How I Scratched an Itch in Monterey

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Scratching an Itch in Monterey

I recently decided to write about some of my hottest sexual experiences and this is the first I chose. Please let me know if you like this and if there is a positive response I will submit some others. This is a true story that happened in June, 2015. Only names have been changed- all other details are accurate.


It had been a while since I had sucked a cock and over a year since I had been fucked by a nice hard cock. I rarely get to play with guys when I’m at home, but always try to take advantage when I travel for work. My wife occasionally plays with my ass, usually after I ask, and licks my ass about only once every five years. I had not had cock or assplay in a long time and was looking forward to changing that on my upcoming trip to Monterey, CA.

I had just found out about this business trip about two weeks before I left, so I quickly got to work looking online for some fun when I got there. I used a couple of the popular gay hookup sites and settled on a couple of options as I headed out of town. As it turned out, I arrived on a Sunday night for a week full of training and was lucky enough to be able to hook up my first night there.

I had been communicating with a hot latin guy (Francisco) with a nice hard cock that looked delicious in his profile. As usual, I am always shaved in some manner, but at this point I happened to be totally shaved both from and back, so I kept my genital and ass areas super smooth up until I left. Once at the hotel I grabbed a quick dinner and a couple of drinks before heading back to my room early, hoping for some fun or at the least a good jerk off session since I was super horny.

As luck would have it, Franciso was free that night and really wanted to get together. I quickly jumped in the shower to make sure I was super clean and ready for some fun. Since we had been communication I knew he was a top and we both wanted to get into oral fun and end with me getting Bakırköy Escort fucked if we both got into it. Since I didn’t have a rental car I decided to have him come to my hotel room, but there were others from the training staying at the same hotel, so I was very discreet and let him in the back door closest to my room. I was happy to find out he was surprisingly good looking, smelled good and didn’t exaggerate his dick size!

Once in my room, he immediately told me to take off my gym shorts and t-shirt and as I promised him, I was wearing a pair of my wife’s thong panties underneath. I also had on a thick, grey rubber cock ring that I loved to wear, I had no problem getting hard, but the cock ring really made the veins in my cock stand out. I began to undress him as he rubbed my already hard cock through the panties. I took his cock out and couldn’t resist dropping to my knees and sucking on it. It quickly grew to about 8.5 inches, about an inch longer than mine, but much thicker, with a nice big head.

I loved the chocolate color of his hard cock and as I sucked it I could taste his sweet precum on my tongue. I was kneeling in front if his naked body now only wearing the panties and cock ring while I sucked on and tried to deep throat his awesome cock. He then laid back on the bed and I continued to suck him until he asked me to spin around and we got into a 69 with me on top. It felt great sucking his cock while he began to lick my cock, balls and ass! When he wasn’t rimming my ass he was playing with and penetrating me with his fingers. We stayed in a 69 for a while until he said he wanted to fuck my ass. I was super horned up, loved his cock and couldn’t wait to feel it inside me. I had brought rubbers and he put one on and sniffed some poppers while I lubed up my asshole.

We started with him laying on his back. I straddled him and slowly slid down on his cock. It was difficult to get the head in at first, but I tried to Bakırköy Escort Bayan relax and pushed my asshole back against his cock head and felt it pop in and slide right inside me. It felt great to hear him moan and feel that hard cock slide deep inside my ass. I was facing him and rode him for a few minutes while he pulled on my nipples and stroked my cock which was still hard as a rock. I was still wearing the panties, but with my cock and balls out and the strip over my asshole pulled aside.

After about 5 mins of me bouncing on his cock I needed a break and he wanted to change positions so I pulled the ottoman over in front of the wall mirror and laid over it with my ass up so he could mount me doggy style. I never had felt so full and he was sliding his whole cock into me until his balls were bouncing off mine. His cock actually hurt at times since he was fucking me so deep, but the fullness felt incredible.

We continued to fuck like this as he moved and fucked me harder and faster. I was enthralled watching the action in the mirror and seeing his cock disappear inside my shaved ass. It looked so hot as my asshole pushed in and then seemed to be holding on to his cock as he slid in and out. Again after a few minutes we decided to change positions and I asked to be fucked “face up”.

I laid back on the bed and spread my legs as he lifted my ass up and slid that big hard cock back into my ass while looking me in the eyes. I grabbed my legs behind my knees and pulled them back as he continued to fuck me like I had never been fucked before. As much as I wanted the fucking to continue, I was so horny and so hard that I couldn’t resist grabbing my own cock and stroking it. I was leaking precum and that helped lube my cock which I knew meant I wouldn’t last much longer.

Franciso encouraged me and told me he wanted to see me shoot my load while he was fucking me. This was all too much for me to handle and I told him I Escort Bakırköy was close to cumming and couldn’t hold back. He increased the speed of his strokes and fucked me hard and fast, bottoming out in my ass over and over again. I stopped stroking and just held my cock tight, aiming my impending load towards my stomach and chest.

I guess I was too turned on, or just have bad aim, because my first jet of cum hit me square on my lips and nose, with some of my cum making its way into my mouth. I was no stranger to tasting or eating cum, including my own, so I held my cock where it was since he also let out an audible gasp when he saw the first shot hit my own face. The second stream also hit the mark and my mouth was open and ready for it this time! The ensuing jets of cum lost some velocity and distance and landed on my chest and stomach.

I licked the cum off my lips and held my cock, which was still super hard while he continued to fuck me. Unlike other times I’ve had a dildo or vibrator in my ass when I came, I didn’t feel the immediate urge to remove the object, or in this case the cock, from my ass but instead wanted him to keep fucking me. He continued to fuck me for at least another 5 minutes and I actually maintained a semi erection for the entire time. Franciso kept fucking but said he didn’t know if he could cum since he was wearing a rubber.

At this point we decide to change it up and coax a load out of him. We stayed on the bed, but he laid on his back while I began to blow him again and play with his balls. I guess he wasn’t usually a total top and asked if he could suck on my cock again while he jerked off until he came. I reluctantly let his cock fall from my mouth and kneeled above his head, allowing my now mostly soft cock to hang where he could easily suck on it and milk out the last remnants of my cum while he jerked a nice load onto his stomach. My only regret was that I didn’t get a mouthful of his cum to savor.

This experience turned out to be the best ass fucking I have ever received and often replay it in my mind when my wife is fucking with my ass with the large 9″ black vibrator she likes to use on me! I have to say writing this story and thinking about that night has me craving a nice hard cock in my ass!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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