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My Master’s name is Daddy; he has two sons. Their ages now are eighteen and nineteen, and they are always horny. Well, this all started about a year ago. My Master’s first wife died suddenly, and Daddy was devastated.

It all started when we met on a web dating site. What he was looking for sounded perfect. He wanted a submissive live-in to be a mom to his almost grown boys and a mate for him. I dabbled in being submissive, but nothing too serious. We chatted online for several months, getting to know each other very well. Then he proposed that we meet. We set a date and decided I would meet them at their house.

I stepped inside the open door, putting my bags down as I looked around. It was a pretty house; nothing too boastful, just a plain ranch style house. I walked around the house hoping someone would hear me. Chris, the eighteen year old, came over to hug me and gave me a very wet kiss on the lips. I was taken aback, but smiled at him, then Dan the nineteen year old came in the room. Hugging me and giving me the same kind of kiss, I smiled at him also. They both smiled as I noticed their cocks were growing in their pants. Daddy came up behind me through the open door and felt me up.

Kissing my neck and biting me he growled. “Hello little one, I see you met my boys.”

Moaning as he lifted my shirt, no bra on, and felt my tits. Rubbing them hard then pinching the nipples even harder. I was barely able to nod yes. The boys seeing my hardening nipples unzipped their pants, and took out their cocks. Daddy slammed the door shut letting go of me for a second. I knelt down rubbing the boys cocks as Daddy watched how we interacted.

“YES!” he exclaimed. “I knew we would all get along, boys this is going to be your new mom.”

They looked down at me as I rubbed their cocks. They both leaned down kissing me with lots of tongue. Dan whispered in my ear how he thought I was one hot looking woman. Their cocks twitched as I sucked and licked them one at a time. Feeling their heavy balls as I sucked harder. Soon they both let out a growl and squirted me with their cum. By the time they were both drained, I had cum in my hair, face, and running down to my tits.

Daddy was pleased as he held out his hand for me to get up. Once I was up he tore my shirt off, and unzipped my jeans. Pushing them down roughly, he turned me around, so I faced the boys. Then without warning he ripped my panties off and shoved his very hard cock in my wet dripping pussy. The boys began sucking and slapping my huge Beşiktaş Escort tits. Moaning with pleasure as Daddy and his boys took me. Being fucked never felt so good. I had finally found a place I could call home. The boys got hard again watching their father take me so hard. They wanted to cum again, this time in my ass and pussy.

Chris lay down, his cock so hard it stuck straight up. Daddy whispered in my ear to ride Chris’s cock. I straddled him as Dan came up behind me, bending me down roughly as he slammed his prick in my ass. Feeling both boys fucking me hard in the ass and pussy had me so horny for more cock. Daddy was walking around us watching, rubbing his hardened cock. He pulled my hair so I would look up at him and he stuffed his hard cock in my wanting mouth.

I was in the place I was meant to be in. This was my home; I could feel it. Daddy and his sons were so good to me. My ass, pussy, and even mouth so full of warm wet cocks I loved it. Riding Chris up and down as Dan’s cock slid in and out of me, Chris grabbed my tits roughly. I was sucking Daddy’s cock down my throat careful not to gag. We fucked like that for awhile, the boys came first. Chris grunting and Dan moaned they came together. With my ass and pussy full of their cum it started running down my legs.

Daddy was pleased as he watched his boys take me. Pulling his cock out, he smacked my face a couple of times hard.

“Does my little slut love being fucked by her new sons?” Daddy asked, with a wicked smile.

“Yes Daddy!” I cried out, as he slapped my face with his cock.

Later that evening we all sat and ate dinner. I of course was only allowed to wear a sheer tank top and panties. The boys and Daddy stared at me the whole time we ate. Daddy was done first. Pushing himself away from the table and ordering me to suck his cock. I got up and knelt on the floor opening up his pants. I then proceeded to take out his hardening cock, and suck on it. He held my head to his cock tightly. Moaning and growling as the cum spurted out and down my throat.

The boys cleared the table after Daddy came. After they were done they took their place at Daddy’s side. He ordered them to show me how happy they were. Chris kissed me tasting his dad’s cum, as he tongued my mouth. Dan stood behind me slapping my ass hard. Daddy reached over and put a choker on me it had a tiny charm. Daddy’s girl was written on the charm. I looked at it then back at him and smiled. Then Daddy put a leash on the choker and Beşiktaş Escort Bayan told the boys to take me in the living room.

