Forever Yours Ch. 04

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I would like to welcome you all to my fourth chapter of this story. Thank you for reading it with me. I really appreciate it so much and I love you guys. Enjoy…


Ramon and his family reached home after spending an hour and half in a bus. All the way home his father and brother had their arms around him and he couldn’t help but shed a few tears. People were staring at them but he couldn’t care less. He was here and he was saved from that island and couldn’t have wished for anything more than to be in both of their arms. His brother had bought some slippers from a street vendor because he was bare foot.

“Welcome back home.” Eduardo said to him after they reached their house.

Ramon stared at the house with tears of joy running down his face. He had missed that little house, his room and his bed. But mostly he had missed his family and the people who were his neighbors especially his best friend, Mark. He didn’t know if it was because he had not seen the house for a week but it looked bigger, beautiful and inviting.

“Hey!” His father exclaimed. “Why are you crying? Are you not happy to be home?”

“It’s why I am crying, father.” He sobbed. “You don’t know how much I missed this place and you guys.”

His father held him and took him in the house. He took a look as they entered and was welcomed by its scent which he had missed. Not like it smelled good or anything but because he really liked the welcoming smell of the house.

They entered the house and they were still holding on to him. A few minutes later, Eduardo excused himself to cook something scrumptious for him while his father was just there holding him. He was lying on his father’s lap while his father played with his hair and kissed his forehead like a four year old. He would have objected to it, but he knew that the old man really missed him so much. Those hands in his hair were like magic to him and soon he was thinking about Marcos. He wondered how Marcos was doing and if he had woken up and called his name.

He just wished he didn’t leave the hospital without seeing how he was doing after the operation and probably had given him a deep passionate kiss after he had woken. But he didn’t want questions from Marcos’ father and his friend because he still didn’t know if their relationship would be revealed to anyone else or if it would be between them. After all, who would want to introduce someone like him to a wealthy family like the Martinez? He would understand it if Marcos ever chose not to say anything.

He was not even sure if whatever they did on the island was guarantee that they would be in a relationship. Anything could happen and he would be ready to accept any decision that Marcos makes. He promised himself to accept anything that Marcos would say. He also promised himself not to tell anyone about their relationship. It was Marcos’ job to do that.

About an hour later, Ramon could smell the beautiful aroma coming from the kitchen and he knew that Eduardo must have been cooking something really delicious for him.

“Are you ready to tell us what happened?” His father asked as he caressed his hair.

“I will do that after I eat.” He smiled to his father who was still looking like he was in shock.

His father just gave a smile and continued with playing with hair. Ramon wished that he could just lie on that lap for all eternity. It felt so peaceful and he didn’t have any fears about anything but ever since he lay there, all he thought of was Marcos. Funny how he had fallen in love with the same guy whom he really hated from the first day they met. But it was the same guy who blew him away with the wind of love.

Ramon could feel that he smelled funny and he knew that he needed to have a long meeting with Mr. Soap and Mr. Water. After a week, this was going to be his first true bath because it was just like playing in water while on the island.

Ramon got up slowly from his father’s lap and stood straight as he slowly stretched.

“Excuse me, father I need to take a bath.”

His father just nodded in agreement and he began going to his room. He slowly opened the door to his room and almost cried because he never though he would see that room again. He slowly entered and closed the door behind him as he looked all around the room. Everything was just the way he had left them except for the photos which were not in the place where he had left them. He immediately knew that either his father or brother was looking at them because they missed him as much as he missed them.

After taking a long look around his room, he stripped all of his clothes off and wrapped a towel around his waist and made his way out of the room to the bathroom. There was only one bathroom and so he got out of his room and went to the bathroom.

Ramon stood in the shower slowly applying the soap to his whole body while his brain took him down memory lane. He imagined that he was with Marcos who was holding him tightly and kissing his neck Şişli travesti as he applied soap to the rest of his body. He imagined that Marcos turned him around kissed his mouth slowly but sensually making his whole body lust for more. He felt his whole body getting hot as adrenalin worked on his excitement.

