House slave on the Hopkins Plantation #4

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Night draws near on the plantation as the slaves gather in for meal and wash.

Being weary from the days activities in town and also the fiasco with Big Ray and Hanna, I decide to retire a little early and read myself to sleep.

The morning light brings me back from a very restful sleep and I can feel the cool air in the room. I reflect on yesterday and remember that Hanna is recovering from her brutal fucking by my blacksmith. From my bed, I call for Peter who I already know is waiting obediently by my door. He opens the door “Yessa Massa?”

Send one of the younger kitchen staff to my room immediately Peter.” I command him.

“Yessa he calls as he bolts from the room and scurries down the wooden staircase.

I hear them before I see them as they come up the stairs quickly. Peter in the lead comes through my door first and one of the kitchen aids to Adena follows. Her dress swooshing about her as she enters. She is clean, a bit of flour over her forehead and smells of kitchen spices. Her hair is tied back and she looks fearfully toward me. Flipping off the covers and exposing my naked flesh to the both of them I call her over to my bedside. Peter stays where he is and she takes a few paces to be next to me and the window. Sitting up I massage her perky tits and pinch the nipples through her dress. I reach higher and pull her dress down over her shoulders and further until her little breasts bounce free. The dress falls over her hips and lands in a pile on the floor revealing her naked form. I motion for her to get on the bed and then I push her face towards my flaccid cock.

“What is your name girl?” I ask her.

As she prepares to take me into her mouth she answers “Lilly massa, that’s what they ca……”

And I push her head in between my legs cutting her mid sentence as my head enters her lips.

She slurps and sucks, licks and bobs her head up and down while I grow in size and begin to feel my balls churning. I look over and little Peter is standing there watching.

Lilly is on all fours on my bed giving me great head. “Open you legs wider Lilly and turn toward Peter.” She shifts her stance and now Peter has the perfect view, he continues watching glancing from her head bouncing on my shaft to her spread legs revealing her pink folds between them. He is too young to really care but not too young to learn. With building momentum I feel the rise and with a groan I erupt and gasping tell her to keep it in her mouth but not to swallow. My hips buck and she struggles to maintain her position without spilling a single drop. I calm down from my climax and push her away. Her lips are sealed carful not to swallow or dribble.

“Peter, look in Lilly’s mouth and tell me what you see boy.”

“Massa, I see white creamy stuff on her tongue.”

“Yes, Peter, that is what makes a baby. Go ahead and swallow Lilly, you can dress and return to your kitchen duties.”

“Peter, prepare my clothes for the day.”

“Yessa” they both reply in sync and he heads to the wardrobe while Lilly climbs off the bed and bends over to gather her dress. I pull my hand back and slap her good and hard on her tight ass cheek and with a gasp she grabs her dress and quickly stands up. A nice red handprint coming to the surface of her skin as she leaves my room still naked.

Peter helps me dress for the day and I slip him a small piece of hard candy from my stash…he jumps with excitement as I leave the room with him following and closing the door.

At breakfast while sitting across from Mrs. Chandler and enjoying a heart plate of grits, bacon, eggs, and a slice of ham, I go over the events planed for the day.

“Mrs. Chandler, please get me a list of the guests who responded to the invitation for our ball tonight. And please make sure the household is ready to receive our friends later this evening…especially the ladies parlor and the separate gentleman room for after dinner.”

“Yes sir”, she responds as the kitchen staff remove our finished plates.

I rise from the table and gather my overcoat and proceed out the side door. Pausing on the wrap around porch, I take in a deep breath full of the morning air. I look over to the blacksmith shop with a wagon on a block for repair and my forehead creases. Big Ray is recovering from his lashing yesterday and the work is left undone. I look over to the large stable area and realize Hanna is probably in there waiting for our morning routine. Making my way in that direction I look over the fields to see everything satisfactory. At the stable door I push it open and find Hanna sitting on a straw-bale with her dress pulled up around her waist. She is gently rubbing her pussy area with care. She stands up as I enter and clears her throat, “Massa, I’s been getting ready for ya….it be awful tender so I ain’t prepared for ya just yet sir.”

“Okay Hanna, lay back and let me see what has been done.”

