The Recruitor – Backwards

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Big Tits

I am a successful human resource consultant – recruiter to most people. I have worked and trained hard to get to my current position – senior recruiter for a major management only niche firm with seventeen other people. The boss and his wife have become good friends over the years and I enjoy working here. About six years ago I met and married my husband Will who works as an executive in a computer hardware distributor here in town. We do not have children as Will had been married before and decided not to have any more. He had a vasectomy rather than put his wife through surgery. I consider myself a consummate professional, faithful wife, and good friend to my neighbor Sharon and my boss’s wife Tina. My sex life could be better as Will works long hours and so do I, but he is an ardent, although somewhat traditional lover.

Tina and I had shared girl talk over the years on our various “girl’s night out” where we would generally drink a little too much. She told me, much to my surprise, that Craig (her husband and my boss) was a player. She was sure he had never done anything in the office because she knows he would have been after me in a flash and I would have told her. But she knows and they have come to an arrangement. He gets to keep his balls, his company and his lifestyle as long as he is discrete and comes home at night. She, on the other hand, also gets free rein to play. She told me she had met this guy on the internet who lived 100 miles away and they would occasionally hook up near him. They had joined a swingers club as a couple. It wasn’t something I thought I could ever do nor would I ever want to have sex outside my marriage.

So what happened that day came as a complete surprise to me. I had this appointment with a candidate named Jack. When he was shown into my office I was speechless. Not only was he gorgeous and built nicely, but he carried himself with confidence and calm. My physical reaction was my pussy got soaked. It was all I could do to stay focused. My hormones went to rage and were knocking on my mind. That had never, ever happened to me by looking at a guy – not even my husband.

I hadn’t paid any attention to my foot position and one of them cramped up horribly. He asked me to let him help and got down on the floor, removed my shoe and worked some magic at my instep and the pain went away. He also, with no help from me, got a pretty good look at my legs. My skirt was a full length button up the front type and was open about halfway up my leg. His lifting of my leg had forced the skirt apart and gave him a pretty good view of my leg and thigh. The skirt was riding up my leg but I made no attempt to change that. My legs are one of my best features and somehow I didn’t care about him getting a good look. I wanted him to see them. I was ashamed of being so wanton but I couldn’t help it. My panties were soaked.

“You’re amazing. That was so great. How I can I thank you” I said looking at him with a grin on my face that I couldn’t control. I hurriedly pulled my leg away.

“Find me a job – as a consultant or permanent” was his answer.

“Let’s see what we can do. I should be back to you in a couple of days.” I said trying to get control of myself. I know I was a little rude but I dismissed him quickly – way too quickly. I was curious about this man.

That night when I got home after a dinner with Tina I collapsed into bed exhausted. I had told her about my reaction to Jack and she just chuckled like a schoolmarm at my naiveté. Will was at a convention in Atlanta with his sales manager and two other people from the company for two weeks and so I had the house to myself. What a treat, I thought. I quickly undressed and drew a hot bath with beads and just relaxed into the feeling of warmth. But my mind was still very active – I couldn’t get Jack out of my mind. Totally involuntarily, once again my body started betraying me, I started rubbing myself and pushing my clit harder and harder. Out of nowhere I came with a slam. So much for a relaxing bath.

But I was still horney as hell. I dried off and went to bed with two of my favorite toys – my 14 inch rubber dick and my anal vibrator – two things Will would never have believed I owned yet alone used. I stuck the tiny vibrator into my anus and turned up the volume. I plunged the dildo into my pussy without so much as a warmup. I was absolutely flowing with juices in there. I really don’t know what came over me but I just rammed that dildo in and out as hard and as fast as my arms would let me. Between the buzz in my ass and the thing in my pussy, I must have come five times. Incredible for “one time” Irene. Needless to say I didn’t sleep very well that night. I kept dreaming about Jack.

