Foot Loving Teacher

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I’m just a young average California girl who loves sex just like most girls, but when it came to fetishes, I never knew what they even were until a few years ago. Of course, I have things that get me hot and over the years, my boyfriends have loved doing them with me. Sex for me started in high school with my boyfriends when I found the time after cheerleading and gymnastics. Being 5 foot 5, 120 pounds, with dishwater blonde hair, I never had much trouble having guys notice me but what happened that fall was just the start of something really amazing.

I first learned about fetishes from Mr. Clark when I was senior. I know it sounds like a cliché, but Mr. Clark was our baseball coach and my Government teacher. He was pretty hot for a guy in his late thirties and he was one of these guys who worked out and kept himself in good shape. Mr. Clark was tall and played baseball in college. All the girls, including my friends, had a crush on him but that was as far as it went because he was married and had two little girls.

I think it was about a month into the school year and I was performing ok in government, but probably not as good as I could. I had a couple of girlfriends over my house one Saturday afternoon when we were talking about boys and the subject of government came up. We all talked about how boring it is but of course someone brought up how cute Mr. Clark was. My friend Maggie, who is, let’s say, a little more than ladylike, mentioned his cock.

“I wonder if he has a big one,” Maggie giggled.

“Have you ever seen him in his baseball pants? That is your answer,” my friend Grace added why she too giggled.

Just then, my sister Lexi, who was three years older than me and home for a weekend visit from college, walked through and casually mentioned, “He’s a foot perv.”

Just then we all stopped talking, looked at Lexi as she opened the cabinet to get a glass.

“What do you mean?” asked a stunned Maggie as we listened for the answer.

Lexi replied, “Have you ever just watched him during class. He will be teaching and keep looking at girls’ feet or shoes. Now when I was in school, my friends and I would keep track and purposely wear heels, sandals, flip flops, nylons, and stuff like that and I tell you, he was looking all day and nobody got a bad grade.”

Lexi continued with some instances and we just couldn’t believe what we were hearing. I think we left it either not believing that it was true or just stunned. We giggled and talked about it and decided we would pay attention to it. That Monday, I purposely wore my two inch black heels (nothing over the top) and purposely sat in the aisle. Maggie was to be my “lookout” helper. I made sure my toes were painted and looking good.

During that next class, I did notice he would frequently glance my way when he lectured. It was especially evident when I purposely cockeyed my body sideways so my legs and feet hung out into the aisle. With my legs crossed, I would let one of my shoes just barely dangle off my foot. Now I can’t be totally sure, but he would actually pause in mid-sentence when he would look at my feet while speaking and I made a conscious effort to reposition my legs or feet each time. There were a couple of times, when Maggie would look at me with her smiling mouth hanging open in that “OMG” look.

Of course we all talked about it and eventually our circle of friends were all “teasing” poor Mr. Clark during his classes (even some of the girls in the other classes that we knew). The days turned into weeks and I will say it “seemed” like I started doing better in the class.

One Friday night, we had cheer practice because the football team had a bye week. My jeep was in the shop and I was waiting around in front of the school on my friend, when Mr. Clark, decked out in his fall baseball practice gear, yelled at me.

“Hey Brittni! You ok? You need a ride?” Mr. Clark asked.

I looked around and thought, what the heck, texted my friend and into his SUV, I went. There was a little awkward silence when he asked a few questions like the whereabouts of my jeep, etc. I don’t know what possessed me but I just started giggling. He prodded me to why I was giggling and after a couple of “nothing” answers, I just blurted out, “Mr. Clark, do you like feet?”

He got defensive at first like he had no idea what I was talking about. I kept insisting before he finally loosened up a bit.

“Come on. You do, don’t ya?” I flirtatiously asked him with a smile on my face.

Mr. Clark gave me a shy smile when he admitted, “Well, maybe a little bit. I do have a thing for sexy feet.”

I was wearing my tight shorts, t-shirt, white ankle socks and my all white, Nike tennis shoes.

I held up my feet and seductively asked, “How about mine? Do you think mine are sexy?”

“Oh yes, I do. I’m going to be honest, your feet are pretty hot,” groaned Mr. Clark.

Now, you would think I etimesgut escort would be creeped out by this, but I have to be honest, it turned me on as I asked, “Do you want to see em?”