She lays back on the bale and I put her knees in her hands to hold herself up and open. She winces and I bring a lamp closer and part her lips. Sure enough, Big Ray has tore her up pretty good while Adena and Saysa pinned her down and held her open.

“It is okay Hanna, play with yourself and I will watch for now.”

She proceeds to gently rub her black mound directing most of her attention to the little pink nub at the top of her slit peaking out from the blackness. To tender to shave the area she has some stubble showing and I find myself entertained watching her masturbate in front of me while in a little pain because of my request. After ten more minutes of play her breathing becomes ragged and her muscles tighten. Her climax bringing relief to her, she starts to relax. “Hanna, did big Ray release his seed inside you? I ask.

Catching her breath, “Naw sir, he didn get the time to git that fur, yous came a pullin up in the wagon to fast.” She answered back.

I am relieved at the news, she is a bit to young to be bred with child yet. “Make sure you get the right medicines today.” I instruct her as I open the stable door and close it behind me.

Calling one of my overseers from the field I ask him to gather two field workers to finish the repair on the wagon. It was then that I decided to make a visit to Ray.

As I enter his quarters, I find him resting on his stomach on the cot with medicated layers of cloth laying over his back. The whip chewed him up pretty decently while Adena was getting punished in a more appropriate way for her.

“Mornin bursa escort masser.” Ray speaks shamefully, without making eye contact.

“Ray, you are one lucky slave…had you finished in her I would have you beaten again and then sell you off to another plantation where they are not near as pleasant as I am. If you every decide to fuck another slave on this plantation without my permission it will be the last thing you do here. Do you understand what I am saying?”

“Yessir masser, I be hearin ya loud n clear. I is sorry for doin what I dun.”

Calmly as I make ready to leave his presence I announce, “You are to be back at work tomorrow Ray, we have a lot to do this week.”

“Ed!” I call out. “Make my horse ready.” In only a few minutes my horse is brushed and saddled. I mount him and begin a ride through the property. Up to the highest point on the plantation I look around and see the other plantations in the distance. Some of the owners will be visiting us for dinner tonight and entertainment. I decide to ride to the south and see how a close friend of mine is doing. His plantation is growing slowly but surely. I knew his father well before he passed. His son has looked to me as a mentor. I turn my horse and head his way.

Pulling up to the gate I announce myself. One of the house slaves comes running to open the gate and directs me to one of the sheds out back. I place my horse under his care and walk to the distant shed. As I draw near, I hear the familiar sound of a small crowd and cheering mixed with a few squeals of distress. Coming around the corner I see a young slave tied onto the breeding bench. My friend catches my gaze and comes over. “She is already ready Charles?” I ask.

“Yes sir, just like you mentioned last spring, she is of age and her body has matured enough to carry child.”

“Good for you Charles.” She should bring you fine stock to develop your lands further.”

I look over and watch the scene before me. A few overseers are standing off to the side supervising the breeding. A line of four big black bulls are waiting for their turn. The first bull is focused on the task at hand. The heavy bench she is strapped to creaks loudly. The mother to be is kneeling with her legs spread wide. Some padding has been placed under each knee and her legs held securely from closing tied at the knee and the ankles. She is bent over and her hands are tied to the other side of the bench with her head low and bouncing rhythmically. Her hair disheveled and wet with tears and sweat.

“You’re just in time Mr. Hopkins, we just got started.” Charlie states smiling.

I watch as the big bull continues to fuck her pussy deeply. With a few final thrusts he grabs the handles on the bench and pushes as deep as he can into her snatch and bellows as he releases his creamy seed deep into her. Once she has milked him dry, he pulls out and I glance at the cock. How that fit in such a tiny hole I will never understand but he is a big boy. I imagine he pushed right up against that cervix and his pressurized semen had to of blew right through it and into her womb. As he starts to go limp, breeding bull number two steps up and already hard he places his big head right to her slippery opening. He is shorter then the first and his length is no comparison but he is thicker. As he begins to push into her forcing some of the leaking cum from the first one back inside she begins to cry out.

“Masser, masser!!! He is too big…I can’t take it….he is goin to bust me.” She cries.