We had been contacted by a client looking for a manager for one of their regions. The job description fit Jack to a tee so I called him in for an interview with the client. “I don’t want to accept any calls while I get the candidate prepped for his interview” I said to the Travesti receptionist as she closed the door. I was wearing a white semi-sheer button-down blouse and a tight blue skirt. Jack and I chatted about the client for a while. I had been sporting a headache and neck ache all day from all the straining of pounding my pussy so hard every night. So when the client called to say he was going to be a little late, I got a little forward with Jack. I asked him to do me a favor:

“I was really impressed with your foot thing. I could use your magic hands again. I have this knot in my neck and it’s really beginning to hurt. I’m getting a pretty bad headache. Could you do something with it, please?”

“Open the top two buttons of your blouse so I can get at your neck and shoulder. Doing it through the shirt won’t work” he said and came around to sit on my side of the desk. I turned around in my chair and bent my head all the way back looking up at him upside down. ‘What the hell’ I thought and unbuttoned the top three just to give him a little show of my cleavage. I was already wet when he walked in the room. I was going to have a tough time in the interview staying focused. I slid down a little in the chair to have my tight skit ride up my legs and give him that show as well. His hands were amazing.

“This will hurt at first, but by the time you count to ten, you will feel a lot better” he explained softly.

I giggled: “Get another line!”

“Why should I if it works. You doing OK? I’m not hurting you, am I?”

“A little, but I don’t care. It feels so good it must be illegal. Please don’t say anything, just do your magic.” I moaned and sighed from time to time as he worked my neck and shoulder.

I whispered “Ohhhhh my god that feels good.” The sense of touch on my body was so sensitive to him that I had a little orgasm. When I did I sat up like a bolt.

“I think we might have crossed a line there – don’t you?”

“I was only trying to help my favorite recruiter so she could find me a good job” he responded. “After all she has a big meeting for me soon!” I wasn’t hearing to well as my pussy was pulsing and my panties were soaking wet.

“Well, OK then.” I straightened up my blouse and my skirt and slid under my desk to cover. For a minute I thought he was sprouting a hardon but I wasn’t sure. Was he as lustful for me as I was for him I wondered? We completed the interview but the client didn’t want him.

I went home to an empty house again that night and made myself a salad for dinner. I just wasn’t hungry, but I was cold. It had gotten nasty and wet so I went to my husbands sock draw to get a pair of his wool socks. When I pulled a pair out there was a video tape stuck inside them – one of those small digital ones like we used in our video camera. That was strange because we had a storage place downstairs. I decided that I needed to know what was on the tape that Will didn’t want me to see so I put into the VCR and hit play. I was in for a rude surprise.

The video started off with just a body shot of a woman in a silk robe that ended about mid-thigh. She was dancing and swaying and teasing with the robe. She would turn around and open the robe and lower it to her waist so the camera got a great picture of her nude back and ass. The she turned around and gave the camera a full frontal – her tits were not large but very upturned and she was completed shaved. She danced for a while all this time not showing her face. Then she pointed to the side and dropped her robe completely. The camera panned to the right and there was a bed. She got up on the bed and that’s when I saw it was Sharon, my neighbor and best friend. She got up on the bed, spread her legs and started playing with her pussy. The camera panned down and showed a very erect dick and then back to Sharon real going at herself with three fingers up her pussy.

The video ended and restarted with Sharon over the edge of the bed and a man pounding away at her. The camera was obviously on a table. When the man came inside her, he leaned over. I was stunned. It was my husband Will who had been fucking my friend. I was destroyed by the sight and quickly turned off the video. My husband and my best friend. I cried for a while and then I got angry – really angry because I realized that the bed was my bed and the robe was mine as well. That bitch had used my stuff and fucked my husband. I didn’t know who was I was more mad at.

I went rummaging through my husband’s drawers and found three more tapes with Sharon and one with Sheilah, the company’s sales manager– and worse they were at a show together and probably fucking their brains out. Sheilah was a real slut because she was taking on Will and another fellow and the camera was obviously hand held, so there must have been a third person. What I could not get my mind around, was how aroused I had become watching these tapes. I grabbed my big rubber friend and really worked up a sweat pounding into my pussy Konya Travesti until I couldn’t take any more. And then I cried myself to sleep.