Mr. Clark nodded yes, which prompted me to take off my tennis shoes. He turned the vehicle down a long, gravel lane and parked. I think it was his uncle’s property. I had my socks still on my feet and I will admit, they were sweaty from practice but Mr. Clark didn’t seem to mind. I was sitting in the passenger seat with my white sock covered feet up on the dash. There was an awkward silence as I thought, “What is going to happen here?”

Mr. Clark then unbuckled his baseball pants and pulled them down to his ankles and I may have even said out loud, “Oh my!” But I did say, “That is big.”

I wasn’t lying or trying to hand him a line, he had a very large dick. It was 9 inches long and was sticking straight up in the air with a huge head shaped just like a helmet. The head was really swollen with the rim around it as tight as gristle. It was circumcised and already leaking precum.

Mr. Clark didn’t say anything, he just wrapped his hand around that large cock and started stroking while looking at my feet. I was going to give him a show, so I would slide my feet back and forth on the dash, lift them up, point my toes, and I would spread my toes apart even though it was hard to notice inside my socks, among other things. While I alternated doing these things, Mr. Clark was jerking his prick at a faster pace. I could hear that slapping sound when his hand would hit his pubic area. He was breathing harder when he finally spoke.

“Scoot over hear and take your sock off,” he ordered desperately.

I quickly pulled my socks off and put them on the seat, turned sideways, and scooted myself next to him. He had to reach across his body and use his left hand but he opened his palm and lifted up my side by side, feet. I was worried about them being sweaty, but Mr. Clark didn’t care one bit. I was also very glad that I had freshly painted my toenails “burnt amber” a couple of days ago. He leaned down and lifted my feet up to his nose while now flailing furiously on his cock. He started grunting and his hips started shaking…

I know this is going to sound like a made up story, but I swear Mr. Clark started to cum and the first stream popped out and hit the roof of his car! No lie. He continued to groan with my feet under his nose as he continued to jerk cum all over the place. It flew on his shirt, on the seat, on his arm, on my heel, and other places. He was truly lost in his orgasm. I bet he squirted at least 8 streams of sperm like he hadn’t had any pussy for months. When the cum stopped shooting, his hand came to an abrupt stop. I pulled my feet back and sat them on the seat.

He was out of breath and smiled at me when he said, “Sorry about that. I couldn’t help myself.”

“What a mess. You really must like girls’ feet, don’t you?” I asked.

“Yea, it’s always been a thing of mine. My wife doesn’t care for it but I crave sexy feet. I know, it’s nuts. If you feel weird, don’t worry we will forget it. Just please don’t tell anyone. I don’t want to lose my job or family,” Mr. Clark pleaded.

“Don’t worry, it’s safe with me. Could you please take me home now?” I giggled.

He took me home and I didn’t speak to anyone about it. Even though I had turned 18, that June, it was still inappropriate. That evening, all I could think about is what had just happended. I couldn’t get sexy, Mr. Clark’s huge cock out of my mind and especially knowing that my feet made him cum so hard. The power I had over his cock with my feet on that very day is where I developed my foot fetish. I masturbated for hours that night and I bet I orgasmed over twenty times. I was using my fingers, my dildo, my vibrator, and maybe even some objects you are not supposed to use. Lol.

We didn’t speak of it in class over the next week but I still thought about it every day and especially when I was in government class. I had my jeep back and it was business as usual until I couldn’t take it anymore and I private messaged Mr. Clark on Facebook, “I’m glad I was able to help you the other day. If I could every help you again, just let me know.” I was hoping he would get my code. Sure enough, he did and responded. This led to a conversation back and forth and he asked if we could do something like that again. I was all for it and we sat up a date and time to meet again.

His wife went to church on Wednesday evenings and took the children. So that Wednesday, I drove over to Mr. Clark’s house and parked in the vacant spot his wife’s car left in the garage. I went in and his house was nice and I sat at the counter drinking a diet Coke when we went into his bedroom.

“Are you sure, you still want to do this? I don’t want you to feel pressured,” he assured me.

I giggled shyly and responded, etlik escort “Remember, I’m the one who contacted you.”

