Fist and Kiss Ch. 01

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This story was edited by Shygirlwhore.

Dani is the narrator.

Playtime at our house is a lot of fun. We are all nudists; all the sexual activities are with people at least eighteen, there is no non consensual sex here.


Meg has fingered herself to several orgasms, while my brother Jake was shooting his cum into her butt. She was covered in her own pussy cum.

Meg asked her lesbian sister Jane to kiss and lick her swollen pussy.

Jane replied, “Cum away my darling sister, piss if you need to piss, don’t hold back.”

Jane started by rubbing her tits.

“Let those sweet pussy lips suck on my tits.”

Jane is so dirty, she just loves it when girls pee on her.

Jane asked Tanya to lick and kiss her all over, as Meg covered her hot naked body with her pussy juice, pee and the overflowing sperm from her boyfriend, that was flowing out of Meg’s ass.

I think Jane and Tanya are going to get on incredibly well.

Those two dirty bitches.

Meg didn’t hold back, she put on quite a show.

Tanya hungrily kissed and licked Jane all over.

Tanya said, “I need to pee too.”

Jane muffled, into her sisters wet cunt.

Jane than asked Meg to lay back and Tanya placed her legs on either side of Meg and pissed directly onto Megs tits.

Jane kissed her way up Megs emek escort body, while getting showered with Tanya’s pee. Tanya pissed on Meg and Jane for a good five minutes. Jake got the splash back on his chest.

Jake said, “God this is hot.”

“Baby, you really needed to go.”

Jane contracted her pussy muscles around Megs breasts.

“Oh God, I love tit sex.”

Tanya asked Jake to clean up her cunt and sat on her boyfriend’s face.

There was this lovely mixture of cum and pee glistening on Jane breasts as she bounced on Megs tits.

All Tanya wanted to do was suck on Janes breasts as she bounced around.

I thought things were going to settle down, but then Jane asked Tanya to fist them.

Tanya had a fist in both Meg and Jane, at the same time, while she contently sucked and kissed Janes glistening tits clean, she is so talented.

Tanya than cleaned up Meg’s wet pussy and ass and gave her boyfriend a blowjob.

“Ok Jake I need you in my ass, Jane it’s your turn to fist my pussy now!”

Tanya instructed Jake to start fisting Janes pussy, a short time later Tanya’s pussy really started loosening up and guided Janes whole arm inside her and asked Jane to finger her boyfriend’s butt.

Jane asked all of us ladies to jump into the pool and swim towards her. We swam towards eryaman escort her; she was in the crystal clear shallow end of the pool.

“Now start fisting your selves and bounce those beautiful wet breasts in front of me.”

“Hey Jake, eyes front and concentrate on your girlfriend’s pussy.”

“Run your hands over her sweet pussy and feel my arm working her sweet, juiced up cunt.”

Jane guided Jakes arm fully inside her as well and started cumming frantically, while she watched us masturbate.

None of us held back, we all came and pissed in the pool. As we got out of the pool we all rubbed our wet breasts on Jakes back and bumped breasts with Jane and Tanya.

It was such a hot day. We all tanned together and lightly rubbed our pussies for Jake.

Jake frantically played with his cock and ejaculated constantly while he watched us.

Tanya and Jill were particularly relaxed and opened their mouths.

Jake stood over them and ejaculated constantly into their mouths and onto their tits.

They both had big grins on their faces, licking their lips.

It was lunch time and the girls decided to leave Jake’s sperm on them for as long as possible.

Mom walked out with lunch and couldn’t help but admire her sons erection.

Tanya got up dripping with Jakes sperm to give esat escort Mom a big hug and kiss on the lips.

Tanya had a mouth full of Jakes cum she was still savoring.

Mom hungrily shared Tanya’s mouth full of cum and proceeded to lick, kiss and suck on Tanya’s erect nipples.

“My lucky son.”

After lunch Jane decided, to have all of us really make our pussies wet and handed each of us an electric dildo, she handed one to Jake and said try putting this up your ass. I really want to see the affect it has on you.

“Jake and ladies, on your marks…get set…GO!”

“Cum and piss on each other.”

Orgasm after orgasm, we sat nice and close to each other. Cum and pee flying everywhere.

We were all absolutely covered in it. My first golden shower. I never thought I would get so excited watching my brother shoot jet after jet of his sperm and piss on us.

I closed my eyes in anticipation, I opened my eyes to see that dad had arrived home. He was ejaculating on moms tits. He had a close up view of all of us pissing uncontrollably.

The boys loved drinking from our pussies. I have really gotten a craving now for drinking from Sam’s pussy while she orgasms.

While the rest of us tanned and rubbed our hands over our bodies that were glistening with golden showers, Jill joined Tanya and Jane in the spa.

Letting the bubbles work their magic over their golden shower bodies and they proceeded to fist each other and cum in the spa.

Than the three of them went down on everyone, including Dad and Jake.

We all drifted off to sleep naked together.

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