Breaking the Family Ch. 02

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Alpha Cock

Spring was heating up, and things were going great in my household. My wife Amanda was now about halfway through her first trimester. She had minor symptoms, but her pregnancy was proceeding normally.

My work at her family’s business was starting to become less overwhelming too. I was finishing my tour of the dealerships, and next month I would be working with Amanda’s father Anthony in the finance department.

I was continuing to meet Amanda’s Aunt Daniella weekly with the goal of impregnating her. Doctor Daniella had confided in me that if she was not pregnant in the next month, we would be going up to twice-weekly. I have to say I was rooting against my own sperm, as I was enjoying the curvy, tan beauty.

It was Friday night at our house, and Amanda was finishing some tidying up. Sunday was her birthday, and she had decided to invite her friends for a ‘girls’ weekend in’. This would also give her an opportunity to tell them she was pregnant.

As an added bonus, we were going to introduce Daniella to our fivesome after we returned from our weekly golf game. This would give Daniella a chance to ‘pick’ which girl she would take over to her house to spend the night with her and her husband, Amanda’s uncle Donny. Neither Daniella nor my wife’s friends knew of the plan, however. Amanda and I decided to keep it a secret until tomorrow.

The doorbell rang as I walked by. Amanda was upstairs, so I answered.

I barely had the door open before I was nearly tackled, a pair of pale, freckled legs wrapped around me and a pair of lips locked onto mine. I staggered backwards to recover.

Dropping to the floor, Amanda’s oldest friend Anna broke the kiss.

“Hi Anna. Nice to see you too.”

“Hey Charlie. I hope you’ve been taking your vitamins. I’ve been in a dry spell, and I have a hankering for some meat.”

“Sure. In that case, you can carry your own bag upstairs so I can rest up. Amanda is up there.”

I saw Anna was a little in awe of our house as she headed upstairs. She had grown up with Amanda, so she knew how well off my wife’s family was, but I guess she was surprised how fast we had risen. Honestly, she should be. After all, not everyone can blackmail their wife’s grandfather into two cushy jobs.

Soon after, Bonnie and Jane arrived. They had carpooled. After they got inside, I pulled Bonnie to the side. I sniffed her mouth, then her hands. Satisfied, I looked at Jane.

“Good. You followed my directions. Nothing sexual until after dinner.”

She shrugged, also looking around our new house. I sent these girls upstairs as well.

With the big house and no kids, the girls would each have their own bedroom this week. We didn’t necessarily expect them to all sleep separately; however, it would be nice for each to have their own space since we had it available.

I headed out back to fire up the grill. With the weather just warming up, this was only the second time I had used it since we bought the house. I didn’t want to take the chance of ruining dinner with a grill I was unfamiliar with, so it was just burgers tonight.

Soon the five of us were eating in our dining room. The girls were raving about the new house, and asking if we were hiring.

I had opened a bottle of wine. Amanda didn’t have a glass, which wasn’t unknown, but now the talk was flowing freely. The five of us hadn’t been together since Amanda’s ‘trial’, and while I knew the girls talked in the interim, there was still a lot to catch up on.

Finally, as dinner wore down, Amanda stood up.

“I have an announcement.”

The girls all hushed quickly and looked at her.

“I’m pregnant!”

The girls all roared, congratulating their friend and then me. As they started discussing details, I went and brought out dessert.

Baby talk dominated the talk from then on, and when they were finally finished, I could see each girl start glancing at me, as if waiting for a cue.

When I thought they had waited long enough, I stood up.

“Ladies, I know you have all been patient, and you are all eager to play. However, I am not cleaning up this mess. Amanda and I will go prepare the bed while you three do the dishes.”

Despite some light complaining about long car rides, they acquiesced quickly. With three of them, and some direction from Amanda, they made quick work of it and soon they were all upstairs.

Clothes were discarded in their own rooms, and soon there were four naked women standing around my bed who were sated in one way, but hungry in another.

“Before we start, I also have an announcement.”

“You’re pregnant too?” Anna burst out.

We all got a chuckle at that.

“No, but… nevermind. Okay, here is the deal. If you all swear yourselves that what I am about to tell you never leaves this room, I have a surprise.”

I looked at each girl and they nodded in turn.

“Tomorrow, we will have a guest playmate.”

“Who?” They all asked.

