left to the imagination. Gina could see out of the corner of her eye that Bings was enjoying the view. She rolled onto her stomach, rubbing her butt with the oil. She pulled at the ends of her bikini to give herself a little thong look.

“Oh, Bings,” she sang. “Get my back too, will you, dear?”

Bings said nothing as he took the bottle and spritzed it on her back. There was something all too familiar about this turn of events. Bings rubbed her back and shoulders, getting more intense as he went.

“Mmmm. Thank you, Bings,” she purred. Bings let go of her and went to go lie down again. Gina lay on her stomach for five minutes, then decided to roll over. The sun was already blistering hot at the early part of the day. Gina let her hands roll over her body. She went on a crash diet for the week before she came out here, and she ate very little on the flights over and while she was in Perth. Her ribs were starting to poke out a little while she lay on her back. She was also aware of her thighs getting a bit slimmer. Thankfully her breasts were still looking the same. A small gust of wind came up, cooling her skin. She was also aware that it had hardened her nipples a bit. She wondered if the sweat and oil had somehow soaked through her top.

Bings suddenly sat up. “I should probably take a shower,” he announced. He got up and bolted to the bathroom. The bathroom window was open, unfortunately with frosted glass and too high up to see anything. Gina heard the shower turn on.

She sat upright, then rubbed the sunlight out of her eyes. She started to get that tense feeling again, and her heart was racing. “If you have a woman in there, so help me God I’ll lose it,” she muttered. She got off of her towel and opened the door to the bathroom.

Bings stood there for a few seconds before he put his hand over his dick. Gina noted that some stereotypes do not always hold up.

“Oh, hey,” she said casually, taking off her bikini. She stepped tenderly over to the next shower faucet and turned it on. She squealed at first since the water was so cold. Her nipples suddenly jumped up at attention. Bings could only stare with his mouth wide open. He looked her over completely, enjoying the view. Gina had a wonderful compact shape, what with her large breasts and big ass finely separated by a small waistline. Gina appeared oblivious to his staring as she let the water rush over her. She had wonderfully thick thighs, making Bings think that the extra grab on him would cause him to fuck her that much harder.

He was at full mast now, and all he could do was let the water run over him. Gina rubbed off the suntan oil, doing extra duty on her large breasts, making her way down to her hips.

“I just figured I would try to make up for your hospitality,” said Gina. She gave a good look over Bings’s body, especially his dick. He looked like a solid hunk of man, nearly totally hairless and just defined like a champion. She started rubbing her pussy just to get herself started. “You ever fuck a white girl?”

Bings shook his head, unable to take his eyes off of her. Gina stepped up to Bings and put her hands on his chest. “God, you’re so solid,” she said, then looked down. “In more ways than one.”

Gina reached down and began stroking his cock. She kept eye contact with him, keeping a loving look on her face. “You’re such a good man. Thank you for your kindness.” She then got down and started to suck his dick. Bings moaned and panted while he looked in the air. Gina figured her dick-sucking must be getting a lot better. She rubbed her boobs while she continued her sucking.

After a few minutes, she stood up and took his hand. She turned off the showers and they got dried off. Gina led Bings to the bedroom and got him to lie down. Bings reached over right away and pulled a rubber out of his nightstand.

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