He was so lost in his thought that he even touched his own body and imagined it was Marcos who was touching him. He felt himself getting hard at the thought of taking a shower with Marcos and making love in the hot shower while Marcos pinned him to the wall.

How excited he was when he thought of Marcos ramming his dick in and out of his tight hole.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door which brought him back to reality and realized that he had spent more time in the bathroom and he had not even done anything yet.

“Hey, little bro,” Eduardo chuckled from outside the bathroom. “Hurry it in there, I am almost done cooking.”

“Alright, Eduardo,” He exclaimed. “I will be right out.”

Ramon heard footsteps draw further from the bathroom and he knew that Eduardo had gone. He applied soap on the rest of his body, cleaned his ass with a cloth applied with soap and quickly turned the shower on. The warm water felt like heaven on his skin. He couldn’t still believe that he was already home and taking a hot shower which was what he missed the most. He never really liked cold water and he didn’t know why. Maybe it was because he likes the feel of warm water on his skin because it at least massaged him a bit.

Ramon almost jumped out of the shower when the water reached his ass. It stung and that was when he realized that it had only been a day when Marcos had made love to his virgin hole and it had not healed. He just hoped that he would be walking properly otherwise his brother would know instantly what had happened on the island.

Ramon stood in the shower as the water washed away the soap. After a while, he showered and cleaned every part of his body well especially his hair which he had completely neglected while they were stranded on the island.

He was about to get out of the shower when he suddenly felt pain in his ass. He tried to walk but the pain was still there. Could the pain from encounter on the island have come back? He tried to touch his ass but it was still painful and there was little blood on his hand. He used the towel to wipe the blood and he quickly got out of the shower walking funny which really scared him because he knew that a question was gonna come out of it whether he liked it or not.

He had not broken the news to his family that he had been stranded on the island for a week and now he was walking funny. He had a lot of explaining to do but he couldn’t just tell his family that he had sex with Marcos. He couldn’t just go out and say, “hey father, Marcos fucked me while we were on the island.’ Or ‘Hey dad, I lost my virginity to Marcos on the island. No! That would be awkwardly insane and he knew he had to come up with something that would convince them otherwise.

Ramon went back to the room walking slowly making sure that he never bumps into Eduardo. He quickly reached the room and dropped the towel. He quickly opened the drawer and was welcomed by his boxers. He put on clean boxers which made his dick feel fresh after having worn the same boxer for a week. He then opened his small wardrobe and got out a muscle shirt and a blue short which he wore. He was just finish putting on the shirt when Eduardo came to his room to call him.

He quickly got out of the room and went to the living room where he found the food waiting for him on the table. It was fried beef with rice and vegetables plus orange juice. He had missed having this kind of food while he was stranded. He had barely sat when he took the spoon and got a spoonful of rice and in it went. It felt so good to have good food in his stomach again. He sat down and began eating the food making the delicious face while his brother laughed. He was eating like he had never had that kind of food before and could see the worry in his father’s face. He took the orange juice and drunk the whole cup. He could feel his whole being getting fully satisfied and he knew that even his body missed that kind of food.

Now that he was done eating, it was time to start explaining where he had been for the past one week. He could see that his father and brother were looking at him and he knew that it was time to start explaining. He quickly got up and got his plates and was about to take them to the kitchen when he felt a shot of pain in his ass. He stopped in his tracks and winced. How could he have forgotten that he had awoken the pain in the bathroom?

“Are you okay?” His brother asked.

“I am absolutely fine.” He smiled as he walked carefully to the kitchen.

When he came back he noticed that his brother was looking at him as if he knew what had happened on the island.

“Oh my God, he knows.”

He didn’t know how to Taksim travesti explain if Eduardo asked that question in the presence of his father.

“Are you sure you are okay?” Eduardo hit him with another question.

“Of course, I am fine.” He stuttered. “Why do you ask?”

“Nothing,” Eduardo answered. But Ramon knew that he would bring it up once they were alone.

Ramon sat down and his father moved closer to him.

“Now my son, will you tell us where you were for the past one week.”

