First Tape

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*Author’s Notes: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activities are at least eighteen years of age.

Disclaimers: Yes I need an editor. No I do not want an editor. If that bothers you, quit reading. Yes it jumps around too much, yes there’s too many people keep track of, yes it’s too long, yeas it’s too short, yes it’s in the wrong category, yet its stupid shit, and yes, I’m a horrible writer.

For everyone else, I hope you enjoy this flash story.


Dwight Banks was bored. All of his friends had either moved on to college, most at Connelly College in Oakleaf, Texas, or were at their jobs, or a few had even joined the military.

So, the chubby eighteen year old boy listlessly roamed the streets of Great Oak, Texas.

A sharp whistle snapped him out of his reverie. Dwight looked over to see Mr. Hechton loading things into a large U-Haul trailer.

“Hey, boy, looking earn a couple of bucks?” the burly man asked.

The man was in his fifties or sixties, with a full beard mottled with gray, and a shaved and polished head. The man had his shirt off and Dwight could see that Mr. Hechton was quite muscular, and also had several tattoos adorning his chest and arms, and when he turned, his back had several tattoos as well.

“What you need done?” Dwight asked.

“Packing this trailer; need a hand with some of the heavier pieces,” the man said.

Dwight was chubby, not muscular. But he could at least try.

With the man’s help, Dwight did manage to heft his end of a massive wooden desk, as well as a large entertainment center and a leather couch.

“So where you moving to?” Dwight asked.

“Stepping Stone; that’s in Louisiana,” the man said. “Got a job at Hearst Prison.”

The man took a final look around. All that was left was a huge tube style television, sitting on the floor, an old recliner that had seen better days, and a bed that had also seen better days.

“Landlord can have all this shit,” the man said, pulling on his tee shirt. “Want a beer?”

“Sure,” Dwight agreed.

“Hey, wouldn’t want that television, huh? Fucker works,” Mr. Hechton offered. “Even got a built in VCR.”

“A what?” Dwight asked.

“VCR; plays tapes,” the man said and drained half his beer in one long pull.

He turned the television on, picked up one of the few tapes laying on the floor next to the television and slid it into the slot at the base of the television.

Then Bakırköy travesti he sat in the recliner and laid the chair back.

First Time Ass Fuck flashed on the screen and Dwight’s cock immediately grew hard in his shorts.

“Uh, uh, uh,” they heard over bad music as a large cock battered in and out of a tight anus.

“Like it? Like my big old cock in your tight little hole?” they heard a man’s deep voice ask.

“Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me,” another man said.

The scene switched to show one young man fucking another young man up his ass.

“Uh…” Dwight said, his cock painfully trapped in his briefs.

“So, want it?” Mr. Hechton asked.

“Huh?” Dwight asked, tearing his eyes from the ass fucking on the large television screen.

“The TV; want it?” Mr. Hechton asked.

“Uh, uh, yeah, yeah, I mean, shit, how heavy is it?” Dwight asked.

“Bout two hundred pounds, I guess,” the man shrugged. “Shit, I’ll help you.”

“Uh, yeah, yeah,” Dwight agreed. “I mean, shit, it still works.”

“Want the tape with it too?” Mr. Hechton asked, a knowing smile on his lips.

“Uh yeah, yeah, I guess,” Dwight agreed, shrugging his shoulders.

“You ever…?” Mr. Hechton asked.


“Huh? Ever been fucked? Ever had a nice big dick up that sweet ass of yours?” Mr. Hechton asked, rubbing the outline of a massive cock in his snug jeans.

“I uh, I’m not,” Dwight started to deny.

“Yeah, yeah you are,” Mr. Hechton leered.

He grabbed Dwight’s hand and placed it on his massive lump.

“That’s it, baby, rub Daddy’s cock, rub it,” the man encouraged.

Dwight slowly did.

“Want that big dick in your mouth? Huh? Want put them sweet lips around my fat cock?” the man asked and unzipped his jeans.

Dwight stared as the man pulled out a slab of meat that had to be at least nine inches long, fat, with a knotty looking vein running through the shaft.

“Kneel down, boy, kneel down and kiss my cock, huh?” Mr. Hechton cooed.

Dwight did. He knelt down in front of the man’s chair and took the hot, hard cock in his hand. Then he bent his head forward and licked the sweat-tinged mushroom head.

As long as Dwight could remember, he’d been attracted to boys. He had girlfriends; he was cute in a baby faced way, had even had sex with two girls. But he knew he was gay, knew he was attracted to men.

“Oh yeah, got a sweet mouth; ever do this Beylikdüzü travesti before?” Mr. Hechton asked.

Mm-mmph!” Dwight denied as he swallowed more of the man’s beautiful meat.

