Dana the Dancer Pt. 02

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Well, there I was, sitting in my Dad’s old study, stark naked, just having had sex with my little sister. Good thing she was 19; bad thing is I’m 21 years older and should know better. I needed to call my sister Joanie to find out how my folks were doing after their near-fatal auto accident. The sleet was hitting the window, and Dana was probably right about waiting to go out until it was over.

Joanie answered my call on the first ring. “Things haven’t changed since last night, Petey. Doctor was by an hour ago and said it’ll be a long time before we know for sure. It’s pretty bad outside, nobody has left here since it started and it’s supposed to last past noon. Wait at least an hour after it stops before starting over. Whoopsie’s car will get you here and back all right.”

“How are you doing, Joanie dear?”

I heard a muffled sob and a deep breath. “I’m OK, Petey. Just glad you’re back in town. My ex isn’t sending over my kids until Christmas Eve, the bastard, so it’s been tough to be here alone.”

“Yeah, my old battle ax is waiting till the last minute to send mine. I’ll come over and spend tonight so you can take a break. We’ll work out a routine until our tribes get to town. Everything will be all right.”

“Thanks, Petey. Who knows, maybe we can even dig out your dumb old Cardinals hat.”

Well, talk about going from a pauper to a prince. The water started in the bathroom, and my sister said, “Where’s Whoopsie?”

“Taking a shower. She’s holding up all right. The place has been cleaned within an inch of its life, and there’s enough food in reserve to feed the whole clan for a week.”

“I knew she could do it; she’s been hanging in the kitchen with Mom a lot when she’s not dancing.” Some more sobs came over the earpiece. “You keep an eye on her, she doesn’t do well when she’s alone for long periods of time. I’ve got to get something to eat, I’ll see you later.”


Booting up my computer, I opened my mail accounts and saw a morning’s worth of work looking at me. The company cloud had a few new documents to review and revise as well, so I didn’t have to worry about twiddling my thumbs while waiting for the ice storm to end. I pulled my drawstring tight and padded to the kitchen to start the coffeepot just I heard the shower shut off.

When it was ready, Dana bounced into the room in a blue leotard and black leg warmers. Her hair was still a little wet. I filled a cup and held up the pot, inviting her. She nodded eagerly, and let me pour a cup for her. “Cream and sugar?”

“Nope, you’re all the cream and sugar I need.” She stood on tiptoe for a kiss and I gave her one. We sat and looked outside while we drank our coffee. Our eyes met and captured each other’s again; we were lost in each other for almost an eternity before she broke off to look at her phone. “Looks like it’s gonna keep sleeting until about 1. Should wait ’till after that to go over.”

“Joanie said to wait an hour after it stopped, which is no problem. I’ve got a morning’s worth of work waiting for me until then.”

“Great. I’ll cook some breakfast, and we can go around three. If you want to take a break, I can distract you a little.” A mischievous look, broad smile, and electric eyebrows lit up her face.

“I bet. Let me work for an hour and I’ll be ready to eat. We’ll take it from there.”

“Okay.” She looked deep into my eyes again, staying stiller than I’ve ever seen her before for a long time before downing the rest of her coffee in a gulp. I took mine to the den with me.

I worked and got the inbox reduced, then reviewed the reports. Nothing extraordinary, and it didn’t take as long as I thought. Logging off, I looked around the room: it was almost identical to when I knew it as a kid. There were more pictures of our tribe dominating an entire wall, and a complete series of Dana as Clara in Nutcracker. An old World Book Encyclopedia, which my siblings and I almost wore out. Three shelves full of classic Science Fiction and Fantasy books, which Dad collected and shared with me. A couple of bowling trophies, and some awards for years of employment.

My phone buzzed, and Dana texted me breakfast was ready. I took a little time to watch the ice hit the window before I left.

When I got back to the table, it was full of scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, pancakes and fruit. Dana had gotten tired of waiting and was stretching, bending over with her hands on the floor, and she wiggled her ass at me when she heard the door. “You can do me like this, I love it doggy style.”

