My Wife’s Boss Ch. 03

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All rights reserved – this story is a work of fiction and remains the property of the writer.

Ann and I left Heinz home after swimming for a bit. Heading home in our separate cars I couldn’t help thinking about what had just happened. I couldn’t believe it but I was getting hard again just thinking about all the amazing new things I had tried. And to have Ann share it with me was so good. I couldn’t wait to get home.

I arrived at our house, and Ann still wasn’t there. I headed into the living room to relax & watch some TV. Ann arrived an hour later and came into the room, dropping her coat on the chair. Standing in front of me, she just stared down at me, I wasn’t sure what she was doing, as she didn’t say anything. I looked up at her from the couch and was starting to wonder if she was mad, or upset, or what was going on, when I noticed it. The front of Ann’s slacks was bulging, and it looked like she had a cock. I could see the outline of a long cock going down the leg of her pants. I looked up and she was smiling now, smoothing her pants with her hand, she was looking down at herself, and smirking. I moved forward on the couch and unzipped her fly. Reaching in I pulled out the rubber penis she was wearing. Having freed my wife’s “cock” I sat back and looked at her.

There stood my wife, unbuttoning her blouse, and dropping her hands to her hips, she stood before me with a 7-8 inch, very realistic looking dildo sticking out of her pants. She pulled her top off and unhooked her bra. Her full breasts came into view and I stared at the wide areola like it was the first time I’d seen them. They always took my breath away. Ann reached down and stroked her “cock”, offering it to me.

“Suck my cock.” Ann said, sternly. Reaching for me, she pulled me to her. She held the rubber phallus with one hand and opened my mouth with the other. I kneeled before her, took her “cock” in my mouth and sucked. I could smell her perfume, and reached around to hold her round ass, pulling her deep into my throat. “Oh, you look so good doing that. I bet you wish I really had a cock, don’t you? Don’t you?” Ann was looking for an answer.

“Yes” I said between bobbing up and down on her shaft. “Yes, I would love to suck you, and drink your cum.” I dove back into her, taking her deep, and looking up into her eyes. “Take me, take me wherever you want.” I said, after sliding the shaft out of my mouth. Ann pulled me up to her breast, offering her nipple. I sucked hungrily on the big nipple, as Ann fumbled with my belt, dropping my pants to the floor, my hard-on sprang up, out of my shorts. Once I was exposed, Ann pushed me back and took a bottle of lube from her pants pocket. She applied it to the length of her shaft, liberally anointing her new penis with the lubricant, making it shiny. I looked down at it, and was amazed at the site before me. Ann, her big breasts swaying as she stroked her “cock”, and looked at me hungrily.

“Turn around.” She growled, “bend over and I’ll show you how to take a real cock in your ass. Take it inside you. I’ll fuck you now.” Ann spun me around, and I bent forward, holding the edge of the couch while I felt her rubber tip bump against me. The tip nudged my hole, and I felt her left hand hold my hip, holding me still as I started to ease back. “Are you ready? Ask me, beg me for this cock.”

“Yes, I’m, I’m so ready, give it to me. Please.” I whimpered as she nudged the head into me. I was surprised because it slipped in fairly easily. I was about to push back and take her when she swung her hips forward, driving the entire 8″ into me. The force of her thrust took my breath away. “Uuuuuuh! Oh yes. Oh that’s so good.” I closed my eyes and concentrated on the feelings. I felt so full, so complete with her all the way in me. She began to pull out. Then pushed in. Hard. I felt her heavy tits on my back as she ground her pelvis into me.

“Do you feel that? Feel that cock deep up you? I’m going to fuck you until you beg me to stop, then I’ll turn around and make you suck me again.” Ann thrust into me, easing the full length in and out, her hips working like a man’s would as she fed me her rubber manhood. “Yes, you can take it just like a woman can’t you? Is this how it feels when you fuck me? Do you feel this power? I love seeing this cock disappear into you. Here it comes.” Ann held my hips and drove into me relentlessly. I could hear her smacking against me as she drove into me again, and again. I reached down to stroke my cock, and she slapped my hand away. “No you don’t Sakarya escort bayan touch that.” She purred, ” I touch that.”

