Date Night Switch

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No one captivated me more than my wife, Ann. After three years of marriage, she is still the sexiest girl on the planet, in my estimation, especially considering the sexual experimentation we opened ourselves up to in the past year. Sex was and still is pointless unless my wife is deriving at least as much pleasure as I am from the experience.

We both know I would be lying, however, if I said Ann was the only girl who had my attention, and we have both decided we are OK with it. No, I’m not that jerk that flirts with anything wearing a skirt. In fact, I barely notice most other women. There is actually only one other girl who captures my attention in a way I cannoy deny, and it is really only because that woman is my wife’s own sister, Brittany.

The attractiveness of Brittany, my wife’s younger, shorter sister, was never lost on me, but it wasn’t until the past year that she took up permanent residence in my head – and it was all Ann’s doing, by the way. In initiating our decision to test the boundaries of sexuality within a healthy marriage, Ann had invited her sister to join us in a threesome one night. While I chose not to join myself to Brittany in an intimate way, seeing her naked, especially while she was having sex with my wife, forever sealed the young lady in my mind. From that day forward, I couldn’t effectively get my sister-in-law, her sizable rack or bare round ass out of my thoughts. It eventually culminated this past summer when Brittany’s husband and I agreed to swap our wives, allowing me to release my lust and have exceptionally hot sex with my wife’s sexy sister.

Having that experience, which we all agreed at the time would be a one-time thing, did satisfy my urge for a little while. However, within a couple months, I couldn’t help but notice how good Brittany looked in her sexy sundresses and cute shoes – and Ann couldn’t help but notice the monster she created. Before long, there was no point in hiding the fact that I would enjoy another run with my wife’s little sister.

Thankfully, Ann didn’t mind. If it had been any other girl, it would have been a different story, but she actually sort of welcomed my attraction to Brittany, who was in many ways Ann’s closest female friend. Beside, Ann was enjoying the different sexual escapades we were experimenting with in our third year of marriage as much as I was, and it wasn’t fair to include other men and not at least one other woman. That woman might as well be her sister instead of some skank.

While I told myself it was for the best that Brittany not be involved in another one of those exploits, I couldn’t stop thinking about that fun afternoon I had spent with her this past summer or the erotic adventure we had last year. Thing started to progress toward the end of the summer, beginning when Ann and I were moving into our new house. Brittany had come over to help briefly before going to some sort of party. There was something about the way she looked in a tank top and shorts that just grabbed my attention and wouldn’t let go. While I think the other helpers didn’t suspect anything, it was painfully obvious to Brittany and Ann that I was thinking about fucking my sister-in-law again.

Brittany had plans for later that night, so she had to leave around the time the rest of us were winding down and eating pizza. Once the helpers began to head home, I left my wife at home so she could put our daughter to bed while I completed some errands that are always inevitably necessitated once you begin to settle into a new house. When I returned, all our other friends had vacated the premises and one had returned: Brittany.

Brittany had come back over following a party she had been to in order to help my wife with arranging some of the bigger furniture. I joked with them by asking what they had been up to, as my mind couldn’t help but wander in that direction, given our history. Both girls giggled and didn’t deny that there had been any fooling around, but I’m sure they were just teasing me.

Speaking of teasing, Brittany was doing a very good job of that at the moment. The workout clothes she had worn before had been traded in for a short skirt and sleeveless Avrupa Yakası Escort blouse. Her hair, which had been in a ponytail when she had been helping us move, was now hanging loose. She was looking irresistibly sexy, and she didn’t make it any easier to turn my attention away from her by the way she was lying on our couch, her legs straight out to her side, her skirt up just enough to give me a slight glimpse up toward that sweet spot I had conquered just a month ago. The way she continued to move and pose on that piece of furniture had me convinced she was trying to tempt me. I wasn’t able to get her out my head the rest of that night. I even had trouble sleeping.

Not long thereafter, I found out that Brittany had indeed been teasing me on purpose. Even more, the girls had originally considered surprising me with a threesome that night, but Ann was much too tired after a fast-paced evening of moving to muster the energy for such a special session. Once again, we decided it was for the best that it didn’t happen.

At some point between then and the middle of October, the sisters changed their minds again. One Friday morning I woke up to a text from Brittany confirming dinner plans for that night with her, Jack (her husband), Ann and me. I knew nothing about it, but Ann told me to respond in the affirmative. I figured it was just to celebrate that Brittany had gotten a new job and that everyone would be there. I didn’t know it just yet, but it was the beginning of the most memorable week or so of my life.

