Daddy’s Little Girl

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The fading sunlight spilling through the open window cast a purple-orange glow over the kitchen, reflecting off polished countertops and shiny appliances. It was warm and the air drifting in smelled of Summer rain and storms. There was a feeling of electricity in the air.

She sat at the island counter, working on the last bits of her math homework. Her small bare feet kicking the worn wooden rungs of the barstool while her pencil gently rested against her soft pink lips. Wetness and bite marks showed in the eraser and chipped wood from where she had been absentmindedly chewing the at her pencil. She was focused on the page in front of her, deep in thought when her Daddy walked into the room.

More and more often he was finding it hard not to notice how beautiful a young woman his little girl was becoming. Long, wavy red hair spilling over lightly freckled shoulders and down past a slender waist. The tendrils stopped just above an exquisitely rounded ass. Her tiny white shorts showing off that magnificent ass and her long, sleek legs more than perfectly. Showing them off more than he could stand. The tight, pink t-shirt she had on clung to her small chest. Thin material combined with no bra made her erect little nipples easy to see and impossible to ignore. She was only eighteen but already an amazing beauty.

He shook his head, trying to clear it. This was not the way a man should look his little girl. A father was supposed to protect his little girl from men who thought this way about her. He felt guilty as the unwanted images flooded his brain. Seeing his tongue flick over her tight little body, his lips press against soft and pliant skin.

The pressure of his hardening cock made him feel sick with shame. He cleared his throat uncomfortably.

“You about done?” he asked her. “It’s almost time for bed.”

She nodded without looking up from the page she was writing on. “This is the last one.”

“Okay, get finished up and head to bed. I’ll come say goodnight in a few minutes.”

Thoughts about her puffy little nipples and her undoubtedly tight little pussy overwhelmed him with an embarrassment filled lust. He needed to get out of the room desperately. He needed to stop these ideas about his daughter. He imagined she’d be repulsed, disgusted with him if she knew what he was thinking about her.

“Okay.” She replied as he all but ran from the kitchen and hurried down the hall. She didn’t notice his discomfort. She was completely oblivious to the inner battle that Daddy was fighting.

She finished writing in her blue, spiral bound notebook and closed her textbook. With a slow stretch, she rose from the barstool. She walked down the hallway, running her fingers along the painted walls. She was still so lost in thought that she had just passed Daddy’s door without even noticing it was open a few inches. Then the fast breathing and a guttural groan coming from Daddy’s room caught her attention.

The urge to peak inside was overpowering and she just couldn’t fight the curiosity. She took a step towards the door and looked inside. What was Daddy doing in there? Was he okay?

She gasped quietly when she saw her Daddy sitting on the other side of the soft black comforter that covered his bed with his pants down around his ankles. His body was hard, muscled and his chest was covered in hair. His knees were bent and slightly spread. He faced the wall but, the angle from the door meant she could still see that his hand was wrapped around his hard cock. His strong arm moved slowly, pumping his hand up and down, up and down as he stroked himself.

She watched from the hallway, fascinated by what was happening in front of her. Daddy kept stroking. Going a little faster, then a little more. Eyes closed, brow furrowed in concentration, Daddy was focused.

She was confused when she felt a tingling sensation growing between her legs. She knew very little about such things. She knew the technicalities of how sex happened and what masturbation was but she had never done or seen either. Nor had she ever even seen a picture of naked man before. Now she was mesmerized. She couldn’t take her eyes off her Daddy’s athletic form or his long, thick cock.

She knew she shouldn’t be seeing this and she felt a twinge of guilt. It didn’t require experience to know that little girls shouldn’t react this way to their Daddies. Her body was responding strongly to the sight and sounds of Daddy making himself feel good. There was a butterfly feeling in her stomach as the blood rushed to her groin. She felt the heat spread through her pussy, making its lips feel swollen. She was surprised by the feeling of wetness that accompanied the heat. There was an ache that wanted to be relieved, soothed. The need to rub her clit became unbearable.

Completely captivated by the show that Daddy was providing her, she was not aware when she first started slowly sliding her hand inside her shorts. It was as though some primal force in her had Ataköy Escort taken over. It was not until she began rubbing her clit in slow circles that she become fully aware of what she was doing. It felt so good that she couldn’t have stopped if she wanted to. This new feeling consumed her, burned through her, changed her.

