Kate Returns Home Ch. 17

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Kate Returns Home Ch. 17

By Susan Greenway

[This story includes bodily functions and significant discipline. If any of this offends you, please read no further. This chapter will be much more comprehensible if you read the previous chapters first. All characters are well over 18. My thanks to Leslie Jones for encouraging me to use her Women’s Republic setting and her characters.]


Even after the meetings with Eleanor and then GEN Annette, Kate and Nicole did not have a very clear idea of how these commercials were going to be designed. When they shared a car to the studio for the shoot, they were ushered into a pleasant lounge where a young sandy-haired woman, dressed nicely in a red blouse and white patterned skirt and who seemed to be close to their age, introduced herself.

“I’m Diana,” she said brightly, “and I’ll be directing this shoot. Let me fill you in on the general theme. First, we’re delighted that you agreed to do this with us. And I know, we’re glad that you got the necessary permissions. We want women watching–as well as the men who like lingerie ads and buy a lot of lingerie for their significant female others–to see two attractive uniformed officers in your respected Corrections Service showing off their bras, panties, and other accoutrements. This will demonstrate that your kind of woman–a sharply dressed professional–likes to wear the products.

“There will be absolutely nothing pornographic about this,” Diana continued. “No panties are coming down and no bras unhooked. We are giving these women–and men–a look at what an attractive uniformed woman likes to wear under her uniform. We want it to be akin to a changing room, but without the disrobing part.”

Nicole smiled and indicated without speaking that this was all right with her. Kate seemed bothered and told Diana that subjecting them to what were upskirt shots, or down-blouse ones, struck her as sort of sleazy.

“I think that we will satisfy you that these are focused on the products–the panties, bras etc.–not on your anatomy. We’re playing on the acknowledged but frequently overlooked interest both men and women have in seeing their partner’s underwear,” Diana replied.

“The idea is that we’re shooting you two as if you were taking it easy and letting your skirt slip up or your legs spread by way of relaxing,” Diana continued. “As I said, we’ll try to re-create the atmosphere of a locker room. That’s what we’re after.”

With that, they all moved into a studio which had been set up like an upscale health club lounge, the area in a locker room area where women could relax, especially after they have finished exercising and gotten dressed, or mostly dressed.

Diana had Kate sit in a comfortable padded chair in which she could lean back, and in the process, spread her legs wide, and let her legs rise some. It left her with her skirt up quite a bit and her panties on full display. One shoe was missing and the other dangling. Nicole was placed on a bench nearby where she had been changing, and she had taken off her uniform jacket and blouse which were visible hanging on a wood hanger next to her, and revealing her bra, while rolling up her stockings to attach them to a garter belt, which pushed her skirt up.

Diana was focusing on her attaching the garter clips to her stocking tops, which gave a nice view of her panties. They were each given a line or two to speak:

“Gee Kate, these stockings are such a pain to roll and clip. Wouldn’t it be nice if all we had to worry about was what color Goose Cookers panties and bras we wanted to wear?”

“Sometimes that’s just how I feel, Nickie. Goose Cookers panties are so comfy and even as an added benefit make me feel totally secure no matter what day of the month it is.”

“I can’t remember any bra feeling so light yet supportive. It’s more like a bralette, but it gives me that support without weighing me down.”

Diana explained that the next lines moved into the wearing of panties by men in their lives:

“I’m thinking that the man in my life, and our house, would look pretty good in Goose Cookers panties like these.”

“That’s the Goose Cookers slogan :’What’s good for the goose is good for the gander’ and they make these just for that reason in men’s sizes.”

“I’ve told him time and again that if he leaves the seat up once more, he’s going to enjoy wearing panties–actually, he’ll love these Goose Cookers, won’t he?”

“We’ll flash the line up there just before we shoot so you have time to read it through a few times and then we’ll roll ’em,” Diana said cheerfully.

Now the set people came out and worked with both women to make sure they were in just the right position for the camera in terms of lighting and angle for the camera, but also to make sure that their panties were visible enough as well as their bras.

Goose Cookers had a well-known actress who was their principal spokesperson. They brought her to the shoot so she could do the sales istanbul travesti pitch after the scene. Her name was Betty, and she was an old hand at doing commercials.