“I can’t tell you that. Well, I can tell you it is not Nicole. But I promise the new girl escort izmir will add to the fun.”

Amanda and I looked at each other, knowing that it was really an opening for Daniella to pick a girl.

“So don’t wear yourselves out tonight. In fact, after we call it quits tonight, no sex until I get back from golfing tomorrow.”

“What’s your definition of sex?” Of course it was Jane, the lawyer, who wanted to argue words.

“Don’t do anything you wouldn’t do in front of your grandparents.” I smiled back.

I was soundly booed after this. The booing only stopped after I grabbed Anna, who was closest to me, threw her on the bed, and dove into her snatch. The pale redhead, whose thin, dancer’s body was almost a twin to my wife’s, writhed in enjoyment at my attention. That broke the ice, and soon our bed was a tangle of naked limbs.

The girls were more interested in re-introducing themselves at this point than anything organized. Amanda was not interested in being fucked tonight, so I took my turns with the three other girls. As was becoming tradition, I finished by grabbing Bonnie and blowing my first load in her mouth. The smallest of the four girls quickly gulped it down, her swallows followed by an orgasm as Anna ate her out.

I took a break after that and handed out bottled water. I owed it to Daniella to not be wiped out in the morning, so I encouraged the girls to pair up after that. Anna’s white, freckled ass was looking especially fuckable as I watched, but I held back and chose to penetrate her with my fingers, plus several hard spanks.

Despite their initial energy, the girls had all worked that day and then drove out to our place, so they tired quickly. When the fun finally died down, I made them change our sheets and then kicked them out. They decided to sleep separately tonight, knowing that a big day of fun was coming.

The next morning I rolled out of bed, showered, and was on my way to the course before any of the girls woke up. Amanda was under strict orders to prevent any interactions until my return. I hoped that would hold, but knowing those four, they would push it.

After our first round went in my favor, Daniella and I didn’t compete on the course again. That was a good decision by her. Being out on the course every Saturday, plus a round or two during the week with Amanda’s grandfather Jack, one of his sons, or some other manager or VIP, had brought my golf game close to where it had been in high school.

I had also made it my mission to improve Daniella’s game, and while I think her biggest improvements were in the bedroom, her golf game was getting better too.

Today’s golf outfit was a red skirt, white top, and white visor, all tight enough to show off Daniella’s knockout body. The knockout doctor’s long black hair was down, covering her collar. The top was a zip polo, and while Daniella had it unzipped all the way, I was still disappointed with how little cleavage it showed and that there was definitely no way I could get a hand in there. So instead I kept myself entertained by seeing how many times I could get my hand under her skirt that covered less than a quarter of her long, tan legs and touch her bubble butt.

By the back nine Danny, as I now called her privately, was spending more time swatting my hands away than hitting the ball. Our flirting was continuous now as we played. Usually it stopped there, but once I had taken her on the course. We had ducked behind a tree on

5, just like we had during our first round. I wasn’t sure it was the same tree that I pinned her against this time, but I liked to think I had returned to finish what I started a couple weeks earlier.

When our round finished and we returned to the car, I told Daniella that for Amanda’s birthday, I wanted her to go into the house naked again. She complained, but got into the backseat and undressed as I drove back to our house.

When we got back, we both strolled into the house. Daniella started singing ‘Happy Birthday’, cupping her own tits to prevent them from bouncing as she strutted through our kitchen, her tall, hourglass body on display. I trailed behind, removing my cleats and hat as we went.

When she turned the corner into our living room, I could see the older woman stop and jump with an “Eeep”.

Walking up beside her and placing my arm around her bare waist, I found my wife and her three friends sitting in the living room, playing cards.

Surprisingly, they were all fully dressed, although Jane’s tit was hanging out of her loose tank-top.

I saw three jaws drop, and my wife’s face break into a laughing grin that matched my own.

“Ohmigod I’m so sorry. I didn’t know you had company.” Daniella turned to leave, but found her way blocked by my arm. Putting my other hand on her elbow, I half-pushed her into the living room.

“Ladies, you remember my wife’s lovely aunt Daniella. She is my regular Saturday morning golf partner.”

I let my words hang in the air as the girls all nodded.

“And after our morning twosome, we izmir escort bayan come back here and make it an afternoon threesome.”

Three jaws that had dropped once and recovered now dropped again.

“But today Daniella is here to make it a six-some.”