Ann stroked into me for another few minutes, then pulled out and turned me around. She pushed me down to my knees and pushed the cock against my mouth. The lube, tasted like plastic, the “cock” tasted like rubber, and I loved it. I imagined how this looked. Me, on my knees, wearing only a shirt, having just been royally fucked by my wife, was know cleaning her long penis.

“Now, I have a treat for you.” Ann moaned. “You know how I took some extra time to get here? Well you may be thinking that’s due to me stopping at a store to buy this.” Ann shook her rubber dick in my face. “Unsnap the belt, and take this off me.” I did as I was told. My cock ached for release, and strained upward against my belly. I dropped the harness to the floor, along with her pants. Ann stepped out of them, and I was facing her nice, thick bush. It looked like it was pressed flat by her panties, not as full as usual. “Lick me. Lick my pussy.” I leaned in and licked along the length of her lips as she titled her pelvis toward me. “Recognize the taste? Taste like anything you’ve had before?” I licked her again, softly. The lips of her pussy were shaved bare, providing a strong contrast with the full, dark bush above. I noticed she was very wet, and seemed to be slightly salty. I looked closely at her opening, and saw some cloudy liquid on her lips. Ann held my head as I felt her bear down slightly. I saw the lips part a tiny bit as a drop of very white liquid appeared. I knew what that was. “That’s right. I’m full of cum. I went back to Heinz house after we left and asked him to fuck me. He made me blow him again, and then he took me right there in his kitchen. I was leaning over his chair, as he slid that big cock into me. It stretched me out so well, and all I could think of was how he had been fucking you earlier. I didn’t think he’d be able to cum again, but he did. It felt like he filled me with his hot cream. Now its all yours.” Ann released me, and moved to the couch. She sat down, and reclined. I saw her eyes shut as she pushed down and to my amazement, another big dollop of Heinz’ cream came form her. It was starting run down her lips now. She opened her eyes and looked into mine. I knew what was next, and I couldn’t wait. I dove into her lap, licking the drop of cream from her. It was warm, and tasted of salt, his sperm, and her sweet cream. I loved the idea that she had carried this prize home to me in her sweet pussy, and was now feeding me his potent seed. Heinz had shot into my wife. Taking her as he did me. Ann’s fingers worked through my hair, as I ate her. I heard her groan and a large wad of sperm came from her. I quickly accepted her offering.

“How does it taste baby?” Ann cooed, “How does that hot cum taste? Do you like it? Do you like being the woman, and swallowing your man’s sperm?” Ann’s talk was too much for me and I raised my self up and with one stroke I came on her pussy. Being sure to shoot directly onto her lips and bush. The orgasm was intense, and I felt like my insides were shooting through my cock as I emptied myself onto Ann. I stroked out the last drop, and looked into her eyes. Ann reached down, scooped up the cream and performed my favorite trick. Dripping the fresh cum on her nipple, she never looked away from me as she lifted the breast to her mouth and sucked my cum form her nipple. It was so hot I nearly swooned.

Collecting myself I sat next to her on the couch. My cock was exposed and deflating on my leg. Ann was naked. I looked over at her and took in the amazing sight of her body in all its glory.

“That was intense. Thank you. Your full of surprises.” I kissed Ann softly, and then fell back beside her.

“Who knows,” Ann said mischievously “maybe I’m pregnant now.” The thought hadn’t occurred to me. I was panicked for a moment, then started to get turned on. “He came in me, with no protection, and although you managed to get most of his cream, there might still be some in me. I wonder.” Ann got a glazed look in her eyes as if she was imagining being pregnant with Heinz’ baby. Her description had made me think of having more sex, but it was too much and I knew I needed to rest.

“Well, I guess if you’ve already been exposed to his potent seed, there’s no harm in taking more is there?” I said, thinking about visiting Heinz again. “Would you like to feel him again? Is it a lot better to have a big cock in you?” Escort Side I was preparing to be hurt by her response, but also wanting to hear her talk about it.

