Daddy’s Daughter’s Diary Pt. 04

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Disclaimer all characters in this story are fictional and are over 18 years old.

The story so far: Chrystal writes a diary of her feelings and now her and James, her Daddy are lovers.

Chrystal sat bolt upright in bed realising today was her 21st birthday. Yawning she stretched and was about to get up when her door opened. James stood in the doorway carrying a tray and wearing nothing but a pink bow tied to his cock.

“Good morning birthday girl.” James smiled.

“Thankyou Daddy, is that present ready for me to unwrap?” She said pointing at James cock which was slowly getting harder.

“Oh yes, ready for your use Angel.” He said in a very deep sexy voice that had Chrystal drooling, and getting extremely wet between her legs.

“Put that tray down and come here,” Chrystal said in the most domineering voice she could do.

“Your wish is my command.”

Putting the tray on the floor he walked to the side of the bed. Chrystal was on her knees. She reached out and took the bow off gently stroking the head of James now very erect cock. Leaning forward so her cute bum stuck up in the air she took James cock all the way into her mouth. Trying not to gag Chrystal managed to get all of it into her mouth. Greedily she sucked and licked the whole shaft gazing up at James, she licked the tip and said “I love you Daddy.”

“I love you to,” He smiled. “But it is your birthday and I should be spoiling you!”

With that Chrystal gripped James arse making him loose balance and fall on to the bed. They wriggled around tickling each other giggling and then real laughter.

“Stop.” James said ho!ding up his arms. “I give in.”

Chrystal stopped and kissed James deeply and intensely. Their tongues exploring each others mouths. Chrystal was on top of James, she sat up slowly lowering herself onto James erection. It was more intense than she had ever felt.

“Oh my god ride Daddy,” James murmured.

Chrystal grinned starting slowly she rode him going faster and faster. Soon they were both panting loudly.

“I’m going to come Daddy,” Chrystal screamed.

“Me too baby!”

Chrystal felt the warmth of his fluid flood her pussy sending her over the edge. Her body jerked as the electricity of her orgasm ran throughout her body. As her orgasm subsided she lay on James chest.

“Daddy I’m starving.”

“Good job I brought breakfast then.”

Chrystal remembered the tray and climbed off of James. James had made coffee in a thermos flask knowing it would get cold, he had cerea!s, croissants, melted chocolate and strawberries.

“Daddy this is brilliant come and join me.”

James didn’t need asking twice, he climbed out of bed and sat on the floor with his beautiful daughter. Chrystal poured two cups of coffee and handed one to James.

“This is the best breakfast ever Daddy,” Chrystal said grinning from ear to ear.

The pair were sat naked on the floor feeding each other strawberries dipped in chocolate when Crystal’s mobile rung.

“It’s Madison, do you mind if I get it.”

“No darling I will go and shower see you downstairs.”

“Happy birthday,” sang Madison.

“Thank you.”

“How is your day so far!”

“Fantastic,” Chrystal said dreamily.

“Let me guess! Does it involve James?”

“Oh yes, but that’s for later. when are you coming over?” Chrystal said excitedly.

“About an hour is that ok?”

“Yea see you soon. love you lots.”


With that the girls hung up. Chrystal showered, put on her skinny black jeans and plain white T-shirt and went down. James was sat at the table reading the paper.

“Hi Daddy, do you want a coffee?” Chrystal asked looking lovingly at her Daddy and thinking how much she loved this sexy man in two different ways. firstly with the respect he was her parent and also that of a lover.

“Yes please, that would be lovely. Then come and open your gifts and cards. I did not realise you were the popular one, at university.” James said his voice tinged with jealousy that boys at university were after his Chrystal.

“I only want yours Daddy! that’s the important one.” She said realising that something was wrong with James.

James smiled “ok sweetheart, here it is!” handing her a small box. Inside the box was a key, a ring, a photo of James cock and a letter!

“I don’t understand Daddy,” Chrystal said looking puzzled.

“Read the letter first.”

So Chrystal read the letter and all became apparent. The ring was a heart shaped signet ring with a diamond in the centre. On the back and band was engraved love you always. A symbol of James undying love for her. The picture was just a bit of fun and the key well!!!! James had booked a 2 night stay in a log cabin in the countryside.

“Oh Daddy this is the best birthday ever, I love you so much.” Chrysal said through the tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Don’t cry, I didn’t mean to upset you.” James said with great compassion in his voice.

