My Story Ch. 01

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Disclaimer – This story will delve into my journey to revealing my lust/love for Big Black Cock. It will deal with themes of gay sex and interracial sex involving intelligent, beautiful, charismatic, smart and down right hot and sexy, dominant black men and myself, a 35 year old white man. If this is not your thing then please look away now, otherwise I will continue.


First of all, welcome! This is my first attempt at writing about my journey, and it has been a journey, into experiencing sex with hung, dominant black men. I have had a lot of inspiration from other authors on this site, namely Originalanonymous, Floridaguy2001 and Pantyboy4mistress. Thank you to all that you’ve done for me over the years. I will definitely welcome feedback from authors and readers alike because as it says in the title, this is only chapter 1 of a very fun and naughty journey into black cock discovery.

I am a 30 something white guy, married and living in the UK. I keep myself fit and healthy. I do class myself as straight, well, 98% straight. I am attracted to women and that will never change. I do not find men attractive other than I really have a thing for black men, I don’t know why, it just happened gradually over time. growing up, I always loved watching lesbian porn, the type where it is full on passion and lust with lots of kissing when you can tell that the actors are really enjoying themselves.

I work away from home quite a lot and at the time interracial sex popped up in the equation, I was working in North Africa for a few months. It could get lonely over there as families or girlfriends were back at home, so you can imagine there is a lot of porn being watched.

After my usual ritual of the lustful, passionate lesbian scenes, one particular scene landed in the ‘suggested videos’ link. It was a 4 minute, short video with beautiful black cocks being passed around between hungry and horny females who seemed to enjoy it a lot.

I found out through some added ‘extra research’ that the black cocks that I had witnessed pleasuring these women and spewing delicious looking, thick cum all over wanton ladies belonged to Lex Steele and Mandingo.

Seeing some of these cum shots made my mouth feel funny and I found myself biting my bottom lip and instead of imagining I’m the guy in the scene, I started to imagine being the girl and what it would be like to feel a nice hard black cock in my mouth or feel that hot thick cum splashing onto my face and letting it drip to my mouth, I wanted to taste it all. I wanted them beautiful, hard, thick black cocks in my mouth and in my ass, fucking me. I was bending hard!

Let me say that this was over 10 years ago and interracial porn is my only go to porn now and every time I picture myself as the female in the scene. You could probably say I watch too much of it.

Being in Africa when this revelation hit me did not help. I found myself wondering about cock size and if some of the guys I’d see in the street would match up to those I had discovered in the porn I watched. The myth of cock size was definitely at the fore front of my mind and I would find myself picturing what guys cocks would look like as they just walked past in the street.

It was becoming an obsession for me. I’d return to my accommodation after a hard days work and immediately be opening up the laptop to find more delicious interracial porn. I kept telling myself I was going to do it. I was going to make the jump and attempt to engineer a liaison with a hot black man, and there were plenty around to push me along.

I found myself going to bars a bit more and attempting to make eye contact with any hot black man that would take to my fancy. It wasn’t going to be as easy as what I had first thought.

There were a few occasions with some playful flirting but I could never take that next step and I’d be too afraid to meet again. That, coupled with I couldn’t find that perfect man.

Through the experimenting and attempted flirting I was learning how I wanted my man to be. He had to be taller than me, I’m 5’8″, so somewhere approaching 6’0″ was a must. He had to take care of himself, with that, I mean, I found that I liked muscles. Not crazy like cartoon muscles but he had to be strong and more bulky than myself. Sakarya escort Charm, charisma and confidence would all go hand in hand with the physical attributes, or that is what I told myself.

I know, I know, I am probably being a little too fussy, but like I said, I’m 98% ‘straight’ so it would have to be someone special to bend me away from heterosexualism.

I searched the town high and low to find this perfect man and I was determined to find him. That one perfect man that would live up to all of my desires and dark fantasies and would dominate me and give me exactly what I want. Alas, it wasn’t to be and I’d return to my accommodation alone and frustrated and so back to the laptop it was.

One night in particular, I had returned to my accommodation again, empty handed. Logged onto my laptop to browse the usual porn, however, I had an idea. I was about 3 weeks away from returning to London and as I was not having any luck here, I thought I’d browse the many escorts advertised in the city. It was then that I found the perfect guy, and I thought things could be a lot less complicated when it is an escort fulfilling my desires.

The gentleman in question was called ‘O’. He was 6’3″, 95kgs and had a body that looked like it could have been carved from black marble. He had very little fat on his body, thick muscular legs, a ripped, muscular torso and an 11″ anaconda between his legs. I’d hit the jackpot. ‘O’ advertised as a top which was just what I had been looking for.