I was wearing a t-shirt, skirt, thong, and my silver and black, “blinged” out flip flops. We talked a little more before Mr. Clark went to the bathroom and brought back 2 towels and a bottle of baby oil. I was sitting on the end of his bed with my flip flops sitting on the floor beside the bed. I leaned back to show him my feet. I had just gotten a pedicure the day before because I wanted to be ready for our rendezvous. My feet were smooth as baby skin, my nails were well groomed, painted bright red and glistening with lacquer.

“What do you think, Mr. Clark, you like what you see?” I asked as I leaned back, put my feet side by side, and held them up, carefully pointing my toes outward.

“They are so hot. Brittni, I don’t think you know how beautiful you are and I’m talking about everything, not just your feet. But you have to call me “Brad” instead of Mr. Clark when we are doing this,” he responded.

Now Brad is not his real name but I want to protect his identity. He spread the towel out and laid it on my stomach and breast over my clothes like a gentleman. He took off his pants and that gave me a well-lit view of his beautiful cock and that massive head. He was already three fourths hard and he squirted two rows of baby oil down his shaft on both sides. Mr. Clark then stroked the oil in and I loved the smell because it reminds me of the beach.

“Put the bottoms of your feet together,” he directed me.

I laid down on my back with my legs and feet hanging over the bed. I put the bottom of my feet together to form a “pocket” with my foot arches touching each other. Mr. Clark put his glistening, greased up dong, in between my arches and slowly slid his gorgeous cock back and forth, trying to evenly spread the lubrication to my feet. It was very hard and veiny. He took hold of my feet and held them together to add more pressure to his erection. He started fucking a little faster as he gasp to the softness of my soles.

As the oil now made my toes glisten as well, the slapping sound became louder as Mr. Clark fucked when he groaned, “Oh, Brittni. You have gorgeous feet. Oh Shit…”

He had me totally worked up. With my legs up, he had total view of my thong under my skirt. I felt naughty and I was no longer shy.

I took the towel and threw it on the floor as I begged Mr. Clark, “Fuck my feet Brad. Do it baby! Keep going. Use my feet and cum all over me! I want your cum on clothes. Mess me up, baby!”

As Mr. Clark’s hips were thrusting and with my feet tightly around his erection, he jerked his dick forward and his first shot of cum flew out and landed on my t shirt covered boobs. He was growling as the next shot flew out just a little shorter and landed on my skirt. He continued to empty his balls with shot after shot that landed on my inner thighs under my skirt, my thong, my legs, and of course my feet. He finally stopped bucking and I realized he had made a complete mess of me with his thick cum. He walked over to the towel with his deflated cock swinging back and forth, picked it up and handed it to me after he wiped himself clean. We talked a little, got myself situated, and then I left to make sure I was gone before his wife came home. When I got home, I fingered my pussy and licked myself off my fingers all night. I bet I had at least 10 orgasms! I was hooked.

The next Wednesday was the same routine. I pulled into the garage and went in for a drink. I was wearing my sexy black slip-on sandals with a two inch heel (the same ones I wore in class that day) and my silver anklet. My feet were still looking great and I knew Mr. Clark loved the red polish. After we had gotten all the lead up things taken care of, we once again went to his bedroom. I was very comfortable and that day was the day I truly realized I enjoy taking control sexually.

I sat on his bed, leaning against the headboard, with my heeled sandals still on my feet for teasing purposes when I demanded, “Take off all your clothes and lay on your back with your legs toward me.”

Mr. Clark quickly listened and he crawled into the position I requested. He scooted closer to me when I took my sandal covered feet and just lightly moved them across his stiffening cock. He watched me intently as I performed this seduction and when he was completely erect, I kicked off the sandals and lightly mashed my soles against his cock, pressing it against his abs. I continued to play like this, also using my toes to manipulate his fat cock. He was groaning and judging by how hard he had become, I would say he was enjoying himself.

I took the oil he had sitting on the night stand and once again greased up his cock along with my feet. I wrapped my arches around his dong and proceeded to give Mr. Clark an amazing footjob. He was still groaning as I pistoned my greasy eve gelen escort feet up and down that shaft. My legs were getting tired, so I held onto my knees to add some needed stamina.

“Can you see my pretty toes? Wouldn’t you like to cum on them, sweetie? Please baby, cum on them, I want to feel it,” I cooed.