She barely contained her own moans as her fingers moved against her slippery clit faster and faster. Her eyes were locked onto Daddy’s cock as he stroked himself continuously faster. He was breathing heavily and starting to whisper something she couldn’t quite make out.

He had given in to the images in his head. No longer fighting the unwanted thoughts about his daughter. Picturing his hands all over her exquisite form. Fantasizing about his cock in every hole on her body. Imagining the sounds she’d make with him inside her, how wet she would be. He had no idea how wet she already was as she hid in the hallway.

She was having the same thoughts as Daddy as she continued to watch him. She wanted to know how he felt, how he tasted. She had never craved the touch of a man before but she was almost desperate to feel her Daddy now.

A shudder ran through him and he moved to the edge of his bed as his knees began to shake. When he came, he came hard, groaning loudly. It hit him like a tidal wave. Tearing through him. Hot cum surged out of his cock so strongly it hit and dripped down the wall before the last of it covered his hand.

She wanted to go lick his hand clean for him, suddenly overcome with wondering what it tasted like. That thought was enough to push her over the edge. She was brought to her knees as her pussy clenched, the spasms of her own orgasm hitting her. The feeling so powerful that it was everything in her not to scream from the intensity of it. Wetness gushed out of her and flowed over her hand, leaving her panties and shorts soaked as it dripped onto the carpet.

Daddy had laid back on the bed, eyes still closed as he caught his breath. She tried to catch her own as quietly as possible while leaning against the wall in the hallway. Terrified that he would catch her watching him. She jumped when she saw Daddy grab a towel to wipe himself clean. Quickly she turned and ran down the hall to her room, still shaking from her first orgasm.

Her thoughts were a blur as she changed into an oversized t-shirt and climbed into her big white canopy bed. What had just happened? Why did she react like that to her Daddy? She thought about how ashamed he would be of her if he knew what she had just done and she felt humiliated and dirty.

She also thought about how it would be if he wasn’t ashamed of her, how it would be if he liked it. She imagined him wanting her too and her pussy grew wet again.

She was covering up with her thick, white blanket when Daddy walked in to say goodnight. She blushed when he kissed her on the forehead feeling a rush of heat flow through her at the touch of his lips. “Goodnight sweetheart, I love you.”

“I love you too, Daddy.”

He left her room and went back down the hallway to his own. He still couldn’t shake these appalling thoughts about his little girl. He couldn’t believe he had just masturbated while thinking about her young, firm, innocent little body. He couldn’t believe how incredibly turned on he had been when thinking about her or how unbelievable it had felt to stroke his cock to those thoughts.

The whispers that she hadn’t been able to make out had been Daddy saying her name while he jerked himself off. He was imagining his hand to be her tight pussy wrapped around him. He was deeply uncomfortable with how very hard the thought of his sweet girl had made him cum.

He stripped off his clothes and got into bed, fully naked as he usually did. He figured sleep would be hard to find after this night. Although his thoughts were troubled, he ended up falling asleep surprisingly quickly.

Down the hall, she was not finding sleep so easily. She kept thinking about what she had seen and what she had felt. She wanted to know more. Her body almost ached to be touched. She took off her nightshirt so she could feel her blankets against her bare skin.

Laying in her bed, she pictured Daddy’s cock and longed to feel it in her hands. How would it make Daddy feel if she stroked his cock for him? Would he like it if she touched him? She would have been both shocked and thrilled to know it was her he was thinking about while she watched him earlier. She imagined how the skin of his cock would feel against her lips, how it would slide over her tongue. She now desperately wanted to know what his cum would taste like.

She realized she was absentmindedly touching her pussy again while she was thinking. It was slick, her fingers sliding over its lips and little nub of a clit easily. She began massaging her clit, rubbing in lazy circles.

She played with herself and daydreamed about Daddy for some time but, as minutes turned Ataköy Escort Bayan to hours, she knew she couldn’t sleep without sating her curiosity. She pulled her covers back and sat up. The cold of the floor stung her feet and the reality of what she was about to do almost kept her from going forward, but she was past reason now, driven by a compulsion she didn’t understand and no longer cared to question.