“You Avcılar Escort haven’t they are happy tears.” And gripped him a tight bear hug. “It is still ok for me and Madison to go shopping for our outfits for tonight.”

“Of course. I have a few things to sort out for your party tonight. You still ok with your mother coming?” James said gingerly.

“Yea course, she won’t spoil my party. But she and April can’t stay over! I Have plans for tonight!!!!!!!” Chrystal said in a most seductive voice.

“No that won’t happen I promise.” Smiling and wondering what Chrystal had planned.

James handed Chrystal an envelope which had outfit money written on.

“What’s this?”

“It’s a gift for you and Madison to get a nice dress for tonight.”

“Ahh thank you so much Daddy, I love you to the moon and back.”

The doorbell rang. Chrystal went and let in her bestie Madison.

“Happy birthday. Are you having a good day so far?”

“Yes the best ever, look at my signet ring, and look Daddy is buying our outfits.”

“That is beautiful! James are you sure about my outfit too?”

“Madison you are the best friend my daughter could have and you were there when she needed someone to chat too after her mother left. Happy spending.” James replied.

Chrystal and Madison had a fab couple of hours shopping. They tried on numerous outfits, before choosing the one they wanted. Chrystal’s was a navy blue short shift dress with lacy sleeves. It was a bit low cut at the front but why not flaunt a bit of cleavage? She got a new black clutch bag and 4 inch high black stiletto shoes. Madison’s was Emerald green, it had a low front, was fitted to the waist then a full skirt that came mid thigh. Madison also gone for black accessories.

“I am hungry,” Madison said. “Let’s eat.”

“Sounds like a plan, Nandos is over there.” Chrystal replied.

The girls had lunch then back to Chrystal’s to get ready for the party.

“I can’t wait for tonight, Gareth the rugby player is coming and he is hot,” Chrystal said excitedly. ” Wouldn’t mind a fumble in the jungle with him. In fact I would love him to fuck me senseless.”

“I know me too but it’s Teddy the football player I am after, fuck I could orgasm just thinking about him.” Madison replied. “But Chrystal what about James?”

“What about Harry? I suppose both will be cool with it after all they can’t expect us not to like guys our age, can they?”

“Who cares I am going to have Teddy and that’s that!”

Both girls giggled and hugged each other. Before they could stop themselves they were kissing. Pulling apart both girls just looked.

“Don’t say sorry that was nice,” Chrystal said “we will do that again someday after all we are best mates.”

Madison looked at her friend smiled and said nothing but knowing inside her real feelings for her best friend. Madison knew she liked boys and girls and hoped Chrystal did too but not today. Today was Chrystal’s day and nothing was going to spoil that.

The girls were almost ready When James tapped on the door.

“Come in Daddy, you don’t have to knock, it’s not like you haven’t seen it before.” Chrystal put her hand across her mouth as if to stop herself saying anymore.

“Chrystal! Madison is here.”

“Don’t worry I know all and I will never tell anyone.” Madison said crossing her chest as to promise.

“I know her secret too Daddy so she will not tell.”

“Maybe I should know the secret then we will all be ok?” James said softly.

Madison loves Harry and vice versa,” Chrystal said looking at her friend.

James hugged both girls together, a feeling Chrystal loved and Madison thought she could get used too.

“Anyway girls 5 minutes then we are off.” James laughed knowing it would be 20 minutes at least.

James left them. Chrystal excused herself and went to the bathroom. While she was in the bathroom Madison saw Chrystal’s diary. She opened the book and wrote. I would love to have fun with you and James!!!!!! Quickly she put it down before Chrystal returned.

The restaurant was quiet when they went in. Chrystal didn’t understand she thought she was having a party.

“Follow me,” said the waitress. She led them down a corridor and opened the door. The whole room erupted with cheers and singing happy birthday. Chrystal was so excited she turned and hugged James whispering “I love you Daddy.”

The party was going well everyone was having a good time, dancing, eating, drinking and some were enjoying each other in the little booths around the room. James was looking for his beloved daughter, where was She? Then he heard giggling from behind a door. Gingerly he pushed the door open. What he saw shocked him . Knelt on the floor was Chrystal with a young mans cock in her mouth, attending to it just like she had his. James quietly closed the door and left them he had no right to stop her she was 21. Jealousy was creeping in and James had to keep it in but he couldn’t. He Avcılar Escort Bayan reopened the door just as Chrystal was standing up and the young man was zipping up his pants. Pretending not to notice, James said casually “There you are sweetheart, some people are ready to go,”

“Sorry Daddy I’m coming,” muttered Chrystal hoping James didn’t see anything. Yes she had sucked Gareths cock but she had not let him touch her only a kiss. She loved James too much but she didn’t want to arouse suspicion.

