Danielle’s Need

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Authors note. This story is shorter than my usual releases. If you have read any of my others, you will know I try to develop the characters a good deal and really tell their story. However, I kept this one not very long. As always, all characters engaged in sexual conduct or at least eighteen years of age. Please enjoy.


Adam Cooper sat on the couch watching some mindless program that he had no interest in on T.V. His mind wandered as the program quietly told him of some priceless artwork found at a rummage sale, his eyes not seeing any of it nor his ears hearing it. His mind was on his mother, worried about what she was doing. He couldn’t believe what was happening. How could she have asked that of him? Yet, he had agreed to it. He had had to.

Earlier in the evening, his mother, Danielle Cooper, had called him into her room. She was dressed in a tasteful black skirt and a white pull over blouse. It was one of the ensembles she would wear when she wanted to look especially sharp when her husband, Adam’s father, took her out. But, Jordan Cooper wasn’t home that night. He was still at the apartment in the city that he kept to be closer to work. Thus, the dressing up was strange. And, the conversation even more so. Never in his life would he have expected her to tell him what she told him.

“Sit down, Adam,” she had said while putting on a small bit of eye-shadow. As he obeyed, he glanced at her rear, as he always did, noticing the panty line underneath the skirt. But he had no idea why he had been called in. Usually, it would mean that he was in some kind of trouble, though he couldn’t think of anything that he had done recently. At nineteen, he had the freedom to do pretty much anything that he really wanted without his parents bothering him. He had even brought Chelsea Manson home and fucked her in his room without either his parents saying anything other than wanting him to be sure that he didn’t get her pregnant.

“I need to talk to you,” she began. “This isn’t easy, so please bear with me.”

“Sure, Mom,” he answered. “What’s up?”

“Well, it’s more of what’s not up that’s the problem,” she replied. “You know your father isn’t here much.”

“Yeah. He has to be in the city more often than not.” Adam was sure that his father was probably cheating on his mother. “He’s cheating on you, isn’t he? Are you two getting a divorce?”

“No, we’re not separating. I don’t know if he’s cheating or not, but I suppose he most likely is. Anyway, that’s not what I wanted to talk to you about. Not exactly, anyway. The fact is, he and I don’t see much of each other, and it can be,” she paused as if searching for the right word, “frustrating.”

“So, you’re going to go in town to be with him tonight, right? That’s why your so dressed up? That’s alright, Mom. I’ll be fine here alone for the night.”

“No, that’s not happening either.”

The slight smile he had on his face drooped. “Then what is?”

“If you will shut up for a minute, I’ll tell you.”

“Sorry.” He said earnestly. “Sorry.”

“Listen,” she said. “I am going out tonight, but I’m not meeting your father.”

“Mom, are you saying…”

“Hush!” she interrupted him. “I said listen. Now I expect you to be discreet about this. I don’t want a lot of argument and ‘you shouldn’ts’ and all that. In case you didn’t know, women get horny, too. And your father, as good a man as he is, isn’t here enough to give me what I need. Yes, I have needs. So, yes, I’m going out tonight with someone who isn’t your father. I’m telling you this because I know you would probably eventually figure it out somehow, and I wanted you to know exactly what is going on without all the drama. This way, I can deal with it and get you to be discreet. Truth is, I haven’t had sex in nearly a month, and I’m feeling a bent pent up.”

“So, you’re just going out and fuck some random guy?”

“Watch your language!” she responded. It’s not exactly like that, honey. I do know the guy. Yes, I do intend to have sex with him. And I expect you to keep my secret and not tell your father. Do you understand?”

“Who is it?”


“I want to know who it is.”

“Why would you need to know?”

“I didn’t say need, but I still want to know.”

“But, you don’t really need to know that, do you?”

“You don’t want me to know who it is?”

“Not really.”

“He’s someone I know, isn’t he?”

“Yes, you know him.”


She paused for a few moments then decided to let it out. “Robert Sykes,” she said as she lowered her head.

“The high school principal?” Adam nearly shouted in surprise. “Shit! Why would you want to go out with that jerk? If you were going to do so, you should have done it two years ago when it could have been helpful to my grades, but what the hell, Mom. He’s a real dweeb and shithead.”

