Emily’s Home – Ginger’s Out Ch. 03

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*** Week Three ***

I was slinky, sexy and ready for Monday. I think I forgot to mention that I had done some reading over the weekend. I did what the story had mentioned – I ‘ribboned’ myself. What the hell. It hurts no one. Just the walk from my front door to my car left me shivering. Yum! I had the biggest smile on my face and the wettest panties as I walked to my desk. Poor Tammy. She was in a dither wondering who the hell I was. I even asked her if she wanted me to get her some coffee. She nodded, mutely, her eyes saucers. I breezed back and forth from the lunch room.

Kyle called. I heard the surprise in his voice — the offer was $200,000. Cha-ching! “Kyle, two things: Yes, and be sure the agreement includes wording that allows me to change my name to Ginger Butler. Yes I’m sure!” End of call. I turned to Tammy and kissed her right in front of God and everybody! “I’m gonna be divorced soon! Woo hoo!” Her eyes were glazed, the poor thing.

I asked George if I could buy lunch for everybody to celebrate. Yes, tomorrow. Pizza? Subs? I let him decide. He would have his assistant, Jodi, do a quick check and have her place the order. Coolio!

“Thank you George. You are a prince. Be sure to tell Janet I said so.” He smiled.

I called Lily from the conference room. I could hear her mental cash register ring.

“You know Ginger, when this is all over I really must take you out to dinner. I’ll let you know the details of the closing as soon as I have them”. I had a feeling that, if I wasn’t careful, I might be dessert. Oh well.

I sent a text to Nora: ‘$200k.’ Reply: Wow!’

“Tammy, call your hubby and tell him I want to take you to dinner and celebrate.” Saucers.

“Um, Emily, it’s parent-teachers’ conference tonight. I can’t but thanks.” Liar. Whatever.

Rest of the day was great. Ribboned? OMG! Delicious. Here’s the only thing I can think of to describe it — having a finger between ‘those’ lips all day and that finger is also putting pressure on your clit. The ladies room was not private enough for me to risk a spend. I always keep an extra pair of panties in a desk drawer ‘just in case.’ I went out for lunch … umm … I was lunch. I brought my spare pair with me, and after I … um, I left the ‘ripe’ pair between the two front seats. I am blushing furiously as I type — the ‘scent of a woman’ filled the car on the drive home from work. I wondered what the warming lube would feel like … there. Oh lord Ginger, you slut you! Point?

I stopped in at the L Room on the way home … just cuz. Nora and I meant to, right? What the hell. I went by myself. It was a Monday, early, and not too crowded. Every eye in the house turned to stare at the ‘fresh meat.’ Yeah, I get it … I sat down at the bar and ordered a Stoli Rasberi (or however the hell they spell it) and a glass of ice. Young, tall and brown eyed smiled, brought two glasses, poured the vodka, her eyes on me, and filled the other with ice. “You gonna stay, gorgeous? Want me to run a tab?” I smiled.

We’ll see who runs what blondie. I put my hand out. “I’m Ginger.” I squeezed hers as she shook mine to let her know who was who.

“It fits. I’m Candy.” Emily, don’t laugh. Candy? Bambi? Billy? O M G!! I had no doubt her driver’s license was Mary Jane or something.

The music pulsed through my last nerve. It was okay; they were all on edge anyway. My purse was at my feet. My hand was on my drink. I didn’t think I was going to hear a whole lotta Trisha Yearwood here. Carlos Santana – maybe. Perhaps some Rusted Root. Metallica? I mused. Maybe a few from the Boss. Not likely any of these would know who Grace Slick was … their loss. I let the beat pulse as I sipped my drink. I gazed over the room. Nice! I could see how it might be full, wild and hot on a weekend. A stage with lots of speakers — that meant music, fun and women!!

She slinked her way over to me … tall, slender, young. “May I have a seat?” Hmm, a submissive. Let’s play.

“Yes pet, if you ask correctly.” She flushed gorgeously.

“Miss, may I please be allowed to sit?” I smiled.

“Of course pet. And your name would be what?”

“My name is Annie, Miss. But if you prefer, I respond to ‘pet’ as well.”

“Thank you pet. Annie will do nicely — here.” She blushed. “Does your drink need a refill Annie?”

“If Miss would allow … yes please. Thank you.” I snapped my fingers at young, tall and blonde. She came, blushing.

“Pet would like a refill of whatever she’s having, Candy.” She flushed, nodded, and brought the refill. I smiled.

“So, Annie, are you in service to another at this time?” My eyes locked on to hers – very blue.

“No Miss, she had a job transfer and left me behind.”

“Cast you adrift eh?” She blushed and nodded.

