First Trip to the Fantasy Boutique

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A rainy, fall afternoon I made my first trip to the Fantasy Boutique. It’s an adult bookstore in the edge of Philadelphia with toys, DVDs, magazines, and also has private dances, private viewing booths, and a three room theater.

I walked in casually enough, and made my way straight back to where I realized they had girls giving private dances. On the opposite side of the hallway is the bill acceptor to allow access to the booths.

I gave my admission and found an empty booth. Many of them were unoccupied, and there were several men milling around in the common area. I entered booth number four. I put a few dollars in and browsed the selection of videos. They had everything. EVERYTHING!

I unzipped my pants and began to stroke my cock. I kept glancing at the hole that led to booth five, but had no offers.

After watching a handful of clips on the TV, I decided to make my way to the theater.

Back into the lobby and to the left. I pay admission, and in we go. It’s so dark it takes a moment to collect your bearings.

The first room has a large projection screen showing a young girl getting double teamed by two well endowed men. There were about three rows of seats Ataköy travesti occupied sparsely by two men jerking off, and two older, black men, sleeping.

I continued on to the room showing gay porn. Two muscular jocks were pounding away at one another as the only man in there was asleep.

I moved further back, and went down a small hallway with a small monitor playing shemale porn. So, I sat, and discreetly stroked my cock on the bench. A few men would stop and look and comment on my cock.

All of the men that passed by ended up going through a small, dark hallway into another room. There are three booth like seats, and a large, round, upholstered table in the middle of the room.

A bi threesome was playing on the TV, and man was visibly and audibly sucking a man’s cock in the far right booth. It was pretty hot. He was shamelessly slurping down two cocks going back and forth between them.

I again unzipped and stroked myself watching the porn and the men in the corner. I caught some of the men watching me and rubbing themselves. It was very hot and made me more excited.

After some time, I decide to change venue, so I again entered the gay room, Bahçelievler travesti and went to the elevated seating area. There was a man pleasuring himself while watching the men across from him. One man had his pants at his ankles and the other steadily stroked his cock foot him and played with his nipples. He moaned and writhed as he neared orgasm.

I sat at the couch adjacent to them, watching and stroking my bare cock. After a few moments, I leaned back and watched the movie playing. The film was a young man sucking a huge, white cock.

As I looked away from the screen, I noticed all of the men looking at me while I jerked myself. After a short time, the man receiving a hand job stood, and shot a pretty large load, causing me to edge my cock to the delight of the spectators.

Directly after cumming, he exited the theater. My interest in the room died, so I returned to the main theater. I watched a young blonde taking it from behind and gently stroked myself while another man jerked his huge cock to my left. Sadly, he seemed to want to keep to himself.

Again, the scene kind of died. So, I made my way to the back again. A man was in the far Bahçeşehir travesti left seat going down on man standing in front of him. I began to watch and jerk myself. Within minutes, the man standing started to cum. The guy blowing him moaned with pleasure as he swallowed his load and continued to tease his cock.

The man standing left and the guy on the seat waved me over, saying “C’mon, what ya got? Give it to me.”

My cock is rock hard when I approach him. I stand a certain so I can watch the solo shemale porn playing as he hungrily sucks me with no hands.

He would get my cock soaked and jerk me with both his hands. It felt so fucking good.

An older black man comes and stands, blatantly watching me.

“Looks good with my cock in his mouth, doesn’t he?”

“Oh yes. Oh yes.” he said softly, slowly stroking himself.

He moaned as he swallowed my whole cock, and took me right to the edge. I removed my cock from his mouth, and smacked it on his tongue repeatedly before shoving it deep in his mouth,

“Fuck, fuck I’m gonna cum”

He pushed me into his throat as I fired nine shots of cum and he didn’t even flinch. He stroked me dry.

I nearly fell over because my orgasm amidst floored me. I was so turned on and came so hard.

I stepped away and allowed the man next to me to step up as I situated myself and made my way out.

I left that night and knew I’d be back soon. That was one of my favorite experiences.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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