“Language, Adam! That’s not a very nice thing to say. He may not be very, uh, manly shall we say, but he’s a nice person, and I expect you to be nice to him if I bring him around here sometime Taksim Escort or you happen to see him on the street.

“Does his wife know you’re going to be out with him?”

“I very much doubt it. Just like your father doesn’t know, and I don’t want you telling either of them.”

“No shit,” Adam came back with sarcasm.


“Alright, alright. Go have your fun, Mom. I’ll keep my mouth shut.”

“Thank you, son.”

“Don’t. I know that Dad isn’t around. I know he’s probably fucking some slut in town.”

“Adam! Language,” Danielle interrupted.

“And I don’t understand how he could pick anyone else over you, but that doesn’t mean I feel right about this. Especially with shitty Sykes. I mean, if you’re going to do it, you ought to do it with someone who is better than Sykes.”

“Like who?” Danielle asked ignoring his use of the cuss word.

He thought a moment. “Like Pastor Mackey.”

“Yeah, right. Like I’m really going to get a church pastor who has a beautiful wife to get naked and have sex with me.”

“He’d be a hell of a lot better choice for a partner than Sykes the shithead. And I bet he’d know how to do it better, too.”

“Maybe. But he’s off the menu. He wouldn’t do it when he has a wife like Grace. Anyway, it’s Robert tonight, so there’s no use talking about it.”

That had been nearly three hours earlier. Now, Adam sat on the couch in his usual sweats and t-shirt pretending to watch T.V. while waiting for Danielle to get back. He had been truthful when he said he couldn’t understand how his father could choose someone other than her. She was beautiful. Mid-length hair as black as coal, so black that it shone. Eyes so green they seemed to glow. Flawless skin that gave one the sense of sparkling. Thirty-eight double-d breasts. (he had checked one of her bras while getting laundry out of the dryer.) A thirty-inch waist, (he had seen that on an order form she was filling out to buy some clothes) with hips that flared only slightly back out. Maybe thirty-two., he thought. The thirty-eight-year-old had taken really good care of herself. Her legs could have been used in any advertisement they looked so nice, and she had the prettiest feet of any one he knew, in his opinion. She was loads better looking than any of the teenage girls he sometimes ran around with, including Chelsea Manson, only the second person he had ever fucked. But nearly everyone else in school had done so, too, including some of the staff and teachers both male and female, so that didn’t really count.

Of course, all the guys he had as friends had noticed his mother as well. Some had left with bloody noses for saying what they would do with her. If one of them mentioned that he would let her ride his dick as long as she wanted, he went home with his face intact. But the one who said that he would bend her over the couch and pound her ass from behind found himself in need of immediate medical attention.

He knew that she was hot. If she wasn’t his mother, he would feel the same way as those he hadn’t hit. So, he had no understanding of why his Dad wouldn’t do everything in his power to keep her happy and well fucked.

Adam was pulled from his thoughts by the rattling of the door knob as Danielle inserted her key to unlock it. Instinctively, he looked at the time on his phone. Only ten-thirty, he thought. Guess he wasn’t good enough to stay out all night with. Or maybe he had to get back home to his wife. But, now he had the problem that his hard-on could be noticeable in his sweats.

The door opened and Danielle entered the living room, shutting the door behind her and putting her keys back in her purse. One look told the teenager that things hadn’t gone well. “Are you alright, Mom?” he asked seeing the depressed look on her face.

“Yeah,” she answered rather despondently.

“I take it that things didn’t go exactly as planned.”

“Let’s just say that you don’t have to come up with a new nickname for the high school principal,” she replied as she sat next to him on the couch.

“That bad, huh?”

“The damn fool came after only about a minute of me sucking his dick.” She winced as soon as she got that out while her son chuckled. “I shouldn’t have told you that. I must be more tipsy than I thought.”

“It’s alright, Mom. You can tell me anything.”

She sighed. “I guess since I told you that much, you might as well hear the rest of it. Once he, uh, (pause) blew his load, no amount of coaxing could get him hard again. Not that he could do much with the thing anyway, I suppose, since he was only about three inches long and not very thick. And his oral skills were so bad that you’d think he was a virgin. How the hell did he get a kid from his marriage?”

“Did you ever look at his son? He doesn’t look anything like him. In fact, he looks a lot like the baseball coach.”

“Oh, the poor man. Does he know?”