Gareth said goodbye and Thank you and left with Charmaine his girlfriend who was a little drunk. Madison had also left with Teddy.

Left alone James and Chrystal sat having a drink.

“I know you saw me with Gareth, but I only sucked his cock. I couldn’t let him do anything to me because I want you to be the only one who gets my pussy. I told him I had my period! He’s only after sex because Charmaine was drunk. I love you.” She looked at James with tears rolling down her cheeks.

“I’m sorry Chrystal, I doubted you and I shouldn’t have. I love you too. Home time.”

On returning home they crept into bed together exhausted but excited for their trip in the morning.

10 o’clock next morning saw them on the road to the log cabin James had booked. It had taken James all his willpower not to have sex with his beautiful daughter before they left, but he wanted to save it till they got there.

The drive was uneventful and after 2 hours they arrived. James had arranged for the fridge to be stocked with everything they would need.

“We are here darling,” James said gently nudging Chrystal who had nodded off. ” I am James for the next 2 days.” “Yes James.”

James came round and opened Chrystal’s door, as she swung her legs round James got a glimpse of her pantieless pussy. His cock was beginning to stir he had to get her inside the cabin.

Quickly James lay Chrystal on the big white rug, he had to taste that pussy. Pushing her little mini skirt up and was soon between her legs.

“Oh my god Chrystal I need to taste your pussy it looks delicious. I am going to make you come just with my tongue.”

“Yes please James,” She moaned taking a quick intake of breathe.

James lay between Chrystal’s legs which were bent and wide apart. He started at her clit and slowly moved his tongue down around the edge of her pussy to her little rosebud arse hole and back up licking at her pussy which was already getting very wet. James licked and flicked her clit with his tongue. Chrystal was breathing heavily.

“Don’t stop please James that is awesome.”

James continued his teasing of Chrystal pussy for a good ten minutes.

“James I’m coming! Oh my god.” She screamed as her orgasm over took her body.

James lapped up all the love juice that flowed from Chrystal. He sat up pulled Chrystal into his arms and hugged her too him. Feeling James erection Chrystal said, ” let me sort that for you,”

“No I’m going hold out till later. I have big plans!”

Getting up, Chrystal giggled. “come on let’s explore then.”

In the kitchen they found a note from the owners saying everything James wanted had been done. There were two big bedrooms but only one had the bed turned down. Chrystal smiled. “Does that mean I get to sleep in here with you?”

“Definitely you do!”

Outside they found the hot tub. It was on and towels had been left. Not thinking about anything or anyone seeing Chrystal started stripping off.

“Come on James, let’s get in.” Before she had finished speaking she was naked and climbing in. James couldn’t keep his eyes off that arse. Would she let him go there? He hoped so. James stripped naked and climbed in.

“Chrystal, come and sit next to me I want to feel you close.” James said lovingly.

Chrystal slid round the tub but instead of sitting next to his she straddled him, manoeuvring her pussy right over James cock which was now fully erect. With one push down she was fully on. Chrystal looked at James, smiled and rode him with all her might. It wasn’t long before James was breathing heavily.

“Chrystal don’t stop I’m so close.” James muttered and seconds later he let out an almighty groan and Chrysal could feel him shoot his love juices deep inside her. Chrystal carried on bringing herself to orgasm too.

Climbing off she put her arms around James and the just sat relaxing. Next thing James opened his eyes and it was getting dark.

“Chrystal, wake up we have been asleep.”

Jumping out James grabbed a towel and quickly wrapped it around himself. Chrystal started to laugh.

“What’s so funny?” James said his pride hurt.

“You are silly, wrapping that towel round you so quickly, it’s not like I haven’t seen it all before.” With that she climbed out and stood there butt naked. James picked her up over his shoulder smacking her bare arse and took her inside. As soon as James put her down she ran into the bathroom laughing.

James laughed to Escort Avcılar and went into the kitchen to find food for dinner. The cabin owner had prepared them a cold dinner of meats, cheeses, salad and homemade bread. Chrystal returned to the kitchen in a fluffy bathrobe all fresh from the shower.

