Dirty Tales of a Manor Girl Ch. 01

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My family and I have always been very well off with my Father being a Stock- broker and my Mother in the fashion industry we were definitely not short on money. We all live together in our Stately home ‘Lilyfort Manor’ amongst the English countryside with beautiful gardens, wine cellar, stables and our own forest which we use for firewood in the winters. It really is a lot of fun.

I know, I know what you’re thinking ‘What a rich snob!’ But really I’m just like everyone else struggling with what to do in life and most of all love.

Although we live in grandeur and I can pretty much have anything I could wish for, one thing I haven’t been able to obtain is a long term loving relationship.

I’m only 24 but my parents are the kind that really want me to just settle down and find someone.

I mean so do I eventually, no-one wants to die alone you know. But trust me when I say some men I’ve been with definitely make me think otherwise on the matter, and the ones I do like never seem to stay for more than a month or two. In all honesty instead of trying to find ‘the one’ or just ‘make it work’ I made a New Year’s resolution to have much more fun and live out the ‘bachelorette’s lifestyle experiment a little more and really try to find myself sexually this year. And so far it’s been really working out well.

One Saturday evening it was getting past 10:00 having already knocked down a few white wines over dinner I was already feeling up for a good time.

As Mum and me where clearing up after dinner, I asked her,

“Mum could you ring up for someone to come to the house tonight for me?”

She replied with an endearing smile,

“Sure darling I’ll sort it, what’s it for this time? Sex I presume? “

“God YES! I need someone tonight I’ve had such a rough day. Shannon at work made me come up with new designs for her handbag line that’s coming out. I was only supposed to work on emails today. She really loves to take advantage of the interns.” I sighed remembering the stress Shannon put me through.

“Oh Elly I’m so sorry I’ll speak to Shannon on Monday.” Mum replied with a guilty tone in her voice.

“You know what she’s like when I’m not around she gets a bit of a power trip and starts taking advantage. But let’s forget about all that now. What time would you like me to organize the guests for?”

“Ummm about 11.30 would be great. Thanks Mum.”

“Your welcome sweetie anything for my only daughter!” She exclaimed giving me a hug to cheer me up.

“Your growing up so fast, working and nearly finishing your intern position with my business, it only seemed the other day we were celebrating your 18th.”

“I know its crazy. Thanks again for letting me work with the business Mum, I know you were worried about me cause I never know what to do with myself but I think this is gonna work out ok. “

“Ah your görükle escort bayan welcome sweetheart. You’ll do great I just know it. So, how about another wine to celebrate your first week as an intern?”she said pointing to the mini wine cellar hidden amongst the alcove in the wall.

“Oh go on then one more Isn’t going to hurt, I guess,” I said as she poured me and herself another large glass of Sauvignogn Blanc.

“Now you’ll be sensible tonight with your guests, won’t you? I know u like to have fun, but I don’t want you getting into any trouble,” she said whilst poking my belly.

“GOD MUM! Don’t worry I’m not going to get knocked up! We’ve gone through this before I always use protection. If your still that worried about me getting pregnant just ring in for some girls,” I laughed jokingly and walked away leaving my Mum looking a little shocked at my suggestion.

So off with my wine in hand I headed upstairs to my private apartment to relax and get ready for later.

Normally I would order some escorts or ring up some old mates myself, but we are such an open family when it comes to sex that when I’m feeling lazy I have no qualms asking Mum to organise things for me, she’s always been great with people on the phone anyways.

Its funny when I think about it, I literally have sex on tap in this house all I have to do is ask for it and it will come…with me included! It seems the more sex I’ve been able to have recently the more I crave, it’s an insatiable hunger that has to be fed every day now. It was definitely becoming a habit and not a bad one at that. Tonights fix couldn’t come any quicker… I was positively starving.

As I entered my apartment to wait for whoever would arrive, I wondered who Mummy would have picked for me, would she pick from my extensive close contact list or find someone completely random. I didn’t know and I liked it that way, surprise encounters where half the fun. Somedays it would be a guy I’ve never seen before or a long term on and off lover. Whoever was available really.

Sitting on my four-poster bed I got undressed and into something more comfortable, lit up a cigarette and thought back to the countless men that had been with me in this room and all the naughty things we would get up to.

Although my parents know I’m not innocent any more they’d be downright shocked at what goes on up here. I’m forever thankful I have the entire top floor of the manor to myself. No one can hear a thing! So my partners and I can be as loud as we want which is so liberating.

Thinking about it, I could literally write a book and possibly a few sequels about all the sexual encounters I’ve had up here maybe I’d call it something like “Dirty Tales of the Manor Girl” or “Diary of a Slut…” I giggled to myself whilst taking another draw on my ciggy, saying to myself, “God bursa otele gelen escort their awful titles!”

