Shifting Gears Ch. 08-09

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Chapter 8 — Starlet

I was in the doggie position getting fucked royally by a man with more muscles than five other people put together. His muscles had muscles. To say he had six pack abs would be a serious understatement. The man’s stage name was Dick Cox. Even he laughed at his assigned name.

I was on a sofa in someone’s living room. The décor was expensive and nice. Sheri was being fucked by an equally muscular gentleman on a second sofa opposite to the one I was on. She was getting rougher treatment than I was, but neither of us were complaining.

Moving around us were three people with professional cameras taking videos of us fucking and carrying-on sexually with each other — a man and two women. There was no break in the action. We kept fucking in various positions and with each other’s partner, and they kept taking videos.

Another man further away occasionally gave instructions to us. He was the director of the pornographic video we were making.

“Get a close-up of her face when she cums. Shoot from the rear as he pumps his cock in her; I want three minutes of that. Get close to her breasts as his hands squeeze those nipples. Take a shot looking down her legs into her pussy as he fucks her. OK, girls, get on the same sofa on your backs; guys, dig in to that pussy meat. Guys, switch partners.” The director’s instructions came as he saw an opportunity for an interesting display of lewd sex or decided he needed a change in his script.

My guy, Dick Cox, held up his hand. “Have to stop. About to cum.”

The director yelled, “Cut. Take five everyone.”

Dick said to me, “You have a great pussy. Makes me want to cum, but you know we can’t do that until the end.”

I grinned. I’d actually been hoping to make him cum inside me. It wasn’t that I wanted to ruin the videotaping session. I just wanted to see if I could make a complete stranger drop his load in me. Sheri had told me to take it on as a challenge.

Without worrying about our nudity, Sheri and I strolled past the rest of the video crew into the kitchen and got some bottled water from the refrigerator.

Sheri smiled, “You having fun? Is this what you thought it would be?”

“Yes, I like this. I’m scandalizing myself for getting two-thousand dollars for today. As for what I thought, I had no preconceptions. I knew there’d be the crew, lights, sound, and cameras; I just thought it would be more spontaneous than having our sex directed by someone.”

Sheri nodded, “This guy is a little more directive than the others that I’ve worked with. They’re more apt to paint a broad picture and then let you run with it.”

We walked back into the living room.

The director came over to the two of us. “You both all right with a little lesbo action while you’re getting fucked? You know, kissing, feeling boobs, and such; that kind of thing?”

We both nodded. Sheri said, “Just tell us when, or you can just leave it to us.”

Both guys had gotten soft during our break. Consequently, I blew the guy that Sheri was fucking — Rip Hymen, and she blew Dick Cox. When they were hard, we switched back and tried to re-establish the positions we’d had before the break was called. I rather liked having the oversized cock in my pussy. Filming started again.

Dick and Rip were able to go another hour, and then we did the ‘money shot’ scene where Sheri and I knelt in front of the men as they supposedly spewed their cum all over us.

Both men had been outfitted with a plastic tube that came from behind them through their legs, and that they carefully held against their hard cocks as they stroked off onto our faces and bodies. When they started to cum, they had a pump ball in their other hand that they could squeeze that would shoot additional cum from their dicks onto our eager bodies. The fluid was a mix of soy milk, flour, sugar, egg whites, and a few other similar items that the makeup artist had filled the squirting tubes and reservoir with. We were covered by all of by the end of the film.

The director was dancing around in glee as we wrapped up the shooting. After he yelled, “Cut. Filming has ended,” Sheri and I stood and laughed at each other. From forehead to pussy to toes, we were drenched in real cum and the crazy mixture of semen-like fluid.”

A stagehand handed each of us a hand towel. He told us, “You can use the shower in the master bedroom to clean up.” We found our robes, but didn’t put them on. We just walked through the house to the shower and cleaned up, and then dressed.

Glen Allen, the director, found us as we came out, ready to leave. “Brie, you were really good — a natural. I know this was your first time, but you can grace my stage any day. You did well.”

“Thank you. You have all your release forms and everything?” I asked.

“Yes, I’m sure.” He produced two envelopes. “Here are your checks. I’ll mail each of you a copy of the final feature video when editing is complete, probably in three weeks. I’ll let you know escort izmir the online links so you can share with your friends.” He chuckled.