I called in sick the next day and watched them again and again. All day I watched those videos and pounded my pussy and my ass with my toys until I was so sore I thought another time wouldn’t be possible. But a little KY and I was in business. I must have cum thirteen times that day. I hadn’t eaten or had anything to drink. I was so totally immersed in the porno tapes of my friend and my husband that I couldn’t help myself – and something broke in me. I finally fell asleep about midnight and dreamed something for me – Jack fucking me stupid. The next day at work I talked to Tina about what I had found. She consoled me as best as she could and offered simple advise – “what is good for the goose… is good for the gander.”

“Go out and fuck someone you are attracted to for no reason other than you want to. Give yourself totally to the experience as if he was the only person in the world that mattered. Hey, how about that candidate you were lusting after last week. He looks like a stud. Shit, if he wasn’t a candidate and local I would seduce him myself. Besides, I would want you to have first dibs. For me its just sex – for you it sounds more like lust or even revenge.”

Three days later I called Jack. “I know this is a little presumptuous, but I am having a problem with a testy client, I think it’s because I am a women, and I could use some help in closing this placement. I immediately thought of your calming attitude and, if you are willing, I could sure use the help. I will pay you for the time if you can help out or even share the commission.”

“Tell me where and when. I am happy to help. Just give me time to hear from you what has happened up to now!”

“Oh thank you, very much, for being a good sport. Its Friday at 2:30 so meet me here at 1:30 and I’ll brief you.”

“See you then” he answered and hung up.

We met on Friday and went off to the meeting. The guy was a chauvinist and Jack managed to convince him that he was really not seeing the bigger picture, that the candidate could bring a lot to the table, and that kind of an opportunity doesn’t come along too often. We closed the deal 2 hours later complete with a deposit.

“I don’t want to go back to the office – it’s too late. Can I take you to dinner as a thank you? I feel like celebrating.” I really wanted some company – especially his.

“Don’t you have to get home to someone?” he asked a little too obvious.

“Oh not this week, he is in Boston at a conference. Truth is I could use a friend right now, things aren’t going so well.” I stopped and looked at Jack fighting back tears.

“I don’t really know why I pouring this out to you, but somehow you have made me very comfortable. It must be your hands. This is soooo unprofessional but I really don’t have anyone to talk to. My best girlfriend is the problem so I can’t even go to her.”

“Let me listen, if nothing else” he offered and ordered a bottle of wine. “We can just sit here and talk, cry, complain or whatever. OK?”

“How come you’re so nice?” I asked

“Because I don’t like my dark side – I spent too much time with it early in my life. It hasn’t been out since I got my divorce, and I really enjoy being happy. So why not share it?” I smiled at him. What a perfect answer from this glorious man.

“Nice answer.” I replied

We had a couple of glasses and we ordered another bottle. We decided to order some food because I was really feeling the alcohol. I told him that I hadn’t had the chance for lunch and all I had for breakfast was coffee. The drunker I got, the more I told him. It was awful for me and must have been for him to hear about Will and Sharon and Sheilah. I admitted I was emotionally broken from his cheating. I said I was looking for some kind of retribution and wasn’t sure what that revenge would look like.

The more we talked the closer we got to each other. We were accenting our conversation by touching each other – on the arm, the hand, a shoulder. I could also feel the warmth of his leg against mine. I was going to have a problem keeping my distance from this very sexy man. I was so attracted to him I was getting wetter by the minute. He was cute – he was trying hard to be a friend and I was making it difficult by trying to seduce him.

“What do you have in mind for your revenge?” he asked, sort of innocently trying to get me to say it out load. Guys are funny.

“I can’t believe I am going to be this forward and admitting this to you, but, I was thinking I would play a little as well. You know, what’s good for the goose….” I turned to face him and put my hand on his arm. I was looking deep into his eyes and he was looking back. It was the sexiest thing I could ever imagine. There was this long period of time when all we did was stare at each other. He flinched first.

“You sure know how to İzmir Travesti get a guy’s attention” he said. “But I think it’s the wine talking right now. And I know you are hurting. I really am a nice guy, so please don’t make it hard for me. You are a very desirable women.” That was all I needed to hear. My engine really started to run then and I turned it on.