Whilst in my height of horniness, I sent him an email asking if we could arrange a meet for when I returned to the UK. He was very friendly and accommodating and was always on hand to put me at ease leading up to us meeting because I was definitely torn between whether I should go through with it or not. ‘O’ was always reassuring and promised me that I would enjoy our time together and that he knew exactly how to handle first timers and ‘strays’ as he called me. Some days when leading up to the meet when I thought I couldn’t do it a picture message would arrive of ‘O”s manhood in all its glory, making my mouth feel funny and made me realise I had to have it. Almost like he knew the feelings I’d be experiencing. He was an expert at this after all.

The next three weeks couldn’t have passed more slowly. I was torn whether I should go through with it, even up to the point that I had confirmed with him and I was about to ring the buzzer on his luxury apartment in London. I’d arrived in London early with the plan to have some alcohol to give me some dutch courage and it was probably the couple of beers that helped me make that last step and ring the buzzer.

‘O’ invited me in and led me to his apartment which was on the top floor. I couldn’t help admiring his glutes as we ascended the stairs. As we entered the room, he closed the door behind us and I was still in the mindset that I could leave. Sensing my unease, ‘O’ offered me a drink. I just had water and he asked me what I’d like to do today. I was too shy to suggest anything and so ‘O’ recommended a massage which I thought was a great way to break the ice. He instructed me to take my clothes off which I did, down to my boxer shorts. I kept sneaking a glance across at ‘O’ slowly disrobing, and doing it oh so sexy which I’m certain was for my benefit. It worked, ‘O’ was loaded to bear and then some. His muscular frame, much larger than mine, seemed to fill the room and made me feel smaller somehow. He instructed me to lay on the bed, on my front with my head near to the foot of the bed. I lay down and immediately felt a little more relaxed.

‘O’ drizzled a little oil onto my back and poured into into his hands. I could only see his feet now, at the foot of the bed, as I felt his strong hands brush against my back before rubbing the oil up and down and working his thumbs into my knots that he come across.

I could feel the tension slowly release from my body and let out a couple of little moans so that he knew that I enjoyed what he was doing. He was doing an amazing job, he really was an expert at this. He worked my back up and down until I relaxed completely.

I felt his hands work down my back and his fingertips gently begin creeping under the waistband of my boxer shorts. He teased me Side escort bayan like this for a few minutes, never quite entering, never quite leaving and asking me in his deep voice if I liked it. I told him I did and to keep going.

He began to work my ass cheeks, kneading and groping them. Pulling my cheeks apart and pushing them back together. He worked my ass like this until he had me gasping in lust.

I turned my head and it was at this moment I came face to face with his, what I can only describe as ‘delicious’ meaty, thick cock. It had snaked its way down his thick, muscular thigh and just the tip was poking out of the bottom of his loose fitting boxer shorts. It was inches from my face and I could smell the musk that washed over me.

It is true that you will never forget that first sight and smell of a strong, thick, black cock. The last inch between us was closed in a second as ‘O’, or it could have been me, closed the gap and the tip of his cock was pressed against my lips. I darted my tongue out before it could be moved away. I lapped at the tip, tasting my first ever black cock and it was exhilarating. I could feel my inhibitions disappear and my confusing thoughts of whether this is gay or straight or bi evaporated. It was just right.

My hands reached up and I gripped his muscular ass to hold him tight so that I could devour his beautiful cock. I attempted to make it as wet as possible, suckling on the tip and dipping my tongue into his spunky hole to scoop up his pre-cum.

I don’t know what come over me but my only thoughts were to satisfy this specimen of a man. I lapped and sucked and nibbled on that now shiny cock. I curled my fingertips into the waistband of his boxers and started shuffling them down. From my position it had to be slowly which just made the whole reveal so much more delicious and exciting. His boxers dropped to the floor and his full 11 inch hard cock was pressed against my face. I loved it. I exhaled loudly and then breathed in deeply. I never want to forget that scent, it still drives me wild.

‘O’ was massaging my ass and letting his silky fingers tease up and down my now oiled up crack, lightly tapping the tip of his finger against my tight, puckered hole. He knew exactly what to do and I was panting in lust for this hunk of a black man before me.

He began to move his hips and rub his cock across my face making me chase after it with my mouth, he teased me for a small while, letting it swing within millimeters of my hungry mouth before pulling it away. He did this a few times, commenting on how eager I was, before allowing me to take it into my mouth once more and I did. I sucked on that cock for all it was worth. Both my hands wrapped around the shaft and pumping it into my open mouth. I couldn’t get enough of it.

‘O’ stood up straight and I found myself looking up into his brown eyes. I almost felt in love but put that to the back of my mind. How absurd. He pulled his now slick cock from my mouth and tapped the tip against my tongue. It felt heavy, it was made to be worshipped. ‘O’ stepped away leaving me desperate and wanting my mouth to be filled by his mammoth black cock again.

