My Time With Char Pt. 02

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My time with Char. Part 2

Sunday morning, I awoke a different man. Not so much in the aspect that I had changed or had grown, but after my first full on homosexual experience last night, I started to ponder the meaning and reality of what had happened. As I showered, I was thinking about Char. Our night together. The developing friendship, which turned physical and where we were going from here. I started to get those tingly butterfly feelings and I was really happy it happened and that I had the opportunity to truly experience a sexual lust; like one I’ve never experienced before.

I was just out of the shower and was drying off when my phone went off. It was a text from Char, it read;

“Hey. What’s your plans for today? Wanna grab brunch?”

Sure, I thought to myself. “Yah, that would be cool. What time? And where? I texted back.

He replied and told me he wanted to go to this Asian food mall for a big breakfast in the south part of the city. He wrote he would pick me up in about an hour. After replying again, I got myself dressed, texted him my address and awaited his arrival.

About an hour later, I got another text, “I’m here.”

I grabbed my keys and locked the door behind me, heading out of my house to meet him. I got into his car and Char said, “Good morning.” As he smiled at me.

“Good morning.” I replied. As I got situated in the seat and closed the door.

“What no kiss?” He asked.

I leaned over and gave him a soft kiss on his lips and just after I buckled my seat belt, he drove off and we started our way to breakfast. Char was wearing these brown penny loafers, Khaki colored cargo shorts and a light blue, silky men’s T-shirt that hugged his physique well. We talked the whole way to the mall for brunch, but he never brought up last night.

I was actually kind of glad he didn’t ask about it, or want to talk about it, because as much as I know now; but not then, was that I was coming out of the straight closet and into (at least) bi-sexuality or maybe full-on homosexuality. Either way, I was relieved, because I still had a bit of soul searching to do and things to process.

We arrived about 40 minutes later at this large indoor Asian food mart, where several stores had counters and groceries and products from the far east. Char and I walked over to the restaurant he wanted to go to which was set up like a buffet. They had everything you could have asked for; eggs, bacon, sausage, bread, cereals, fruits and they would cook any specific order you wanted. We both grabbed a tray full of food and found a place to sit down in the center court. We ate our breakfast and talked more, enjoying our food and each other’s company.

As we sat there and chatted, I truly began to understand my lust and my attraction for him. When Char’s put in quiet one-on-one situations, he is amazing! He is absolutely attractive, friendly, open, honest, and has a warm heart. Like I said in my previous story as much as he portrays himself as the “got it all together guy”. In reality, like most of us, he is sad and lonely and looking for someone to call a friend; but more importantly someone to be his lover.

After we ate and refilled our coffee, we just sat talking more and I started to feel things inside of me I haven’t in a long time. It was a sense of excitement, desire, longing and belief in “love” and relationships. I started to re-live last night’s experience. Looking up after pulling his underwear down and seeing his nice sized, thick, rock-hard Filipino cock sticking straight out waiting to be played with was burnt into my memory. I could see it, like it was right in front of me again. How hard and how excited he was. How I leaned right in and took my first steps towards gay sex.

How erotic and how sexy it was to feel his boner slide into my mouth. How unique and tantalizing it was to suck on it and feel it sliding in and out of my mouth. How taboo or dirty it was to be having sex with a man and yet to have the overriding passion and exhilaration of knowing I got him off and got to swallow down his cum! It was without a doubt all too real and all to enlightening. And even as scared, nervous, unfamiliar and even uneasy as I was about doing it, I was glad I did and I was looking for more.

As I sat deep in thought as Char talked on. I found myself getting very anxious. Very aroused and honestly, very horny. My heart started pumping harder, I began to sweat ever so lightly and my stomach was churning. My cock was partially hard in my pants and I had the overwhelming desire, to be sucking his dick more, to make him cum, to watch him cum, hear him scream as he cums. But more importantly, I had such a need, a desire and a want to be fucked.

“We almanbahis need to go Char.” I bellowed out interrupting him mid-sentence.

“Why? Are you okay?” He asked.