Sheri and I thanked the makeup girl for her help and then the other staff and camera crew. They looked surprised at our gratitude, but we made friends.

We left the house right at five o’clock. While I drove, Sheri called Maryann. She’d set up another group dinner date, this time with five couples — one more than we’d had on the boat two weeks prior. Sheri told me I knew the other couple but it would be a surprise as to who they were.

We drove to Jake’s house. It was my first time seeing the place — a small mansion on the bay overlooking the city. The house was similar to the one we’d just been videoed in — large and luxurious. I had no idea that Jake had such wealth.

I learned more about Jake, accordingly. Jake worked trading in cryptocurrencies around the world. He explained that they were highly volatile in their dollar valuations, and he traded on the speculation about their values rising or falling, just as he might with other currencies or stocks.

He gestured around him to the house, and the boat we’d been on parked in a canal running beside his house. “Bitcoin built this house and bought me that boat. Well, trading on their currency did. I made money on the way up and on the way down, and then back up again.” He laughed’ this was obviously a game to him and not much different that a computer game.

When Jake walked me around his home on a tour, he showed me his office — his ‘trading den’, he called it. It was a room with ten computer screens on the wall that tracked various aspects of what interested him. His workstation consisted to three large screens on a desk full of papers and notes. He could look over those displays at the others hanging on the wall.

When we got back downstairs, I was surprised to see that Aaron and Sarah had arrived. They also worked where I did in another part of the marketing department and were often some of my lunch friends. We greeted each other warmly with hugs. We were all surprised by the other’s presence.

Jake took drink orders and went off. Aaron went to help. Sarah grinned at me. She said, “I was surprised to hear you’d become part of this group. You were so conservative until a couple of months ago.”

I admitted, “I wanted to change. I finally decided I needed a role model to pattern myself after.”

“Sheri? Maryann?”

“Yes, mostly Sheri. They’re helping me redefine my life.”

Sarah giggled, “I heard about the fucking boat trip… errr, the boat trip fucking.” She laughed.

“It was a great day in my life.” I grinned broadly and laughed.

Sarah shifted gears, “Aaron wants to be with you, I’m sure. He’s an accomplished lover, particularly at eating pussy.”

I smiled, “I can hardly wait. I won’t be treading on your toes?”

“Oh, no. We are into the group scene like everybody else here. You must be, too, only perhaps you don’t know it. We kind of met at one of these parties.”

“I know what you mean, but I didn’t think it was that widespread. Should I know about anybody else that’s not here?”

Sarah nodded, “There are other couples and a few singles, and I’m sure you’ll know a few of them. Some don’t want to be a regular dating couple so they come to the party alone. A few of them will look for broadminded partners to join our merry band of revelers, so there are also guests that come that we may or may not ever see again.”

“How long have you been doing this?” I asked.

Sarah said, “Over two years. We’ve grown since I started. Sheri joined about the same time, but we were independent and didn’t know about each other until we saw each other at a party. Maryann, too. A couple of guys dropped out because they got serious about their long-term partners who weren’t as broadminded and insisted on exclusivity.”

“How long has this been going on overall?”

Jake is the oldest member that I know. I heard him say something about five years one time. Group sex is not new. The city had some swingers’ clubs in them back in the sixties, seventies, and eighties, and then they moved a little south and then vanished as far as I know. I’m too young to know about them, but I heard stories. Jake fell in with a group about six years ago that got together regularly, but then spun off and started his own.”

“Nice to know this exists.”

Jake arrived back with glasses of white wine for me and Sarah. He asked Sarah, “Be with me later? We haven’t been together for a while.” He was very cordial. Sarah accepted and Jake walked away.

“That was easy,” I commented.

“We’re very honest with each other, yet we try to manage the other’s feelings. I did want to be with Jake, but if I hadn’t, I could have turned him down or simply say something like I’m already booked. He’d get the message over time. You never have to do something you don’t want to do here.”

I smiled, “I’m in the position where I want to do it all with everybody izmir escort bayan as soon as possible.”

Sarah laughed, “You’re a unicorn.”

“I’ve been told that. I think that’s a good thing, by the way.”

“In this group, it is. I’m the same way. Fundamentally, I love to fuck and I love the variety.”