After watching Kate and Nicole do their scene a few times, she said, “Even if the lines are only fairly good, these women are very good. Their uniforms, even if they are half off, add to the credibility. No one will think they’re actresses, and I mean that as a compliment, Diana.”

Here’s a line for what I call the ‘slightly over the edge’ commercial, actually a follow-on to these,” Diana said. “We’ll have Kate start it off with this line:

“You’re the ‘responsible woman’ in your household, like I am, and you find that someone has been acting up. Goose Cookers has the answer with what we call these ‘special panties’ which can fit both men and women. They have little knobs where a rectal or vaginal plug can be attached. We’ve used these in the Corrections Service and are confident you can use them to solve those problems when they arise in your household.”

Then Nicole can respond:

“Yes, I’ve been made to wear them, Kate, and I can tell you that while they are as comfortable as all Goose Cookers panties, you feel those not-so-little plugs, I can promise you that.”

“Now, Betty,” Diana said, “you come in with the closer to sell it:

“So, responsible women, if you would rather not take out your marital cane, have your problem person in the household wear these panties with the little plugs for a while and you’ll see how soon their problem seems to evaporate. Goose Cookers, you should know, has been working together with the Corrections Service for some time to make sure they have what they need to get their job done. You should have that, too.”

Then Kate can do the next one:

“Nicole, I think the ‘responsible women’ will be pleased with another addition to their line of problem-solving panties: see how these pretty hicut panties have a little lock if you want to have your problem person come to you when they need to pull their pants down.”

“It looks like they got those right from us in the Service, Kate, because we have found them highly desirable at keeping someone who needs some control in their lives securely in their panties until you release them.”

“Now, Betty, here’s your closer:

“She’s right, you know. Goose Cookers learned about these control panties–ones that lock–from their use in the Corrections Service. The inspiration goes both ways so now Goose Cookers makes them available for you to use them, too. They come in both women’s and men’s sizes.”

Diana spent a few minutes with Kate and Nicole going over these short scripts with them. Even Kate had a grin on her face when they got to the locked panties part. Diana asked her if she found it funny or clever or both.

“Diana,” Kate said, “both Nicole and I will tell you that we use both these kinds of panties to impose some discipline in the Service. We find they inspire a lot of fear, so I hope our ‘responsible woman’–and I’m one of them–takes to the idea of gaining some measure of control by having them at hand for use.”

Diana had directing commercials for some time, but she realized that these lines and the conversation with the two lovely Corrections Service women was making her incredibly wet. She started imagining one or both making her wear these panties and then telling her she would be disciplined.

After the costume and makeup people had rechecked how Kate and Nicole looked and again that their panties and bras were visible, at least in large part, Diana moved them through the different commercials. Just to make sure she had usable shots; she did more takes on almost all of them.

Then she just asked them to stay where they were for a minute so she could check with the crew to see that everything had gone well technically.

When she was in the control room, her two tech assistants, Jen and Maggie, came over to her smiling.

“Those two are naturals,” Jen said, and Maggie nodded her agreement. “The stuff looks great on them and even when they’re only in half their uniforms, they look fit and tough, as well as beautiful, I might add,” Maggie continued. “We think this pushed the edge just far enough,” Jen added.

Diana thanked them and went back to the set, this time with Eleanor, who told Kate and Nicole that they had looked terrific.

“I hope you all have some more time to spend with us,” Eleanor told them, “and I’m including you, too, Diana, because Janet would like to take the three of you to lunch. I’ll be joining you too. Will that work for you? We’d like to thank you for making this whole project move along successfully.”

Kate looked at Nicole who nodded to her and said, “Thanks, Eleanor. We shouldn’t do it but heck, we probably shouldn’t have done this. But since your boss likes it and ours apparently does too, yes, we’ll be happy to join you.”

“Fantastic,” Eleanor replied with gusto. “We have a car travesti istanbul outside and all of us can fit. Would everyone like a few minutes to put themselves together and then meet back here by, say, 11:30. We’ll see you then.”

Kate and Nicole proceeded immediately to the ladies’ room. Kate quickly went into the first stall, closed the door, unzipped her uniform skirt, pulled down her panties, sat down on the seat, and let her pee fly.

