It’s Not as Secret as You Think

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Warning: This story contains incest.

Author’s Note: This is an expansion and retelling of the previously posted story “Home Repairs.”


Stephanie rolled her eyes listening to the boys tell their tales for the umpteenth time. Even though they got together just about every weekend, it was always the same thing and the same stories with them. However, despite her being able to tell most of them as if she had been there, she did enjoy hanging out with her husband, Mitch, and his brothers, Micah and Miles.

“I gotta go,” Micah said as he climbed out of the hot tub. “Early day tomorrow.”

“It’s Saturday,” Miles pointed out. “What the fuck do you have to do tomorrow?”

“We’re behind on a project at work because we lost a guy—the asshole just up and quit—so we’re trying to get caught up.”

“That was a dick move,” Mitch commiserated.

“I’m gonna get changed before I leave,” Micah said as he opened the back door and slipped into the house.

With the lull in the conversation, Stephanie asked, “How’s Amy?”

“She’s fine,” Miles said wearily. “Poor thing hates being laid up but hates me fawning over her even more. She’s in good spirits, though. Really. But the doctor said nothing but bed rest until that kid pops out.”

Mitch shook his head slowly. “That’s gotta suck.”

“I’ll go by tomorrow to talk to her, see if she needs anything.”

Miles gave Stephanie a look. “You think I’m not taking care of my wife?”

She met his gaze unwaveringly. “Honestly? I think you’re probably driving the poor woman crazy which is maybe the reason why she insisted you come over here tonight. She probably needed the peace and quiet.”

Mitch chuckled as Miles grumbled unhappily.

Stephanie reached over and patted Miles on a knee consolingly. “I know and I’m sure she understands that you mean well, but if I were in her position, I’d mostly want to be left the hell alone. That’s not to say I wouldn’t want help. I just wouldn’t want someone wiping my ass for me unless the doctor specifically said I couldn’t do it. Knowing you, you’re probably trying to do that for her, too.”

“I just want her to know that I’m there for her.”

“She knows.”

“I’m leaving,” Micah called from the back door.

“I’ll come lock the door behind you,” Stephanie responded. As she climbed out of the tub, she said to Mitch and Miles, “I’m going to head up to bed. Tell Amy I’ll call her before I come over to see if she needs me to bring anything. G’ night.”

“Night,” Miles said.

Mitch grabbed two beers out of the cooler next to him and passed one to his brother as he said to Stephanie, “We’ll be out here for a bit longer. I’ll be quiet when I come in.”

“No, you won’t,” Stephanie said with a laugh as she closed the door behind her.

“I’m sorry we’re such shits,” Micah said to her as they walked through the house.

“You guys are fine. Keeps me entertained for a few hours.”

“You’re a liar, but I’ll take it.” Having reached the front door, Micah opened it. “G’ night, Stephanie. And don’t take any shit from those two.”

“You know I won’t. Have a good night, Micah.” Stephanie closed and locked the door behind him then headed upstairs. After spending some time in the bathroom, she changed into a pair of comfortable shorts and a t-shirt to sleep in then turned off the light and climbed into bed.

As she lay staring off into the darkness of the room waiting for sleep to take hold, she slowly realized the house was too dark. Mentally retracing her steps, she saw in her head that she had turned off all the lights behind her out of habit. Additionally, she was sure that she had not only locked the front door behind Micah, she had most likely locked the back door as well upon coming inside. Mitch and Miles each had their phones outside with them and could call her if they were locked out but it would annoy her if they did it after she fell asleep.

With a groan, she climbed out of bed and made her way downstairs. Coming around the corner into the TV room that led to the back, she looked through the glass door to see both men still at the tub and was thankful for a moment that they weren’t banging at the door. However, that feeling disappeared a split second later as she realized that Miles was sitting on the edge of the tub with Mitch between his legs. Miles had a hand resting on her husband’s head as it bobbed up and down. It wasn’t until Mitch pulled off and smacked his own tongue and cheek with his brother’s hard flesh that her feet stopped moving and her jaw fell open. The fact that Mitch was sucking his brother’s dick was shock enough, but seeing the size of Miles’s phallus caused her to curse quietly in disbelief.

