My Journey into Homosexuality

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“I will try my best to make it for the meeting. I hope they put me on to the next available flight Sir.” I said to my boss with a serious tone before I hung up and fell on my hotel bed, exasperated at the events of the day. I checked my watch and it was 10 Pm. I made one last effort to sit up and dial a number.

“Hi honey, how are you doing? I am still in Nairobi. I am sorry to call you so late but better I wake you now and tell you, than have you realize in the middle of the night that I have not arrived and have you worried about my whereabouts.” I said with a soft voice.

I told her about the abomination that was my day and about the missed flight.

“Its ok honey, I am in a hotel and going to sleep because I am very tired, so you don’t worry now. I will call you tomorrow. Bye GN”. I said cutting the call.

I fell back on the bed again and closed my eyes trying to forget the day that was today. I was in Nairobi today for a business meeting and not only did it go badly, it overran my departure time and I missed my flight. I had been on the airport running from pillar to post just to get on any other flight. And all this for a meeting I had the next day in Mumbai which I was not too keen on attending in the first place.

Its times like this that make me regret my decision to take up that promotion last year. But with the baby coming and the new place I bought, I could not refuse the additional money. Since then it’s been constant travel and I am practically living out of a suitcase. In addition with the young one at home and my wife staying at her parent’s hasn’t given me much home life too. All in all, a forgettable year for me.

Now Nairobi is not exactly the worst place to be stuck in, given the pleasant weather and the nice hotel I was staying in, but it is not the safest place to go around at night. So I had nothing to look forward to for the night other than the hotel room. I fell asleep right there in my formal dress and if it wasn’t for the room service guy who came to deliver the cigarettes I had ordered, I would have slept through dinner. I paid off the guy and after closing the door took off my clothes and shoes and was totally naked before I lit the cigarette. I had a long drag sitting on the sofa, but the smoke was too much for me, so just cracked opened a window to let the smoke out.

I have been celibate for more than 9 months, given my wife just went through child birth. Also I was not someone who would go out for any adventure paid or otherwise. But I did occasionally relive myself through masturbation. Given my state of mind and physical state too, I just couldn’t help stroking myself while I was smoking in the window. Mentally I was so down that moment that I didn’t even realize where I was and what I was doing. I was nearly through smoking the cigarette when I realized that I was on display and there was a gentleman staring at me from the opposite window. I quickly realized my folly and put the curtains down apologetically. One more screw up on the day of screw ups.

I ran to bathroom to finish jerking off, had a quick shower and decided to get a late dinner at the restaurant. I put on baggy shorts, t-shirt and the hotel slippers to go to the restaurant. I ordered a scotch on the rocks and sat going through my mails on the blackberry. One down, two down, three down and before I knew it I was on my fourth drink before I finished with the mails. I decided to place order for food and called over the waiter. As I was looking around for the waiter I just glanced upon a gentleman sitting on one of the tables, who looked kind of familiar. He also smiled looking at me which I replied with nod of my head, all the time trying to figure who this gentleman really was.

When I finally remembered that he was the same gentleman who I had flashed just an hour back my face nearly lost colour with embarrassment. I decided to make it right with the guy and with all my courage I walked up to him and said “I am extremely sorry for the earlier episode sir. I hope I did not cause too much discomfort. I am again sorry for my stupidity but its just been one of the days you know.”

He just smiled at me and said with an accent “No worries son. It’s ok.”

He was European gentleman of around 50-55, as tall as me, nice greying hair and a pair of glasses which made him look like a professor. Now I am not exactly the youngest around. I am 33 5’10” a little on the stocky side but I am hardly his “son”. But with the trouble I had caused him I could not have taken any offence. I was just about to walk to my table when he spoke again

“Son, why don’t I buy you a drink? After all I must owe you something for the show before dinner.” He chuckled as he said this.

I was already embarrassed, and his comment about the show made me want to look for a hole to bury myself in. Even before I could stammer Bursa escort a rejection, he called over the waiter and told him to shift my glass to his table and ordered a scotch for himself.