I saw three more faces start to smile now. Everyone liked a fresh face to play with, not that anything had grown stale.

“Why don’t you four go up to the big guest room and get ready? Danny and I will be up in a minute.”

As the girls pounded up the stairs, I turned to my wife’s aunt. My hands went to her bare hips. She was still shocked by this turn of events, I could see.

“My wife and her friends have been sexually involved with each other since college. For her birthday, Amanda asked them all here for the weekend. Just like with us, the only rules are that Amanda and I don’t play without the other knowing, and no one plays unless I give the go-ahead.”

The normally chatty Daniella simply nodded.

“I told them someone was coming, but didn’t tell them who. Now that you are here, I expect you to keep this secret, just like we are keeping yours.”

Daniella nodded again.

“Now, I told the girls no sex until I got back, so they are all raring to go I am sure. I promise that my primary task will be to try again to knock you up, but I can’t promise you much more than that. With you being the new girl, I am sure everyone will want a turn.”

With that, I touched Daniella on the small of the back again, and led her upstairs.

When we got to the big guest room, which Anna claimed last night, I found the girls paired up in 69s on the bed. Anna saw us first, and jumped off Bonnie to come and take Daniella’s hand.

“Hi, I’m Anna. We met at the wedding.” With that the lithe redhead kissed Daniella on the lips, and then dropped to her knees, heading for the taller, darker woman’s lightly haired snatch.

Daniella was surprised by Anna’s quick escalation, and closed her muscular legs quickly, preventing access.

“You girls don’t mess around, do you?” She asked, clearly a little uncomfortable with the amount of lesbian sex going on in front of her.

“No, they don’t,” I said. “Anna, why don’t we let Danny get comfortable first.”

With that, I sat in a chair on the side of the room, and pulled the curvy medicine woman into my lap.

We kissed some, and I played with her body as we watched the younger women go at it.

After a couple minutes, Daniella finally spoke again:

“They are all of her bridesmaids, aren’t they?”

I nodded. “Them and Nicole.”

“And they have been doing this since college?”

“Anna and Amanda since high school.”

“And you are okay with this?”

“I was not happy when I found out about it. Some of it was… behind my back. But we all reached an understanding, and now I get to play with three other women, and my wife encourages it and loves it just as much as I do.”

Daniella was silent now. As I finished speaking, my wife climbed on top of Jane. My wife’s long, light brown hair was down over her shoulders. Her thin body easily contorted to get a better angle on top of her larger friend.

At this point in the pregnancy, I hadn’t noticed any changes in Amanda’s body. She still had the same trim figure on her 5’6″ frame, capped by a pair of A-cups and cute butt that was currently grinding all of her friend’s face.

As we watched, Daniella and my touching had escalated, and soon I was jilling her clit while she slowly stroked my cock. Then, without words, she simply lifted her body off me, straddled my lap facing away, and dropped on slowly, impaling herself.

I leaned forward and kissed her neck as she bounced up and down. The gorgeous doctor’s hands went to her own breasts, kneading the flesh and caressing her nipples. She started to moan now, her pleasure rising.

I looked over my athletic dance partner to see that all of the faces in the room were at least half-watching us. I moved my hands to my wife’s aunt’s ribs, helping her bounce now. When she really got going, her hands moved from her breasts to my knees, letting the other girls see her round D-cups bounce in rhythm with our fucking.

Daniella came now loudly, freezing at the top of our pattern. I saw the rest of the girls were watching in rapt attention. I froze, dick buried in her bronze pussy. When her muscles relaxed, I lifted her athletic body off me.

Dropping to the carpet, I pushed Daniella down on her stomach so her face and chest were against the floor, her bubble butt sticking up prominently. Re-entering my new claim, I pounded away at her again.

Knowing that all eyes were on us, plus knowing this was going to happen all day, plus the fact that Daniella was gorgeous all conspired against me, and I emptied my cum into her waiting hole.

When I was done, I sat back into the chair, and Daniella rolled over onto her back.

Bonnie, ever diligent, came over and started to suck my dick. I was so out of it that I didn’t react when she turned around izmir escortlar to suck on Daniella.

Again the good doctor’s legs snapped shut. All three of us froze for a second.

Knowing that I couldn’t let the fact that I was trying to impregnate my wife’s aunt get out, I then lied to my wife’s best friend.