“I would love to take him again. He just has that aura of masculinity about him, you know? He’s so ‘male’. It’s different having a larger cock. It feels so good when you’re that full, stretched, and accommodating that big manhood. Do you know what I mean? Did he seem very manly to you?”

“He did. I’m not sure what it is. His big cock, his big, manly body. Maybe it’s his demeanor, he just seems so confident, and seems to make you want to do what ever he wants. When I first got there, I was pretty nervous, not knowing what to do, but he had his cock in my mouth within the first five minutes. It just seemed so right. I wanted to please him. I would’ve done anything for him. I think I did. He’s definitely the alpha male.”

“Yeah, that’s it, you know, he’s a ‘Bull-Male’. Just seems to need to spread his seed. And it seemed to be the most natural thing in the world to have him breed me. Breed us.” Ann smirked at this last part. “Your cock is great, and I love you, but his is longer, and thicker, and the head is so wide. I’ll always love you, but I love having him inside me.”

Ann & I went to bed and fell into a deep sleep. Awaking the next day, we went about our normal routine. It was a long weekend, so no work. We puttered around the house. Some playful flirting as I caressed her breasts when I was near, and she gave my crotch the odd squeeze. Just a nice, relaxing day. Until the phone rang.

Chapter 9

“Did you suck my husband’s cock?” the question stunned me. No, “hello”, no greeting, just this. “Did you?” It seemed almost comical, but I had to ask.

“Who is this?” I stammered finally. Knowing full well this had to be Heinz’s wife.

“This is Caroline, let me talk to Ann.” Her voice had a bit more of a playful tone now. Now that the initial shock had worn off. I handed the phone to Ann

“It’s Heinz’ wife” I whispered. Ann looked surprised, but answered cheerfully.

“Hello, Caroline? How are you?” I heard the party on the other end of the line begin to talk. Watching Ann’s expression change, as she broke into a wide grin. “Yes, he did.” She said, “I’m not sure, but he seemed to like it.” ……..”Yes, it IS big, how do you do it?” Ann was chatting freely now, and they were obviously talking about sex. “Oh, really? No! You’re kidding. Well, Mark certainly didn’t seem to have any problem taking it……….oh, really? Well it was quite something. Seeing them together was so hot it made me crazy. You must be kidding…” Their conversation went on for a while, ranging from direct sex talk, to the everyday stuff women talk about. When she finally hung up, Ann walked to the next room.

“Hey, aren’t you going to tell me what she said?” I asked, desperate to know.

“Oh you know, just girl talk – some gossip. Nothing you’d be interested in.” Ann said with a gleam in her eye.

“Come on. Please tell me. ” I pleaded. “You have to.”

“Well, she just wanted to know how our visit was while she was away. She said Heinz was pretty tired when she got back, but told her everything and she said it sounded pretty great. She’s pretty liberal I guess.”

“What does she look like?” I asked.

“She’s very pretty, about 45. Short hair, and thin. She has a really great ass.” Ann said grinning, looking up as if she was trying to remember what the lady looked like. “I did see her once at the gym, in the shower”

She definitely had my attention now. ” Really, what did you see?” I absently stroked my cock through my pants, waiting to hear some details from my wife.

“She was pretty cute, you know, petite. I remember her commenting on my pubic hair.”

“What did she say?” I was getting pretty turned on now.

“She asked why I didn’t trim it. I told her you liked it this way. She had hers completely shaved, and it looked nice.”

“Oh man, that’s so hot.” I was fantasizing now. ” Did she touch you at all?”

“Come on. We were showering. What do you want me to say, that we fell to the floor in a hot 69? Ann laughed. “No, sorry, she didn’t start to touch me, or lick my nipples, or run her fingers through me thick bush. I didn’t go down on her.” Ann knew she was driving me crazy.

“That’s too hot. Thanks a lot.” I said, gesturing to my tenting pants. “Now what do I do with this?”

“What would you like to do with it?” Ann asked, dreamily, as I she looked izmir escort into my eyes.

“I’d like to put it into you.” I reached for her, pulling her close. We kissed hard. I felt her body. Her soft, round ass, her hard back. Bringing my hand to her front, I gave her nipple a pinch through the layers of clothing she wore.