“I was stranded on an island with Mr. Martinez.” He answered.

“I know that you were with Mr. Martinez the moment I saw the posters which declared him missing.” His father said with a sigh. “But how did it happen?”

Now the moment of truth was here. He began narrating the whole story from the moment he had left the house, how he met with Mr. Martinez. He lied about how he fell off the boat. Instead of saying that Mr. Martinez tried to hold him, he lied that he felt dizzy and fell off the boat and Mr. Martinez jumped off the boat to save him. He narrated how he was found on the island and how they survived on the island to the moment Marcos fell from the coconut tree and how they were saved by a boat to the moment he called them. While he was narrating the story all them were quiet and listened to him attentively but he could see that his brother was staring at him with a suspicious face. Could he be in trouble?

“I knew that guy was trouble from the first day I met him.” Eduardo said. “You made a mistake by following him. You should have come to me and I would have sorted him out and none of this would have happened.”

“Eduardo!” His father said calmly. “Your brother has been through a lot and we should just be happy that he is back safe and sound. I want to be mad at him too but he has been through a lot.”

“I am so sorry father if I made you go through a tough time looking for me.” He apologized.

“To be honest we were so devastated and reported the matter to the police but they did nothing to help us. We even lost hope of ever seeing you again. I am so glad that you are back to us.”

His father hugged him tightly and messed up his hair. He laughed loudly and held on to his father tightly.

“Did the bastard do anything to you while you were on the island?” Eduardo asked loudly.

Ramon’s heart immediately began bumping faster and he felt shivers run down his spine. He had to defend the love of his life no matter what.

“No!” He said giving a shy smile. “He didn’t even try to do anything to me. In fact he really helped me a lot. If not for him I wouldn’t have survived.”

“Good then,” His father said with a chuckle. “But that does not excuse him for anything. If I see him anywhere I will give him a piece of my mind for he was the cause of everything.”

“Yeah,” Eduardo shouted. “If not for him you wouldn’t have been on that boat in the first place. I will give him a piece of my mind too and I hope that it is the last time he will bother you again.”

That sentence from Eduardo made him scared. Now that he had bonded with Marcos he didn’t ever want to leave him alone. He didn’t even know what he would do if Marcos ever decided that he didn’t want to do anything with him. He would die from the pain of losing Marcos.

“But if not for Marcos…”

“Marcos!” His brother shouted in surprise. “You now call him Marcos.”

“I mean Mr. Martinez, I wouldn’t have been here.” He said softly. “I would have died in the sea.”

“I will thank him for that.” Eduardo answered. “But like I said, he will get it from me.”

Ramon wondered why Eduardo was speaking as if he really wanted to hurt Marcos. Ramon couldn’t bare it if Marcos got hurt again but he kept quiet because he still didn’t know of the plans Marcos had. He didn’t know if he planned on having a relationship with him or not. He just nodded and gave him an unsatisfied smile.

A knock was heard on the door and Eduardo run to open it. Ramon could hear Mark’s voice as soon as he heard the door open. Mark run to the living and almost choked him with his tight hug.

“I missed you so much.” Mark said and Ramon could hear that he was emotional.

“I missed you a lot too.” Ramon answered while patting on his back.

“Where were you for the past one week?” Mark asked when they broke the hug.

“I will tell you.” Ramon smiled.

Ramon got permission from his father and took Mark to his room. While going he could see that Eduardo was looking at him with strangely like he wanted to let something out. He ignored him and went with Mark to his room. He closed the door and had barely sat and Mark was demanding to know what had happened to him.

“I was stranded on an island with Mr. Martinez.”

Mark was looking at him with a wide mouth and eyes.

“I knew that Mr. Martinez was missing but I had no idea that it was with you.” Mark laughed. “Did anything happen between you two?”

“No!” Ramon Gümüşsuyu travesti said softly. “He saved my life.”

“Okay, let me get this straight.” Mark said as he raised his hands in the hair. “First he tried to rape you and now he saved you, are you sure he is not in love with you?”

