Blue Dragon Sex Club Ch. 3

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Part III: Shy Sarah

Introduction: The Blue Dragon Sex Club was a group of friends who met every Monday night for recreational lovemaking. Tamara and her boyfriend Eric, Dana and her lover Curtis, and occasional invited guests enjoyed finding new sexual games to play. On this particular Monday evening…

* * * * *

The first thing Curtis noticed when he arrived at Tamara’s house for the weekly get together was the new furniture. Another chair and a futon had been added to the furnished basement that had become the home of the Blue Dragon Sex Club. Tamara and her boyfriend Eric, also part of the group, had been shopping the past week, trying to make the room more “orgy friendly.”

Tonight was a big night. For the first time, a fifth person was going to join the group and their festivities. Sarah was a friend of Dana’s who was visiting from out of town. After meeting socially over dinner two nights ago, Dana had consulted the other three members of the Blue Dragons and they had given their approval to issue the invitation. Part of the club rules were no surprise guests- everyone had to approve any visitors.

Sarah was in her early thirties. Her shoulder length brown hair topped a plain but not unattractive face. She arrived with Dana, having had everything explained to her. That was another club agreement- guests were to understand in advance what the evening was going to be about. No one wanted to embarrass anyone or be embarrassed. That was part of what made the whole Blue Dragon idea cool- it was consenting adults doing only what they were comfortable with. No pressure, no awkwardness.

Despite that intent, Sarah was definitely uneasy. As the four regulars disrobed, she moved very slowly, obviously having second thoughts. Everyone sensed it. Although Dana was her friend and Sarah had met Curtis several times before, it was Tamara who took charge.

“Sarah, look you don’t have to get undressed right now. If you’d just like to kick back and have a snack and some wine, you can just watch for a while,” the pretty blonde hostess said in as reassuring tone as she could muster.

“Right,” Curtis added. “You know, just take things slow. I think if you just relax and have a few glasses of wine, that would be cool.” Everyone agreed, trying to soothe her anxiety.

Red-faced, Sarah smiled. “Sorry, but I am a bit nervous. This is the first time I’ve ever done anything like this. Thanks everyone, maybe I will just sort of edge into it.” As the others finished undressing, the newcomer stripped down to her bra and panties but no further. She took a seat in one of the chairs and began to fortify herself with a glass of wine.

Tamara was at the stereo setting up some “mood music” when she felt two arms slide around her waist. She was a bit taken aback when she realized it was not Eric, but Curtis. He whispered into her ear. “Eric and I talked it over and decided we’d change the starting line-ups this week. You know, like you’re always sayin’- keep it exciting. Is that okay?”

Tamara turned to face him. “Yeah, oh yeah, by all means let’s keep it exciting,” she said as their lips met.

Eric and Dana had already claimed the futon, which had been placed on the floor for this evening’s fun. As they lay there, they embraced and kissed, running fingers through each other’s short black hair. Eric slowly moved his mouth down her body to suck on Dana’s istanbul travesti breasts. He alternately sucked and licked her huge melons, as his right hand started to explore between her legs.

Sarah was watching intently as Eric and her friend writhed on the floor. She thought Eric was very hot. His features were almost what one might describe as a “pretty boy,” but Sarah didn’t mind pretty boys at all. And Dana. She had known her for a long time, but now seeing naked, seeing her doing this. Sarah thought her friend was very hot too!

As she studied Eric and Dana, Sarah could feel herself getting hot. She gradually slid her right hand into her panties and began rubbing herself. Her motions were slow and deliberate, so that the others wouldn’t notice. After a while, she mentally laughed to herself and thought how silly she was being. These people are having sex right in front of me, she thought; like they care if I’m over here in the corner fingering myself.

Tamara had now moved into one of the other lounge chairs, and had each leg slung over a chair arm. Curtis was licking and finger fucking her shaven pussy. His tongue and mouth caressed her clit as his large fingers explored her twat. Eyes closed, Tamara was stroking her small, firm boobs and running her hand over his hair as he worked his magic.

