Daddy’s Girls

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A typical Friday night at my place includes my roommate Lila and I, a bottle of wine for her, a few hands of rummy, coconut incense and a special visit from daddy. Lila gets home from work before me but she’s usually good enough to wait to shower until I get there. Showering with Lila is an experience of the senses. Visually, she’s stunning with her wet blond hair, her sweet bare face normally covered with makeup and her soft sexy body streaming water.

She sings in the shower and laughs and purrs when I rub her body wash slowly over the curves in her back, her hips, her thighs and her small shoulders. Her skin is soft and pale. Lila always smells of coconut. Coconut shampoo, body wash, bath oils, essential oils, etc. She has the whole set.

Normally we pay special attention to washing and massaging each others breasts and bellies, rubbing together and working the soft coconut wash down between each others legs, rubbing and rubbing until we’re both clean and smiling. Friday nights, however, we wash a little more quickly, saving time and energy to spend with daddy.

Lila does the cooking. I clean up and create a warm comforting atmosphere for our card game. Lila insists on candles burning all the time. She tells me that fire’s an essential chi element. All I know is that the candles smell like coconut and the warm wax comes in handy sometimes.

Daddy’s working late tonight so Lila and I eat while we play rummy. She and I both decided not to change out of our bathrobes after the shower. It’s more comfy and I enjoy the flirtation of letting the front of mine fall open when she has a good hand. She likes sitting cross-legged in front of me when I’m winning. Lila’s sweet but sensuous and very, very distracting.

When we hear daddy let himself in, Lila grins at me and pours him his glass of cool white Esenyurt Escort wine. He looks great when he comes in. He sits between us on the couch, looking a little tired and in need of refreshments (but, oh, so hot!) Lila hands him his drink and sits on his lap, laughing and chatting, letting her robe fall almost to her waist. I sit close to daddy and kiss his cheek, enjoying his view of Lila.

I love rubbing his strong back and working the tension out of each muscle but I wait for Lila to run to the kitchen for a new bottle of wine to help him take his shirt off. By the time she gets back, I’ve removed my robe and I sit behind him, rubbing him down with my hands, enjoying the feel of lotion on my breasts as I rub up against him. I kiss his neck and do my best to get him completely focused on the now. We love spoiling daddy because he always returns the favor. It takes a lot to keep two girls happy but he does a great job.

Lila, not one for extra layers anyway, drops her robe and hops on to the couch. She looks so good in the soft light and daddy kisses me, telling me to help him take care of his girl. I’m more than willing and I lead Lila to the bedroom. I direct her to lay down and wait for daddy and because she’s a good girl and usually does what she’s told, she obliges, looking very happy.

I’m daddy’s helper and I’ve gotten good at keeping Lila in line when she needs it — or wants it. shy and doesn’t play nice. But I’ve learned an extra hard squeeze to the nipple or a pull to the hair helps to keep the cute pout off her sweet face.

Tonight, I light candles and lay down next to Lila, breathing in coconut from her hair. She and I kiss gently and I enjoy her soft tongue and lips. When daddy comes to bed, I move so that he can watch us as we gently stroke each others bodies. But Esenyurt Escort Bayan tonight, I want to watch them. And I usually get my way. I whisper to her and she nods, turning to him, kissing him, she asks him to fuck her. She can’t wait any longer, she explains. She’s waited all evening and the build-up’s too much.

Lila warms daddy up by wrapping her soft mouth around his cock. He looks pleased with his girls and I lift her ass up and slide beneath her, warming her up with my tongue. I kiss her belly, her thighs, and seek out her clit with my tongue. She sucks his cock faster, more frenzied. I usually love to tease her, work her up a bit, but tonight I jump right in, seeing that she’s already dripping wet and needing it. I suck and nibble, going down to lap up her juices and seek out her clit again. When I feel daddy shift, I stop and move from beneath her.

Daddy throws her down on her back and thrusts his cock into her, lifting her pelvis to meet his thrusts. I can see the absolute pleasure in her slightly glazed eyes. He fucks her oh, so good and hard like she likes it. His face is intense, teeth gritted and he’s obviously in the moment and loving it. She’s loving it too but I can see she’s holding back, she could be doing a better job of showing him how good he makes her feel.

I reach up and pull her hair hard — a little reminder. She finally opens her mouth and tells him how good his big cock feels inside her, how desperately she wants to feel him come inside her. I hold her face and whisper to her that it’s time to come for her daddy. She’s way ahead of me and the words are hardly at my lips as she trembles and flings her head back. I watch her beautiful face tense and relax, tense and relax, as she wets and bites her lip. As daddy groans, letting go and coming inside of Escort Esenyurt her, I let go of her hair and listen to his breathing.

I feel the energy in the room change. The comforter is soaked with his sweat, her sweat and my excitement. When he moves away from her, I kiss him softly on the cheek. He seems so relaxed — but maybe not because there’s a hand on the back of my head. But I did so good. He pushes my face down to Lila’s pussy and orders me to clean her up. Always the good girl (that’s me!) I do what he says, pushing my tongue deep into her cunt.

I taste the familiar flavor of him and the familiar flavor of her and I lick and suck, not wanting to miss a drop. I swallow hard and want more. I lick all of the juices off of her thigh and when Lila’s all clean, I kiss her gently.

The tongue bath seems to have done Lila good but I’m still wanting more and Lila was so spoiled tonight. It’s time to return the favor. But I won’t make her move and instead straddle her, my knees behind her head. She looks up at me doe-eyed, licking tentatively. I reach back and grasp her nipple hard. She whines but that never works with me. I grasp her head with my other hand and push it up closer, giving her a mouthful of wet pussy. I tell her to lick me until I come and her tongue moves a little faster.

I feel daddy’s eyes on us and I relax my grip so that she can breathe. I ride her mouth, gently forward and back. I lose all sense of the outside world. There’s just her mouth, the smell of coconut and daddy by our side gently touching her and me.

Her tongue feels outstanding. She knows my body and she licks me over and over dutifully. She doesn’t make a noise of complaint as I push her head up hard, coming into her lovely mouth. I know she needs to breathe, but I need just a couple more seconds before I let her head rest on the pillow. When she’s finished her job, I move in to kiss her and tell her how wonderful it felt. Daddy tells her how fun it was to watch us and Lila looks very pleased with herself as she catches her breath. Sleep comes easily and daddy’s girls rest, comfy in his arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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