It was no secret that Miles was hung. His package filled out whatever pants he wore and Mitch and Micah often teased him about it. She’d had hints of how large he was when he left their pool or hot tub and the wet fabric of his shorts clung to his soft length. But no amount of talk or imagination prepared deneme bonusu veren siteler her for seeing it hard for the first time. Especially not while watching her husband—his brother—service it. Across the distance that separated them, Miles’s cock rose straight and proud out of his crotch nearly to his nipples. Admittedly, his back arched forward slightly as he leaned over Mitch making the distance shorter than normal, but that didn’t make it any less impressive.

“Fuck, man,” Miles said after a deep moan, completely unaware of Stephanie standing in the darkness just inside the house. “I needed this. I haven’t had anything since we got together three weeks ago. Amy won’t let me think about so much as a hand job since she’s been on bed rest.”

Mitch pulled off with an intentional slurp and replaced his mouth with a hand. “You know I don’t mind. Hell, if we could make it work, I’d let you fuck me every day until she’s ready for sex again.”

“Don’t put it out there if you don’t mean it,” Miles warned. He let out another moan as Mitch brought his other hand up to pull and massage at his swollen balls.

“Why would you think I don’t mean it? We did it when we were in school.”

“Yeah, but that was then.” Miles let out a chuckle. “Our hormones were raging. We’re older and are supposed to know better now.”

“You’ve gotten better at using this meat stick, that’s for sure.”

“No. You’ve gotten better at taking it.”

Stephanie watched in disbelief as her husband fellated his brother. It was obvious to her that this wasn’t their first time together and even more clear that neither man was forcing himself on the other. Mitch took his time moving up and down the thick length, appearing to savor the experience. Occasionally, his head lowered all the way down to Miles’s crotch eating all of the hard flesh. Even after seeing Mitch do it a few times, Stephanie couldn’t believe it was happening. She still couldn’t deep throat Mitch, who was noticeably smaller than Miles, and they’d been together for over five years. Mitch repeatedly pulled off to smack the large cock over his face or to kiss and lick the surface almost reverentially. It was obvious he was enjoying himself. Whether it was the act of servicing a dick, being with his youngest brother, or a combination of the two, she could see that he liked what he was doing. That fact was made even clearer when he rose up to lower his shorts freeing his own not so small erection. It didn’t match his brother’s but was impressive in its own right. Mitch’s hand wrapped around his own length and began to stroke it while he continued to service his brother without shame.

Unable to process everything running through her mind, Stephanie stood motionless staring at the scene. In the time she had known Mitch and Miles, there had never been any hint of something like this. There hadn’t even been a hint that either man would be open to a same sex encounter. She and Mitch had occasionally watched some bisexual porn featuring two men but he never seemed to react either positively or negatively to it, saying it was just sex. And maybe that lack of feeling about it should have been a clue.

A cold pit formed in her stomach as she watched Miles bend further over Mitch and slide the hand from her husband’s head down his back. Though it disappeared beneath the churning water, she immediately knew what its destination was. The fact that he pushed at least one finger into Mitch’s ass was confirmed when Mitch paused his work. After a few motionless moments, Miles moved his other hand to grab Mitch’s hair and force his brother to resume orally servicing him.

For an unknown number of minutes, Stephanie watched them wanting to leave or simply close her eyes against the sight but was unable to do either. Part of her didn’t want to see her husband in this position, yet part of her wanted to see how far this would go. If he had been having sex with a woman, she would have run through the glass and kicked both of their asses. But this was something different. She could almost understand Mitch having sex with another man. She didn’t have a cock and could also acknowledge that even if he had suggested pegging, she knew from her own experience that a dildo, no matter how lifelike, would never be the same as warm flesh. But that was also the reason she couldn’t not watch. She had to see if Mitch would actually get fucked by Miles. She didn’t want to know if he would have sex with a guy who happened to be his brother, she wanted to see if he would actually get fucked by that huge cock.

“Ready for me to sit on it?” Mitch asked after he pulled off and began to stroke his brother’s length.

“Man, I’ve been ready for weeks.”

Mitch stood in the water and leaned down to remove his shorts completely. “Guess I shouldn’t keep you waiting.”

“Holy shit,” Stephanie said with a gasp as she watched Mitch straddle his brother then pull Miles’s head to his and take it in a deep kiss. It was the rare type of kiss she got from her husband when he was not merely aroused but in need. And as she watched the head of Miles’s cock disappear between Mitch’s ass cheeks, she learned what he needed this time. Her breathing stopped and her mouth dropped open with increased disbelief as Mitch sank onto the thick length at a fairly quick pace without stopping.

