Daughter Joins In, Brings a Friend

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Suzanne and I had been living together comfortably for about six months when my world was turned upside down. I had met Suz through a friend, we’d fucked like minx for three weeks before deciding that the best approach would be to live in the same home. It was perfect.

We had a completely open relationship. Totally and completely open. She would often bring home a date, either male or female, and I’d often participate, or not even notice their presence beyond a mere introduction. I’d bring home any female I’d like and Suz approached her the same way: sometimes she joined in, sometimes she filmed, sometimes she watched, and sometimes she kept reading, or folding laundry, or getting her work done. It was perfect I tell you.

Sex was always on the horizon. We started out wearing provocative clothing around the house and pool, but soon shed those for the purely naked approach. We had towels stored around the house so that furniture would not need washing as often as she found my prick and I found her pussy willing for a hand job or a blow job. Anything might get it going: the provocative dance of the cheerleaders during a football game, the intense scene of a movie we were watching, the diet Coke ad that showed the well muscled male got her hot enough to need a blow job of her own right then. I gladly complied. We just got to the point where clothes at home were not necessary.

All of this worked great. Until her 18 year old daughter moved in. She had just graduated from high school. She had lived with her ex-husband until that point, an arrangement they’d made some years before. But he was moving with a job transfer that he could not delay any longer. Trisha would be going to college soon, so she needed a place for the summer. I volunteered our place, which mad Suz extremely happy. As a high school teacher, I understand teenagers. I got a special blow job after sharing with her the news. Little did I know the blow jobs she had in mind.

Tris changed a lot fast. We had gotten use to using no clothes. That had to change. I’ve kept my 45 year old body in fantastic shape. I lift weights regularly and am proud that I’m often confused for a 30 year old. Although I immediately starting wearing shorts, I had trouble with the shirt. Tris didn’t. That is, she had no trouble with me going without a shirt. That should have been a clue for me. It wasn’t and I’m glad I missed it.

Tris was subtle for a little while. At first, it was small things like pulling her towel up just high enough so that I could see her round, firm ass as she moved from the bathroom to her own room after a shower. Or when she “accidentally” left the door open and dropped her towel as I walked by. I got a glimpse, of course, but I quickly and deliberatetly turned my eyes away. She saw both: that I had seen and that I had tried to avert. Her perfectly toned body was rather hard to turn away from. But I knew that Suz had limits and I did not dare upset the balance of what we’d established. Shows you what I know!

She became bolder. One evening, as Tris was preparing to go out, I could hear a discussion in her bedroom with Suz. I was in the living room reading. The two of them came stomping into the living room, Tris with her hands on her hips that were barely covered by the skirt she was wearing. It was prick teasingly short and my wide-eyed reaction was probably just what she wanted.

“Sean, we are trying to determine which is the hottest skirt and I need a male’s opinion. Mom gave me some advice, but she’s not a man. Could you help us out,” she demanded.

“If you are asking me if I think that skirt is appropriate, I’d say no. It’s dangerously short and I can’t imagine any guy thinking about you as a person when he sees you in that. Of course, you look terrific in it. Just too terrific,” I said, hoping to assuage the mom that was surely wanting a more moderate attire.

Suz chimed in, “See, what did I tell you. It’s hot enough.”

I shook my head. “What did you say? Enough?”

“Yes, the one she wants to wear is even shorter,” Suz complained.

“How is that possible?” I marveled.

“Now see Mom, he’s wondering, and that’s just what I want!” Tris chirped.

“She wanted to wear this one,” Suz stated, as she held up an even smaller piece of fabric that could not have contained Tris amazing and powerful hips. My eyes staggered.

“I don’t think that would even cover you up, Tris,” I tried to plead with her.

“It’ll cover up as much as I want it to,” she protested. “Just look.”

It was at this point that Tris demonstrated that she wasn’t actually wearing the first skirt. She was merely holding it in front of her. I had tried not to look too closely, for obvious reasons. But Tris left out all doubt when she dropped the skirt on the couch and demanded, “Let me have that one Mom!”