“Maybe after we eat. Food comes first.”

She spun around, her lower Etiler Escort lip curled in a pout for a moment, before she sat at the table and started filling her plate. Like Mom, she could eat tons of food and never put on weight. I dug into my grub and found it identical to the Saturday morning breakfasts of my childhood: Dana cooked the eggs and the pancakes in bacon grease, which would probably clog my arteries, but delighted my taste buds. Like Mom, she’d also hand squeezed some orange juice, a rarity in a Midwest home but a routine my Florida-born mother kept. I savored every bite.

Washing dishes took a minute or two. Dana was using a waist high rack at the back door to steady herself as she did some leg stretches, and I playfully flicked my sister’s backside with a dishtowel when I was done. “Petey! You schmuck!”

“Just having a little fun, Whoopsie. Maybe you’d like me to smack it with something else?”

She bent over again, wiggling her ass at me. “How’s this? Hit me with your best shot.”

I snapped the towel at her a few times, putting a couple of little red marks on her bubble butt while she squealed and danced. The sleet still pounded against the windows. I was getting hard again, and pulling out my prick, I smacked it against her soft cushions a few times. “Put it in, put it in! Don’t worry, I’m on the Pill.”

No further invitation was needed. Like a flash, she was out of her leotard, and I started probing her crevasse with my meat until she reached around and guided me in. I slid all the way in, and her muscles rippled up and down my shaft. I smacked her ass and she screamed, wiggling it again in invitation. Soon I was plunging into her deeply while turning her ass cheeks into my personal bongo drums. She met my thrusts eagerly, and growled when I reached forward to squeeze her little tits. Within five minutes she orgasmed again, breathing heavily. “God, Petey! You’re so good. Fuck me more, fill me up, buttercup!”

I groaned at the song reference, but didn’t lose my erection, and started pounding her hard again. She came again before I was ready, and I held my cock deep inside her as I gushed for a long, long time. When I was done, I sat down heavily and she was on my lap almost instantly. She stuck her right boob almost into my mouth, and I obliged her by sucking almost her entire breast into my mouth. She held my head tightly against her, stroking my head, moaning softly. After a long suck, I pulled free and said, “Give me the other one.” She complied right away, and yipped as I accidentally nipped her nipple on the way in. Holding it tightly, she purred and I chewed gently on her hard little bud before sucking the whole boob in.

There was a silence outside and I looked at the clock: 1:30. Pulling off her delightful tit, I looked her in the eye, “I need to get ready to visit the folks. My turn in the shower, then I need to catch up on the world again.”

“You need to get away from that mean old boss of yours. You could work for my dance company.”

“I don’t know about that, but we can talk about that later. If you want to ride along, you need to get ready.”

“Okay.” She gave me a long, deep kiss on the lips before bouncing up and off to her space.

My shower and clean up was rather ordinary, and I dressed in casual clothes, putting on my long johns to protect against the cold. I heard bustling from the next room, and as I took my electric razor to my face, Dana bounced into the bathroom without knocking stark naked, turning on the shower. “How long is that going to take?”

She soaped her body quickly, reaching between her legs. “Just a minute. Didn’t want to smell like a bitch in heat.”

Within an hour we were ready, Dana wearing a huge sweater and jeans, and we were inching our car across town. Our destination was just across the State Line, and little traffic was out. We got there, parking in the garage and making a long journey to ICU. Dana held my hand until we got inside.

They had my parents in the same room, both unconscious with a spiderweb of tubes going in and out. Joanie looked exhausted, as expected: my twin is built similarly to me, with long dark hair turning grey, and baby blue eyes like mine. She was wearing a white blouse under a blue pullover and dark gray slacks. As we entered the room, she got up without a word and threw her arms around me. After a moments awkwardness, I think Dana must have caught her eye, for she opened one arm to let her into a group hug that went on for hours, it seemed. When we broke, she had tears in her eyes. “It’s been so long, Pete. The doctor’s been by and we’re in Etiler Escort Bayan a holding pattern. I have to keep an eye open; the nurses and staff have been very kind, but once in a while one gets confused about the orders and I need to ask a question to keep them on track.”