“Damn, man,” Miles said around a moan as Mitch’s ass came to rest on his thighs. “You that hungry for this?”

While he adjusted his legs beneath him on the edge of the hot tub, Mitch said, “Yeah. Didn’t think I was. But, shit, I’ve gone without this cock just as long as you’ve gone without my ass.”

“Good point.”

Stephanie watched as Mitch began to roll his hips, slowly building speed before he began to rise and fall. As he found his rhythm, she was unable to focus on anything else and stared in fascination as her husband rode his brother. A former football play who stood six feet five inches tall and who had maintained his wide, solid, muscular body, Mitch, with his full beard and hairy body, looked like the type of guy one would expected to do the fucking rather than take it. In contrast, Miles, two inches shorter with a lean, hard and fit body had been a basketball player and with his clean cut, frat boy good looks, might have been expected to be on the receiving end of a dick. But here they were, with beefy Mitch riding his brother’s dick like a pro while Miles leaned back on his elbows obviously enjoying the act. One of his arms moved rhythmically as well, and though she couldn’t see it, she was sure he was stroking Mitch’s hard length. She could see Miles smile and let his mouth fall open in what had to be moans between continuing to talk to Mitch.

Miles asked, “You ever wonder what Stephanie would say if she ever found out?”

“She’d leave me for sure,” Mitch answered without hesitation as he continued to rise and fall on his brother. “I think I might could talk her into having a little fun, maybe a threesome. If I didn’t have you, I probably could talk her into watching me with another guy. But I’m sure she’d have a conniption if I suggested you fucking me. You’re my brother for fuck’s sake. What wife is gonna be cool with that?”

“I don’t disagree. There’s no way Amy’d be cool about me dropping a load in your ass every once in a while even though she’s not putting out. But I don’t think that’s right. I gotta fuck something or my balls will explode and better you than another woman. I should’ve known it was going to be a problem. She didn’t like having sex before and now that she’s pregnant, she’s pretty much cut me off. It wouldn’t be so bad if she didn’t bitch about me jacking off but I can’t even do that.”

“I told you before you married her that if she wasn’t cool with those two extra inches you got it was a bad idea.”

“But she’s so tight,” Miles said earning a chuckle from Mitch. “Unlike your loose ass.”

“If you don’t like it, I’ll be happy to take my loose ass upstairs to my wife. Fucking runt.”

As Miles pushed Mitch off him then maneuvered them so Mitch was on all fours in front of him, he said, “I’ll show you who got the two inches that matter.”

Seeing Miles in profile, Stephanie thought his cock was even more impressive than it had appeared before. The straight length angled toward the ground, obviously pulled down by its weight, and the whole thing extended away from him at a length that seemed longer than the depth of his narrow body. While Stephanie had never been promiscuous, she had been with enough men and seen enough dicks on film to know that, even across the distance that separated them, Miles’s cock was rock hard.

Miles guided Mitch to kneel in front of him and she saw him collect some spit on two fingers then massage it into Mitch’s hole. Their mouths moved as they spoke to each other but she couldn’t read their lips from the side. However when Mitch turned his head to look over his shoulder with an annoyed look on his face, there was no mistaking the words that came out of his mouth though she couldn’t hear them.

“Just fuck me already.”

Stephanie’s eyebrows rose in a mix of amusement and surprise. Still trying to accept that Mitch might be bisexual, she found the fact that he was a bossy bottom slightly funny and not at all surprising. He was the type of guy who always had to be in charge, and with the way he usually bossed Miles around, it was completely in character. But as Miles pushed his cock into Mitch’s ass, the small smile left her mouth and her eyes went wide. Mitch wasn’t just taking the huge cock. His face, still turned to watch his brother, held an expression of bliss and his whole body seemed to relax as Miles fucked his way deeper into her husband.

About halfway along the length, Miles pulled out completely before pushing forward again. He repeated the process two more times before continuing to fuck more of his cock into Mitch. “Fuck. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of this ass. I just might let Stephanie know what’s going on so I can dick you more often.”

“Don’t you dare,” Mitch responded, then let out a chuckle after the serious statement. “I mean, what would you say? ‘Hey, Stephanie. Since my wife’s not putting out and Mitch is the best piece of ass I ever had, do you mind if I stop by after work to fuck him twice a week?'”