Bull two keeps pushing and she begins to breath heavily and thrashes her head around. One of the overseers come forward and holds her head steady so she doesn’t injure herself. Another one steps up to the side and wraps his hands over her ass cheeks and pulls her wider. Even though the shed is dimly lit, I have a great view of the penetration taking place. The bull goes slowly allowing her to adjust. My cock begins to pulse and I regret not fucking my morning kitchen aid. Once he is fully inside her tunnel he rests for a moment and then begins to pull back out to the tip. She hisses and squeals. He pushes in again and groans as he feels her tightness. The pace begins to quicken and with the overseer still holding her cheeks wide the bench begins to creak again. Groaning she takes him into her over and over. Finally after a few solid minutes he pushes hard into her and she receives her second breeding. As he finishes and pulls out a large amount of cum drips from the gaping pussy. She is given some water and allowed to rest and catch her breath for a few minutes. We stand around chatting about the crops and the workers. I remind him of the ball at my place this evening and he smiles with a wink and says ‘I wouldn’t miss it.”

I watch as bull number three is motioned forward. He is quite a bit smaller than the other four but very chiseled. He is being bred because of his muscle tone for sure. Charles is learning quickly. Picking the best of his stock is what will help him become more profitable. Not as large as the others he slips right in without any resistance and being younger and less experienced he cums rather quickly. Shaking and twitching he cries out in pleasure and rises onto his tiptoes as he releases his seed into her depths. The overseers stand back to the edge of the shack again and number three back away. Charles pointing to number four and catching my ear, “This is our biggest breeder. He cost me a small fortune but has been well worth it. We have to use him last or he damages the bitch. The others open her up for him.”

I look over as he walks up. One of the overseers brings another lantern much closer to the bench to lighten the area. I see numbers fours erection and take a gasp myself. He is built like a mountain and his rod of steel was made for nothing but impregnating other slaves. Without a doubt he is potent and able to go deeper than most. I can tell by the way he moves he is experienced and enjoys his task tremendously. No doubt he has waited many years with his eye on this girl awaiting her to reach the right age. He steps up into position and takes her by the waist. Her eyes are closed until she feels him touch her. Smiling he pulls her hips toward him and thrusts his forward at the same time. The only sound is her scream. It echos through the shed and carries out to the fields. The workers out there know without a doubt what just happened. Bull number four slams into her and smiles bigger. Her eyes are bulging bursa escort and her mouths is gaping but no further sound comes out. He pulls out and slams into her again.

“Take it easy on her big guy.” Charles laughs jokingly.

Bull number four looks to Charles and winks. He begins to ride her hard now. I am not sure how he can last as long as he is but the bull is going to it. The slapping of skin on skin continues as her battered pink pussy is barraged under his constant attack. She begins to gasp and wail loudly while he continues to thrust deeply into her. The bench creaks incessantly and I wonder how has it not broken yet. The other bulls watch in amazement and slightly envious while Charlie just continues to brag about his prize slave. After what must have felt like an eternity to the bitch in heat, bull four begins to slow down the pace and begins to thrust more powerfully at a calculated rate. I see from the lantern light that his shaft is almost coming all the way out before he slams it back into those puffy pink lips with full force. Pushing all the previous cum as deep as he can get it. He is making use of every inch of her folds for his pleasure as she grips him. After a number of good hard calculated pushes, he grunts with his head pulled back and bellows a guttural growl loudly. He holds her in place as his white cream is fire-hosed into her waiting womb. She collapses completely spent and he keeps pushing hard to keep all the seed in place. The overseers come over to help hold her to him and to help keep him up. His legs are weak and wobbly. The bred bitch sheds tears both of pain and relief. If the seed does not take, then she will be brought again to this spot in another month. Her bonds are loosened and one of the female house slaves comes into the shed to assist her with clean up. First she is pulled from bull four causing as sucking sound from his cock and helped to raise her legs over her head for gravity to keep all the sperm in her. His semi erect cock has a mixture of white fluids and pink color. She has bled a bit from his mounting her. The colors mix together on his black rod and turn pink. A number of the staff help hold her upside down with legs high until Charlie is satisfied and motions for her to be carried out. The bulls are told to go back to their duties and the only remaining people in the shed are the overseers and Charlie standing near me. An older female slave that is past breeding age is brought in to satisfy the overseers who have had raging hard ons the whole time. They quickly make a line and drop their pants. She knows why she has been brought in….it is not her first time or her last. She pulls her clothes off and lays back on the padded bench and raises her legs up and open. Charlie reaches out to take a leg and motions for me to do the same. We hold her legs wide as the first cock comes forward and pumps straight into her. She grunts but lies there without any other sounds, immune to the constant sexual needs of the supervisors. I watch as she is fucked for no other reason than to satisfy the workers. Her large tits sway wildly to the thrusting…the big brown nipples dancing around in circles. None of them take very long to blow their load into or onto her. Some are rougher than the others but they all get a chance to release their pent up excitement. I continue to watch and hold her legs enjoying the power that Charlie and I have over our plantations, if fulfills a sense of purpose and inflates our egos. Once the last of them is finished we watch as a large load of thick sperm leaks out of her slit and down her brown ass. If tonight wasn’t the ball I would flip her over and enjoy myself too, using the leaking fluids to lube up my cock and break her big brown ass open. The men put their pants back on and head out to continue their daily tasks. I watch as she stares at the floor avoiding eye contact…she grabs a rag and wipes herself down. The large amount of semen has trailed down her legs as she finishes cleaning herself off. She picks up her dress and pulls it over her head covering her large tits and without a word she leaves the shed with Charlie and I following. Charlie locks it up so that it cannot be used until he see another need.