He walked around the side of the bed, his huge cock swaying as he walked, it must have been the length of those small bats you used to in school to play rounders. It swung from side to side between his legs, exuding power and testosterone. I was mesmerized by that massive black cock and he knew I was his from that moment.

‘O’ climbed onto the bed so he was kneeling beside me and then tugged my boxers down my legs. I didn’t think it was possible to feel more nude but my feeling of vulnerability skyrocketed. He slipped them off my feet and then pulled at my hips to raise my ass. I felt his weight shift on the bed and he was now behind me. I hadn’t planned for this and felt immediate panic, there was no way I could take that monster of a cock, it was the length of my forearm and probably just as thick at the base. ‘O’ spoke in that smooth deep voice and reassured me to relax and said he’s take it from here.

‘O’ let the weight of his cock rest on my ass as he held my cheeks together, rubbing the tip up and down my crack. I could feel it leaving trails of precum and saliva across Escort izmir my ass cheeks.

He proceeded to handle it expertly, teasing and probing at me. I was feeling sexy and so pushed back and twerked as best as I could against him which I think he approved of. He pushed my knees together and pushed his thick hard cock through my thighs so that it was fed through to rub against my own cock and balls. I loved this and I found myself reaching down to squeeze the head of his cock, feeling how wet it was with precum. ‘O’ moved his weight further up my back forcing me to lie on my front again with him on my back, his cock sliding all over me. Probing at my tight hole, nudging at it for a couple of seconds before he’d move and have it sliding between my legs once more. I wanted him bad! I was bucking back against him, desperate to feel him inside me. I wanted that thick cock stretching my hole and probing deep into me.

‘O’ lifted up and turned me over so that I was on my back. He knelt between my legs just stroking that massive black cock, pointing it at me, almost threatening me with it, offering it to me. I watched him stoke it and it is the sexiest image I have ever seen. He was hard and he was horny and I knew he wanted me. He was waiting my approval. It was now or never.

I almost whispered, “please fuck me.”

He reached across to the night stand and grabbed the lube and an extra large condom. I watched him squeeze that tight condom over his huge cock and then apply the lube all over it, squirting it into my ass crack for good measure. He pushed my knees towards my chest and told me he liked to see the face of the man he is fucking. This gave the perfect angle for him to press that large cock against my ass. The tip was pressing against me and I knew my hole was hungry for it. The teasing and probing had opened me up and I was ready and eager to accept his thick length.

“Tell me you want it.” he said.

I almost begged, panting in lust, ” Please, please fuck me ass, I need you inside me. Please fill me with that huge cock. I need it.”

With that, ‘O’ started his slow and steady push. It hurt like hell but I wanted it so bad. I bit my lip and held my breath as the slow thrust continued. Just the tip was inside me, so much more thickness to go but he kept pushing and pushing.

The pain grew as the thickest part of his cock, the rim of ‘O’s head reached my hole. A whine escaped my lips and suddenly the head was inside me and the pain diminished. ‘O’ popped his head out and then back in making me grunt and groan.

This time he pushed another inch of his magnificent cock into me. He knew exactly how to handle me. The pleasure was growing and the pain disappearing as my hole loosened up and accepted him, like it was made to.

He entered me deeper and deeper, taking his time until the base of his tool met my cheeks. That’s when he started thrusting. Our balls were pressing and bouncing together as he fucked me. He made me feel his full length, made me feel that power.

We looked into each others eyes, both grunting as we fucked like animals. He leant toward me and we kissed passionately, our tongues entwined as we panted and moaned into each others mouths. I couldn’t take much more and could feel his cock knocking on my prostate.

I knew I could cum at any second and I told him so. He reared up and fucked me harder than I thought possible. It sent me over the edge and my hard cock bounced up and down on my stomach, shooting ropes of cum onto my chest. I lay there limp, in ecstasy after the best orgasm I have ever experienced.

He thrust deep a few more times before pulling out and whipping the condom off. Once again he was stroking that beautiful black cock between my legs. His breath grew ragged and with one big grunt, he aimed his cock at my now well fucked asshole and showered me with his hot liquid. I could feel it between my crack and running down onto the bed sheets and I didn’t want this moment to end.

I moved up the bed to suckle his cock gently and so I could taste the last remnants of his orgasm and it did not disappoint. I swallowed the last few drops and knew I’d be wanting more of that in the future. I was already planning our next meet in my head.


Thanks for making it this far. I loved reminiscing about my first time with ‘O’. I hope you enjoyed the story. I had many more nights with ‘O’ sometimes with others joining in which was hot. It really has been an adventure. Happy to welcome any comments or feedback. Thanks.

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