Mr. Clark gritted his teeth, closed his eyes and thrust his head back into the bed when he started to cum. A huge wad of spunk came out about a foot high and landed on my toes. I was careful not to stop jerking so not to disrupt his orgasm. He was grunting and shooting more cum all over my jerking feet. It was like a volcano spewing thick white lava. When he finally stopped, I held up my feet and couldn’t believe how much Mr. Clark had came. It was so thick and stuck between my toes. When I spread my toes, it looked like a spider web. It was very foul and exciting at the same time. Of course when I got home, like the last time, I masturbated the rest of the evening.

As I went to Mr. Clarks every week, he always had something different planned, almost like there was a “theme” of the evening. He would have either purchased me a new pair of shoes, socks, hosiery or any type of foot accessory. It became exciting for me just to find out what was in store for that evening and it was always for me to keep. I bet I ended up with 10 pair of new shoes, several pairs of socks and nylons.

I would now like to share with you some of the different ways we had foot sex. I wore very high, open toed, gray heels in which I sat in Mr. Clarks chair and put my feet up on a stool with a towel underneath. He got on his knees and jerked off all over my feet and heels while I dominated him verbally. I once laid on the bed on my stomach with my feet up in the air and Mr. Clark fucked my feet in a reverse footjob position until he blew his load all over my soles and heels. I remember once he had me wear white trouser socks pulled up to my knees which reminded me of the socks that school girls wear when wearing their school uniform. These socks were so thin, that you could see through them which made Mr. Clark excited because he could see my painted toenails. No matter what theme we had for the evening, I would masturbate like crazy that evening and dreamed of touching his cock with more than just my feet. Eventually, that came true.

During one of our sessions, Mr. Clark was sitting on the bed stark naked and I was fully clothed sitting right next to him. I was wearing tight yoga pants with my bare feet sticking out. On this day, my toenail polish was plum. He had my feet in his face and jerking off as usual. Mr. Clark liked to sniff my feet, lick them, suck my toes, and generally worship them. I just reached over, replaced his hand with my own and I was the one jerking that huge 9 inch cock. It felt nice to finally touch it with something besides my feet.

“Eat em, baby! Get lost in em!” I demanded Mr. Clark and he once again unloaded a huge batch of cum all over his stomach and my hand.

The last couple of sessions before it ended had us going just a little further. I was wearing sheer, black, pantyhose with only my bra on. The pantyhose had reinforced toes so that they were darker than the rest of the foot. I was once again sitting beside Mr. Clark, rubbing my feet in his face while I stroked his cock. I would be lying, if I said that I didn’t want him to fuck me hard. I rolled over to my side and put myself on top of him and wrapped my mouth around his cock. He gasp and twitched but I couldn’t see him, all the while I kept my feet in his face. I was sucking his dick with a smooth, sensual bob when I could feel him put all my nylon covered toes in his mouth like he was trying to swallow my whole foot.

I was enjoying my feet and his blowjob. I wanted his cum in my mouth when suddenly his body tensed up and he started ejaculating his spunk in my mouth. The first shot hit the roof of my mouth like usual and the following shots spurted a large amount of cum. I wanted to please Mr. Clark so I never slowed down while he erupted and I was careful not to spill any of his seed. He basically filled my mouth up with his thick slime. I was so turned on that I think I might have had a mini orgasm without touching myself. I swallowed Mr. Clark’s load and it was very thick and tasted salty. Mr. Clark was so grateful that he had me take off my pants and he licked my pussy until I had three orgasms. His tongue was amazing.

We basically did the exact same thing the next Wednesday except I was wearing nude pantyhose with no reinforced toe. Once again, Mr. Clark grunted and shivered with my foot buried in his throat as he blew his huge wad of sperm in my mouth. If nothing else, this man should be in the porn hall of fame for the amount of cum he could unload. I swallowed it again and he ate me out again.

The next step was to actually have intercourse which never happened. He felt very guilty and we both knew how inappropriate our “foot affair” was. We stopped and nobody had ever known. I thank Mr. Clark to opening my eyes to a world of fetish and power. I have had boyfriends who also love feet and they have loved getting off to my feet but nothing like those months with Mr. Clark.

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