We head to the house for a light snack and tea. The conversation is dry and mostly about business. A few of his house slaves catch my eye as they tend to their duties and I wonder when he will be hosting a ball at his plantation. Using some of those fine house slaves to meet my desires is very attractive and I feel a slight twitch in my shaft. I look to my watch and realize that it is late afternoon. Calling for my horse I prepare to saddle up, thank my host for the tea and snack and head towards home thinking of the slave that was tied to the breeding bench and thoroughly bred today.

Arriving back to my plantation, Ed meets me at the stables and takes my horse to cool him down. I walk into the house and see the final preparations for tonight being completed. The large table is set and the house help is whirling purposefully about the room placing the finishing touches on everything. Mrs. Chandler is barking a few order here and there to any poor slave that crosses her path. The smell from the kitchen raises my appetite. I head to my room to clean up and Peter follows. He draws a bath and takes my dirty clothes away for washing. I soak in the hot tub releasing all my concerns and enjoy the feeling this brings upon me. Washing myself, I then shave and prepare to dress in some of my finest clothes. The Hopkins Plantation has a great reputation and every attention to detail matters. Glancing out the window I see small dust clouds in the distance from the carriages coming as evening begins to darken the sky.

Walking back down to the main floor I see that everything is perfect. Fresh flowers adorn the place, the rooms are tidy, and my house staff are all dressed in clean uniform attire. Passing through the parlor I see that it is in order for the ladies to retire to after dinner. This will be where all of the gossip is shared and often this rooms sound very similar to a hen house with all the ladies clucking. Making my way to my smoke and brandy room (the gentlemen’s room), I check to make sure it is also prepped. Having hosted a number of balls, the after party is by far the most exciting part of the night. This is my favorite room of the house. I like it prepped just so. Mrs. Chanlder hates this room and rarely comes into it, and the bursa eskort house slaves avoid it regularly also because of the rumors of what the men do while in here. A lot of rumors spread from plantation to plantation as the slaves come and go and gossip about the after parties. I keep a wall of books and a fine ***********ion of cigars and drinks. The room contains a few coffee tables, a couple couches and some padded arm chairs. In the corner I maintain a few special devices that I bring out during special occasions. A handful of locked cupboards and drawers store some of my more special toys that bring me great pleasure to play with. I check to make sure all the lamps have plenty of oil in them for a long night of play in a brightly lit room and also remember to make sure the area rugs are rolled up and removed from the floor. I lock the door behind me as I exit.