“Yes. I just feel closed-in inside here and I’d like to get back outside.” I mumbled through my anxiety.

“Okay.” He replied.

Do you want to go somewhere else? He asked.

“No, let’s just get out of here.” I answered.

We walked out and headed towards his car. Once we were both inside the car, he again asked me; “Are you alright?”

“Yes. I think I had a bit of a sugar rush from all the food. I just needed to get out of there.” I replied.

What I didn’t realize then, but came to understand the more I dated him, was that rush, that anxiety, that “fire” was my bodies overreaction to wanting sex. At least sex with a man. I was so turned on re-living our night of passion; or any other time we were going to be physical, that my mind would go into overload mode with desiring cock. Instead of those usually butterflies men (or women) get dating the opposite sex, mine was heightened by the need, the want, the desire and the excitement of being with a man.

As Char drove me home, we didn’t speak much. But as I started to settle down, I realized I wanted him! I kept staring at his body, his sexy clean-shaved legs, his tight shirt. His handsome face, his luscious black hair and in my mind, I kept seeing his hard cock, sticking straight out in the air as he stood in front of me. I was licking my lips, feeling those butterflies swirling and internally I had a passion I had not experienced in a long time. When we arrived back at my house, I invited him in. He was unsure whether he wanted to come in or not, since we had an abrupt end to our brunch. But I assured him I was better now that I had let the food settle and had gotten some fresh air.

Char agreed to come in and hang out a bit. As I walked towards my front door, with him following behind, I had a million-thoughts running through my head. The most important one was to be sucking his cock as soon as possible. I put my key in the lock and unlocked the door opening it as I walked through. Char followed me in and I shut it behind him. Just after I locked the door and came back face to face with him, I leaned in for a deep passionate kiss, which I think caught him off guard. But he didn’t resist or question me. We stood inside the doorway, lip-locked making out. I was rock hard; my nerves were rattling and my heart thumping. But I was there with him and I wanted him.

We both turned this deep kiss into a hormonal rush. We were both getting hotter and hotter by the moment and I wanted him, wanted “it” more and more. Without a word I dropped to my knees and started to unbutton his cargo shorts. I got the button open and pulled down the zipper. I yanked at the sides, pulling them down and off, as he kicked his loafers off, allowing his pants to come completely off. I reached up and pulled his boxer shorts at the sides and slid them down. His thick Filipino cock hung partially hard between his legs, under the little patch of hair over the top at the base. I grabbed it with my hand and pulled on him a few times as my face leaned closer into his crotch. I slid his flaccid cock into my mouth and felt sensations throughout my body. I knew what I wanted — at that moment — I knew. I wanted his cock. Period!!!

My head slid backwards and forwards along his shaft. With each slide I felt his cock getting harder and harder. Thicker and thicker, as his boner got stronger and fuller. I was fascinated. My eyes were wide open as I slid back and forth watching his cock enter, then withdrawal from my mouth. I watched as the little patch of hair, came closer to my face, then recede. His balls lightly swaying back and forth. I heard his light, soft moans and groans fill the room as I continued to suck him off.

This was no pre-college experience, no “trying something new,” no gay porn I was watching, wishing I was one of the actors. This was me down on my knees inside my front door sucking his cock and loving every second of it. What an exhilarating experience, one I have subconsciously longed for, for some time now.

“OMG Danny!” he bellowed out. “That feels so good.”

I got excited hearing that. I was pleasuring him and doing the one thing my body, my heart and my soul was aching for… Sucking Dick! Making love to a man and starting a new chapter of my life.

As I knelt on my knees sucking his cock, I had the overwhelming desire to be fucked. Now mind you; I have never had anal sex before. I have openly admitted that I have played and masturbated with “items” over the years, but have never actually had someone slide their hard cock deep almanbahis giriş into my ass. But at that moment, as I was sucking his cock, slobbering all over his shaft and feeling it hit the back of my throat, I wanted a dick inside me.