“I doubt it. Unless he’s really looked at the boy. If he has, how could he not know.” He paused. “Um, Mom? I know I shouldn’t need Taksim Escort Bayan to ask, but you were planning on taking him inside more than your mouth. You are protected, right. I mean, if he unloaded inside your cunt, you wouldn’t have gotten pregnant?”

“Language, young man. And, yes I’m protected against pregnancy.”

“Good. I don’t want a brother or sister who has him as a father.”

“As bad as he was, that sure wasn’t going to happen. At least I was finally able to get out of there.”

“So, how did you. Get out of there, I mean.”

“I finally had to fake an orgasm to make him think he was doing alright, then I had him drive me back to the bar where we left my car. After he left, I went into the bar and rinsed my mouth out until there was nothing left of his c…, uh, stuff in it, then tried to hook up with a couple of guys that were there while having a couple of more drinks. I think my rings scarred them off, though.” She held up her left hand, showing her wedding band and engagement ring.

“Sorry it didn’t go so well,” Adam lied. He wanted his mother happy, but not with ‘Shitty Sykes.’ And definitely not with someone she could pick up at a bar.

“I guess it’s going to be another night with Mr. Vibe again for me,” she announced. “I hope you won’t think less of me for doing that.”

“No, mom. Not at all.” In fact, he thought as his cock grew hard again in his sweats, I’ll think of you more. A lot more.

“Well, I’m off to bed.” She patted his knee as she said it then stood up. She took two steps before she lost her balance, then fell back into Adam’s lap with a startled “oh,” her head going to the left of his. As she fell, he instinctively reached out to help keep her from falling, and his arms wrapped around her, his left hand grabbing her right breast, and his right going further down, right between her legs, only her skirt protecting her from him getting a feel of her still moist pussy.

Adam could feel her nipple harden slightly through the blouse and bra she wore. Shit! I’m Holding my mom’s tit, he thought. He paused for only a second before beginning to gently squeeze it. Fuck! I’m playing with my mom’s tit! His cock, already hard, pushed upward against his sweat pants, and he could actually feel the valley between the globes of her ass.

I’ve got to stop this, Danielle thought to herself. His cock sure feels like it’s a nice size, though. Unconsciously, she pushed back slightly against the rod she could feel at her backside. The hand that held her tit tightened and massaged it. She knew she had to move it away. She knew she needed to stop him from feeling her up like that. So, why was it that when she moved her left hand to his to pull it away from her breast, she pushed it tighter against her nipple which ached with need instead? Why, when she should be standing up again and leaving the room, did she press her ass more firmly against his cock?

Fuck! I’m feeling up my own mother! Adam thought. He hadn’t meant to do that. He was just trying to keep her from falling. But, then, with her hand clutching his tighter against her right tit, his other hand began to push against the fabric of her skirt at the juncture of her legs, pushing against the top of her pussy. He could feel her pushing against his hard cock and he lifted his hips toward her, pushing back. His head was turned toward her, and his breath blew out against her neck.

Danielle felt his breath, warm and moist and the little hairs on the back of her neck stood up. She needed to stop him before they did something they shouldn’t. She turned to say something, but only starred into his eyes, her lucid green, glowing with lust, meeting his darker, equally impassioned brown. She opened her mouth, tried to speak, tried to tell him to stop, but nothing came out. Their faces slowly closed in on each other and their mouths connected. His tongue darted into her mouth to duel with hers then withdrew. Hers followed, continuing the duel.

He couldn’t believe it was happening. He was kissing his mother and she was kissing back. Not a just peck exchanged between mother and son, but a true, lust filled lover’s kiss! His heartbeat throbbed through the steel in his sweatpants, begging for release from the confines of his clothes. She’ll stop me, he thought. She won’t let it go too far. She’ll have to stop me.

Her thoughts were similar. I have to stop this, she thought. But instead of pulling away from the kiss, she leaned into it further. Her right arm, although at an awkward angle, wrapped itself around his head and drew him closer, tighter into the kiss they both knew had to end and yet were both unable to. She felt the fingers of his right hand digging at her clit through the skirt and bucked her hips toward it. It didn’t take any thought on her part at all for the next thing to happen. She did it like they had been lovers for a long time. Her legs parted to give better access, even as she told herself she had to break this up, had to part from him. As her legs splayed open, her skirt rode up. Escort Taksim She finally moved the hand that was holding his to her tit away, but his didn’t leave. Instead, she reached for the hem of the skirt, pulling it higher still until his fingers were no longer touching its fabric.