“Darling, please be very careful. The world is a … it’s not a nice place. There are those who will hurt you for sport and for their pleasure and not even blink. I’m not one of them. You are so very young and beautiful. Please be careful.” fatih escort I signaled blondie for my check. I didn’t even look — just laid down a twenty dollar bill. “I’m not part of that crowd Annie. But I know some who are … please be safe.” I kissed her tenderly. “I hope you find whatever it is you seek.” I smiled, stood, grabbed my purse, and left. I found Madonna’s ‘Like A Prayer’ on my iPod and played it in the car on the way home. She was so damn good at the Super Bowl. That song moves me to tears every damn time I hear it!!

I’d go back another night. Tonight? Tears poured from my eyes as I listened to Bryan Adams sing, ‘Fine Art of Holding A Woman.’ I needed some supper. I pulled into the first place I saw. Oh my god! Of all the joints in the world … or whatever Bogie said. Emmy! She did a double take. She sort of smiled, grabbed a menu, and took me to a table in a corner. I can’t do this.

“I’ve been thinking about you, wondering if you’d call. How are you? I forgot your name; I apologize.” I didn’t tell you. I smiled, wanly.

“Emmy, life has been a whirlwind. Wanna know something funny? Your name the same as is mine.” She giggled, how cute; no, Ginger, no. “Honey, just bring me whatever the special is tonight please. I’m too tired to care.”

She brought me my Sierra Mist and flounced away fabulously. I had to smile. How cute! She came back with meatloaf, gravy, mashed potatoes. Good lord. I never eat this kind of food and Kathy was … oh god, I ate every bite. She sat across from me. “I’m on my break, if that’s okay.” Uh, sure. The food was devoured. The girl? I don’t think so.

“Emmy, I should have at least called. My world is … to call it a mess would make messes too simple. It’s just not fair to you to start something when my life is so topsy turvy. Please accept my apologies. I do know what it’s like to put yourself out there to someone.” I took her hand and squeezed it.

Her eyes shimmered a bit with tears but she nodded. “Okay, thanks Emily.” I smiled.

“Dinner was wonderful. Thank you Emmy, really.” She nodded, stood up, and left.

I did too … after I paid the bill and left a very generous tip. I wrote ‘Thank you’ and a big smiley face on the check.

I just couldn’t bring her into the tangled web of my life. Oh lord, speaking of tangled — I took a deep breath and dialed. “Mark? Hi. It’s Emily.” Silence. Silence. More silence. “Mark?”

“What is it Emily?” Cold.

“Maybe it’s stupid but I just wanted to call and say hello and … geez, I don’t know. I shouldn’t have done this. I’m so sorry. Bye.” He stopped me.

“No, it’s good to hear your voice.” My eyes filled. “Who is he? Someone you’d known longer than you and me?” Oh my god. Men!

I shook my head. “Mark, the details aren’t important. I just … oh hell, I don’t know, I just felt so lousy I wanted to say hi. And maybe, foolishly, to make myself feel better, hoping you might be okay. I’m sorry; I had such a lovely time with you both times we were together.” And I might be pregnant with our child. No, no, no.

“I’m glad Emily. I thought you had and that was why I was so … confused. Thanks for calling. I’ll be fine, and if it’s okay, I’m going to say goodbye.” He did. Shit!

I closed the door, locked it, and sat. Geez. I shook my head. He is such a nice man and I fucked him and fucked with his head. Brown eyes frowned. Julia? What? She shook her head. (Stop!) I sobbed. Oh my god I miss you. Brown eyes were cold. (Move on.) I nodded. Are you and Sheri okay? Brown eyes smiled warmly. YAY! Thank you, honey, for everything. I slept wonderfully and dream free.

Tuesday — Kathy!! Yay! I caught myself humming in the shower. Are you ready for a good laugh? “Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day.” I swear it’s true. I laughed under the hot water. Whatever! I wore a dress. Which reminds me, after Kyle gives me the check, Ginger is goin’ shopping!!! Yeah baby! I don’t know where but I am buying some new, Ginger-style clothes. I will call Lily. The woman dresses like a sleek, slinky fox. Well hell, she is! So I drove to work, blissfully unaware of anything. I heard the siren behind me. Shit! I pulled the car over, put it in park, grabbed my license and the insurance card, and waited. The police, umm, woman came to the window. I rolled it down.

“Good morning Ma’am. Are you aware you were going forty five in a thirty mile per hour zone?” Damn! I mean, damn, she’s cute! I answered honestly.

“Officer, I have to admit, I was completely spacing out. I had no idea I was going that fast. I feel like an idiot.” I handed her my cards. She smiled. Oh help me! I snuck a peek at the name plate. Her last name is Henry. Yeah okay, I like her hair too — red, strawberry blondish. Couldn’t get more than that with the leather jacket and vest.