My cock was bulging in my pants and I was so turned on, so excited and felt so alive that all my fears and nervousness drifted away. All I wanted was to keep sucking Char’s cock, until he came in my mouth. I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and rammed my hand down into my pants, pulling my hard cock out. I knelt there dry stroking myself off, as I continued sucking him. I couldn’t have gotten any harder without ripping skin.

After a while, Char lifted me from my knees and brought me face to face with him. We kissed deeply and passionately as his hand reached down, finding my cock sticking out of my pants and he started stoking me off.

“Danny, you are so hard.” He moaned out through our kiss.

“Let’s take this somewhere more comfortable.” He suggested.

As we walked, we kept hugging, kissing and removing items of clothing. By the time we got to my bedroom door, we were both completely naked, leaving a trail of clothing along the way. Both of our cocks rock-hard and sticking straight up as we made it to the edge of my bed.

“Sit down,” he softly whispered as we broke from our kiss.

I sat on the edge of my bed as Char knelt down between my legs. His head dipping down, wrapping his warm, wet mouth around my cock. I sucked in a gasp of air as I felt every nerve ending react. Char bobbed up and down on my cock, as I sat there enjoying every second of him pleasuring me. The feeling of being so hard and so aroused, compounded by him blowing me, was beyond imaginable. And as scared, nervous and somewhat still “uneasy” as I was about gay sex. I knew I didn’t want to be anywhere else at that moment.

I sat in awe as Char sucked my cock. Long deep dives, followed by increasing speeds and depths. He was making me harder than I could imagine and bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. I felt my ass tingling, begging to be penetrated, wanting to feel his thick cock sliding in and out of me. I leaned back onto my elbows and just watched as his head bounced up and down, pleasuring me. I knew his hard cock was sticking out from between his legs, waiting to be played with, to be sucked and to cum. And I wanted to do it.

“Char. Oh Char, you are amazing,” mumbled from my lips as I heard him moan out in response.

“I want your cock.” Bellowed from my mouth as he continued sucking me off.

I wanted him to ram his fingers in my ass, I wanted him, to push my legs to my chest and ram that big hard beautiful cock deep inside me. I was so enjoying the moment. “Char, I need your cock.” Spewed from my lips again.

Char pulled my cock from his mouth as I laid down onto my back. He climbed onto the bed and straddled up next to me, as I slid further up and onto the mattress. His cock, hard, protruding outwards, ready and willing to be sucked some more. He edged in closer to my face kneeling next to me. He leaned downward, as I lifted my head, putting his cock back into my mouth. “Umm…” I moaned out in pleasure as I took every inch of it down my throat. I slid my head back and forth, on an angle as best as I could, sucking his cock, pleasing him.

I pulled Char’s legs over my head and he adjusted accordingly. His cock never left my mouth as he situated himself. He was on top of me, with his cock deep in my throat, when I felt him lay flat on my body and place my cock back into his mouth. I chirped in pleasure as he began sucking me off while I was sucking him off. Of course, I have done 69’s with girls, but never with a man and let me assure you how hot and sexy it was moving my head up and down, as he lightly pushed his hips downward, sucking each other off. I was in heaven.

We laid in this position for about 8 minutes just sucking each other off. I was so hard, so turned on and so loving the feeling of his mouth sliding up and down over my shaft, while I kept his thick cock, sliding in and out of mine. Every now and then he pulled my cock from his mouth and stroked me with his hands a few times, only to slide my erect cock back into his mouth. I kept his dick deep in my mouth the entire time. I wasn’t going to let it go. Like having hard candy, or a Lolli-pop, I was satisfying my oral needs. Loud sucking, blow job sounds and moans and groans filled the room, while we continued pleasuring each other. I never knew what an erotic and sensual feeling it was to be giving a blow job, while getting a blow job and I was getting close to cumming.

