Danielle’s Seduction

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by Danielle Roget as told to BrettJ © 2007


My goodness, that was a night to remember!

Oh, I’m being rude. I’m Danielle. Danielle Roget, some of you might have read the stories of my lovers, Racquel and Zara, in other installments. The three of us, plus our friends Jennifer, Denyce and Tobi, form what we’ve christened “The Stiletto Club”, so-named for our love of sensual footwear.

We love shoes, sexy, provocative shoes. Stilettos. I love the ones with the silver tip. There’s just something about that shiny, metallic spike that arouses me to a fever-pitch.

I’ve been in Über-arousal mode lately, I want sex 24-7. I fucked Greg, the football stud I’ve been dating this past 3 months, into a frazzle the last 3 nights. The poor bastard couldn’t walk straight after I finished with him. I’ve worn out the batteries on two of my favorite vibes and my shower head has gotten quite a work out. My poor little puss has been rubbed raw.

So of course, my main lover, Racquel, has to work late all this week. Sighhh ….

She’s was working tonight until midnight, then meeting Jennifer for coffee and going to Jenny’s to spend the night.

Damn, if I didn’t adore Jennifer so much and she didn’t lick pussy so well, I’d be damned jealous.

Luckily, I was not left to my own devices. Zara lives with Racquel and I and she is almost as adept at pleasuring me as my beautiful Racquel. We’ve been best friends since High School, although lovers only recently. I had a lesbian relationship in the latter years of High School, but she doesn’t know anything about that yet.

Being her sweet, considerate self, Zara called Denyce, our newest playmate, knowing I was enjoying becoming more intimately acquainted with the beautiful, sensual black woman. Between Zara’s sultry, sensuous body and the lithe beauty of Denyce, my body experienced a great deal of lesbian bliss last night.

Sometimes, even moreso than Racquel, Zara can get into these moods. An uncontrollable lust that she has to satiate, now she has Denyce to alleviate it with. She seems to hunger for pussy, to relish the feeling of an aroused cunt, an erect clit, under her tongue. The whole package turns her on, getting dressed in her sexiest black teddy, her spikiest heels, a tiny thong and garters, making a show of it.

She loves it when “her little bitch”, Denyce, comes over in her long trenchcoat and black, spiked heels. Denyce is getting a good read on Zara lately, she teases with a glimpse here, a flash there. Under the coat is a blue or black mesh top, dark cocoa tits with erect pegs for nipples. A smooth, dark tummy, flat and sleek. Tight leather shorts, or sometimes, if really horny, just the barest of thongs. Denyce dropped the coat to the floor, took the somewhat-tinier Zara in her arms and they danced, kissing and nibbling.

I get hot watching them, Zara’s hands sliding over Denyce’s taut ass, her fingers slipping into the recesses of Denyce’s horny cunt. Denyce is the loudest of us all when she cums and Zara knows it.

“You bitch, you wild, fucking bitch!” Denyce hissed as Zara began fingering her while the continued dancing.

“You love it, you dark slut!” Zara groaned. She led Denyce to the bed and spread her out before me, legs splayed, her body shapely and arousing. Zara walked over to me, I was almost panting, they were so sexual.

“Get over there, straddle her face!” Zara commanded and I complied, fast. My tall, blonde body straddled Denyce’s face and I can feel that tongue, that wonderful, eager tongue began licking my spread-wide pussy. It’s hard for me to imagine that Denyce has only been doing it with girls for a few months, she’s so damned good at it. But we found her in a bar, Zara somehow found her true nature. Denyce is almost entirely into women now and she also has a tiny submissive streak that Zara finds very sexy.

I could see Zara’s dark brown eyes dance as she feasted on Denyce’s black muff. It is one of the ways she keeps Denyce in check, we can all make Denyce cum, but not the way Zara can. Zara knows every square inch of her lanky body and just where to touch, to lick, how to play her. With every lick of Zara’s tongue on Denyce’s pussy, my pussy got more loving attention.

I love being eaten. Oral is the best and visual stimulation is second for me. I think that’s why I love shoes, I love the visual of them. I love seeing Zara lick up, up, up Denyce’s long, sleek legs, still in the shoes. Oh, those shoes, they look so hot on her.

Zara seemed to know what I like, she worked her tongue down Denyce’s legs and slithered her tongue over the silver-spike of Denyce’s shoe while she smiled over at me. Zara has the most winning smile, she’s such a honey.

“Oh, fuckkkkkk!” I yelped while I heard the slurp, slurp, lick, lick of Zara’s tongue on Denyce’s pussy. Zara and Racquel both say they love seeing me lose my composure, I tend to be the most “straight” of our loving trio.