There was no stopping now.

Still fully naked, she tiptoed down the hallway and quietly opened Daddy’s door. He was lying there with his eyes closed, breathing deeply. She watched the steady rise and fall of his chest, picturing her fingers running over him.

She stepped into the room and pushed the door closed behind her. With silent steps, she made her way to his bed. She lifted the blankets and oh so slowly slipped under them. Trying not to wake him up as she slid closer, the heat coming from Daddy warmed her naked body.

With hands shaking slightly, she leaned over to touch Daddy’s cock. It was soft now but she wanted to change that. Barely brushing against it at first, she was hesitant. After a moment, she grew bolder. It felt smooth and hot as she ran her fingers lightly up and down its length.

She felt a pulse of warmth inside her when his cock began twitching and jumping under her gentle touch. She could feel how he was growing harder. His cock becoming longer and thicker with every caress. His responses fed that ache deep inside her that drove her to keep going.

She looked at his face, so still and peaceful. Even as his cock continued to grow harder and harder. Even as it strained against the sheets, he slept.

After playing with Daddy for a few minutes she began to inch her way down under the blankets. She moved as slowly as possible to keep from waking him until she was kneeling between Daddy’s legs. His beautiful cock was only a breath away from her soft, warm lips, very ready lips. She put her hands on his legs and felt the thick, curly hair under her fingers. She leaned forward and pressed her lips against the tip of his cock, reveling in the sensation. Kissing around the head of his cock, she took her time and enjoyed it. She parted her lips slightly and began sliding her mouth down around him, her hand wrapped around the base of his cock.

She licked and sucked for a moment before Daddy murmured in confusion and began to stir. He made a sound of pleasure and surprise as he looked around in confusion. What was happening? What he saw when he lifted the blankets shocked him and he wondered if he was dreaming.

The sight of his little girl on her knees with her soft pink lips wrapped around his cock, her long red hair brushing his legs, was almost too much for him. He immediately became hard as a rock and had to fight not to fill her pretty mouth with cum right then.

She looked up at him questioningly, wide green eyes filled with concern. She wondered if he was going to make her stop.

“What are you doing?!” he exclaimed when he finally found his voice. “You can’t do that! It’s not right!”

He put his hands on her shoulders and tried to pull her up. She surprised them both when she pulled out of his grasp and swiftly brought her head down so she could wrap her lips back around his cock. With one motion, she slid her mouth all the way down to the base, gagging when he hit the back of her mouth but pushing further anyway until he was buried in her throat.

He grabbed her shoulders again and tried to protest but she grabbed his hips and started moving her head up and down. Licking his cock as it slid over her tongue. It felt so good that he found himself unable to fight it. Still holding her shoulders, he squeezed them hard. Giving in to her, he now used his grasp to guide his cock in and out of her warm, wet, eager mouth. He let go of her shoulders and ran his fingers up her neck to her head, wrapping his hands in her long hair. He grabbed tight and pulled her down on him until she gagged again. He continued using her mouth in this way for a few minutes. Pulling his cock out and pushing her down on it until she choked. He couldn’t believe how good it felt or how much she seemed to like him doing it to her.

She couldn’t believe it either. Knowing that she was making Daddy feel this good had her incredibly turned on. She started touching herself again while Daddy enjoyed fucking her face.

It didn’t take long before Daddy started to feel like he was going to cum. He warned her but she didn’t take her mouth off him. She was actively sucking and stroking his cock now. When he told her she was going to make him cum, she only moved faster.

“You want to taste it, don’t you?” he asked her with a grin.

“Mmmhmm.” she managed to respond.

“That’s because you’re a good girl.”

His hips were lifting to meet her mouth and he was holding onto her hair. In and out, faster and faster until he was just starting to cum. Then he pulled her head Escort Ataköy down on his cock until she choked again while he filled her mouth with his cum.

She pulled her mouth off his cock. Then, while looking up at him and smiling, she swallowed it. He had a sweet flavor, like fruit and honey. She enjoyed it even more than she had thought she would.