I pulled Char’s cock from my mouth, grabbing and stroking his shaft firmly, almanbahis yeni giriş while moaning out, “Char, I’m close to cumming.” Only to slide it right back into my mouth, trying even harder to make him cum. I wanted us to cum at the same time, but I was so close and ready to explode. Within seconds I was grabbing his skin and grasping his ass cheeks, almost unable to continue sucking him as I was ready to blow my load. My cock hardened more, my hips thrusted and my legs shook, as I moaned out loudly through my nose, while his cock was deep in my mouth. I blasted my cum into his mouth, feeling squirt after squirt shooting from deep inside me, as his head continued bobbing up and down, swallowing every bit of me down.

His cock still buried deep in my mouth, almost naturally, like it should have been. I felt my dick pulsing, shaking and thrusting as he just kept sucking. Once I was able to re-compose myself and finished cumming, I put every bit of effort into making him cum. It wasn’t long until I heard his breathing increase. His hips started thrusting more. He pulled my cock from his mouth and was moaning louder and louder, repeating my name; “Danny, Danny, Danny. Oh, fuck Danny.

Within seconds I felt the rush of warm, sticky goo hit my tongue and I was so excited and so happy he was cumming. It was even hotter and sexier than the night before. This time, I took my time swallowing it down. I wanted to taste it, feel it, swirl it around, get a good big mouthful, before I gulped it down. When I knew Char had finally finished cumming I swallowed every drop down. The taste and flavor was sensual, erotic and fitting for someone new to having a man cum down his throat. And I fucking loved it!!!

Char’s head was lying on my thigh, his chest rising and falling, sweat emanating from both of our bodies. Both of us spent, yet relieved from blowing each other to orgasm. When Char finally pulled himself off of me, our bodies, wet with sweat and were cooled by the air that seeped in-between us.

Char adjusted himself around and laid down next to me, his head rested on my chest. He looked up at me and we touched lips, so softly and so lightly. His body weary from cumming and the work, he put into blowing me, while my throat was covered, glistening and coated from his cum I just swallowed down.

We laid quietly together until he had to get up to pee. I watched him walk out of my room. His dark sexy ass cheeks swaying back and forth as he waked away. When he returned, his sexy, soft cock, hung between his legs so perfectly. His completely shaved body (except for the bit at the top of his shaft) colored by his light brownish skin was so sexy and so perfect.

Char laid his head back on the top of my chest and swung his right leg over my legs, pulling the sheet over top of us. We laid there in silence, naked, warm and happy. We dozed off for a while and I awoke thinking of his cock. He slept a while longer than I did, until he finally awoke. I asked him to stay for dinner and just hang out with me all day. He liked the idea and agreed.

We stayed in bed most of the day, ordering a pizza for an early dinner. When the pizza deliver man showed up, I blurted out, “Here’s a five-dollar tip and thanks for quickly bringing me and my boyfriend some food.” The guy looked at me like I was nuts. Like who cares about you and your boyfriend buddy. I’m just here to deliver your pizza. But in retrospect, subconsciously, I was screaming out to him and to the world, “Hey, I have a boyfriend.”

After we ate, and regained our strength; Char and I rubbed and caressed each other’s bodies a lot more. We both took turns sucking each other off again, until we both came a second time. Char left that night, even though I actually wish he would have spent the night. But we had to be at work tomorrow and he needed to go home, just as I need to be home to get my stuff together and get ready for tomorrow.

That day we never did experiment with anal sex, either me to him, or him to me, but over the next few weeks, our desires for each other blossomed, our experiences deepened and I got to fuck him for the first-time a few weeks later. Followed by him fucking me. But within 24 hours, I had sucked his cock three times and swallowed down all three loads, as he returned the favor to me.

As I laid in bed that night, I was giddy and excited that maybe all my wants, desires and feelings for “men” were starting to come true. I smiled thinking to myself, I spent the day with my boyfriend. My heart was warm and happy as I drifted off, lying there naked and relieved that I was moving in the direction I wanted to.

Strange part about it all is, he was someone I never would have thought I would have built a friendship with, let alone dated. And now he was becoming my boyfriend and I was becoming more and more in tune to loving, wanting and desiring cock.

I’ll tell you all about it in upcoming chapters.

To Be Continued…

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