In the next stall, Nicole was doing the same thing. She realized that they had not had a break since they had arrived at the studio.

When each emerged and met at the sink, Nicole looked at Kate and said with a grin, “Thanks, I needed that.”

“Wow,” Kate laughed “so did I. I guess it wouldn’t have been too cool if I had an accident in those swell panties, would it?”

Nicole told herself that this was a great opportunity for her to build up a good relationship with MAJ Kate. Yes, she had forgiven Nicole and they were ostensibly on the same wavelength now, but Nicole knew that making these kinds of relationships work took time.

“They think those ‘marital canes’ are for show, I think,” Nicole grinned, “but we know how to use them if someone pisses their pants. Maybe they’ll do a commercial on that theme next time.”

“Not too likely,” Kate chuckled.

They washed up and checked how they looked in the mirror. Then they left the room together and walked to the meeting place where Eleanor and Diana awaited them.

“Ladies,” Diana said sincerely, “I do need to apologize. We didn’t remember to give you a chance to take a break much earlier. I’m sorry you had to move so quickly to the rest room just now.”

“That’s ok, Diana,” Nicole replied with a wink, “maybe we’ll put you in those locked panties for a while.”

Kate smiled, as did Nicole after seeing the surprised and perplexed look on the director’s face.

“Aw, come on,” Kate said with a laugh, “you have to give us a chance to tease you a little.”

Diana responded with a happy cackle, making sure that they knew she could take a joke.

They walked out to the waiting limo, and Kate and Nicole were invited to take the seats right behind the driver. Diana got in behind them, and Eleanor sat up front next to the driver, whose name was Joan.

The limo smoothly started out and soon Kate realized they were heading for the exclusive women’s club that Eleanor had taken her to for lunch and…well, what came after lunch, or better, who came after lunch.

When they arrived, they were escorted into a private room with a round table for the five of them. Eleanor made a formal introduction to Janet, their host, who was already at the table. Janet responded by welcoming them, observing that she felt she had met everyone previously, so she was delighted they could join her at lunch.

“Diana,” she asked, “did this shoot go well? Do we have stuff we can use?”

“I think so, Ma’am,” Diana responded. “In truth, these two ladies were naturals. I think they were just being themselves and should be convincing.”

“I agree with Diana,” Eleanor chimed in. “I’ve had the privilege of knowing Kate and Nicole for a while and hoped this would work out, and I’m sure we have a go here.”

“Glad to hear it,” Janet smiled. “I suspect we will get plenty of attention from viewers. Men as well as women find themselves sneaking looks at our products. This way, we’re laying it right in front of them.”

The lunch was ostensibly a light one but that meant that Janet had ordered a nice fresh salad to start, brought in a bowl from which she served, and then the waitresses brought out main plates with pan-fried halibut, little roasted fingerling potatoes, and some Chinese broccoli.

Finally, they brought out delicate little mille-feuilles with a dab of cinnamon ice cream. Nicole noticed that they hadn’t served coffee so she figured that that would come in a different place.

This was a treat for Kate and Nicole, whose usual meals at their quarters were fine but hardly at this level.

The conversation moved between a bit of politics and the latest films, and then Janet spoke about how well their company had been doing. She looked at Kate and Nicole, and said very directly to them, “If either or both of you ever think about leaving the Service, and I’m in no way encouraging you to do that, because I’m sure you are ornaments of that excellent organization, please consider speaking with me, because we’d love to have you on board with us some day.”

Both Nicole and Kate thanked her for her praise and her interest. “I can’t speak for Major Kate, of course, but I’m sure your suggestion will get plenty of consideration and thank you for giving us this opportunity to participate in your public image as well as for your generosity.”

Kate added, “She definitely speaks for me, at least right now,” she then chuckled.

Eleanor now announced that they would be serving coffee upstairs in a private room. She istanbul travestileri invited everyone to join, and the group stood and filed out led by her.

Kate whispered to Nicole that she assumed she knew what was likely to happen next. Nicole just nodded and smiled at her.