Once in the living room Daddy pulled my top off. The living room had a big picture window, and people could see in because the curtains were open. Daddy wanted to show his prize off to the neighborhood. As soon as my top was off the boys sucked on my breasts. It felt so good I didn’t care who was watching. Daddy took a seat watching the boys play with their new mom. Chris would suck my nipples getting them hard as Dan rubbed my very wet panties. Daddy was rubbing his huge cock as he pulled it out of his pants again.

Some guy outside was watching what was going on but, didn’t have the nerve to knock on our door. Daddy noticed him and walked over to me ripping my panties off. Then turning me to show the man how wet I was. I gasped as he ripped my panties but Dan was already rubbing my clit hard. So I didn’t care about the man watching.

Dan stuck his two fingers in my wet pussy and wiggled them back and forth. I got so weak in the knees. Daddy pulled on my leash and walked me over to the couch. He then put my legs in the air. The man outside was so excited. He just couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Dan knelt down and sucked on my clit and pussy. While Chris sucked and slapped my nipples.

Daddy came and straddled my face on the couch. Then he forced his rock hard cock down my throat. I gagged as his cock slid farther down my throat. He eased up, and I could breath again. Chris who was pinching my nipples, stroked his cock as Daddy straddled me. Dan was licking and sucking my pussy so good I came all over his mouth. Then Daddy got off me so Dan could take my pussy. His cock pounded my wet pussy very hard. Chris’s hard cock was slammed down my throat. Dan couldn’t hold it any longer and came in my pussy breathing hard, as he finished. Chris took his cock out of my mouth, saliva dripping from his cock. He took his brothers place and pounded my pussy some more. I was groaning and moaning their cocks felt so good.

Daddy stroking his cock waiting his turn. Chris unloaded another deposit of cum in my pussy. Daddy took the leash and led me to the center of the room. He then put me in the doggy position. Getting behind me and taking his cock, he dipped it in my pussy. Getting it nice and slippery. Then he slammed it in my waiting ass. I moaned as Chris quickly rubbed my clit as, Daddy took me hard. Moaning and gasping as Daddy’s cock rammed Escort Beşiktaş in and out of my ass. Dan pinching my nipples so hard I quickly came. Daddy exploded in my ass, warm cum dripped out of my hole.

The man at the window thanked us for the show. I giggled as Daddy smiled and waved back at him.

“Now pet do you want to stay and be the boys mom?” Daddy asked.

“Yes Daddy, I really do!” I exclaimed

“Well then, pack all your stuff up and move in with us you naughty girl,” Daddy said, with a wicked smile.

“Yes Daddy,” I said with a smile and a wink to the boys.

About a week later I was all moved into my new home. Daddy kissed me as he held me tight. The boys seemed happy with the new arrangement. The little I knew about the lifestyle at first, shocked me. But this past year has been a good learning experience for me. Chris and Dan were both good teachers. They never abused the power they had over me. Daddy was pleased how quickly they took to me. Every once in a while I forget my place and needed to be punished.

It was an early morning on a Saturday. Blue skies, just a nice summer day. Daddy wanted to take me for a walk. He told me to not wear panties and to put on the shortest skirt I could find. He then told me to wear a see through blouse. I just didn’t want to show myself off for some reason. I threw a big tantrum, boy was Daddy mad. He grabbed my arm forced me into a short skirt then wrote with a sharpie ‘SLUT’ over my tits. He yanked my hair up and put a collar on me that had, ‘Daddy’s slut’ on it. Then he put the leash on and yanked me out the front door.

I quickly tried to cover my tits, Daddy scowled at me. I put my arms to the side and walked behind him. We drew attention right away, the man that watched us though the window noticed us first. Then lots of husbands watched us as they stepped out side to get a better view. Daddy made a evil laugh as he saw what was happening. He paraded me around the whole block. Wolf whistles were heard coming from every lawn.

Daddy told me to stop and to stand perfectly still. He tore my skirt off. Then he proceed to bend me over and finger my dripping pussy hard. The men cheered as daddy rammed his fingers in and out of me. I was crying from the humiliation. Daddy noticed and decided I had indeed learned my lesson. Taking his soaking wet fingers from my pussy, he dried them on his jeans. Then pulling me upright he hugged me and kissed my forehead.

Waving the guys on, they saw it was over. Daddy walked me back to the house his arm around me as I sniffled. Once inside, he dressed me in shorts and a tight t-shirt, kissing me slowly. He took my chin, looked in my eyes and told me to never disobey him like that again. I told him I wouldn’t; secretly I knew I would. Oh, but that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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