I was cumming, gangbusters. My tits were jiggling a merry dance as Denyce continued sucking bursa escort my pussy, Zara was eating and kissing Denyce. Denyce had already had one cum, you can tell, her tummy ripples. Zara would be next, she wouldn’t go unsatisfied.

I moved off of Denyce’s face and kissed her, seeing her beaming face, tasting my own juices. She flipped around and Zara moved to the head of the bed. Denyce buried her face in Zara’s snatch and I ate out Denyce from behind while I licked her ass from time to time. I even slid a finger up her butthole from time-to-time, we recently found out it’s a turn-on for her.

Matter of fact, for her upcoming birthday, Zara’s bought a special, slim dildo she’s going to use to fuck Denyce up the ass. I bet the little bitch will love it.

Zara’s eyes were closed tight, the gentle look she gets when she’s letting go was all over her face. She is one of the prettiest women when she cums, I love that look. I am so glad I gave into the urge to seduce her, so glad my beautiful partner was cool about it.

I’ve been very lucky in my choice of female lovers, going right back to my first one. As my body trembled with orgasm, I thought back to my teenage years.

My Mom and I were sharing a tiny apartment, but we were making do. My father had never really been a presence in our lives, he gave us money every once in a while, but Mom worked full time as a secretary. Her boss was her best friend, my Aunt Gloria – “Glo” we called her — and they ran an upscale lingerie business.

My mother is a truly spectacular, imposing woman. One would say, almost regal. Despite her lack of formal education, she never played the fool. Mom always carried herself with pride. She’s of French extraction and has a definitive, sultry air about her.

She was 39 when I was 18 and looked 29. Mom — Bethany — was tall, nearly 5’9″, taller in heels. She always wore heels, still does. Her hair is auburn and curly, it always shines and it’s long and beautiful, almost down to her buttocks. She has beautiful eyes of emerald green, a beautiful face with high cheekbones. Her smile makes you feel likea million dollars and she smiles a lot. Not an ounce of fat on her body, nor any sag to her breasts.

Aunt Glo was also tall, a fiery redhead. “Zesty” was the word Mom used to say described Aunt Glo. She has perfect white teeth, a great tush, powder-blue eyes and a sweet, heart-shaped face. She’s a bit more curvy than mom, but she has great legs too and wears very sexy, seductive clothing. Aunt Glo delighted in being “girly”.

I love birthdays and am blessed with two partners who remember my birthday and spoil me rotten on each and every one. That tradition started with my Mom, grandparents and Aunt Glo. They tried their best to make each birthday special, even in the lean times.

Prior to my eighteenth, I had been a jeans and Runners kind-of girl. I was already nearly 5’8″ and I had pretty good boobs. I gasped when I saw what Mom and Aunt Glo had bought me.

It was a beautiful ensemble, a nice pair of earrings, a very sexy, low-cut black cocktail dress. Expensive, silk stockings with garter belt. And my first pair of heels, black stilettos with a glimmering, silver tip.

I was overjoyed, but as I was hugging Mom, then Aunt Glo, I exclaimed “But, I don’t have anywhere — or anyone — to wear this for!”

Mom smiled and Aunt Glo got this goofy, lopsided grin. “Well, that isn’t true tonight, hon!” Aunt Glo said. “I’m taking you to La Petite Chou for dinner, your Mom’s going to mind the store for me!”

I clapped my hands together in joy, I adore French food and this restaurant was the top in the city. But that wasn’t all.

“Your mother and I are also treating you to a Spa Day honey, so hurry up and get ready, we’ve got a lot to do today.”

I practically raced upstairs to get ready, shucking off my grubby jeans and putting on an at-least presentable pair. I could hear Mom and Aunt Gloria talking, but couldn’t make out what they were saying. All I knew was, I was on Cloud Nine to be spending time with my favorite person, my Aunt Glo.

I brushed my hair, put on a dab of makeup and descended the stairs. Aunt Glo took my hand and my Mom said “Bye, you two. Have fun and behave!” I could have sworn I saw her wink at Aunt Glo.

The Spa Aunt Glo took me to was owned by a friend of hers, and it was plush, to say the least. I started out with a facial and nearly feel asleep while they were doing it. Next came a hair-wash and trim. Following that, I had a manicure and pedicure, which I’d never bothered with before.

Aunt Gloria told me “If you’re going to wear sexy clothes, including sexy shoes, you should have sexy feet.” Heck, it made sense to me.

The next part wasn’t quite as fun. I had a wax, a Brazilian. Man, did it sting and when it was done, by poor pussy was bald as could be. Aunt Glo, who was having hers done, said it was just cleaner and “things feel so much nicer.” I didn’t ask her what things she was talking about.