She was wearing a tiny, practically see through g-string. The small patch of fabric on the front was so slight that it barely contained her pussy hair. In fact, some were escaping the confines of the fabric. As she turned to get the Mecidiyeköy Escort skit, Suz was not shocked at all as her daughter revealed her nearly naked ass to me. When Tris turned to get the skirt, I could see the g-string was struggling to control itself on the back side of her ass. The book I had dropped onto my lap stirred a bit. I was glad at that point that I’d chosen the larger volume, since it masked the enlarging volume of my cock. I thought I noticed a slight smirk as it seemed that Tris caught site of the slight movement of the book.

“What about this one?” Tris demanded. It was so slight, so small, so little to it that I could not imagine how she would keep her ass from showing, unless she froze herself to a stool and stayed put the entire night. I could see that the folds of her behind would easily show each time she moved. Never mind what would happen when she started gyrating and pulsating on a dance floor. But I guess that’s what she wanted.

I tried to look away, a bit embarrassed by what I’d seen, and what I was thinking. The book moved a bit more and both mom and daughter took note of it.

“Ye, ye, yeah, that one’s definitely hotter,” I stuttered as I grabbed the book to hold it still.

Tris bent over and kissed me on the cheek. “Thanks Sean, you’re the best,” she said. She dropped the skirt from in front of her cunt and I tried to avert my eyes again. She reached over to the couch to pick up the other skirt and extended her tanned ass cheeks in my direction. I could hardly miss seeing it then. Only a firm resolve to keep the book from jumping kept it in place.

“Well, he’s a man and you’ve gotten his approval. So who I am to stand in your way,” Tris resigned as her daughter sauntered back to her room, with no attempt to cover her ample butt. Tris leaned over, gave me a good, firm kiss on the lips. As she did, she slid her hand under the book and got a firm grip on my engorged prick. “And I’ll take care of that in just a few minutes,” she cooed. I was stunned. I did not want her to think that her own daughter was turning me on. I could not imagine that she’d approve of this. Oh, was I to find out very soon.

Soon Tris sought my approval of many outfits. At first, I did not want to involve myself, but since Suz did not seem to mind and Tris was just too demanding, I relented. She always played the same game with me. Cover up with the clothes, then drop them to reveal herself in the tiniest panties, the sheerest bras that practically showed me every inch of her ample boobs. The first few times, she did this with Tris in our presence. Tris made no attempts to scold her daughter for her exhibitionist displays, so I got used to it. When Tris asked for my opinion, even when her mom was not around, I tried to keep my own raging hormones to myself. I probably should have been a bit more moderate myself, but I didn’t.

One night, after Tris had left for the evening and had left me standing at attention,

Suz came to the couch, pulled my shorts off and starting working on my knob. First she was sucking my cock, licking it around the head and sliding her tongue down the length of its shaft. She was good at keeping me hard a long time before I spilled my powerful seed, and I was enjoying the treatment. Then she decided to slow it down a bit with by using her talented hand. She tickled my prick with her powerful fingernails, gently brushing the underside of my dick with the back of her nails. I was on the verge of exploding, but she held me right there.

“Do you want to blow your load,” she purred into my ear, her tongue tickling my ear as effectively as she’d done my cock a moment before.

“Oh dear god yes. I don’t know how I can take another moment.” I practically screamed. My prick felt tighter and more constricted than ever.

“Good,” Suz said. “Now lean back, close your eyes, and let’s see how long I can keep you right there, just on the edge of a powerful explosion.”

I knew that Suz would never tease me, and not please me eventually, so I relented. Even though every muscle in my body was tensed and focused on expelling the juice that had so backed up in the head of my dick, I sat back and did as I was told.

“Take it like a man,” she playfully entoned.

She kept me in that state for what seemed like hours. I laid my head back and enjoyed the massage. Every few seconds, I felt the gentle brush of her fingers on my aching cock. It was a pleasure beyond any treat she’d given me.

“I know that Tris has been a little prick teaser towards you and I’m sorry,” she confessed. “But I can tease your prick so much better than she can. Do you like the way I tease it?” She leaned over and gave it an easy lick.

“Oh, yes you do great blow jobs and hand jobs,” I said. “I guess I can take Tris teasing, if you can do the pleasing,” I scaringly tried to acknowledge. I wasn’t sure if I should say that much, since it was telling Suz that Tris was having that big of an effect on me. I wanted to see her reply, so I opened my eyes to gauge Mecidiyeköy Escort Bayan her reaction.