“Sorry Bonnie. Daniella’s still new to this. She can keep this load, okay?”

The tiny brunette nodded, and moved back to the bed. The girls had rotated, so Bonnie quickly joined my wife, who kissed her, tasting us both.

I took a break at this point, providing some refreshments as the girls took a break from their carnal snacks.

The girls asked some light questions of Daniella, but stayed away from the obvious “Why are you cheating on your husband?”

When Daniella stepped down the hall to pee, I waited until I heard her flush and then intercepted her in the hallway.

Pulling her close in an embrace, I kissed her neck. Her tan, athletic body was very sexy. Nothing sagged, nothing loose, just tightness all over her golden skin.

“Okay Danny, now I have a surprise for you.”

My wife’s aunt looked up at me, listening intently.

“As a thank you to your husband, I am going to send one of these girls home with you today. Do what you want with her, and we will pick her up in the morning.”

Daniella’s jaw dropped now. She clearly wasn’t expecting this.

“You don’t have to decide now. But I do expect you to… interact… with each girl. They all have their own talents.”

I stroked Daniella’s nipple as I said this. She nodded in response.

“Amanda even told them to bring a costume, so we can send her all dressed up. But don’t tell the girls. I want it to be a surprise at the end.”

My newest fuck-buddy nodded again. I kissed her neck and cheek again, then took her hand and walked her back in.

“Look what I found wandering the halls. Who wants her first?”

Three hands shot up, so I decided to have them go in the same order I originally did.

“Bonnie is first. Bonnie, show her what a good box muncher you are.”

With that, I led Danny to the bed, where Bonnie met her. Bonnie came up for a kiss, tentatively but confidently. The brunette and black-haired girls tilted their heads and kissed, and their hands started to roam each other.

While Daniella wasn’t as eager with other women as the other girls, she didn’t shy away, and soon she was on her back, Bonnie’s face buried in her crotch.

I took the opportunity to re-acquaint myself with Jane’s ass. The curvy black girl put her face into the bed as I pounded her from behind, her big breasts pinned to the sheet as my body slapped against her from behind.

Jane had not been with a man since the trial, so she was really getting into my fucking. I didn’t have long though, as Bonnie got Daniella off in record time.

Amanda pulled her best friend off of her aunt, giving the good doctor a minute to rest.

Switching partners, Anna plopped down next to Daniella. Personality-wise, Anna was closest to Danny. Both were smart, and quick-witted, but the older woman possessed the filter that Anna claimed to lack.

They chatted for a minute, and then started touching each other. I called out ‘breasts, her breasts’ and watched the black-haired beauty fondle the redhead’s nipples. Anna was silent after that, enjoying the touch.

While this all went on, Bonnie had moved over and started sucking my dick. The tiny brunette had come a long way from the girl I had sent home with her pussy full of my cum almost a year ago. She was still very submissive, but she wasn’t tentative. I finally pulled her off of me and spun her around.

Pulling her arms back behind her, I pounded into the smallest of the girls. Normally Bonnie was silent, but something about this position touched her, and she was more vocal than usual, her sounds cut off each time my body slammed into her ass.

Anna and Danny had moved into a 69 now, the pale redhead straddling the taller woman. I watched, then reached out to grab Anna’s perfect pale ass.

My wife giggled and did the same, both of us kneading her ass-flesh. Finally I got bold and stuck my finger into Anna’s ass. That put the redhead over the edge, and she gritted out an orgasm before collapsing off of Daniella, temporarily useless.

Amanda used the occasion to check on her aunt, cuddling her close. Daniella must have complained about not getting off, because my wife quickly took over, her fingers a blur over her aunt’s clit as she made the older woman cum again.

As Daniella recovered a second time, I pulled out of Bonnie. Asking Amanda what she wanted next, she chose Bonnie to eat her out. Originally I planned to keep fucking Bonnie, but Anna came over to me, asking if she could have the same.

Never wanting to turn down the sight of Anna’s ass split by my cock, I pulled out of Bonnie. The tiny brunette was nice enough to clean my cock before I entered the lithe redhead from behind.

As Bonnie settled into a 69 with my wife, Jane settled in next to Daniella. I saw them chat for a minute, before Daniella simply got up and sat on Jane’s face. Surprised that the black lawyer didn’t object to this, I watched as the gorgeous doctor rode Jane’s dark face.

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