We altıparmak escort had a nice little lunch at the Spa, just finger sandwiches and coffee, not wanting to ruin our appetite for our meal. I got dressed after all my prep-work and the look I saw in Aunt Gloria’s eyes made it all worthwhile.

“Wow. Baby, you look stunning. Simply stunning!”

I did look stunning, as I looked in the mirror, I realized that I was truly an attractive girl, made even moreso by the girls at the Spa. Prior to this day, I had felt gawky and awkward, now I realized for the first time that I was a tall, hot, leggy blonde. The dress hugged my ample curves and was cut low enough to show my breasts, now hugged by a lacy black bra. The stockings felt so sexy, so yummy, on my newly-shaved legs and the tiny thong was rubbing my newly-shorn pussy, that also felt kinda nice. I adored the shoes, I kept looking down at them and seeing the tip sparkle in the light. I felt like a woman, not a girl, a hot woman!

The day just got better. Instead of just going to the restaurant in Aunt Glo’s car, she’d hired the loveliest stretch limo. I felt like a Princess, this was an evening that I would not soon forget — and obviously, I haven’t!

I can barely remember the Limo ride to the restaurant, I was so excited. When we got there, they held the door for us, I could feel admiring gazes on me and Aunt Glo. Why not, we both looked great!

Aunt Glo had let her long, red hair fall down and it absolutely shone from all the pampering she got at the Spa. She was wearing a black and white pinstripe suit, obviously tailored for her, the sexy grey silk blouse underneath was almost as low-cut as my dress. The skirt hugged her hips nicely and was short enough to show a goodly expanse of leg, which were in grey silk stockings and stilettos to match. I bet we were the best looking people in the restaurant.

We sure were getting a lot of attention, people were pointing and whispering. I decided to pay them no mind, I was with one of my favorite people in the whole world. Aunt Glo was smart and fun to be with. She even bribed the waiter to pour me some of the wine and we shared a toast to my birthday.

I’d never had wine before and my Aunt Glo told me at over 50 dollars a bottle, this wasn’t one I’d have very often. My eyes went wide when she told me the price, but Aunt Glo told me that this was a special night and having a nice Bordeaux on a special occasion was called for.

The food was amazing. French Onion soup. Crepes with truffles in a white wine sauce. Coq au Vin. I enjoyed every mouthful and Aunt Glo kept sneaking me sips of her wine. I noticed her getting a bit tipsy, but figured, oh, what the hell.

Aunt Glo and I shared a birthday cake, a specialty of the house called Nessel Road Pie, with fruit and liqueurs and other things in it. It was rich and decadent and I loved every bite.

We were both feeling no pain and Aunt Glo was beat. So instead of going of going back to my apartment and waking Mom, my tipsy Aunt suggested we go back to her Condo and I could spend the night there, going home in the morning. It made perfect sense to me, so we got in the limo and headed to her place.

I couldn’t believe this night, it had all been so very magical. Like a dream, a dream I didn’t want to end. When we got back to Aunt Glo’s place, I gave her a big kiss of gratitude. She grinned at me. She gave me a hug and kissed me back, just a peck on the lips. I felt a slight tremble — was it her, was it me? – and we kissed again. This time, there was a bit more pressure. Something was going on. I felt — uneasy, but not in a bad way. Aunt Glo kissed me yet again, but there was no mistake in the intent of this kiss. It was sensual, her tongue slid across my lips and I wanted to kiss her back the same way. So I did, putting all of myself into that wonderful kiss, whimpering ever-so-slightly as I felt her hands cup the cheeks of my ass.

I was frightened for a minute, but Aunt Glo sure knew how to kiss. I felt my senses swim, it was like I was in another dimension. I could feel a slight dampness in my shaved little puss, this was such a tremendous turn-on.

“Afraid, darling?” Aunt Glo asked me, her voice tinged with concern. I looked into her beautiful blue eyes and all of a sudden, all of my fears and doubts were gone.

I kissed her softly and whispered into her ear “No. I want this as much as you do.”

She beamed at me and took my hand, leading me upstairs to her bedroom. It was all so surreal, like it was happening to someone else. I was being seduced by my Aunt Glo, someone I loved. I was going to make love with her, my first sexual experience would be with another woman. It felt right though, I was so over-the-moon about her.

I sat on the edge of the bed and watched Aunt Glo light a few candles on her dresser. The light scent of vanilla wafted throughout the room and she sat beside me on the bed, smiling and holding my hand gently. Unbidden, my hand went to görükle escort her full breast and I cupped it gently as I kissed her again, putting my all into it. She sighed back against me and put her hand over mine as I fondled her tit.