Dinner is a smashing success. Many of the influential plantation owners in the area have made an appearance and some of the smaller up and coming owners also accepted the invitation I sent out. At last count, one of the house slaves informed me that there were thirteen carriages in total in the yard. The stable is at full capacity with all the horses. Some of the guests are long time plantation owner friends of mine, others are new to the area, and of course we have a few local towns folk representing. I watch the judge, one of my attorneys, and the local sheriff stuffing their bellies over dessert. One of the fat bankers catches my eye as I size him up, double chin and all. I need him in the next few months for some expansion ideas that I want to implement. The conversation topics stay light in subject. One conversation to my left is on the upcoming political campaigns, and off to the right I overhear some light talk about the newest shops that are coming into town form the north that bring a lot of the latest fashions from different parts of the world. All of the dinner courses were delicious and my staff were on point with their service skills. Sitting pleased and satisfied at the head of the table, I notice everyone is finished eating and currently conversing. Looking at the clock, it seems to be the appropriate time to retire to different locations in the house. I rise and tap my glass to get everyones attention. “Ladies and Gentlemen, let us continue our conversations in more comfortable and appropriate settings. A few guests rise and shack hands before heading for the door to get back to their homes. Mrs. Chandler gathers the ladies and escorts them into the parlor. I hear some music being played on the phonograph as the door closes tightly. No doubt she has turned on the player to drown out any noises that could distract them from their gossiping. Mrs. Chandler knows….she may not like what happens in the gentlemen’s room… but she knows and the music works for the benefit of us all.

“Shall we proceed to the den for whisky, fine cigars, and special entertainment men?” I ask, knowing full well why everyone I am taking to has stayed behind. Their enthusiasm resonates around the room as we make our way to my favorite room. Unlocking the door, I usher everyone inside. The couches and chairs fill up with warm bodies and one of my prettiest house slaves assists the men with their glasses of alcohol being poured as they get comfortable. She grabs the box of cigars and they get passed out to any who desire one. She is much younger and will not be joining us tonight so I send her out to gather the three slaves that I had previously ***********ed. While not new to pleasuring a man, these three are not overused by the plantation staff. I reserve them for more strategic entertainment during special events. In my opinion, not yet big enough to strap to the breading bench under one of my bulls, but all three are old enough entertain my guests.

A few moments after she is excused, three beautiful young slaves enter the room wearing nothing but a collar around their necks. I had bred their mothers years ago with a past bull that I retired from my ***********ion years ago. They are truly beautiful with their perky nipples, and tight asses. Their dark skin mostly flawless and while under my ownership, it will never see the whipping tree. I punish them in other ways when necessary. All three have been to a few exclusive parties before and are aware of what will be coming for them over the next few hours. Glancing over the room they each find a section of floor near the couches and chairs and stand in it awaiting my instructions. “Gentlemen”, I call out. “There are nine of you and three of these fine slaves to entertain us. I have a surprise a little later in the evening but for now, make yourself useful and teach these slaves what a man truly desires. The ladies on the other side of the house will be busy fussing amongst themselves so let us enjoy ourselves. The only rule is no permanent marks!”

One of the plantation owners to the south of mine reaches out lighting fast and grabs the closest and darkest slave by her wrist. He pulls her onto his lap and begins to roughly maul her little breasts like a rabid beast. Her face says it all, and the debauchery begins. The man next to him on the couch opens her legs and begins to work the slit between her legs over with his fingers. I watch as he spreads her black lips exposing the pretty pink flesh hidden inside, he even pulls back on the hood and there is her clit on full display. I feel a little bit of empathy for that pink nub because I know what is going to be coming soon enough. Across the room I watch as the baker pulls the blackest girl onto his lap with his chest resting against her back. Her long hair cascading down over his torso. His hands have hooked her legs where her knees are and he is pulling her legs back and wide open. His friend is naked from the waist down and with an already hard cock steps up to her spread lips and places his decent cock against her opening. “Go”, the bakers instructs, and his friend slams his cock deep into her pussy. She wails at the sudden intrusion as he bottoms out forcefully. He pulls out and lines up again with his head resting at her opening. “Again”, the baker calls. The cock forces itself again into her folds and bottoms out with another wail from her. I watch as his cock pulls out for a third time and lines up. “Harder dammit,” the baker calls. He forcefully slams his cock deep into her again and pulls out. “Is that really all you’ve got?” the baker taunts. With a devilish smile he again pushes into her. My eyes take it all in and I have to force myself to look around the room some more. My ears still hear him and the baker making her cry out with every intrusive slam home. “This is going to be a long night, I smile to myself.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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