When I looked up, there was Tris, standing and watching every move we were making. I quickly grabbed a blanket and covered myself.

“How long have you been standing there?!” I nearly screamed, looking sternly at her and sheepishly at Suz, at the same time.

“Oh, a long, long time. Certainly long enough. Which I would say is the operative word here. Long.” Tris was at it again, but this time much more direct.

I looked at Suz to determine if she thought something was going on. It wasn’t. I would not cross that line, yet I’d doubted if Suz would believe me. When I sneaked a look at Suz, her face was a mystery to me. She was not angry. She didn’t even register shock. If I didn’t know better, I would have guessed that she had seen her daughter’s entrance before I had and she had heard much of our conversation.

My cock was still in rabid attention, covered over by the blanket now, that made it look like a tent. There was no point in trying to push it down.

“Mom, I came back to tell you that I’ll be a little late tonight. There’s a movie we want to see it and doesn’t start when I thought it did. I know how bitchy you get if I don’t come home when you want,” she smirked. She put a little too much emphasis on the word come for the use of her sentence.

“You will come when I tell you to. I mean, come home when I tell you to,” Suz replied, using the same emphasis and a slight smirk.

“Now Mom, we decided this before. As long as I tell you, I can come and go when I please. Or just come, and not go, as long as I let you know in advance. So, I’m letting you know,” she turned with a whirl, pulled her skirt up and slapped herself on the ass as an insult to her mom. She was wearing, of course, another slight, tight, g-string and there was little hidden there with her body.

“That girl,” said Suz, as she removed the blanket and returned to my cock. “She’s just so wild, I don’t know what to do with her.” Her smile betrayed something that I could not detect. I wasn’t trying to detect too much at that point. Her new attentions to my cock made me simply want to blow my load. I did so quite quickly, spewing my load all over my prick, down along my balls, and even some ran down into my ass. Suz cleaned it all up with her tongue, gave me a big smile and was terrifically happier with herself than I thought she had right to be. After all, I was the one whose shattering orgasm had just included her daughter.

I wasn’t sure what had just happened to me. But I was soon to find out.

It was a couple of days later and I was laying out by the pool, working on my tan. Suz was at work, Tris was gone with a friend and I’d had the place to myself. I’d started to go native again, but was afraid that Tris could pop in at any time and that would be a problem. I was wearing my briefest g-string that I’d decided was more appropriate for a house with an 18 year old living for the summer. It’s fairly sheer, but does cover up some.

The phone rang. It was Tris. She wanted to know if her and a friend could come over and lay out by the pool. I started to say no, but didn’t want to hurt her feelings. She had asked and the least I could do was say yes. I’m not sure how if I was glad. Read on and you can decide for yourself.

When they got out to the pool, they were both dressed to thrill. Tris had brought her friend Amanda, a recent high school graduate and her soon-to-be roommate in the fall. Both of them had the bearest of bikinis on. Tris top cover her ample areola, but that was about it. Amanda’s did little more than that. Both of their g-strings were terribly small and tight. As they each took a chair over the other side of the pool, I gave them a minimal greeting, if only to keep from staring and to keep my cock restrained from breaking the fabric of my suit. It was stirring far too much, and I’m afraid its movement was not lost on Tris.

She was not letting me get off that easy. Or, is it, not letting me get off that quickly. Either way, she immediately made her move to get me off.

“Rub some suntan lotion on us, please Sean,” she said as she came back over. “We have so many hard to reach places and a man’s touch on those spots is just the best,” she purred as she shook her hips, leaving me little doubt which spots she needed the most.

“I think it might be best if I just keep my hands to myself,” I heard myself say. Why did I say it like that? I wondered. What must she think that I’m thinking? She heard exactly what she wanted to hear and she grinned as she turned her gorgeous ass into my face and walked back over to the lounger where Amanda was relaxing.

“Have it your way,” she chuckled.

“My way” turned out to be a much worse idea. When Tris got to Amanda, she ordered her to lay on her stomach while Tris rubbed in the oil. Rubbed in is probably way too mild of a term. If I’ve ever heard of tanning oil as orgasmic, between these two it was.