We arrived at the restaurant that night, and I was surprised to find out that it was just the two of us couples and not the whole family. Brittany looked fantastic, of course. Honestly not as good as Ann, though. The difference was I could have my wife whenever I wanted. Brittany, on the other hand was in reach, unlike 99 percent of other men with a hot sister-in-law, but still just out of my grasp.

I didn’t even notice the girls smirking at each other after we finished our meals. It wasn’t until we were putting our coats on that Brittany said, “Which one of us do you want to take home?” with a grin. Ann’s face turned red and she urged her sister to be quiet, citing that there were other people around us. We began to hastily make our way to the door, but I wasn’t willing to take the risk that an opportunity might fall through the cracks.

“Wait,” I said as we walked out of the restaurant, “what was that you said?” Jack was equally intrigued. As well known as my little crush on Brittany was, it had long since been established that Jack had a thing for Ann – well, obviously, since he fucked my wife the same time I fucked his over the summer.

The girls revealed at that point that they thought it might be fun to do something wild before Brittany entered the workforce again next week. Apparently an all-out foursome was discussed, but we all knew Jack wasn’t as over the discomfort of performing with another man around as I was, and we didn’t want anyone left out. Instead, the girls said they would be going each to her respective home right now, and who took them there was up to us.

We didn’t need to justify what happened next. We all were on the same page and would all have a great time tonight. When we swapped in July, yes, it was a little awkward afterward, but we thought the discomfort there was due to the fact that it all happened under the same roof. This time it would be in separate houses a few minutes away. Soon, my cock was rock hard and my heart was fluttering as I held my car door open for Brittany and proceeded to escort her to her house. Jack and Ann had already left, and I was OK with the fact that another man would ravage my wife today without my being there. It was a fair trade for one night.

It was weird following Brittany into her house just the two of us so late at night. As she led the way up the stairs, it took me back a few months ago to when I had followed her to the second story of her father-in-law’s summer home. She then directed me to the bedroom while she stepped into the bathroom. “Make yourself comfortable,” she said nonchalantly, as if we were just hanging Avrupa Yakası Bayan out.

Several minutes later, Brittany emerged from the adjacent bathroom and walked into the bedroom, a grin across her face and red lingerie on her short, slender, toned frame. The dim light illuminated her light tan flesh in a very sexy way. “Why are you still dressed?” she asked me. She posed a good question, and I addressed it immediately, in just enough time for her to join me in the bed.

We were both happily married individuals, so this night had nothing to do with romance. We didn’t make out or anything like that to get started. I must admit, I really did want to kiss her but resolved not to. We just got right to it. I pulled the straps down on Brittany’s lingerie as we knelt on the bed in front of each other, causing her ample boobs to fall out for me to see for the third time in my life. I couldn’t help but dive right in, first sucking on her nipples, taking turns with each and then gently laying Brittany on her back as I straddled over her, her head near the footboard of the bed and her lingerie now pulled down to her belly button. With a wide smile on both of our faces, I placed my full erection between those lovely breasts, which Brittany pushed together as I began to thrust back and forth between them.

Moaning and cursing, I tit-fucked my sister-in-law on her bed while she smiled up at me. It took a lot of self-control to keep a slow and steady pace. The arousal I felt from this situation was indescribable, but I needed to hold it together so I could continue to really enjoy this rare occurrence. After a couple minutes, I pulled away and lay on my back while Brittany sat up and pulled the lingerie off completely, giving me a full view of her entire naked body.

With my still lying prostrate, Brittany slipped her legs out and took my cock between her feet as she held herself up with her arms behind her. Brittany knew I had enjoyed the footjob last time and went ahead with it without saying anything this time. Actually, it hadn’t crossed my mind this time, but I was glad it had crossed hers. I actually felt shivers go up my spine as her cute, pedicured feet slowly slid up and down the shaft of my dick.

I held my head up to watch Brittany’s feet sexily massage my cock, going faster and faster all while that wicked grin was plastered on her face. I moaned and then grabbed Brittany’s ankles, holding on and assisting my sister-in-law as her feet fucked me at a rather furious pace before we were done. I actually ended up pulling back without saying a word, partially to keep myself from cumming prematurely, and partially because I wanted to return the pleasure to my wife’s sister.

I got up, pulled Brittany around and lay her the bed, her head on the pillow. I sucked on her boobs again just briefly before making my way down to her pussy so I could eat her out. Brittany moaned and wrapped her short legs around my head as I held her thighs and explored her insides with my tongue, getting her nice and wet so she was ready to take my cock. In no time at all, Brittany said she was ready and begged me to fuck her.