“So let me see if I’ve got this right, Ms. Rogers — speeding, reckless driving, going too fast for conditions.” I’m sure I was pale. Please, it’s just a freakin’ speeding ticket. istanbul escort “I’ll be right back.” I watched her walk back to her squad car. You know that feeling? Everyone driving by is staring and you sit, looking down, trying to wish yourself invisible. Instead, I took out my note pad, wrote down my name (she already had that) and my cell and email. I tore the page off. My heart was pounding. Was this just plain stupid? Red came back to the car.

“Ms. Rogers, it seems it’s been quite a while since your last moving violation. I’ll let you off with a warning.” Oh thank you. Absolutely gorgeous blue eyes sparkled. “Please do the other fine folks a favor and pay attention when you drive.” She handed me my stuff. “By the way, was that you I saw at the L Room yesterday?” Thud! I know my jaw dropped. She smiled brightly. “It was my day off and I was there with a friend after she got off work. That young thing you talked to, Annie, shouldn’t be in a club like that. She’s going to wind up with the wrong person.” Pardon me while I faint.

“You saw me with her?” She nodded. “I told her much the same thing.” She nodded again.

“Yeah, whatever you said to her must have stuck. She kept to herself pretty much until she left. You go there much?”

“Um, no, actually it was my first time. It seemed like it has possibilities to be a fun place on weekends.” I made like I was reaching for my notepad and pretended to write. I handed Red the slip of paper. She looked and smiled.

“I’m Mo — Maureen. I saw you look at my name plate. I kind of guessed from that. Maybe I’ll call, Emily. You have a nice day Ma’am.” She smiled again and turned back to her squad. I sat, completely dumbfounded at what had just happened. Oh dear, let me pick my heart and my jaw off the floor of the car and get to work.

Jodi stopped me on my way to my desk. “Lunch is all set up. How do you want to pay?” I handed her a credit card. “I’ll put it on the form and fax the order. It will be delivered a little before noon.” Wow! I thanked her. “No, thank you Emily, this is very nice. What are we celebrating?”

I smiled. “My impending divorce.” Her eyes clouded a bit; oh shit, she’s sort of a newlywed. “It’s okay, Jodi. There’s not a lot of bad blood. I just want it to be over.” I shrugged, smiled and headed to my desk. Hmm, was that a baby bump I saw? I whispered the question to Tammy.

She nodded and whispered conspiratorially, “I think so, but it’s her first so she’s keeping it quiet.” Ahh! Was she having morning sickness? Just then I realized I hadn’t!! My text: No puking. (Subtle!) Reply: Yay! What time is Kathy coming 2nite? Me: Six. BFF: Yay! I grinned. I didn’t think texting was breaking our deal. Nora didn’t seem to either.

I worked. George said corporate was happy with our progress. Good. He mentioned, as he stood at my desk, that if it was okay he would make lunch a working lunch. I thought that was a great idea. It would give everyone in the group a chance to sit together, enjoy some food in a relaxed atmosphere, and get some ideas bouncing around.

Lunch was great … everybody was really juiced and contributed ideas. George, it seemed, was also very pleased and made a point of saying thanking me on behalf of the entire group.

On the way back to our desks Tammy whispered, “Jodi is pregnant. But it’s still a secret.” I smiled. Good for her.

I sent Kyle an email: Any thoughts on when the check would arrive? Tammy and I hummed our way through work.

“Hey, did I mention tonight’s my first night with a personal trainer?”


“Yup, Nora, a girlfriend, has raved about her.” (Wet!) “While we had dinner recently she gave me her phone number. I called her Sunday on a whim. She spent an hour with me and we set dates and times.” Tammy thought it was great.

I told her we’d see. “If I come in tomorrow with a walker …” We laughed.

Jodi stopped by. “Emily, there are leftovers from lunch. What do you want me to do with them?”

“Umm, ask some of the people who have kids if they want them — might make for lunches or whatever.” She smiled and nodded. Tammy smiled and pinched her cheeks. Ah, the rosy pregnant look. Like I would know what that look was.

The afternoon felt like it dragged a bit. I think it was more anticipating seeing Kathy, which, naturally, led me to think about Nora. I missed her terribly. Yes, I had a gorgeous lady cop hit on me — or was it the other way around? How funny the coincidence of her seeing me at my first visit to the club. Hmm, if she does call, maybe I’ll hint at making that where we have our first … date? Nora, are you close to make decision? Confusing? My world was a jumble of people, feelings, and stuff. I kind of like it though. It sure beats the hum drum life I was living with asshole and before Julia. My god, just thinking about her gave me shivers. Then concentrate on your work and get home. I did.