When they arrived, Eleanor very naturally took charge and had the staff bring in coffee, tea, or iced tea. “If anyone wants anything stronger, that’s available, too,” she added.

After everyone had their beverage, Eleanor said, “In acknowledging our special guests today, Major Kate and Sergeant First Class Nicole, we need to recognize their expertise in something we find we all need or even want at times–disciplining. I’ve spoken to them earlier and we thought we’d have them put us through our paces here and now–just enough to wet our whistles, so to speak. I think Janet and I will submit first, and then Diana, if she’s willing. Finally, Kate and Nicole have offered to demonstrate some techniques on each other.”

Both Service officers stood, smiled, and took off their uniform jackets, clad now in their crisp white uniform blouses and olive-colored skirts that showed off their legs, which now sported sheer seamed hose and nice shiny black pumps. Eleanor had arranged before-hand to have some implements available, so on a side table there were a thin cane, a martinet, and a small graphite rod.

Now ready, Kate summoned Eleanor to come up and Nicole asked Janet. Kate and Nicole seated themselves on armless chairs a few yards apart and had Eleanor and Janet stand in front of them. They individually told the two women to lift their skirts above their waists or unzip them if that was easier. Eleanor unzipped hers and slipped it off, while Janet managed to hoist her skirt above her waist and used her belt to hold it in that position.

Now Kate reached out and pulled Eleanor’s nice purple Goose Cookers bikini down below her bottom, while Nicole put her thumbs in the waistband of Janet’s pale blue Goose Cooker hicuts and lowered those to just above her knees. When Kate and Nicole patted their skirted laps, the two ladies knew that that meant each should lie across the lap of the officer who would now spank her.

Both Janet and Eleanor had been disciplined by expert Service officers: Eleanor, of course, by Annette, her wife who was the Service’s Chief of Staff; and Janet, also by Annette; Kate had previously disciplined Eleanor.

Janet was feeling a little wary because she had only met Nicole during the sergeant’s visit to check out the company’s own disciplinary operation. She figured she was a tough disciplinarian. However, thinking ceased when both Kate and Nicole began spanking the bared bottoms of Eleanor and Janet, respectively. They started slowly, then gradually increased both the speed and intensity of their spanks, Both bottoms became rosy and eventually quite red, when the spankings stopped.

Kate and Nicole, signaling to one another, each ran a finger between the legs of the woman they were spanking.

“We’re pleased to report that both of these naughty girls are now wet,” Kate announced.

But then she calmly told both to stand and bend over two hassocks set out in the room. Then she said, “You both took those spankings well.” Kate, Nicole, and the somewhat awed Diana, who did not have as much experience of being disciplined, observed the two red bottoms prominently visible above the hassocks.

Kate picked up the cane and Nicole the small rod and walked over to stand next to Eleanor and Janet. Then Kate swished her cane and lay it at the middle of Eleanor’s red bottom. She drew it back and then fired two strokes. She paused and then gave two more, this time harder. Eleanor cried out. Then Nicole used her rod on Janet: she lay it on her bottom, drew it back and fired twice, just as Kate had done. Janet gritted her teeth but stifled a cry. Nicole gave her two much harder strokes and Janet let out a cry that was almost a scream.

Kate announced now that each would receive two last strokes because they had been “exceptionally naughty girls.” She drew the cane back and fired two quick slashing strokes in quick succession. Eleanor screamed out. Nicole gave Janet two very strong strokes below the earlier four, hitting in the tender crease below her bottom and Janet screamed and almost moved out of position.

Then Nicole said that the two had taken their punishments well and could stand, retrieve their panties, and let their skirts down. The two did just that, but then preferred to stand together by the couch.

Diana was now called up and Nicole lifted her skirt and then pulled her cute Goose Cookers girly panties down. Then Kate had her bend over the hassock and stood next to her holding the martinet. She began applying the martinet softly to Diana’s bottom cheeks, then upped the tempo and hit harder. Diana started to feel it and first groaned and then cried out. Finally, Kate gave her two last strokes which hit very hard, the last one lower so that a few strands flew between Diana’s legs and came up on her vulva. This produced a major scream, and all realized that the walls were thick and well soundproofed. Nicole told Diana she could stand and pull up her panties and let her skirt down.

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