The Night Sky

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We cuddled closely under the dark night sky, sparkling with millions of little stars, like a big velvet cloth sprinkled with diamonds. I felt his warm arms holding me so tightly and so lovingly, keeping me safe and warm. I feel his warm breath against the back of my neck and he gently nuzzles his nose into my neck and sighed in passion and joy as he breathed in my scent.

He pulled me closer and started gently kissing my neck. With one of his hands, he gently touched my face and ran his fingers through my dark, soft hair. His finger tips encircled a few strands of my hair as he continued kissing my neck. His fingers then tenderly moved from my hair and down towards my chin. With them on my chin, he softly moved my head around so that I was facing him, see his eyes. I stared deeply into his eyes for a few silent loving, deep moments, before closing them to the feel of his warm, moist lips upon my own.

We kissed passionately, our lips and tongue dancing in an amorous dance of which we only could feel. His kisses felt so good, so warm, so loving. It was my addiction, his love, his kisses… I had to have more as soon as the pleasure filled my heart. We kissed more, our lips softly massaging each others, our tongues playing together in our mouths.

When we finally pulled apart to breathe, he stroked my hair lightly. “Are you hot, babe?” he asked, grinning at me.

“A little,” I teased him back. “What, what are you going to do about that?”

He just smiled, still gently stroking my hair and rubbing my neck. The other hand gently crept up from the bottom of my shirt and started massaging my stomach. I closed my eyes in pleasure as he touched me. His touch… it felt so good. His fingertips rubbed my stomach as they slowly crept up to the laciness of my bra. With his thumb, he pulled down the cup of my bra and I felt his soft fingers massaging my left breast. A soft murmur escaped Travesti from my lips as the pleasure started growing inside me.

He leaned closer to me as he massaged my breasts, leaving the left one to touch the right one, kneading the soft flesh between his fingers, gently pinching the nipples, until they were perky and hard. His gentle lips meet mine again, and we kiss deeply, lovingly. After a few minutes of intense passion fueled kissing, we finally parted and looked deeply in each other’s eyes.

He kept on rubbing me, stopping for a second to lift my shirt from my head and remove my bra, which had been open and just hanging on my body. As I felt the cool night air hit my chest and back, I shivered, but when I felt his warm hands and arms wrap around me tightly, I felt the warmth returning to my body. I could feel the warmness of his bare chest against my side as he held me closer. I snuggled in his neck, breathing in the scent of him and feeling his warmness against my body.

One of his hands was gently massaging my breasts, while the other was starting to lower until they reached the waistband of my pants. He reached inside and I moaned as I felt his warm fingers rubbing across my clit gently. I felt my wetness intensify as his gentle touch kept on stroking my clit, gently and slow at first but increasing speed. I moan out my pleasure, feeling passion and lust spread across my body, which was on fire.

After a few minutes, I felt his fingers keep my clit and I moan in disappointment. “Hold on a sec, babe,” he whispered to me. He lay me down on the warm blanket and slid my pants and my panties down and off my legs, so I was nude and lying there in front of him, under the night sky.

“I know you’ll love this, babe,” he smiled at me before he gently spread my legs and dove in.

A squeal of pleasure escaped from my throat as I felt his tongue flickering Konya Travesti across my already throbbing clit. I felt him lick all around my lick, my dripping pussy, my wetness… licking everywhere, licking every little nook and cranny that his tongue could reach, making me feel so good, so intense, the pleasure filled my body so much that I couldn’t stand it.

My body shuddering, moving, twitching, I moaned loudly, feeling his tongue invade my hole as he gently rubbed my clit with one of his fingers. As I felt the intense warmness of the climax nearing, I gasped out, “Faster, more!” I felt his tongue lick faster and faster as his fingers played around my pussy, slipping it gently in and out. Soon I felt a sudden blast of pleasure as the explosion, fueled by my own passion, carried from my clit and radiated all across my body. A relaxed haze gently washed upon my body after the pleasure subsided, and I lay there, my eyes closed, covered with sweat and my own juices and exhausted.

When I finally opened my eyes, I saw his nude figure kneeling next to me, his dick rock hard and standing fully up. He had been gently stroking it, as he watched me lying in my haze of pleasure. I smiled at him and pulled his hands off his dick, replacing it with my own. I gently stroked it, rubbing it around the head. Then I slowly leaned over and kissed the head of his head and smiled at him, looking deeper into his beautiful eyes as I did so. I flicked my tongue across the head and watched his reaction as I stared into his face.

I took his entire head into my mouth, licking it, wrapping my moist lips around it. With my hands I stroked the base as I gently sucked him. I took more of him in my mouth and felt him twitch from the pleasure. I moved my head up and down, having him go slid in and out of my moist mouth. After a few minutes, I slid him out of my mouth, looked at him, and İzmir Travesti whispered. “I want you now.”

With that, I lie back down on the blanket and spread my legs apart, still glistening and wet from the orgasm I had before, my wetness dripping down onto the blanket, where a puddle had been forming.

Leaning down in front of me, he took his saliva and precum slicked cock and slowly teased me by rubbing it around my pussy and clit, wetting the head with my juices. Soon I felt the slight pressure and his head enter me. I moan out loud as he pushed himself in deeper and deeper inside me, my pussy hole stretched apart with his bigness, as I felt like myself being filled with him.

He pushed harder until I felt his entire dick bury itself deep inside me. I felt the intense pleasure and fullness and I felt him throb inside me. He slowly slid himself back until only the head was inside, and then slid it back deeply inside. He repeated it, his rhythm getting faster and faster as I scream out my pleasure as I feel him fill me deeply. He went faster and faster, pumping his hard cock in and out of my wet, tight pussy, his pubes rubbing against my clit at each stroke, sending waves of pleasure across my entire body.

Finally, he moaned out loud and slammed inside me once more, unloading his load deep inside me, the warm gooey cum shooting in my hole and filing me up.

He collapsed next to me, exhausted, as he pulled his dick out from my warmness. We cuddled our nude bodies together, still covered with sweat and juices from our passionate lovemaking. I kissed him gently as we snuggled together, lying there on the blanket on the ground, feeling the air blow across our bodies. I shivered slowly, but his warm arms around me and his skin next to mine warmed me up.

I turned my head around stared up into the sky, darkened into an intense blackness, dotted with tiny little crystals, sparkling and shining. “Isn’t it beautiful?” I whispered.

“Yes, but not as beautiful as you,” he murmurs into my ear as he snuggles against my neck once again, kissing and licking it to the way for another intense feeling of passion and love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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