I took a shower. No, I have no idea why. I had a Lean Cuisine and tapped my fingers. I turned taksim escort on the TV and paid no attention to it. What is it? I don’t know. That’s the point. Something is about to pop … I just had that feeling. I don’t know where or who or what. The knock on the door; the tornado that is Kathy blew in, her usual (it seems) bundle of energy. She shrugged out of her coat. She was all ‘trainered’ up. Shh, not a word Ginger! She looked simply gorgeous.

She looked at me, smiled, and said, “Are we ready, Ginger?” I tried not to blush — or stare. I smiled, nodded and stared. She took me through some simple warm ups after asking a few questions about any recent physical activity. Um!

She took me right into some sort of lunge thing. I’ll do my best to explain. On one knee, knees hip distance apart. Lift a leg, place the foot straight ahead of you. Lunge into it, keeping abs tight, chest up, hands on waist, shoulders back – repeat with other leg. Next — one leg at a 45 degree angle, repeat movements while keeping body and shoulders face forward; repeat with other leg. Last — 90 degrees, body and shoulders face forward. Same series with each leg. Confusing? I felt like an idiot. It seemed like so much to remember all at once.

There were a couple of others but I’ll spare you the details. One, however … yum; no wonder Nora was so fabulous in her lovemaking!! Lay on your back with your feet on a couch, chair or table, arms on the ground, next to your body, feet hip distance apart. Drive your hips up — oh honey, yes, please do. Keep your abs tight and your hips high!! Go up and down in a controlling … err, controlled fashion without resting your hips, until your partn … until you have finished your repetitions. Repeat each movement with one leg crossed over the other on the thigh. I’m biting my lip as I write. $50 an hour? Kathy honey, you are solid (liquid?) gold. Wow!! I’m smiling as I write

I have to tell all of you this part … Kathy mentioned that Nora talked a lot about me. There was a little bit of a something in her tone. I tried to keep from crying or smiling. God dammit, my voice caught as I tried to answer. Kathy caught it too. She was too much of a professional to say anything but I saw the shadow cross her face. Oh my god! Is she?

We breezed through the remaining exercises. She was very happy. For a first timer I had done well. Oddly, while I was a bit out of breath and perspiring some, there was no soreness. I just couldn’t keep my balance on one last exercise and had to hold on to a chair. She was fine with it. She wanted me to concentrate on form and motion. She promised me that the strength and balance would come with repetition. I was very glad I had decided to do three times this week. I quickly told her that I would like to do so again next week. She beamed.

A bit embarrassed, I asked, “May I pay you on Thursday?” Not a second of hesitation. I decided to do so in cash. What Uncle doesn’t know, Uncle can’t grab. I hugged her as I thanked her before she left.

Gotta say — the woman knows her stuff. I did four separate exercises in a sixty minute session.

My text: WOW! Reply: 🙂

Tuesday night, my workout completed — what to do? The question answered itself. Lily called.

“Ginger, I know it’s late, but I had a no-show. I have some papers and figures; if you’re not busy, could I stop by?” Of course; I smiled. I would ask her to go shopping. Twenty five minutes later, she knocked. She smiled, as always, and kissed my cheek. I took her coat and hung it up.

In answer to my question, “Yes, I’d love a glass of wine.” I could see her eyeing my clothes. I told her about Kathy’s visit and workout. She was very, very happy. “This will do wonders for you honey. Just wait; it won’t take long for you to feel the changes if she’s as good as you say.” Gawd!

“Lily, I have a question. I admire the fashionable, classy way you dress. When the check comes from asshole would you please go shopping with me?” She kinda choked her wine. Was I serious? “Yes, very much so.”

“You are just too cute for words, Ginger. I’d love to. I know just where to take you!” She began to spread out papers on the table and talk about deals, numbers, and rates. I looked at her again – for the first time. She wore reading glasses and would look over them at me. When she talked about business, her face would flush with excitement about the deal. I had seen another version of that flush. I smiled at the memory. Her enthusiasm was contagious. I was beginning to daydream a bit about being in a house, with my things, and my new life — whatever that was going to be. I leaned, reached a hand to her face, and gave Lily a kiss. It wasn’t too long or too deep, and only a tease with my tongue against her lips, which opened immediately. I pulled away; she looked shocked and surprised.

“I love you too Lily,” with a little bit of a smirk “and it’s not quite unrequited.” She smiled and kissed me back. “May I show you?” She frowned. “Nora is wherever she is. You are here and I asked you to.” I kissed her hot and hard. She just stared. I stood, locked the door, and took her hand. Why was I doing this? Hand on a Bible — I don’t know. I love my Nora. I have no idea what’s going to happen. Tonight, I’m with Lily.

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