“I understand. Cousin Fred was telling me this is how it was when Aunt Phyllis was in the hospital the last time.” Dana gasped, and I squeezed her in consolation. “I’m sorry, Dana, I didn’t imply they were dying, just that we had to keep watch. You can go back to the house now Joanie, I’m sure you’re exhausted.”

Joanie cut in: “I’m all right, the doctor will be back in an hour or so, so we can stay here together until he gets here.” She turned to our sister. “Are you all right, Whoopsie?”

“Yeah, Joan. I’ve got tons of food ready, and the house is clean. Just trying to burn off all the energy.”

Joanie chuckled. “Big task for our little girl. Not so little anymore, you’re at the university now. You’ve been such a gift, I think you’ve kept them young since we left home.” She gave her a kiss on the head and another hug. “You’re an adult now, Whoopsie, you’re just like the rest of us now. No secrets.”

I bit my lip, and saw Dana flinch a little, but Joanie didn’t catch it. We turned on a television and watched a couple of old reruns on TVLand, explaining all the cultural references to our sister, who didn’t need much help. The doctor came by to visit at 5 PM and talked to all of us, letting us know what the story was, which was more vagueness. The man had a talent for double talk, and I didn’t want to figure out what he might be hiding. Joanie got up after he left, and I said, “Well, have a good night, Joanie. See you in the morning.”

Dana cut in, “Peter should go home with you, Joan, he’s still getting over jet lag and he doesn’t need an all-nighter after one day back. I can stay with Mom and Dad tonight; go home, both of you.”

Joan and I looked at each other and after a moment she shrugged, “I guess so. Mom’s always said she could trust Whoopsie with anything, and Dad never gave her curfew like he gave the rest of us.”

“Maybe Dad was getting soft in his old age.”

“Our father? I think not. Call us if anything happens, Whoopsie. I trust you.” She gave her sister another hug, and I gave her a hug and a chaste kiss goodnight. Dana’s eyes twinkled just for me alone a little before I turned away and walked Joanie back to the car.

We updated each other about our children on the drive back in Joanie’s car. She worked in Columbia, Missouri, a couple hours away from KC, so she got over to see them pretty regularly over the past few years. Her kids were a little older than mine: her youngest was 17, the same age as my oldest Brian. Christmas would see my 2 and her 4 children in the house, so we blessed our sister in advance for getting things ready. It was a shame the folks wouldn’t be there.

It was dark when we got home, but the ice and cold weather made every part of town crime free. We settled in for some food and sat on the couch in the family room afterward watching an old movie on TCM. I could tell Joanie was worried as well as tired, even too tired to go to sleep with all the tension. She sat on the floor in front of the couch with her arms draped over my legs as I rubbed her shoulders, which made her purr. “We could never act this nice to each other when we were growing up,” I murmured.

“We must have been nice to each other sometime, at least when we were sharing a womb for nine months.” I hit a particularly tense muscle and she groaned.

“How could I forget? Oh wait, I did.”

She chuckled. “Then there were all those nights in the den together. No one ever knew, did they?”

“Nope. We got away with it. Taught each other the facts of life.”

I stopped rubbing her shoulders and she leaned back against me. “It was nice, nicer than shit for brains Henry was. All he’d do was a little stroking before pinning me down to do some pushups. After four kids in four years, he quit cold turkey. At least, he did with me. Seems he preferred airhead blonde secretaries.”

“Well, he’s in the past for you, and you don’t have to worry about him. Same with me and Sylvia; I might as well as slept with a mannequin. No longer in my life and no longer my problem. Oh well.”

“How long has it been?”

“Since the divorce? Ten years, plus.”

“Same here. God what a dry spell.” She rested her head on my leg, and in spite of the workouts I had in the morning, my libido went to work. After a moment, she murmured, “I think someone here remembers Escort Etiler me.”

