Need I Say More?

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I’ll make no excuses about it, all I am saying that it was easy to lure Geoffrey into my beach hut.

We’d been doing some surfing you see, I’d seen him perform and he was great catching the waves, much better than me and every time I tried I was a complete failure.

Geoff had realised that, came over to help me up – made me feel a bit old though, my being twice his young and tender age which I reckoned on being about twenty, I was almost right, he told me he was 19. I guess our relationship started because I made him laugh, every time I did a nose dive when trying to catch a wave, mind you I had the last laugh when, showing off – he did this somersault whist surfing and ended up with split shorts. Fortunately I had a spare pair which would just about fit him, I told him to come and change in my beach hut.

Need I say more? Well of course I should, that’s why you are reading Huh?

From the very start, when I’d watched him down his jeans on the beach revealing his shorts beneath I fancied him something chronic, ask me why? Well it was just that certain something and he looked really good in tight shorts, that gorgeous breakfast box looking so very tempting. Going through my mind and I will be quite blatant about this – although I loved Danny to death and we’d shared wondrous times together, both in his four wheel drive and his pad, I just felt in the mood for younger cock, I wanted to taste something that was not shrivelled up with age if you know what I mean – not saying Danny had lost it – far from it he could still raise great and very Escort Sakarya satisfying erection – but when it shrivelled that was that, I lost the will to suck after his fuck as he’d always wanted me to, it just did not do anything for me any more – now the thought of young cock, that was different altogether and with a bit of luck I would soon be lucky.

Well he did wonder why I needed to go into the hut with him, maybe he was shy I don’t know, but I said I needed a pick me up.

“A pick me up. Like???” he asked

“Like I want a drink, see that stove, it operates by butane gas so I can brew up a nice coffee if you so desire?”

With that mention he seemed to be fine with that and wasted no time at all removing those split shorts.

“So where are your shorts .Pete?” he asked covering his tackle with his hands. No way could I even get a peak, me thinking what a waste when it was all there for me to admire!

I hedged that I couldn’t remember where I’d put them, thinking of a way to show him I was attracted to him. Then he bent down and I caught an eyeful of pure unadulterated young cock and balls, just waiting to be pampered. He had a beauty on him and wonderful fine hanging balls. Whether it was the way I was looking or what but I guess he’d suddenly realised what I was all about

“You are after my ass aren’t you, Pete you pervert!” He came straight out with it just like that so I gave him an equally open reply…

“You have sussed me, but in case you get me wrong I am in to taking cock, not giving – Side escort if you kinow what I mean, but I have no inhibitions about oral”

I couldn’t believe I’d said that but he didn’t batter ah eyelid, but he did say…

“I have never fucked with an older guy before but it may be good.”

I sighed a sigh of relief and it seemed almost immediately I had his cock in my mouth, sensing the taste of fine young cock again, it had such a lovely pungent sea salt flavour, in fact his whole body smelt of sea salt which I guess was fitting since he was hot on sea surfing.

He just stood there awhile as I enjoyed him, stooped on my knees, tasting his pungency and moving his cock in my mouth as I cradled his balls, It came up fine. I felt the thrill of it growing in my mouth and it was a credit to him, a fine young cock indeed and ample to suck and enjoy, his flavour unique and I wanted it, deep up inside me…

In a few minutes, me still sucking and licking his cock and balls, he started to moan and groan and then I knew I was in for a promise, that very soon I would feel his fuck inside me. I took his cock between my fingers and pulled it outwards, stretching its length so that he could see me licking its shaft, holding and squeezing it against his stomach so I could really work his balls with my tongue full stretched – and just a taster of him beneath as well, just loved that,. To rim him there, just as much as I wanted that before his fuck. He got the message and soon procured me to lean over his lap as he sat on a bench and spent izmir escort bayan quality time doing all the wonderful things gay lovers do, me prudently passinh him the KY jelly and feeling the sensual touch of his fingers rim the jelly into my hole. Then after stroking, licking and kissing he exclaimed…

“Now?” like he wanted me pronto! I could see his hard prick throbbing like hell.

“Now please” I affirmed already having clambered on all fours, presenting my pampered ass for his service.

“Nice one” he gulped pressing his face between my crutch, his tongue licking me, “can see it has been well used”

“That’s Danny .”


I explained, about our adventures.

“Now it is from four wheel drive to beach hut,” he chuckled, his hard end finding me, feeling so good as he worked it into me, its head stretching me and giving me the fuck I so badly wanted, feeling his throb already as he plunged deep up inside thrusting the hell out of my ready ass, fucking, fucking harder and harder , me thinking he was never going to stop, his thrust numbing my being, my ass moving like a jelly as he hammered me foe a deep penetrating fuck until, when he came, he gave one final heavy thrust, his breath panting like a steam engine until we collapsed onto the floor.

“Ready for that coffee now, He laughed and that was that.

I still feel him up there inside me, but summer over, and Geoff returned from wherever he came from, promising to see me again next summer, I am back with Danny, his fuck is still good, to suck him before sex is fine, but now afterwards, I just do the movements and he seems happy, like I am doing it with my hand and not my mouth, when his rich cum spurts white into my palm, we are both happy.

But I wont say no to another helping of Geoff next summer!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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