“I did get the feeling that you and Aaron were an event of some kind.”

“Oh, we live together and will probably get married. We won’t leave this lifestyle though. We both like variety and the friends we’ve made here.

We both sipped our drinks and looked at the others in the room. Sarah then asked me, “Do you go both ways?”

I hadn’t heard that terminology before, but I quickly thought I knew the meaning. “Do you mean do I like girls as well as guys?”

Sarah nodded but had a slightly eager look.

“I do, but I haven’t much experience. I’ve been with Sheri and Maryann.”

She said, “Maybe later we could do cleanup on each other and play. I’ve always been attracted to you, even before you started your changes.”

“Works for me, and thanks for the compliment. I’ve always been drawn to you, too.”

“Another question, were you a slut in high school or college?”

I shook my head. I was so removed from any of this that I didn’t even know it existed. An orgy was an abstract thing the Romans used to engage in, and even then, the details were sketchy and vague. I remember being most impressed that they had a vomitorium where they would expel their excesses in food and drink so that they could start all over again.

“Atop all that, I was unbelievably naïve. My parents didn’t share any details, I wasn’t in any clique in school that gossiped about relationships or things sexual, and didn’t pay much attention to those passages in anything I read. I was a virgin until a few weeks back when Owen took my virginity. I’d never seen pornography either… and now I’ve been in a film.”

“What!? Really? Tell me about it. When?” Sarah was fascinated.

Sheri and I got videoed today. She had the contact. There were the two of us and two very muscular guys. We traded back and forth, but did get pummeled in front of the cameras. It was fun. I like sex. I also got paid, and maybe that makes me a prostitute, but I don’t mind. It was legal. I guess if you take money for sex and there are no cameras, it’s illegal. Strange.”

Sarah said, “I am going to talk to Sheri. I’d love to do a video. Were the guys rough?”

“Nothing over the top. They swatted our asses now and then, or our breasts. It was sexy the way they did it. There were a few scenes where they were supposedly hammering their cocks into us, but it wasn’t bad. Maybe I just like that too much to notice.” I laughed.

We started to saunter around the large living room. The door to the patio by the pool was open so we went outside. The sun had just set but the sky was still light and rapidly turning to that beautiful shade of midnight blue.

There was a couple on one of the chaises naked and slowly fucking: Luke and a girl I didn’t recognize. We watched them for a short time, and then went back inside.

I asked, “Who was the girl?”

“Don’t know. The guys will occasionally bring a new girl to our monthly parties like this one. The girls, not so much, unless it’s one of their besties who they decide would enjoy the sex. There are usually more girls than guys, but the ratio isn’t terribly unbalanced.”

“I wonder how guys ask a girl for a date like this? ‘Hey, I’ve got an orgy to attend on Saturday night, want to be my date?'”

Sarah speculated, “My guess is that there’s already a sexual relationship, and then the awareness that the girl is very broadminded. I guess it would progress from there. Same for girl bringing a guy.”

“Do any of the girls come back without their guy?”

Sarah grinned, “I’m here.” She explained, “I was dating this guy Mickey, and we got into a really hot sexual relationship. About a year into it, he confessed that he was a swinger and hoped that I’d be similarly inclined. There was a party a few days later and we went, and I’ve never looked back. Mickey got promoted and moved to Austin. He told me that city also has all sorts of opportunities for swinging. I guess everywhere does; you just need the balls to go and try it.”

Owen came by the two of us. He was only wearing his briefs. He gave both of us kisses, and I realized he knew Sarah quite well. He said, “You two have entirely too many clothes on. Come on, let’s go and make love.”

Owen led us back outside. The evening air was soft and the breeze almost nonexistent. Owen helped the two of us strip, as we took off each other’s clothes and the last of his. The chaise he picked was as large as a king-size bed. The three of us got on there and started to make out.

Luke and the girl I didn’t know finished up with a lot of moaning and groaning. After some tender kissing and cuddling, they went into the pool.

I had a hundred questions about all the relationships and izmir escortlar sexual activities going on, but suppressed them lest I become a bother.

After some repositioning, Owen started to fuck Sarah, and I mounted her head and lowered my pussy down to her very talented tongue. This was nice because Owen could paw and suck on my breasts and we could also kiss. Sarah added fingers and penetrated me as she also licked in all the right places.