I put my hands on her shoulders. “How could he forget? It was long ago and far away…”

“Please don’t start singing Meat Loaf again, you don’t have the voice for it. It’s been a tough week since the accident, and I need some consolation.” Standing up, she took off her pullover and started undoing the buttons of her blouse, teasing me slowly like she used to do with her pajama top when we were young. I pulled off my shirt and t-shirt, my shaggy, middle aged torso making an appearance. God, it used to be thin, and I had a little bit of a six pack in the old days. Her blouse came off: she resembled my grandmother more than my mother, with huge tits and saucer sized nipples. “I think your nipples are bigger than I remember. The knobs are larger.”

“You breast feed four kids and see what they do to your nipples.” Her bra came off and her boobs bounced as they fell free. She offered her left one to me and I started sucking on it like I used to. Her hands went behind my head to hold it close, her fingers moving in my hair. “Oh it’s been too long, I’ve forgotten how good it feels getting my nipples sucked. Go to town, Pete, don’t hold back on me. Yes…”

She sat on my legs, holding herself up and leaning in for me to get easy access to her pacifier. I’ve always loved sucking nipples, something my ex-wife never let me do, and I felt like a kid again with Joanie’s in my mouth. After a lifetime, she pulled it out and offered me the other one, which was another fifteen minutes of oral delight.

I let it go, and said, “Dana put me in the den. Want to travel farther down memory lane?”

“I think the two of us are too big for that old day bed now. We’d probably break it. I’m in the folks’ room, let’s do it in there.”

I took her by the hand and led her down the hallway to the back of the house. The room was toasty warm, illuminated gently with a night light: they always had a night light in their room. Our slacks and underwear came off, and we stood in our chubby forty year old glory. We put our arms around each other, and held each other tightly, putting as much bare skin in contact as we could. I was hard again, and I could tell she was very wet. We never kissed each other since we were toddlers, but now we locked lips, mouths wide open and tongues exchanging a dance of passion. We lay down on our sides on the sheets, her leg lifted to expose her sweetness and her hand grasped my manhood.

It was like we were young again. It was like finding an old combination: I remembered how to move my tongue on her pussy lips and clitoris while she remembered how to tease every vein and ridge of my cockhead. We didn’t orgasm as soon as we used to, but that was all right, the longer journey was worth it. My hands were clamped on her butt as my tongue went up her slit and took her over the edge while my dick spewed forth its offering of love, which she sucked down. I knew to let up after taking her over; she slacked off to a gentle suck and we basked in the afterglow, leisurely comforting each other. She fell asleep with my dick in her mouth, and I had to wake her up to lay her out normally with the covers on.

There was one other time she fell asleep with my cock in her mouth: the last time we sucked each other. We were both home from college just before I left for Germany, and our younger brother and sister were out for the night. The folks made an early evening, and we slipped down to savor each other’s body. It was a magic night, I never wanted it to end and neither did she. Somehow we lost track of time, and woke up in daylight, with my face between her legs and my cock in her mouth. I bit her leg to awaken her, and we panicked, since we could hear the folks already moving in the house. Joanie whispered: “I’ll put on my shirt and go to the kitchen for an apple or something. You wait and slip upstairs while I’ve got her distracted.” The lawn mower was running, so Dad was out of the house. She went and I heard a little of their conversation: “Morning, Mom.”

“Morning, Joan. Special occasion? One of the boys might see your long legs and wonder what’s under your shirt.”

“Dad’s outside, John’s on a Church trip, and Pete’s dead to the world. Julie sees me like this all the time.”

“If you say so sweetheart. Just put some clothes on before long. There’s a little saliva on your chin…”

I was up the stairs and in my own bedroom before I could hear anymore.

Back in the present, our night was pretty good and we didn’t have to worry about waking up too late and getting caught. We slept in each other’s arms facing each other without fear of discovery, and although we weren’t ready for a repeat in the morning, we were glad we were each other’s dawn.

A frantic piece of my mind screamed: shit, you’re in trouble now. You’re sleeping with two of your sisters.

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