My Regular Bud Joe

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This is a true story and part of a journey exploring my Bi side. This is one of many. I hope you enjoy or can relate.

The next experience I had turned out to be the best situation and with a great person. I got a local hotel room for discretion and placed an ad on Craigslist the same as before looking for mutual oral. I got several responses and found one that seemed like a guy in my situation. Married and getting enough sex from his wife but wanted more. That is right, at that time I was getting plenty of head and sex from my wife but wanted something more. We emailed a few times back and forth, and he said he could meet me in 30 minutes.

I gave Joe my room number and once again I got extremely nervous after doing so. I followed the same routine and took a fresh shower and put on a tee shirt and gym shorts. Again, the wait seemed like forever and I jumped a little when there was a knock on my door. I looked through the peephole and he looked like a regular guy and I opened the door. He was about 15 years younger than me and seemed cool and we awkwardly shook hands and introduced ourselves. He asked if he could freshen up and I showed him to the bathroom.

After a minute I heard the shower go on and thought that is pretty bold him taking a shower but then thought I appreciate that he wanted to be fresh and clean. I took the time to down a glass of wine while waiting and took my shirt and shorts off and just laid on the bed naked lightly touching my cock and balls. I was thinking of what will shortly happen and got a raging hardon. I heard the water go off and half a minute later he walked out with just a towel wrapped around himself. He saw what I was doing and focused on my rock-hard cock. He dropped the towel and laid down on the bed with his head near my knees. He just said “Nice” and reached out and grabbed my cock and lightly squeezed. Not two seconds later he was moving his head over my cock and just took me in his mouth down to my balls. It felt so good! My first time having my cock sucked by another guy and I was so horny and turned on. He eagerly sucked me up and down while rubbing my balls. He was relentless and his mouth was moving up and down in a well-timed rhythm. He stopped suddenly and I looked down and he was looking up at me while he slowly licked the head and shaft and bathed my balls with his tongue. He slowly worked his way back up and pulled the Escort bursa skin of my shaft up to produce a large drop of pre-cum which he slowly licked off the tip of my cock. At that point he took me in his mouth until he bottomed out and I could feel the back of his throat on my cock head.

I was so turned on that I reached down and grabbed his cock which was 3/4 hard and leaking pre-cum. I swung my head and shoulders sideways to get my mouth closer to his leaking cock. I took the head in my mouth and tasted the sweet pre-cum that came from the excitement of him sucking my cock. It only took a minute before he was fully hard and throbbing in my mouth.

He slowed down on my cock and after another minute stopped sucking my cock. I asked what was wrong and he said he cannot concentrate that well on sucking me while he is feeling so good getting his cock sucked. He said he was never really good at a 69 because he got lost in his own desires and could not really concentrate on what he was doing. He offered to finish me first which I thought was a great gesture, but I said I would like to get him off first as I was enjoying the feel of his cock in my mouth.

I told him to lay back on the pillows and I took him once again in my mouth. As I am shaven on my cock and balls, he was not but he was only slightly hairy. I started licking his balls and took one in my mouth and felt it contract when I ran my tongue around it. I did the same to his other ball and bathed it with my tongue enjoying the feeling myself and apparently him as well evident from his sighing and telling me how it felt so good. I licked my way up his hard shaft and ran my tongue around the cap and over his pee slit before taking him as far in my mouth as I could.

He was a little bigger than me at 7″ and thick as I slid his cock deeper in my mouth on every downstroke. I never used my hands except to hold the base of his shaft when I was licking the head. I soon built up an up and down rhythm and every time his cock hit the back of my throat he would moan. I started only coming up halfway and then down to have him hit the back of my throat which seemed to have the desired effect as his breathing became heavier and he kept saying “That’s it”.