“Mmmm this looks delicious, I am so hungry.” Chrystal said.

Dinner was had and cleared away. The couple were exhausted from their trip so retired to bed.

“Busy day tomorrow princess,” James said as he snuggled up to his daughter.

No reply. Chrystal was fast asleep.

Chrystal woke first and decided she would make breakfast. Climbing carefully out of bed so as not to wake James, she grabbed one of his shirts to wear. In the kitchen she brewed a pot of coffee and started making a cooked breakfast. Bacon, eggs, sausages, mushrooms, and lots of toast.

James woke to a lovely smell, but no Chrystal! He got up pulled on a pair of pants and went to find the girl of his dreams.

Chrystal was busy and didn’t hear James enter the kitchen, he crept up behind her, picked her up, turned her around, and kissed her passionately. Their tongues exploring each others mouths. Pulling apart Chrystal said “Hey you, I love you so much!”

“Love you more.” Replied James.

Chrystal smiled, turned and carried on with breakfast. James sat looking at his beautiful daughter, wearing only his shirt. Chrystal sensed he was watching and dropped a fork. Opening her legs slightly she bent from the waist to pick it, giving James a full view of her pantieless arse and pussy.

“That’s naughty Chrystal!” Drooled James.

Chrystal slowly stood up rubbing her hands down her back and over her arse.

“Breakfast first!” She said looking as though she didn’t know why she was naughty.

James complimented Chrystal on the lovely food she had prepared as they enjoyed their breakfast.

After eating and tidying up, James said “How about we carry out the first fantasy in your diary?”

“The walk! Yes please.” Chrystal replied.

Half an hour later they were both ready to go. Chrystal wore white hot pants, red underwear, and a white vest top. Chrystal knew she looked hot but so did James in his jeans and black t-shirt.

They set off on their walk into the woods.

“Thanks for a lovely birthday, it has been the best ever!” Chrystal smiled and hugged James.

“Only the best for my baby girl.”

Just then Chrystal’s phone bleeped, she took it out of her pocket and looked in disgust at the message.

“Its from mother, the bitch, she says sorry I didn’t make it to your party something cropped up. See you soon x” Chrystal scowled. “See not even a half decent excuse.”

“Don’t let her spoil our day” James said taking hold of Chrystal’s hand.

They walked until they come across a clearing. Chrystal remembered what she had written and went straight to James trousers.

“No Angel, sit down next to me.” James said lovingly. He laid out a big rug and they sat down. James turned and kissed his beautiful daughter and pushed gently so that she lay down. Without speaking he push up her top and undid the top button of her shorts. He started at one nipple to the other sucking them gently and slowly kissing her stomach. His fingers nipping each little erect nipple. Chrystal gasped as his tongue reached the top of her shorts. With a quick tug James had them down and his tongue was giving her clit plenty of attention.

“I’m going to fuck you with my tongue and then my cock.”

Chrystal moaned even louder pushing her hips upwards. James kept up the onslaught thrusting his tongue deep into her pussy. He could feel her orgasm coming. chrystal screamed with pleasure holding James head to her pussy till she was all done.

“Oh my god James that was amazing.”

“I am going to take you back and make love to you properly.” looking up and down the whole length of her body.

“You won’t be walking anywhere with a boner like that.” Chrystal giggled pointing to James erection sticking out of his jeans. “let me see to that.”

Quick as a flash, she was like a woman on a mission, she was up had James jeans down and was sucking him for dear life. licking him from the tip, right to his balls and back.

“come for me James.” she mumbled after pulling his cock out of her mouth. James didn’t disappoint and shot a whole load into Chrystal’s mouth. Chrystal kept swallowing and managed every drop.

Tidying themselves up they set off back to the cabin.

“Daddy i want to go home, I love the cabin but I want to be in our house with you!” Chrystal replied in her little girl voice.

“Ok sweetheart, I know what you mean.”

On returning to the cabin they packed up and left for home.

Two hours or so later they walked in their front door.

“I am going for a shower Daddy.”

“Ok darling I will make us a coffee and sandwiches”

“Thank you Daddy. I love you.”

Chrystal went to her room and decided to write a few notes in her diary. What she saw was what Madison had written. Looked and thought and really didn’t know what to make of it. Did she like or dislike!! who knows?

to be continued

please feel free to comment . all suggestions and advice gratefully received

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