After he had lain there for a few minutes just trying to recover, he became consumed with the desire to taste her. He pulled her up until she was straddling his belly. He pulled her head down and kissed her softly, tracing his fingers down her spine. She arched her back when he touched her. Shivering at the sensation.

He slid his hands under her legs and lifted her up until her virgin pussy was positioned over his face. He slowly pushed his tongue inside her and she moaned. With her head thrown back, her hair caressed him. He felt a surge of heat run through him at the taste of her. She was so young, so sweet, so wet. And she was all his. No one else has ever seen, touched, or tasted what he was seeing, touching and tasting now. She was his loving little girl. She belonged to him in every way possible.

He flicked his tongue over her clit before he put this mouth around it and sucked. She cried out, astounded at how good it felt. He put two fingers inside her and stroked while he sucked her clit. It took only seconds for her to be overpowered by pleasure and she came all over her Daddy’s face. Her felt her pussy clamp around his fingers and wetness flowed over him. The bed was soaked from her. He was rock hard again and needed to feel his cock inside her.

He lifted her from his mouth and brought her back down to his belly while she caught her breath.

“Did that feel good, sweetheart?” he asked her quietly.

She nodded with her face buried in his chest. Words were beyond her at the moment.

“Good, I want my little girl to be happy.” he said as he ran his hands up and down her beautiful body.

After a moment, she sat up and Daddy slid his hand between her legs, watching her face as his fingers slipped over her clit and between the slick lips of her soaking wet pussy. She gasped and shuddered as he slid his fingers back inside her.

“Have you ever been touched like this before?”

Biting her lip and blushing, she shook her head no.

“Do you want to feel Daddy’s cock inside you?”

Still unable to speak, she nodded yes.

He put his hands around her waist and lifted her over his cock and slowly, oh so slowly he slid himself inside her. He paused when he reached her hymen. Running his hands up her body, trailing over her hard little nipples, he enjoyed the way she shivered.

Putting his fingers under her chin, he lifted until she was looking him in the eyes.

“Take a deep breath.” He told her.

She sucked in a deep breath and Daddy grabbed her hips firmly. She screamed in shock and pain when he thrust his cock deep inside her. The pain quickly turned to pleasure as he continued to pump in and out of her incredibly tight pussy and she moaned.

“Oh, Daddy, that feels so good. You make me feel so good!” she cried out for more while his cock moved in and out of her. “I wanted you so bad, Daddy.”

“Yes, baby, that’s a good girl. I want you to cum for me again. I want to watch you cum all over my cock before I fill your little pussy with my cum. Do you want to feel me cum inside you? To feel my cock buried deep inside you while I fill you with it?”

“Oh God, yes Daddy. Yes, please? I want to feel that. I want your cum. I want to be a good girl and cum for you again.”

He slowed his moments with his hands on her hips. Pushing her firmly down on his cock until it was fully encased in her hot, tight, wetness. He moved her hips, showing her how to rotate them, showing her how to fuck him.

“Daddy,” she gasped, stunned by this new feeling. She soon got the feel of it and found her own rhythm. Moving against him, his cock so deep inside her. She felt another orgasm building.

“Daddy, Daddy, I’m going to cum Daddy.” she cried out. Faster and harder she rode her Daddy’s cock until the climax took her and then, once again, wetness flowed out of her. This time with force.

His little sweetheart was definitely a squirter. He loved it. He’d always wanted to be with a woman who came like that and now he had one. He never would have guessed that his daughter would be the one who was perfect for him in bed. He still felt another twinge of guilt at what they were doing but, it was too good to stop. He didn’t care if she was barely 18 He didn’t care if it was wrong anymore. She wanted it, she needed it and so did he.

He laid her on her back and climbed over her. He slid his cock into her once more. Moving unhurriedly so he could enjoy every inch of her incredible pussy. So tight she was stretched around him. Pushed up on his arms so he could look at her while he fucked her. So young, so innocent, but so ready for him. She moaned and cried out, again, begging for even more.

He leaned down and took one of her hard little nipples into his mouth, sucking hard. He felt her pussy clamp down on his cock in response. He pulled himself back up and started to fuck her with more intent.

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