Mark was a crazy friend of Ramon. He knew about the attempted rape because Ramon couldn’t hide it from him. He kept on insisting.

“I don’t know.” He answered. “He has not said anything to me.”

“Trust me on this one,” Mark chuckled. “He is in love with you.”

As crazy as Mark could be, Ramon knew that he might just be right and he felt happy that his friend was telling him this. Mark was a friend he wouldn’t want to lose, ever. Ramon narrated the whole story to Mark and the guy just went crazier about how he wished he was the one who was stuck with Marcos and how he would have given Marcos the pleasure of his life. Mark was really crazy but made Ramon laugh a lot. After talking for hours and catching up, Ramon escorted Mark outside but on his way back met with his neighbors who asked him questions of his whereabouts for a week. By the time he was done explaining, it was already dark. His neighbors were all glad that he was back and they teased him about Marcos.

Ramon went back in the house and had dinner. He chatted with his family for long catching up on the lost time and he went to bed really late. It was around 11.43 pm when he went to bed and found out that it was hard to sleep. He was missing having Marcos’ arms wrapped around him while he slept and the pain was reminding him of Marcos making love to him on the sand. He could still remember how Marcos pleasured him and how he handled him while he made love to him.

He turned to see if he could sleep but it got worse as he thought he saw Marcos lying on the other side of the bed smiling at him with his beautiful dimples. He closed his eyes trying to fall asleep but he saw images of Marcos looking at him with glowing beautiful eyes and smiling at him. The whole kissing incident came back to him and he missed him even more. How he wished he had kissed him at the hospital and told him how much he loved him. He was really missing him so much and he knew that this was going to be a long night.


Marcos woke up on a bed without feeling any pain in his leg. It felt better and he could move it. When he opened his eyes he realized that he was in the hospital and had no idea how he got there. The last he remembered was lying on Ramon’s lap in the boat and now he was already in the hospital. He got up and moved his leg slowly which gave a tiny shot of pain but he sat straight on the bed. He looked around but did not see Ramon or anybody else. He looked at the clock on the wall and realized that it was 8 am. He wanted to see his Ramon so badly and kiss him. He really needed to see him and hug him so he began calling his name.

“Ramon!” He shouted all through the room. “Ramon!”

But there was no answer. A few seconds later he heard footsteps and he slowly got up to welcome Ramon in his arms. He tried to stand on both his legs but found it difficult as he felt his leg spasm in pain. He leaned on to the bed and just waited for Ramon to come inside. That was also when he realized that he was in a blue gown. The steps got closer and he was ready to see the love of his life but got surprised when he saw his father entering the door. His father was dressed in a white shirt with a brown trouser and he was looking really handsome. He had his hair combed backwards which made him look younger than his age. He was so happy that his father had come but he wanted to see Ramon.

“Son, you are finally awake.” His father said as he came near him. “You shouldn’t put more pressure on your leg. Lie down until the doctor comes here to see you.”

Marcos was so surprised but it was probably Anthony who called his father that he was lost. Where was he anyway?

“Father,” He exclaimed. “What are you doing here?”

“My son was missing.” His father answered. “I couldn’t just sit and do nothing. I had to come back as soon as Anthony called me.”

His father now hugged him and helped him to get back on the bed. He was still looking around to see if Ramon was anywhere near the room or outside.

“Are you not happy to see me?” His father asked.

“No, father,” He laughed. “I am really happy to see you but don’t tell me that all of you came back.”

“No, it’s just me. Your mother and the rest of your siblings remained.” His father chuckled. “They wanted to come but I told them that I would handle the situation. I spoke to them this morning though and they will be here next month. They are just glad that you have been found and they sent their kisses.”

While his father was speaking he was just looking at the door hoping for Ramon to turn up so that he could hug him and kiss him in front of his father.

“Yeah, that’s great dad.” He responded his eyes still glued to the door way.

“Are you sure you are alright?” His father asked as he touched his forehead.

He could hear footsteps coming to the room and he was sure that this time it was Ramon who was coming.

“I am fine, dad.” He gushed. “I am just waiting to see someone.”

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