“Shit, boy, aw shit, God damn, here it comes,” the man suddenly groaned and Dwight’s mouth began filling with a salty, gluey tasting substance.

He swallowed quickly and Mr. Hechton pumped more into Dwight’s mouth. Twice more, he swallowed as he continued to suck and lick the mushroom shaped head.

His own cock twitched and throbbed in his too tight white briefs. Dwight kept sucking, trying to get more of the man’s sperm out of the slowly deflating meat.

“Enough, boy, damn,” Mr. Hechton finally groaned.

Dwight took his mouth off of the man’s wilting meat and suddenly felt flushed with shame.

“Here, boy, let’s see what you got, huh?” Mr. Hechton asked, pulling Dwight to his feet.

Deftly, the man unhooked Dwight’s shorts and pulled Dwight’s briefs down. Dwight’s six inches popped out and Mr. Hechton wrapped a rough, calloused hand around the throbbing cock.

“Nice, very nice,” the man praised.

Then he lifted Dwight’s tee shirt. He ran a finger through Dwight’s blonde curls.

“Turn around,” the man ordered.

Dwight did and jerked slightly when he felt Mr. Hecthon’s fingers on his plump buttocks.

“And you’re cherry, huh?” the man asked, voice thick.

“Uh, yeah, I mean, I…” Dwight mumbled.

The man pulled Dwight to sit in the recliner with him. He kissed Dwight on his pouting lips, then jammed his beer flavored tongue into the eighteen year old boy’s mouth.

On the television, the scene had changed to show a young man sucking one cock while a second cock fucked his squirming ass.

While the television showed gay pornography, Mr. Hechton stroked Dwight’s fat cock and played with Dwight’s heavy balls. He kissed the young man, then reached a hand up and played with Dwight’s chubby chest.

“Going fuck you, hear? Going fuck that pretty little hole, shoot my spunk way up in there,” the man said.

Then he gripped Dwight’s balls in a light grip.

“Come on, we’re going in the bedroom, hear?” the man demanded.

In the bedroom, the man reached into his jeans pocket and produced a tube of lubricant. He roughly pushed Dwight onto the bed, on his hands and knees, then gave Dwight’s buttocks a stinging slap.

Then the bed sagged underneath the Bomonti travesti man’s weight as he knelt behind Dwight.

“God, love busting a cherry,” the man groaned.

Then Dwight felt a man’s slimy cock head pressing against his tight little pucker.

“Wait, ugh! Shit, wait,” Dwight protested.

But Mr. Hechton did not wait. He swayed his hips from side to side, pressing tightly against Dwight’s clenched anus. His rough, calloused hands gripped Dwight’s hips in a painful grip.

Dwight screamed as the man’s cock head gained entry. Then he grunted and loosed a torrent of his sperm onto the sagging, weathered mattress.

“Ugh, oh God,” he sobbed as he spurted more semen.

“Fuck yeah, fuck yeah, love a tight hole, fuck yeah,” Mr. Hechton grunted as he forced more of his thick cock into the young man’s bowels.

“Ugh, ugh,” Dwight protested slightly.

“Don’t fight it, pussy, you fucking love it,” Mr. Hechton snapped and slapped the young man’s jiggling buttocks.

Dwight’s face burned with shame; he did love it. He could feel the flared head pushing in past his prostate gland. He could feel the vein rasping against his sensitive anal ring. Inch after inch plunged into his tight hole and he felt every inch of the hot flesh as it filled him.

Then Dwight’s shame increased when he realized, Mr. Hechton had not even bothered to remove his jeans. Just as the man had when Dwight sucked his sweet cock, Mr. Hechton had simply unzipped his jeans, greased his cock, and shoved it in.

Due in large part to the fact that Mr. Hechton had already come in Dwight’s mouth, he was able to fuck Dwight’s plump, jiggling buttocks for several long moments, driving his cock in and out with a satisfying stroke.

“Fuck, here, here it, aw fucking shit, here it comes boy, plenty of man juice for that tight little hole,” Mr. Hechton finally grunted.

Dwight screamed and came again when he felt the man’s hot sperm begin to pump into his bowels.

With one more slap to his buttocks, Mr. Hechton pulled his slimy cock from Dwight’s ass.

Then the man used an old towel to wipe his cock off.

He gave Dwight a weathered twenty dollar bill for his help with the trailer, then put the television into the back of his truck and drove Dwight to the house he and his mother shared. The man helped Dwight set it up in his bedroom, then handed Dwight a cloth bag with five more tapes of homosexual pornography, then walked out.

“See you, boy,” the old man said, and drove away.


**Author’s note: I write these stories for my pleasure; I post them here for your enjoyment. I do thank you for reading my stories.

Like I said, this was just a flash story.

Have a nice day.

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