“Don’t worry son have a seat. I sincerely hope I did not disturb you in between, and you indeed took things to their logical conclusion” he said laughing.

I was again left with no words and gave him a wry smile.

The rest of the evening however was a pleasant one. Howard was a very jovial, articulate and intelligent individual. He told me that he was a psychiatrist based in London and had been invited by the University in Nairobi for a lecture. He was a widower and had lost his wife to cancer five years back and has been traveling the world ever since, just to get away from loneliness. I could make from his conversation that he was very experienced man who had seen the world. He was a jovial fellow and though there was sadness in corner of his heart, from the loss of his wife, he had decided to live his life instead of drowning away in sorrow.

Maybe it was my seventh drink or maybe it was the amazing conversation I was having with a really smart guy but I was getting really comfortable talking to him. I told him about my home situation and the job situation and the frustration I carry around due to lack of stability in my life. He made me comfortable and made me understand that the reason for some of my stress was me myself, since I was worrying about the uncontrollable and bringing myself down instead of controlling the controllable and accepting the uncontrollable.

It was time well spent with him. I had my eighth and last drink and then we ordered for some dinner. But our conversation continued on as I was really impressed by Howard. I did not want to let him go. He might have realized my reluctance to call it a night as I was signing for the dinner.

“You know son, I have this bottle of single malt lying in my room which they presented to me yesterday. Had some last night but hate to let it go to waste since I am travelling tomorrow and they don’t allow half opened bottles on the flight” He said looking at me.

I readily agreed and we proceeded to his room. His room was next to mine. Realizing that my room is next door I told him I needed to quickly check something in my room and I will join him in a minute.

“Well son, you can pee in my room too you know. Don’t worry I won’t peak and there is nothing I haven’t seen already” He said with a smile.

I was surprized at the comment and the way he was reading me but I didn’t think too much of it. I had already shared with him my life and wanted to talk to him more and more. Once in the room he pointed me to the bathroom and told me that he will arrange for some ice with the room service. When I came out of the bathroom he had already taken two glasses and poured a peg for us.

“Do you mind terribly if I change into something comfortable” He said walking towards his suitcase.

I just slumped on the sofa and made myself comfortable. He had changed into shorts and t-shirts when he came out. We both had our drinks and started to have a conversation about life and experiences. We had totally privacy unlike the restaurant, and the topic moved on to sex. At first I was a bit sceptical but the booze and the intelligence of the man made me give off my inhibitions.

He asked me about the time I had sex with a woman and I told him it was nearly a year now. We spoke about how one dimension was my sex life was, even when I had one with my wife. She was a typical Indian woman who looked as sex as more for procreation than fun and was not as open to variety as the western ladies. We used to have sex only at night with lights off that too only in missionary position. Oral sex was not even discussed; neither were different positions or anything.

“So you have no girlfriends and you don’t like to pay for sex also I would presume” He said.

“Nopes, the closest to sex was what you just saw couple of hours back” I said surprised myself that I was saying all these things and discussing with a guy.

In India this kind of discussion is absolutely taboo even amongst best friends. I mean we talk about girls we want to fuck or boss’ wife or anything or when we were in college we used to talk about masturbation, but once you get married the topic of sex with wife or masturbation becomes a total no-go zone. Somehow it’s an unwritten rule.

“Tell me about your sex life Howard, with all the travel that you do and being single you must be spoilt for choices isn’t it.” I asked him with a wink.

“Well, you wouldn’t want me to answer than son. You will run out of the room if I tell you”. He said with a serious tone.

“Come on now don’t be a spoil sport. Nothing you say will shock me. I mean I haven’t been travelling as much as you Antalya escort bayan have but in last year I have seen a bit of the world.” I said trying to imply I knew a thing or two.