No panties, he thought as his fingers rubbed through a small triangle of hair and across her hardening nub. I wonder where they went. The ones she had had on earlier were tucked in her purse where she had put them after her time with the inept principal. He still thought she would stop him at some point, but he was going to go as far as she would allow. He dug his fingers into her snatch, pushing them deep inside her and bending them upward.

Danielle stopped telling herself that she had to stop what was happening. It was way beyond that point. If she was going to stop it, she needed to have done it at the point where she first fell into his lap. Now, there was no stopping. Mr. Vibe would get a rest that night, after all. In the meantime, she was going to make her son a mother fucker in the true sense of the term.

She finally broke the kiss and Adam was sure she had reached the point where she was going to stop him. Instead, she pulled her blouse over her head, turned her body towards him a little more and wrapped her arm the other way around his head to make it more comfortable. Then, she started kissing him again.

His hand had come off her tit as she repositioned herself. Now, he could only reach the left one with his hand. But he didn’t immediately grab on. He moved his hand to her back and with a single flip of his fingers, her bra came loose.

She gasped. “Your very good at that,” she noted as she drew away from his mouth.

He shrugged. “Teresa Miller taught me how to do that.” Their lips joined again and no more was said.

Danielle let the bra fall to the floor and without releasing the kiss, moved her body again so that she was facing him more head on. She had to lift up to do that, but she made sure not to go far enough away that his fingers withdrew from her hungry pussy. Now, with her straddling him, she put her hand into the sweats to make skin to skin contact with his cock. Mentally, she measured it against the one that she had sucked earlier that night. She could tell that he was at least twice as big as the school principal. Sykes had been so small that she could take all of his little dick in her mouth and have room for his pathetic load and left room for more. A lot more. The piece of meat she was holding on to now may not be porn star big, but it would definitely fill her mouth and then some.

When his Mom grabbed his cock, Adam realized she wasn’t going to stop him. Shit! he thought. I’m going to get to fuck my mom! With that realization, he decided it was time he took control of the process. He quickly wrapped his arms around her and lifted her off him, placing her on her back on the sofa.

As Danielle ended up on the couch, she thought he had done what she couldn’t. She was sure that he had decided to put a stop to their inappropriate sexual contact. She didn’t voice it aloud, but she was devastated by thought. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop, she thought to herself. Please don’t stop. I need you to fuck me! Tears were ready to form in her eyes.

But she needn’t have worried. Her son wasn’t leaving. Once she was on her back, he rose up off the couch and slowly moved to where he was looking at his mother’s very wet and open pussy. Then, he dove face first between her legs and started licking at her snatch. He didn’t go right for the hole or the clit, but teased her outer lips, sucking on them before licking up one side and down the other. He licked below the hole, teasing that area between it and her asshole. He grabbed her legs and forced them wider as he licked upward through her pussy and across her clit and on up to her navel. Then, he finally got down to business and began alternating on sucking on her clit and flicking it with his tongue.

“Damn!” Danielle moaned. “Did you learn that from Theresa?”

“No,” he answered as he paused. “She had a strict policy of below the waist was off limits. Sarah Mackey taught me this.” Then he went back to his work on her pussy

The pastor’s daughter taught him how to eat…”Oh, fuck,” Danielle moaned her thought escaping her grasp as he brought her to a first orgasm. “Don’t stop, baby. So fucking good.

Adam waited until her orgasm passed before lifting off and speaking. “I thought we weren’t supposed to use that kind of language,” he intoned with a smile.

“Unless were fucking, we don’t. Whenever we’re fucking, you can talk dirty to me all you want.”

“We haven’t started to fuck yet.” He went back to licking her pussy and she started bucking against his mouth again.

“Close enough,” she replied, holding his head in her hands to try to get him closer to her weeping cunt.

Adam’s own desires were raging within him, but he ignored the urging. Her wanted to be sure his partner was absolutely fulfilled. She deserved better than what shitty Sykes had done, could do. He made it his job to make her cum as much as he could, and that meant at least three times. So far, she had only had one. His fingers found her hole as he sucked on her clit and pistoned in and out of her in an even rhythm.

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