I should mention that I pretty much have no gag reflex, so his cock bottoming out did not slow me down one bit. Within a couple minutes he was telling Antalya escort me he was going to cum and I worked his cock in my mouth up and down as fast as I could. I felt him stiffen and felt the first huge blast of cum hit the back of my throat and I instinctively swallowed. The next three blasts were just as substantial as I moved my mouth up his cock as his cum filled my mouth almost to overflow. As he started to catch his breath back, I swallowed what was in my mouth and continued to slowly suck him avoiding the head as I could tell he was extremely sensitive after cumming so hard. I did that for another five minutes nice and slow every once in a while pulling his shaft up and getting the last drops of his cum which tasted better than the last person I swallowed and his was very similar to mine which I enjoyed. He said that I made him feel great and he liked the way I used my tongue and finished him off after he came.

He told me to lay down at the head of the bed and he moved down between my legs. It was my turn to leak pre-cum as he had already licked and sucked on my cock and from sucking him, I was so hard, and my cock was throbbing . He licked my balls and took one in his mouth and ran his tongue around it. Then he licked up my cock and like before he just went all the way down and held his lips on the base of my cock while fondling my balls. He began to suck my cock up and down like he was hungry and was moaning on me which made me feel the beginnings of an orgasm coming. He fell into a groove working my cock in his mouth from the head to the base of my cock and I told him to just keep doing that. He moaned on my cock when I said that, and he kept up the same motion which made my breath come faster and felt the cum moving up from my balls.

I couldn’t hold back anymore and announced I was going to cum and he released his mouth and stroked me fast up and down and my cum flew all over hitting his face, his hair, his chest, until it was just dribbling out. It was a pretty hot scene seeing my cum all over his face and body. He said the next time he would swallow it all. I was so spent at this time and he moved up and laid next to me as we were just catching our breaths and relaxing side by side.

I reached over and down and grabbed his soft cock and felt it start to stiffen once again. We only had a couple hours and I did not want to waste this time. Manavgat escort bayan I crawled between his legs and looking up at him I ran the tip of my tongue over his balls and up the shaft to just underneath his cock head which made it jump and get harder by the second. I immediately took him deep in my mouth as I wanted to feel his cock grow inside my mouth. That was so hot. I ran my lips up and down engulfing him and soon he was fully hard once again filling my mouth with his thick hard cock.

I continuously lightly touched and squeezed his balls the whole time I was sucking up and down his cock. Knowing from last time that he likes when I take him deep, I kept forcing my mouth down over and over feeling him hit the back of my throat. I kept a tight lip lock on his cock and coaxed him onto his side so I could reach behind him with one hand and pushed on his ass to force his cock into my mouth. I still had my other hand on his balls massaging them lightly.

I loved the feeling of pulling him into my mouth and sucking on his cock deep in my mouth. I was hungry for another load of his cum and worked my mouth up and down hearing him moan and signaling he was about to cum again. This time I wanted his first cum shots in my mouth and not down my throat so I could taste more of him. I pulled my lips up just under the head when I felt him start to stiffen and he shot a powerful stream of cum into my waiting mouth. The next couple of waves were as big as the first and I had a hard time keeping my mouth on his cock. He came even more that the first time I sucked him, and it just kept coming.

I could not keep up and when I tried to swallow the mouthful he gave me, some ran down his cock and down his balls as my mouth was so swollen with cum that I could not keep his cock engulfed in my mouth. I told him that was so much more than the first time and he said it was no problem I did not get it all. Undeterred I ran my tongue the entire length of his cock and licked up all the overflowed cum I could not swallow. I moved down to his balls which I cleaned with my lips and tongue and sucked them in my mouth until I had recovered all the cum that leaked out of my mouth.

Again, I slowly ran my tongue up his softening cock and took him in my mouth and sucked on him lightly until he was almost soft. I pulled up on his flesh and was rewarded with the last dribble of cum which I licked off the head and laid back down.

We talked for a few minutes about what we enjoyed and other small talk when he offered to blow me again. I was spent and it was late, so we decided to continue the next time we were going to meet.

To be continued….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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