He kept on putting his guard up and I kept on pushing him trying to get him to talk about juicy tid-bits just for some mental satisfaction. The banter went on for a few minutes before I gave him an ultimatum and threatened to leave if he did not speak about it.

“Well son, since my wife passed away I have been a homosexual and have few friends around the world who I meet up whenever I am in their city. I have made friends online who I keep on meeting.” He said.

“In the spirit of honesty I will like to tell you that I was actually enjoying your show and when I saw you in the restaurant I initially was very attracted to you. But talking to you I realized that you may not be comfortable with that so I didn’t say anything. I wanted to let you go after dinner but I just couldn’t, so asked to come have a drink in my room. I am sorry if you are hurt but just felt I should be honest with you.” He continued with an apologetic tone.

As soon as heard it, I just froze and there was total silence for a moment which actually felt like an hour. Now I have always considered myself a sapiosexual and had many girlfriends that attracted my mind rather than my penis. But this has always been with girls. Never in my wildest dreams had I ever thought about being attracted to a guy. I mean I have been impressed, idolized some guys but it was never sexual. All the while there were million thoughts running through my head.

The silence in the room was disturbed by a knock on the door. Howard quickly went to get the door and let the waiter in who had got the ice. The guy came in and placed the ice on the table and lingered around for some tip. Howard located his wallet and paid of the man and walked behind him to close the door. Howard closed the door and slowly walked towards me. Standing next to the sofa he placed his hand on my shoulder and started apologizing again for making me uncomfortable or something to that effect. I was not actually processing any words he was saying and was lost in my own thoughts.

What I did next surprises me even today when I think of it. I took his hand off the shoulder got up, stood in front of him, placed my hands on his cheeks and kissed his lips. He was stunned at first too, but parted his lips and let my tongue through. I took my hand off his cheeks and hugged him with one hand behind his head and the other on his back pushing him closer so I could kiss him deeper.

I had never done something like this ever in my life but that did not have any bearing on the situation. I let my instinct take over and kissed him deeper and deeper. He was also enjoying my kiss now and we were in sweet embrace for nearly a minute.

He broke the kiss took my hand and guided me to the bed. We never spoke a word. We were now both guided by our passion and our hunger for each other. Once near the bed he took hold of my t- shirt and slipped it over my head and threw it away. He then kissed my chest and rubbed his nose in my chest hair. I loved his touch and was getting excited by the minute. He gestured me to lie on the bed which I did and he took his t-shirt off before coming on top of me. He slept on top of me and started kissing me again.

He then broke the kiss and started kissing my neck and my shoulder. He put my arm up and buried his nose in my arm pit hair and then licked my pit sending shivers down my spine. It was one of the most magical moments I had ever experienced. He then suckled my nipples and began to caress my moobs with his hand. He sucked my nipples and chewed on them. I was holding onto the back of the bed enjoying the pain and the ecstasy. He licked all the way down from my chest to belly button and my lower stomach before reaching my shorts. He put his fingers on either side of the elastic and tugged at my shorts. I helped him by raising my hips and he slid it off.

I wasn’t wearing any undies and my cock now fully hard just pooped out as soon as he removed the shorts. He smelled the tip of my cock and licked the droplets of precum from the tip. He slid the skin down and out popped the head of my penis. It was all red and Howard just opened his lips and slid it inside his mouth. I had never had anyone take my cock in the mouth and the warm and wet feeling I got was out of the world. Howard expertly started going up and down the shaft sucking on my dick and licking it with this tongue. He caressed my balls with one hand while holding my dick with other. He hardly stopped for a breath as he continued to suck my dick.

