Enticing Scent

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I pass you in the store and you go unnoticed, blending with the other shoppers and carts. Unexceptional to look at, a part of the scenery in the grocery aisle. Casually dressed in faded jeans, T-shirt and sandals, hair amiss, a days growth of beard, I pass you and you go unnoticed.

Until you have gone, leaving the trail of your essence wafting on the subtle currents of air. A whiff of your scent catches me, intrigues me, captivates me, and turns my head to see you again. It is fleeting, a sweet moment of your cumin flavored scent from under your arms entices me to seek its source and I see you again for the first time.

I secretly sniff the currents of air and catch your scent anew. It is delicious, exciting, alluring. I hunger for more. I am alone in my pursuit as I see the grimaces and smirks of the overcleaned, brainwashed masses casting glances askance in your direction. How often I’ve been the subject of their limited understanding. I turn around and follow the trail of your smell as you ignore the whispers of disapproving shoppers.

Standing beside you, perusing a shelf of items I never buy, enjoying the intoxicating aura of scent that surrounds you, my senses come back. Your sweet and pungent pheromones have affected my reasoning. I have no idea who you are, what you’re into. You may be married, have a girlfriend, be born again. All I know is that your irresistible smell has drawn me to you without further thought. How foolish I feel as I wander down the aisle behind you, feigning interest in cat food for a non-existent cat.

You Beşiktaş Escort must sense that I am focused on you as you look me in the eyes. I return the look, perhaps with thinly veiled longing, for you give me a smile. I smile back, wanting to speak, but what can I say? You feel my interest and ask about cat food. I plumb the depths of my knowledge of friends’ pets and give you a learned response as I move closer.

You surprise me by telling me that you like the way I smell. I have to laugh as I explain why I was hovering near you, drawn by your scent. We continue our shopping and talking and repulsing the overwashed masses together.

We talk thru the checkout – you’re living with a woman, an earth mother who shaves nothing, but you also like men and she, the occasional woman. I live close-by, I say, want to come over for refreshments. You accept and we walk to my place.

We enter my kitchen, put our bags on the table and I offer you a drink, but before the fridge is opened we are embracing, leaning against the sink, arms squeezing tightly, mouths impatiently searching. Your mouth leaves mine and you kiss me on the neck, breathing deeply of my scent as I inhale yours.

I grab at your shirt, damp from the sweat of the sweltering day and slide it up your torso as you raise your arms. The shirt slides up and off your arms as I inhale deeply the pungent scent radiating from your raised pits, fine hair glistening and dripping with sweat. You lower your arms and pull at my shirt and I raise my arms for you to undress Beşiktaş Escort Bayan me, smelling my own pits as you pull the shirt over my head.

The anticipation and the breaking passion has released the exudate in our pits and increased the overpowering pheromones that have blended and envelope us as we thrust our tongues in the others mouth and wrap our sweaty arms pulling each other closer.

You fumble at my shorts as I hold your head in my hands and press you to my lips. I now stand before you naked, clothes strewn about the kitchen as you raise my arm and nuzzle your nose into my damp curly hair. A shiver goes thru me as you slide your tongue over the surface of my pit then latch onto a nipple with your lips and suck. I unloose your heavy damp jeans, they fall to your ankles where you kick them aside. Your briefs contain your straining cock that pushes against mine on the outside as I slip thumbs into the waistband and slide them over your ass and down your legs releasing your hard dripping cock to push against my leg.

You are uncut, the dark pink head of your cock emerging from the dark tan skin that covers it, is dripping pre cum on my leg. As I lean back to enjoy this view, the warm air wafting up between us brings the subtle, musty odor from our crotches. These special scents of passion now merge into a sensual soup of mingled odors that excite our hungers even more as we both slide to the floor.

I put my head between your legs savoring the musty odor of your balls as I take them into my mouth Escort Beşiktaş and taste the saltiness of this hot and humid day. The head of your dick is almost free of the foreskin when I slowly slide it back, releasing a slight smell of smegma. I run my nose behind the head enjoying this most intimate odor of you before spreading the viscous pre cum over the head and shaft and gently stroking your cock.

As you roll the rubber onto my cock, I can feel your mouth following it down the shaft, then sliding back up where you work your tongue on the underside of the head. Your hips undulate as my fingers work your cock and impulsively I start humping your mouth. The tempo rises and we both start dripping sweat onto the kitchen tiles, slipping on the floor amid damp, discarded clothing until that moment when we both gasp and tense our bodies in orgasm.

A spunky stream of cum spurts from your swollen cockhead and lands on you, me, and the cabinet walls while mine fills the condom in your throat. I lie here, sweaty, dripping, exhausted, holding your wilting dick with slippery, sticky, cum all over my hand and face. My head is laying in your pubes and I can smell the slight cumin fragrance still exuding from your crotch.

After catching our breath and drying off with some paper towels, we rummage thru the clothes on the floor and get dressed. You get your groceries from the table and head out the door, getting one last hug and a brief kiss on the way. Although someone near us might still smell our natural fragrance, it has subsided from the height of passion of a few minutes past and is no longer smelled by us. Lust has been sated, there is no need at the moment to broadcast pheromones to potential mates.

But keep your nose open; you never know when or where you’ll have a captivating scent drift by from a passing stranger.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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