“Rub Escort Mecidiyeköy it into my shoulders, Tris. Ohhhh, yesssss, that feels so great. Rub it harder, harder, harder. Oh god, you are great at that. Cover my ass with the oil on your hands. Yes, rub deeper, deeper. Oh, god your hands are so powerful. You make me quiver with excitement each time your hand goes down there,” was Amanda’s way of punishing me for refusing their offer.

It worked. The punishment was much greater, as this kind of interchange went on for several minutes. I did not dare look in their direction, for I’m sure they were posturing as if they had an audience. But the verbal work they were doing was far more than necessary to strain the fabric of my shorts. Did they know how they were torturing me? It turned out, they knew exactly what they were doing, and they were loving every minute of it.

I started to leave the pool deck, but I thought that might give in and tell them they had won. I wasn’t trying to be stubborn or anything, but I didn’t think that was the best move for me at that time. I’m surprised that I didn’t leave right then. Although Suz and I would never get married, I did respect her enough to keep myself from her daughter. I knew that I didn’t want to mess that up messing around with some high school prick teaser who enjoyed showing her body had power over some older male’s dick. I determined to wait her out. This was a bad move. A bad move that was way too good.

They finished the oil treatment and let me rest in peace for a few minutes. I almost thought they’d had all their fun when they both came sauntering over to my chair and announced that they’d had a disagreement and needed me to settle it.

By now, my prick had moved back down to a manageable size. Just seeing these two beauties in such tiny bikinis got the juices flowing again, a bit. But not enough for them to notice. I had it under control.

“I say that Amanda’s bikini is more sexy and she says that she thinks mine is. We are going to the lake on Saturday and we aren’t sure if we have got our bodies ramped up enough to wow the guys. So, whose bikini is more sexy: mine or Amanda?” At that point, I think my dick gave up hope of resisting. But me, I was stronger than that dammit, and I was not going to let this little bitch get to me.

“Well, I’m not sure that I can really say-“

“Well what if we turn this way, or we do this…” at which point both of them started into the most sexy poses they could think of. Tris shook her tits with a force so strong, it was a miracle of modern day fabric they stayed in. Amanda turned her butt sideways and gave me the full picture, a picture that looked like she was wearing nothing at all. They both arched their hips from one side, then to the other. Then they both stood with their legs spread and were about to bend right over, when I tried to stop the torture.

“This is really, really hard for me to say,” I stuttered. Then I wondered what had possessed me to use such language. Tris pounced on it.

“Oh, it’s hard. Really, how hard is it,” she purred, and she pulled her arms into squeeze her giant tits together, which along with the sun tan oil, made me think of just how wonderfully my dick would like to slide in between them at that point. My cock jumped to life even further and taller than it had been before.

I think Tris could tell what I was thinking, and she stepped closer to my cock and squatted down, as if she was going to slide her tits right on top of my rod, shorts and all. She stopped just short enough to give me the idea, but not get make her intentions too clear.

“I hate it when things are hard,” she resumed. “I’m so good at making hard things soft, aren’t I Amanda?”

“Hey, don’t you take all the credit there. I can take the hardest thing on the planet and get it soft in no time flat, too, you little bitch,” cried Amanda. I’d thought maybe they were going to argue about it, which would take Tris attention off me. No such luck.

“Yeah, I guess we are both pretty damn good when it comes to making hard things go soft. Can you share your hardness with us? We’d be glad to lend a hand? Or any other part that’d be necessary. We can wrap our hands around it, get a firm grip on that hard thing and pretty soon it’ll come out soft and happy,” she said, as she gestured her hands over top of my cock, high enough in the air to make it look respectable, but near enough to me to make me squirm.

I tried to recover. “No, I don’t think you see my point,” I began, but just as soon knew I’d given away my growing desire for these two vixens. Tris’ eyes lit up at my word choice, and did not miss a beat.

“Oh we see your point quite clearly, thank you. Your point is practically right in front of us. We can tell exactly what point you have. I think we understand the point, we see the point, you might even say the point is standing up and telling us exactly what we should do,” said Tris. “What do you think about his point Amanda?”

“Oh, I can see his point. I like seeing his point. I’d just like to get to know that point a little better. I’m guessing that point of his could really fill me up inside. I’ll bet that point will give me what I need to know about whose bikini is more sexy. I’ll just bet I could wrap myself around that point and then I’d really know what’s coming soon,” said Amanda.

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