Then the real pleasure came. I straightened myself out and, with hardly any resistance at all, slid my cock into Brittany’s pussy, sinking my entire length inside her as we both softly moaned. Brittany then reached her arms out as if gesturing for an embrace, and pulled me flat down on top of her as I began to thrust in and out of her. Again, my mind went back to the only other time I fucked my sister-in-law, how I had given it to her hard and fast right from the start, and she took it so well. At this point, the self-control I referenced earlier went out the door as I started to thrust in and out of Brittany as she was pressed against me, her arms and legs holding me in place. This night wasn’t about making love like it usually is with my wife; it was about out-letting months of built-up frustration.

Brittany moaned like a whore as I nailed her faster and faster until I was fucking her as hard as I could, rocking her sexy body, which clung to me as if for dear life. In the heat of that moment, Escort Avrupa Yakası I kissed someone other than Ann since I met Ann. I don’t know what came over me, but I figured if my wife had given me the green light to have sex with her sister twice now, she wouldn’t think much of a little making out during it. Brittany’s hands rode up my back to my neck as she kissed me back, her tongue fighting mine as her legs grew tighter and tighter around me, my cock assailing her constricted pussy. Her cunt felt so warm and wet and wonderful around my throbbing cock.

Brittany writhed beneath me as she took my cock over and over inside her tight twat. I relented only enough to allow her to cum before I did. Brittany pulled away from our kiss only then, crying out and sinking her nails into my shoulders, her heels crushing my waist as she came on my dick, which continued to pump in and out of her. For a faint moment, I considered unloading inside Brittany, but I had the sense to realize what a bad idea that could be.

Once Brittany began to recover from her orgasm, I asked her where she wanted me to cum. As I continued to fuck her hard, she said, “My tits!” I knew it was a question that I would not receive a bad answer for. For the finale, I lifted Brittany’s legs up, resting her ankles on my shoulders as I leaned forward, propping myself up by my arms and folding Brittany a bit as I looked down and watched my manhood plunge in and out of her pussy and her breasts jiggle as I fucked her. I kept on pounding her until my balls were ready to explode, at which point I hurriedly pulled out, grabbed my dick, which was now soaked in my sister-in-law’s juices, and stroked it until it exploded. Brittany kept her ankles on my shoulders and held her boobs together as my semen streaked across those luscious breasts and splattered down to her stomach. Some of it got on her hands and small amount caught her chin. Brittany smiled and squealed as I covered her chest with my cum until I had released every drop.

I collapsed next to Brittany, wanting to kiss her again but I thought better of it. As we cleaned up, I wondered how Jack and Ann were doing. I knew probably wouldn’t talk about it tomorrow (and we didn’t, at least not in detail.) It was sort of the unspoken rule that we didn’t go into specifics. Obviously we all enjoyed it, since we all decided to do it again.

It was so late at this point that we all just assumed the guys would be spending the night with each other’s wife. It was weird falling asleep and waking up next to another woman. I was thankful that Ann was in on all of it. Of course, I would have never gone through with it if she hadn’t been.

Jack had to be up early for work, which meant I did too so there was no awkward crossing of paths. There was just enough time to talk Brittany into a quickie that morning, though. I didn’t expect it but figured it didn’t hurt to pursue. I don’t think it was part of the original plan, but who knew at the time if this sort of thing would happen again?

We were both pretty tired, so it started as just a handjob, which soon turned into a blowjob. It was the first time Brittany sucked my cock, and it was definitely unforgettable. Watching her lick and swallow my manhood like that while her pretty hair hung loose was quite a sight, but I was feeling guilty pretty quickly for being selfish. I suggested we get in the 69 position so we could both enjoy the oral sex, and Brittany excitedly obliged. With her on top and me on the bottom, Brittany’s head bobbed up and down as she sucked my dick while I held her thighs apart, licking and fingering her pussy until we both came. I came first, flooding my sister-in-law’s mouth with my cum but not ceasing from pleasuring her pussy. Brittany swallowed my entire load and then came shortly after that as I licked her straight through her orgasm.

“You swallow, huh?” I said with a grin. “Just like your sister.”

“Stop!” Brittany said with a laugh. It was really time for me to leave now. I actually had to run an errand for Ann anyway, so there was no chance I would bump into Jack at my house before he left. I said goodbye and headed out, finally satisfied after being teased the last couple months. I knew those thoughts would inevitably return at some point, but I was married to the sexier of the two sisters anyway, I thought. Beside, it turns out it wouldn’t be nearly as long as I thought before I would have sex with Brittany again . . . but that is another story.

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