After about two minutes of deep throating my dick he suddenly got up and pulled me up with my hand. I sat up thinking I must have done something wrong when he gestured Escort Manavgat me to get off the bed. I stood next to the bed as he squatted in front of me. He again took my dick in his mouth and I instinctively started to move my hip fucking his mouth. I held his head by his hair and pushed it toward me and thrust my hip forward pushing my dick deep in his mouth. He had his hand around my buttock and was matching the rhythm of my hip movement. I started increasing my speed and went faster and faster. The feeling of my dick fucking his mouth was something awesome and though I had just masturbated an hour or so before, I could not hold myself any longer. I screamed

” I am cumming Howard, I am cumming…. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh”

I wanted to take my dick out of his mouth but he kept on pushing it inside. I could not hold it any longer and cummed inside his mouth. This was one of the best orgasms I could remember and must have squirted a lot of cum in his mouth. Howard paused for a second swallowing my cum and continued to suck me till the last drop. Then he took out my dick which had lost some of its hardness and slapped his face with it and rubbed by dick all over his face. The room was filled with the aroma of my cum and I saw Howard give me a sweet smile getting up.

I was getting weak on my feet from the most amazing orgasm I could remember and just fell on the bed on my back. Howard came and tried to kiss me. I hesitated a bit being the same mouth I had just squirted my cum into and he had made his face sticky rubbing my dick all over it. But this was the day of letting go of all inhibitions and it’s good that I did coz my cum mixed with his saliva had an amazing taste to it.

We spoke for the first time when he said looking into my eyes “Son, I am glad I invited you to my room.” All the while continuing to stroke my dick.

I was slowly beginning to get hard again when suddenly I felt 100 needles piercing my nipple. It took me a while before I realized that Howard had taken a piece of ice from the ice box and was rubbing it on my nipples. As soon as the ice touched my nipples it sent a shiver down my spine and my dick became hard again. He continued to rub the ice on my nipples and stroking my dick at the same time.

“I want you to fuck me darling, deep in my ass and tear it apart” he said getting up and removing his shorts. His dick was not as big or as black as mine. It was semi hard and I just stroked it to tease him. I gave it a kiss on the head and licked off some of the wetness.

He quickly got up, went to the bathroom and came back with a tube of lube and started to apply it on my dick with his hand. Then he took some on his fingers and shoved them down his ass applying it in his asshole. He turned around and sat on all fours giving me a clear view of the small sphincter. It was not that big but he had shaved all his hairs there. I kept my dick on the opening and started to slowly push it in. As soon as I applied some pressure he gave out a loud moan and said “push it all in darling, fuck me deep, fuck me hard”

I spread his ass cheeks to make the hole bigger and pushed my dick in. His asshole was tighter than my wife’s pussy and effect it was having on my dick was something I had never experienced ever in my life.

I gave a big thrust, pushing my shaft half inside his hole. We both gave off moans at the same time. I kept pushing it in slowly and slowly till it was fully inside and then started to move my hip. I held the love handles on the side for some leverage and was pretty soon in motion. He was moaning with every stroke and I started to increase it faster and faster. I was literally tearing his asshole apart and he was moaning and screaming all the time loving it.

I could feel his hole getting tighter and tighter and crushing my dick. I was in pain and ecstasy again as I continued my thrusts. He was hurting me as much as I was him and the satisfaction was something I had never experienced. He suddenly shivered and wrapped his asshole tighter around me and gave a big scream. I knew he must have reached his climax. So I slept on his back pushing my dick inside and reached under and grabbed his dick with one hand. It was all wet and I started stroking and tugging at it. It made him cum some more and made his asshole tighter around my dick. Once his squirts stopped and I could feel his dick throbbing in my hand I got up again and started to fuck his ass again. I smeared all his cum on my hand on his ass and slapped it hard. He just kept on begging for more slaps and more thrusts.

Pretty soon I was nearing my orgasm and started really moving my hip. I gave off one more shower of sperm inside his ass with squirts after squirts. I never had three orgasms in such short period of time ever and when I pulled my dick out of Howard’s asshole it was all red and sore.

I just flopped on the bed and Howard flopped next to me. We both were breathing heavily and both of us were sweating heavily. I sat up resting against the back of the bed and lit a cigarette. Howard came next to me and slept with his head on my tummy. It was the best smoke I ever had …

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