“God, you’re sexy, baby!” she sighed as she pulled away from our kiss. “You’re just a perfect blonde angel!”

“Me? You’re the hottest woman I know, I’ve always wanted to be just like you and have everyone drooling over me!”

Aunt Glo smiled at the compliment. “Then, my angel, I will teach you lots of nice tricks and you will have a wonderful, wild life. Why don’t you take off that sexy dress — slowly darling, that’s trick One!”

I grinned over at her as I stood up from the bed. I made a silly little bump-and-grind motion, letting one strap of the dress fall down, then the other, I moved the tiny little bra aside from my breast. Moving close to Aunt Glo, I offered her my nipple. She took it into her mouth and cool shivers went through me as she licked it, so gently, then nipped it. I moved the bra down and away from the other tit, now both were bare. Aunt Glo nuzzled them gently, then I moved away.

“Danielle, you’re a tease!” she giggled.

“Fuckin’-A!” I grinned back.

I am sure I was shaking, I was very nervous, yet bound and determined to please my sexy soon-to-be lover. I shimmied out of the dress and let it fall to the floor, kicking it to one side with my new stiletto shoes. They caught the candlelight and the silver tip gleamed, they were so fucking sexy! I felt alive, wild, desireable! I could feel Aunt Glo’s eyes boring into me, watching my every move. I shook my ass and pulled the tiny thong off my pussy, round butt and down my long, silk-stocking clad legs. Twirling the tiny thong on my finger, I tossed it to Aunt Glo. She took it, raised it to her nose and inhaled.

“You smell — hot!” she purred — then she licked the tiny thong. Fuck, was this woman sex personified or what?! Aunt Glo reached out for me, but I pulled away, eluding her for the moment.

I went to remove my stockings and shoes, but Aunt Glo wagged her finger at me. “Uh-uh babydoll, leave them ON! Stockings and shoes are sexy, the hottest sex is visual, understand?”

I didn’t completely then, but I do now. I moved back towards the bed and my very-sexy Auntie. She kissed my flat little tummy and I giggled. It felt so nice. Aunt Glo took my hand and sat me down on the bed, standing up and away from me.

“My turn, scrumptious!” she mock-growled.

I was almost sitting there with my tongue hanging out as Aunt Glo got out of her clothes. The suit jacket came off first, her breasts jiggled provocatively underneath the grey-silk blouse. I remembered how soft they felt and couldn’t wait to feel them again. She slid her skirt down her beautiful legs, stepped out of it gingerly and placed it on the nearby end table. The blouse was next, soft, exquisite flesh came into view, now hidden only by a light lavender bra and matching thong. In the briefest of seconds, those two, were on the endtable. Now, aside from her stockings and shoes, Aunt Glo was naked before me. She was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen and I was about to make love with her.

Aunt Glo walked over to the bed where her eager-and-horny “niece” was waiting for her. She leaned down, placed her hands on either side of my face and kissed me again. Her sweet, agile tongue slid along my lips and forced its way into my mouth. It was the sweetest kiss I’d ever known, it took my breath away.

I didn’t pull away, didn’t move, didn’t do anything. I just lingered in the kiss, I let Aunt Glo lead me to wherever she wanted to go. She took my hands and we stood up, she pinched my butt with a little giggle. Aunt Glo had me lie down on the bed and I was soaking wet, anticipating what she would do to me next.

I didn’t have to wait very long. Aunt Glo climbed on top of me, for the first time, I felt the softness of another woman’s body against mine. Breast-to-breast, she slid against me, her pussy mound rubbed against mine. The charge was electric, to this day, I have never felt anything like it. Aunt Glo didn’t touch me, didn’t kiss me, she just moved, slowly, deliberately, letting her body do the work of arousing me. It was working, that was a certainty. I felt very warm, but it wasn’t just an outer warmth, it was like my body was full of heat and I was feeling sensations that were entirely new. I reached up and caressed her naked body, just let my fingers do the walking all over her sensual, curvy form.

There were lots of places to explore and kiss. Sweet, lovely nipples. A sexy neck that seemed to like gentle little kisses placed on it. Creamy, smooth shoulders and a long, sensual back with an elegant line. A gorgeous tushie and silk-clad, smooth legs. And the warm, wet pussy that my fingers were now probing gently. I heard Aunt Glo let out a gentle sigh and so I crooked my finger and stroked her clit and pussy the way I had played with my own, many, many times.

From the moans and sighs Aunt Glo was letting out, my instincts were right on the mark. I loved exploring another person’s body for the first time — well, beyond simple petting with fumbling boys in the backseat of a car — and learning how to arouse another human being, particularly one this sexy, was a real turn-on.

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