Sarah had now removed her bra and was continuing to rub her crotch underneath her blue panties. She alternated from watching Eric and Dana (Eric was now on top of Dana, pumping her hard with her legs wrapped around him) and Curtis and Tamara (Tamara was in the middle of a series of mini-orgasms as Curtis sucked on her).

Sarah had been right about Tam; she had come several times. Ever the hostess though, not to mention the de facto head of the Blue Dragons, Tamara had noticed their guest “loosening up” on the sidelines. The blonde leaned forward to Curtis and said something softly to him. He nodded, got on his feet, and headed in the direction of the bathroom.

Tamara toweled off, then went over to where Sarah was, under the pretext of getting a glass of wine. The brown hair woman had now removed her panties and was standing next the wine shelf, pouring herself another glass.

“Are you doing okay?” asked Tamara. “I don’t mean to embarrass you, but I couldn’t help noticing you were getting into it a little there.”

Sarah blushed. “Well, it’s kind of hard not to. You guys are all so hot. Makes me feel a tad self-conscious.”

“No reason to. You’re a very attractive woman. You have a nice body.”

“Thanks. You too.”

Tamara took a large gulp of wine. “You know, I was going to send Curtis over here to seduce you into the action, then I reconsidered. He’s a pretty well hung guy, and I thought the sight of that big stiff Johnson coming in your direction might scare you off,” she joked with a wink of the eye.

Sarah laughed, and Tamara placed her free hand on her guest’s arm. “That’s better. Laughing is good. Shows you’re having a good time, and that’s what all of this is about.”

“Thanks Tamara,” Sarah said sincerely. “I appreciate your kindness. And by the way, I love big stiff Johnsons.” The two laughed, and both took sips from their glasses. Curtis had returned and was putting different music on the stereo. Eric and Dana had disappeared for the time being, to the bathroom Tam guessed.

Sarah got a more serious expression istanbul travestileri on her face and continued. “Actually though, when Dana invited me tonight, I really didn’t know why I accepted the invitation. I think watching you all though, I’ve figured it out. The thing is, not only have I never done anything like this with a group before, I’ve never done anything with another woman before. I’ve always been, you know, curious. Dana’s been my friend for so long, but I didn’t want to hit on her…”

Tamara smiled at her, then took both of their wineglasses and placed them on the shelf. “Would you mind?” Sarah asked timidly.

“Hey, it’s not everyday I get to make it with a pretty thing like you,” answered Tamara as she embraced Sarah and kissed her, first on the cheek, then on the lips, then opened mouthed with extra tongue.

The two of them took over the empty floor futon and were locked in a passionate kiss when Dana and Eric returned. “Looks like somebody has relaxed,” Dana said to Curtis.

“Shit yeah,” Curt replied. “How ’bout you? You ready to go another round?”

Dana smiled and placed her hand on Curt’s swelling cock. “Shit yeah,” she said as she led him to one of the couches. Eric grabbed a glass of wine and settled in to play voyeur for a while.

Sarah and Tamara were both on their knees, kissing and exploring each other’s skin. Tamara was intrigued with Sarah’s breasts. They were not that large, a bit bigger than Tam’s but nowhere near the mass of Dana’s. The thing that peaked Tamara’s interest however was the size of her nipples. For normal proportioned boobs, Sarah’s nipples were very large. On each tit, the areola was oversized and very dark brown. It wasn’t exactly freakish, but unusual, and most definitely a turn on for Tam.

Both girls groped at each other, embracing, kissing, licking. Tamara gave a lot of attention to Sarah’s tits, sucking and licking her large dark nipples. Sarah reached down to place her hand between Tam’s legs. Tenderly she stroked the patch of hair above Tamara’s pussy, eventually working her fingers down into the hairless slit itself.

In time, Tamara stopped the things- just to reposition their bodies. She gently eased her new carnal friend onto her back, and the dark haired blonde arranged herself so that her face was in Sarah’s crotch. Lovingly she inserted one finger, then two, then three, then her tongue. Sarah twisted and groaned with delight. Tam worked without hesitation, knowing that this girl had plenty of orgasms in her for the long night ahead. No need to nurse this one.

