I was Hoping to Hear from You

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Caution: this is a fantasy about male/male sex and pissing. If you’re not into that, please don’t leave negative feedback. Thanks for reading. Enjoy..



I saw your story on the kinky sex site and I thought I’d send you another message to see if it goes through this time. I may have written you in the past. I don’t want to bother you but I was really hoping that you would get back to me. I just read your masterpiece again about the nasty landlord and I wanted to try writing you again; you didn’t respond to my last message.

I can’t get enough of your story!! It starts off so innocently and ends up being so dirty and nasty, just like I always hope things will turn out in real life. You really can’t tell what people are like just by looking at them. Nobody knows that I have this deep, dark side to my life. I was really hoping you’d reply to my last message. You seem like you really understand this fetish of mine, like we have the same dirty mind.

About a half hour before starting to read your story, for the umpteenth time, I drank 3 huge glasses of water in preparation. I knew that it would end the same way it always does, with me fantasizing about being the helpless guy that’s being used and abused and I wanted to be ready for how I always end your story. I knew that I’d need that water so I’d be ready to piss at the same time I needed to cum. I just wish that the next time I read your story; it would somehow include Taksim Escort me as the one being fucked and used in so many dirty, nasty ways.

I could easily have cummed 10 times reading it, with a coating of vaseline on my hard cock and my left hand clenched between my legs; my hips fucking my hand like it’s the landlord’s dirty asshole. But, it’s so much more fun to let it build up so I can stroke my cock when the feeling of having to piss is overwhelming. Then, as my cock is ROCK hard, I start to piss in the sink, riding the corner of the smooth, rounded sink with my balls hanging over the top corner and rubbing on the sink. That feeling is so good; rubbing my balls on the warm, smooth corner of the sink as I’m fucking my clenched hand.

I stroke my cock while I’m pissing until I have to cum!! As I stroke my pissing cock it switches like magic to shooting a huge load of my hot sperm in the sink!! Just firing out of the end of my cock like a squirt gun. It would probably go ten feet if I wasn’t aiming for the back of the sink. And then, after I’ve cummed and shuddered and shivered and finally stopped cumming; my asshole twitching and tightening up like a bank vault, my cock magically goes back to pissing again.

I can hardly type this message thinking about doing that in a few minutes! I’m so full of water that it won’t be long. The only thing better would be to have someone cumming and then pissing in my ass at Taksim Escort Bayan the same time as I’m doing that! My asshole would be tightening and squeezing so much as I cum, it would be gripping his cock like I’m gripping my own spurting cock. The dirty guy who’s forcing his cock into my poor little asshole would have no choice but to cum up my ass, shooting it deep in my bowels.

My twitching and tightening little asshole would drive him totally over the edge and he would start filling my ass with his own hot, sticky sperm. I can almost feel his fat cock jammed up my ass as I’m straddling the corner of that sink, his cock shooting jet after hot jet of cum up inside of my tight asshole. His big, soft cock head would ease the beautiful pressure that the length and width of his monster cock would have on my tight hole. He would be grabbing onto my hips so tightly and ramming into my butt cheeks as he continued to unload his sticky mess in my ass.. ohh..

And then, after filling me with his hot seed, he would keep his cock buried up my ass until I settle down and start pissing. Then HE would start pissing up my ass!! Filling me full of his hot cum and hot piss! Then I’d clean off his dirty cock and we’d start all over again until neither of us could even stand up anymore. Then maybe we’d move to the bathtub so we could lie down and keep going.. oh man, I’m so close to cumming! He would be lying behind me and his cock would Escort Taksim be pumping in and out of my ass like a machine, both of us cumming and pissing several more times. My poor little abused asshole would be so full of his fluids that it would keep leaking out and we’d both be covered with piss and cum. I’d be on my back in the tub and he would be in front of me, pulling me legs up and over his shoulders, almost standing me on my head, and he would continue raping my ass and using it as a toilet.

I’ve thought of that scenario SO many times. I really wish I could talk with you about it.

I’ve tried to piss in my own ass but once I bend my cock to put the head in my asshole, the piss doesn’t come out because of the bent angle. I finally resorted to pissing in a water bottle and sitting on that, shoving the opening up my ass, and squeezing the hot piss up into my ass that way. It’s not the same experience though, as having a nasty guy using my ass for his personal cum depository and toilet. Maybe I’ll find the courage someday to find a guy with a big cock and have him shoot his cum in my ass and then have him piss in my ass, too.

It’s my biggest fantasy, that’s why I LOVE your story so much! I can almost feel his dirty cock plunging into my little hole, coming all the way out and then RAMMING back in up to his balls. His soft cock head squeezing between my cheeks and pistoning in my ass… ahhh

Well, it’s time for me to sign off now, I’ve got an appointment with the sink. My bladder is so full that I’m about to burst and my cock is so hard that I hope I can start pissing before I cum.

Sorry again for bothering you, but I just so want to connect with you. I hope to hear from you soon!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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