As I continued to pace my bedroom killing time I lit up yet another smoke, popped on some Depeche Mode and wandered over to my floor length windows that were dressed with dark red velvet curtains. My decor had turned slightly Gothic recently anything vampy and sexy I was totally into.

Looking out of my window and leaning up against the soft curtains into our gardens below I spotted our gardener tending to a beautifully laid flower bed late into the night. Mum must have given him a lot of workloads to finish today.

His name was Vincent, and he had recently been head-hunted via my mother for his exquisite landscaping expertise all the way from France. He’d been at the house a few months now, but we’d never spoken only passed each other here and there in the gardens and expelled pleasantries.

I could tell he liked to watch me as I went for my morning runs round the property as I caught him a few times staring at me whilst I stretched my legs or took a short break, this actually encouraged me to exercise more often outside. I loved the possibility that I was being spied on from afar.

As I looked down upon Vincent working up a sweat in amongst the bushes my eyes widened and I bit my lip at the thought of him being with me. French accents always turned me on. Although I was allowed anyone I wanted from outside I was prohibited to have relationships with our staff otherwise my sexual privileges in the house would be taken away from me. A stupid house rule I did not favor. But ‘rules are rules’ as my Mother always cited annoyingly.

I continued to watch him bend and lay bark chips on the floor of the flower bed with the rain beating down on his now soaking wet shirt, I started to touch and caress my body through my black sheer bodysuit I’d put on, which had the highest swimsuit cut making my legs look extra long. Running my hands over my thighs and up to my breasts I rubbed and squeezed my nipples till they were hard and visible through my skin tight suit. Vincent, on the other hand, had stopped what he was doing for a minute and was just standing around de-clinging his wet shirt from his muscular body and pushing his long hair behind his ear. It was too much and tipsy me couldn’t control or help myself.

So I banged on the window pane three times to get his attention. He immediately looked up at me, and his mouth fell open at the site of me, I imagine from where he was I looked pretty much naked, but slowly he closed his mouth and broke a smile that had me feeling weak and got my heart racing. I continued to touch and feel myself up, but now with our eyes locked with each other. Smiling back I ran my hands over my hips and down to my inner thighs moving my bodysuit to the side bursa escort bayan to get access to my pussy which was now warm and wet. I started to stroke my clit collecting up all the wetness that had gathered before slowly entering a finger.

By now he was just gawking at me and getting agitated looking around in case someone saw him not working for too long.

I slowly started to finger myself in and out, so he could take every last bit of me in gradually getting faster I could feel myself getting hotter. I quickly removed my finger before I got to needy and popped it into my mouth tasting and sucking off my juices teasing him by continuing to stare at him intently.

Now he had lowered his hand onto his now bulging jeans, and we both cracked the wickedest smiles enjoying our little game I had initiated. Then his eye contact wavered, and he suddenly spotted someone walk from the entrance of the house, and he hurried back to work looking flustered and embarrassed. It was the staff manager ‘Helena’ a very prudish matronly woman who kept everyone employed at our house in line. She shouted at Vincent to keep working and then continued to stand just below my window looking around to see what Vincent was so completely entranced by. I sensed her about to look up and spot me in a very compromising position, so I hid behind the curtains. Waiting a few moments my heart rate going a mile a minute, I peeked, and she had gone thankfully but Vincent was still looking back up at my window whilst blindly making a mess of the flower bed arrangement. I giggled to myself, closed the curtains over and decided to prepare for my soon to arrive visitors. I’ll get back to Vincent another day I thought.

Walking into my en suite I looked at my reflection in the floor length mirror, my slim, petite figure really did look good in the sheer bodysuit and my nipples were still erect. I decided to put on a pair of black thigh high stockings the ones with the pinup stripes on the back of the legs followed with a pair of black heels to make me as tall as I could get. Sadly I had not been gifted with the tall gene but a lot of men seemed to love a smaller girl anyways so its not too bad. Deciding to keep my hair wild, messy and disheveled I thought I’d just add a sheer lip gloss and some mascara to my face. I was now ready for whoever was to come through my doors.

After perusing through some fashion magazines on my bed for 5 minutes, I received a knock on my door. My heart rate immediately quickened and I started to feel a bit nervous as I went to see who had turned up. Looking through the spy hole in the door I noticed not one figure but two, and they were women! Both standing and waiting chatting happily amongst each other dressed in long coats. One was in red heels and carrying a bag the other in platform boots.

I was shocked and didn’t quite believe that my mother did actually end up hiring girls let alone two of them. I’d never been with a woman before but have always had crushes on them, and I’ve never been confident enough as I am with men to act on my feelings. Although nervous I was still pretty excited to finally see where my fantasies would lead me. It was gonna be an entertaining night for sure…

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