“What’s up with this twice a week shit? You offered every day.”

“I just realized my ass is gonna need some rest to recover.”

“Oh, please. Like you said, you ain’t no stranger to me giving it to you daily. You can handle it. And why would you think you’re the best. I never said that.”

“You don’t have to.”

“Easy and willing doesn’t mean good.”

“Fine. I’m out.”

Though he knew Mitch was joking, Miles put both of his hands on his brother’s shoulders and held him in place then gave him a few hard thrusts. “The hell you are. You’re not done ’til you got an ass full of my cum.”

Even though she’d been watching Mitch on his brother’s dick, seeing Miles begin to fuck Mitch with a vengeance filled her with greater disbelief. Miles slammed into Mitch’s ass hard enough that she winced from the sight of it. She almost felt bad for her husband when he turned his head to say something to Miles with a pained expression on his face. But when his mouth opened for an extended period to release what had to be a moan, whatever sympathy she felt left her.

“Unbelievable,” she whispered.

“Fuck.” Miles let out a sound that was almost a growl as he felt his balls tighten. “I’m gonna blow.”

Between his clenched teeth, Mitch responded, “Do it. Gimme that nut.”

Stephanie saw Miles’s hips move faster before he tossed his head back and gradually slowed his hips. It was obvious to her that Mitch was now the owner of a load of his brother’s semen. It became more apparent when Miles stopped thrusting then leaned forward and rested his weight on top of Mitch.

“Get your heavy ass off me,” Mitch grumbled after a few moments.

Miles pulled out of his brother then rolled him over. As he situated himself between Mitch’s legs, he said, “Come on. Big guy like you can’t handle me.”

“I think I just proved I can handle whatever you give me.”

“Yeah, you can.”

Though she’d just watched her husband get fucked by his brother, Stephanie was somewhat put off to see Miles begin to suck Mitch’s dick. She couldn’t say why that hit her as being more problematic than Mitch initially bobbing on his brother’s length then sitting on it, but it was. And like Mitch, it was obvious that Miles not only knew how to service his brother, he enjoyed it. As she contemplated her growing anger while continuing to watch, she came to realize she was annoyed because they’d been trying to have children and had yet to conceive, while Miles and Amy—who’d been married not even a year compared to her and Mitch’s three—were already expecting their first.

When Mitch begin to convulse in orgasm, she cursed with genuine anger seeing that he was essentially wasting a load by feeding it to his brother instead of impregnating her when her fertile time arrived in a few days. Admittedly, it was no different than the times she had blown him or they’d had sex outside of her fertile time, but that was her right as his wife. She could handle Mitch getting fucked by Miles, a thought that she had never before contemplated and found herself surprisingly okay with, and if they’d already had a baby, she might not have felt so irritated by Miles being used as a Mitch’s cum receptacle. But right now, in this moment, she couldn’t handle it.

She was about to turn away to head back upstairs when she remembered her reason for being there in the first place. Glancing at the door, she saw that it was, in fact, locked. Glancing back up, she saw the two men locked in a kiss that was definitely not fraternal and went to bed with a content smirk on her face and the ringer on her phone turned off.

“I think you’ve done plenty,” Stephanie said as she pushed Miles’s hand away from Amy. “Go. Hang out with your brother.”

Miles and Amy looked at each other with silent questions on their faces hearing Stephanie’s irritated tone.

Uncertain of what he might have done to her and figuring she and Mitch were fighting, Miles shrugged it off knowing Amy would tell her what she learned when he got back home. “Okay, then. I’ll see you later, hon.”

Amy gave a smile and wave, completely understanding why Miles didn’t give her a kiss before he walked out the door. As Stephanie helped her sit on the sofa, she said, “Thanks for coming over. I kinda feel like a leper under quarantine.”

“Of course,” Stephanie said absently as she sat next to Amy. “I really should come over more often.”

“Don’t feel guilty. You’re fine. Miles babies me so much, I don’t know if I could handle you doing it, too.”

“Trust me, I would not baby you. If anything, I’d kick his ass out of the house and tell him to leave you the hell alone.”

“So what’s going on?”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“I’ve never seen you so irritated with Miles. I understand when the three of them get together. I feel it, too. But this was different.”

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