As Tamara ate Sarah, Dana and Curtis were climaxing on the other side of the room. As they recovered and went to get something to drink, Dana was pleased to see Sarah enjoying herself. Eric had been watching the action and had a substantial erection.

“Why don’t you put that thing to good use on one of them?” Dana asked, motioning to his stiff rod.

“I’m going to, but it’s not time yet,” he said under his breath. “If I blundered in there now, Tam would have my nuts. She’ll give me the signal.” The three of them were now the audience for this splendid show.

Tamara now stood up and straddled Sarah, then helped the brunette sit up. Sarah was now face to face with Tam’s crotch. “Time for you to taste it,” said Tam, in a commanding voice. Tamara opened her stance a bit, reached down with her left hand and spread travesti istanbul her cunt lips open.

Sarah delayed for a split second, steadying herself with her hands on Tamara’s hips. As Tam held her pussy open with her fingers, Sarah moved close, placing her nose at the opening. She took a single large breath, inhaling the smell of female love deeply. She then drew her right index finger forward and slowly placed in inside Tam, as deeply as she could. Drawing it out, she put it in her own mouth, sucking and licking it as though it was a lover’s cock.

The spectators loved those moves. Eric almost shot his wad and quickly decided he needed another glass of wine. Curtis and Dana grabbed each other and kissed. “I hope Sarah comes to visit more often,” thought Dana to herself. Little did she know that Curtis was thinking roughly the same thing.

Sarah now enthusiastically dove into the muff in front of her. As she licked, Tam maneuvered her body to press her crotch down harder on Sarah’s mouth. After a few minutes of this and before she herself came, Tamara motioned Eric to join them, telling him to lie down beside the two fevered women.

“I think we should continue things on top of Eric,” Tamara suggested.

“Sounds delicious,” smiled Sarah as the two mounted Tamara’s boyfriend. Tam positioned her crotch over Eric’s mouth. Sarah faced the other girl and slowly slid herself over the black-haired man’s throbbing dick. She was so excited and wet, no lubricant was need. Eric howled with delight as he felt Sarah’s moist pussy engulf his staff. Tamara silenced him by dropping her own soaked cunt over his mouth. He got the message and began to lick.

As Eric’s tongue lapped at Tamara, Sarah rode his pole with a vengeance. Eric concentrated hard on his pussy eating so as not to come too fast. One of the things that Tamara loved about her man was his staying power. Tam leaned forward and grabbed Sarah’s tits, massaging them and sucking on her large nipples.

Eric and Tamara had made love often enough to develop a “sixth sense” about each other’s bodies. Eric gave his girlfriend a little tap on the leg, and she knew he couldn’t last much longer. Tamara signaled Sarah to stop and dismount, which she reluctantly did.

“Let’s finish this off together, shall we?” said Tamara as she swung her face down to Eric pelvic region. Sarah grinned and made an agreeing “uh-huh.”

Eric’s blood-gorged member looked like it might break if it was touched. He would probably be considered a man with average endowment, but this cock would have been the envy of any male. Tamara could never remember seeing him this large. It almost made her jealous, and would have if she hadn’t been having such a good time. The smell and taste of Sarah’s love juices smeared on Eric’s manhood just served to further excite her.

The two women were lying on each side of him, and they both began to lick. Tam had secured the base of his rod with her right hand, and every few licks she would bring it toward herself so she could completely take him into her mouth. Then, she would tilt him toward Sarah who would smile and place him totally in her mouth, drawing off of him slowly for full effect. It was like two girls sharing an ice cream cone.

It didn’t take long for this cone to melt however. “Here I come,” grunted Eric as he blasted semen high into the air. Both girls stroked him to completion and gave him a final lick; their lips meeting above Eric’s spent tool.

Reaching for the back of her head, Tamara brought Sarah’s face to hers and gave her a long, deep, wet kiss. “Sarah, welcome to the Blue Dragons,” Tam purred.

To Be Continued…

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