In another position, Sarah and I took turns on either Owen’s mouth or cock. How he held off cumming is beyond me, since we both did all we could to make him orgasm. We certainly did. I also liked kissing Sarah and having her suck my nipples into her mouth.

Sheri and a guy I didn’t know came onto the patio, took a chaise about ten feet away, and started fucking. I heard her call him Jim. Jim didn’t last long. He grunted a few times and came inside her. They headed for the pool. I wondered whether the chlorine in the pool dissolved semen or whether we’d all be swimming in it by the end of the night.

Luke came back to the patio from inside with Marsha, and they started to fuck on the same chaise he’d been on earlier.

Meanwhile, Owen was back to fucking me as he ate Sarah. Inside the house in the living room, I could look through the tall windows and see that everyone else inside was naked and engaged sexually in some way. I liked this kind of party.

I fucked Aaron a half-hour later, and then Luke, Jake, Jim, Ryan, and Sean. I guess I got my gangbang, only nobody knew it. Oh, earlier, I’d had the two muscular studs that Sheri and I had fucked in our MFMF porn video. It was a busy day.

Chapter 9 — Party Emotions

I went on more dates over the next two months, including a few with some of the men I hadn’t known before but whom I met at Jake’s monthly orgies. I liked all of them. Without revealing anything about the orgy, I also went out with Kevin several times. He was a great lover and was very satisfying.

Moreover, at work, our social clique that had lunch together grew and cemented itself: Sheri, Maryann, Sarah, Marsha, Kevin, Blake, Aaron, and me were the core. Others from within marketing joined us. We were a happy group, always full of laughter and interesting topics to discuss.

Closer to home, Owen also dated me, increasing in frequency to about twice a week. I had no compunction about dating on a weekday. Why not? Some weeks, I was out every night. I loved having a social life after not doing so for most of my life.

Sheri and Maryann were my constant companions and both continued to coach me in relationships, dating etiquette, and sex. They were constantly consulting about my wardrobe and makeup. We often had sex together, even sleeping together occasionally. I loved the two of them.

We had several discussions about whether I was turning into a lesbian, but they made me realize that since I liked guys and fucking so much, I definitely was not headed for a same sex serious relationship. If anything, I was bisexual and just loved the sex play with anybody. Sheri taught me the other terms for what we were: AC/DC, bi, going both ways, and ambi or ambisexual.

I also enjoyed sapphic lovemaking with Sarah and Marsha, although not together. Sarah was particularly skilled at bringing me off. She also taught me about fisting, being the first person to push their whole hand inside me, hit my hot spots, and give me an endless stream of orgasms.

Sarah knew of a small place near my cervix called my A-spot. It was a highly hidden erogenous zone, which she put to good use by stroking that patch of interior skin until I had colossal orgasms. Parts of me are probably still in orbit around the sun from what she did to me in there. The experience was mind-blowing and I passed out from the intensity of the experience.

After consulting with several others about the idea, I invited Kevin to attend a ‘party’ with me at Jake’s. Yes, it was one of the monthly orgies. I only assured him that he’d get lucky with me at the party, and hinted that he’d surely find some other pussy to satisfy his sexual urges.

Since they also worked with Kevin, I had checked with Sarah and Marsha to be sure they’d be as welcoming to having him at the party as Sheri and Maryann were. They both gave me evil grins. Neither had dated Kevin, but they liked him and thought he’d be fun both in and out of bed. Sheri and Maryann both wanted some new cock, and he was their target.

The night of the party Kevin and I arrived at Jake’s large house. I wore a micro-skirt with no undies and a crop top, along with my CFM heels. I looked pretty tarty, but about equal to what Sheri and Maryann were wearing. Kevin had on dockers and a sport shirt, and he’d never seen me so blatantly and sexually dressed. I know he wanted to say something, but he didn’t.

Sheri and Maryann almost had sex with Kevin just inside the front door as they greeted us. Sheri was also wearing a micro-skirt and had gone commando. Instead of the crop top, like me, she wore a gossamer blouse meant to be worn with either another shirt under it or a decorative brassiere. She had neither, so her glorious and perky tits were on display behind the thin red gauze.

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