“Oooh!” Ann squealed. “Oh no, don’t try coming near me with that thing.” She pointed at my erection, now exposed, due to my open fly. “You’re just trying to get me to do nasty things with you aren’t you? Well it won’t work.” Ann said poutily as she began stroking me. “You are so bad.” Ann squeezed my cock hard, leaned down and kissed it, taking the head in her mouth briefly, before standing up again. “So, is that what you want? To put that thing in my mouth, make me suck it? Suck your cock?” her dirty talk was getting me crazy. I looked down and saw the edge of her areola peeking out from her bra. The dark area was starting to crinkle up and get darker still. That pale, blue vein running along side it, seeming so hot for some reason.

“Just keep that up and it should take care of itself,” I panted, as she stroked me. Ann lifted a drop of pre-cum form my penis to my mouth.

“How’s that? Does my little cock-sucker like the taste of his own cream?” She gave a hard tug on my cock, and I though I would cum. She squeezed me so hard it calmed me down, and I looked at her.

“Yes, it’s so sweet.” I said, “Please give me more.” Ann brought another drop to her own lips and smeared it across them. I kissed her hard, my erection caught between us as we made out like teenagers.

Breaking the kiss, Ann dropped to her knees and started sucking me hard. I held her head and had intended to just wait for my orgasm to overtake me, when the doorbell rang. I wanted to finish, but Ann stood up.

“Wait, I can finish fast. Please.” I begged.

“You just wait a moment, it will be even better if we prolong the action, now put that thing away.” Ann moved to the door and looked through the hole. “It’s Caroline”.

I was thinking all kinds of things when Ann opened the door and Caroline walked in. She was very pretty, slim, and looked like she had nice, wide hips on her small frame.

“Mark, Ann has told me so much about you.” She winked at me. “I wanted to stop by to drop off an invitation of sorts.”

“Come in Caroline.” Ann said.

“No, I can’t stay. I just wanted to stop by to say hi and invite you to dinner next week. Heinz and I would be happy to have you over.” Caroline’s gaze fell to my obvious erection. ” Walking toward me she leaned in and whispered in my ear, “Heinz said you sucked his cock, he wants you to do that again. I want to see it” I didn’t know how to react. My face turned bright red.

“Come on now, no need for secrets” Ann said.

“Oh I was just mentioning to your husband that I heard he really enjoys spending time with Heinz.” Caroline said, not breaking her gaze with me.

“You mean how much he liked having sex with your husband?” Ann asked with a raised eyebrow. “How many times he sucked his long, fat cock?” Ann stretched this last part out, saying it slowly, and looking at me. I felt like I wanted to run and hide. “Yes, they did have fun together.”

Caroline ran her eyes over me, as if she were undressing me. She touched Ann’s arm, and looked into her eyes. They seemed to share something silently. They knew what was going on, but I’m not sure I did. “So we’ll see you for dinner? Friday?”

“We’ll be there.” Ann replied. Caroline left, and Ann turned to me. “So I bet you think this will be some kind of fantasy come true. You’re thinking I’m going to experiment with Caroline? Maybe try out some of those things you like to watch in movies?” Ann unzipped me again, and took me out of my pants. “I think it’s possible, but only if you put on a show for us first.” Ann bobbed her head back and forth, sucking my cock now, and holding my balls. Pulling away she looked up at me. “Do you want more of Heinz? Want more of his cock? Or are you done with that fantasy now?”

“I, I think I might still be interested,” I moaned as I concentrated on the sensations Ann was delivering to my sensitive cock-head. I would cum soon if she kept this up.

“I know. You loved it. I’m sure you’re still interested. You love having a cock in your hand, in your mouth. Maybe even in your…” Ann thrust a finger she had been sucking on into my ass while she sucked hard on the tip of my penis. The cum blasted out of me & I saw stars. I drained my balls into her sucking mouth. Ann rose, and kissed me deeply, sharing the prize with me. The warm, salty release taking us both to a new level. I couldn’t wait for Friday.

…. To be continued

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