“It hasn’t been the wine for the last week – ever since I met you the first time” I replied “I know its sounds crazy, and I may be a little lit so I am a little too uninhibited, but I have been dreaming about you – and not in a way I could tell anyone – not even you!”

“Irene, where is this going and are you sure you want to?” I was really drawn to this man and apparently so was he to me. So, I started stroking his arm and I moved my shoeless foot to stroke his leg.

“No, I am not sure,” I cooed, “but I think I can be me with you – I feel comfortable. I don’t know why, but I know I can trust you. Who else to share my new found freedom with than a new friend who I am sure can be discrete? Besides, if you are half as good in bed as you are in the boardroom, I know we will play well together.”

“Irene, you’re married. I need to understand what you’re thinking!”

“So is he. If it doesn’t concern me why should it concern you. I feel no guilt about what I am thinking and I am pretty sure I won’t feel guilty later either. So, if you feel what I feel there is between us, then tell me. If not, we can just be good friends who can lean on each other – no foul. I know I would do that for you and you have already done that for me.”

He looked at me for a long time staring into my eyes. I was stroking his arm and leaning into him. I could feel his body warmth coming through his jacket and I was burning inside with lust.

“To be honest, I have never been attracted to a women more in my life. But life is about choices. If I make this one and its turns bad, we both will be sorry.” He put his hand on my thigh and stroked it softly up to my skirt’s hem. I let out this very soft moan and then a very quiet hiss.

“If you don’t want to help me in my revenge, stop doing what you are doing. It is making me think very bad things and coming to lots of conclusions. Please don’t let me make a fool of myself. I find you very desirable and have from the start.” I wanted this guy so bad I was soaked.

He didn’t stop. He pushed his hand higher on my thigh and over the top of my stockings. I moaned louder and shuttled closer to him, practically in his lap. I felt around his thigh searching under the table for his cock. When I found it I started a slow and methodical stroke of it through his pants. He responded by moving his hand all the way up my leg to my crotch. I parted my legs to give him easier access. My panties were soaking wet. I closed my eyes and started humming.

“My, my, what have we here?” he said stroking my pussy through my panties and getting a very wet hand in return.

“If you don’t take me somewhere and do something soon I will feint from desire.” I looked at him and said “I hope you don’t believe this is a just the wine.”

He looked around the restaurant. It was too early for the dinner crowd and after work drink before going home group. “I’m going to the men’s room. Don’t you have to go too?” I had my shoe on and was half way out from the table before he finished standing.

As I got to the access hallway and the privacy screen he grabbed my arm and pulled me to him. I groaned in his ear. My arms went around his neck and I pulled his head toward me. We kissed, passionately and hungrily. I was on fire and could only think of him inside me. I parted my lips and I thrust my tongue as far into him as possible. Our tongues were fighting each other with the passion we both had. I was purring with delight at finally getting real close to him and from the intensity of the kisses. He was stroking my sides and my ass and ran his hands over my breasts very slowly.

“Please….please – do something – soooooon” I pleaded in between kisses.

He pulled me into the men’s room, turned around and locked the door. He pushed me up against the wall and grabbed my hands, pinning them together with one hand and pressing them over my head and against the wall. With the other he unbuttoned my blouse slowly – painfully slowly for me – I had been ready for too long. He pulled the tails out from my skirt and the blouse fell open. I was wearing a demi-bra and he could see my distended nipples peaking out above the cup. It had a front clip which he expertly undid with his free hand. He squeezed my breasts and played with my nipples. I responded with sighs and moans. He started kissing my neck, then my shoulder and licked me all the way to my left nipple. I was breathing faster and thrusting my pelvis into his now very hard dick.

He grabbed my nipple in his teeth and gently bit and sucked on it. Panting and whispering “please” over and over again I pulled one hand free and went right for his cock. He let go my other one and I opened his belt and then unzipped his pants. With the zipper down his pants fell to the floor. I reached into his shorts and grabbed his big and warm cock which was already oozing some precum.

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