Bill and Jeans Adventures Ch. 08

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Jackie meets Jordi and discovers sex Euro-porn style!

Heads up, Bill and Jean’s Adventures fans. This is our hardest scene so far. If you like the harder stuff read on, if not you have been warned, lol.

Review Chapter 6 for context.

Johnny had raced to his car late to meet his parents. As Jackie started to put her clothes back on, she asked me, “So professor Bill, do you think Johnny is going to tell mom and pops why he was late?”

I had to laugh at the thought and said, “No Jackie, I don’t think so. I imagine he will explain how he had to make one last delivery.”

“I’ll say. I think he delivered about a gallon of cum inside me! Oh my god, I forgot how eager the young ones can be!” Jackie said. “Are you really going to unleash that tornado on my sister?”

I just grinned and said, “What? You don’t think she would enjoy a gallon of cum?” I added, “And hey! I am still eager,” as I kissed her.

She hugged me and said, “Yes you are; you’re my stud, and Johnny is like a young bronc!”

Jackie finished getting dressed and asked me, “How do I look?”

“Umm, like you were just thoroughly fucked!” I laughed, as she punched my arm.

“Oh great, just what a girl wants to hear!”

“Hey, I meant it as a compliment,” I laughed.

“Well, when we go into the house, usher me by the boys so I can take a shower,” she said.

“What, a shower? I think they will just want to fuck you on the kitchen table,” I told her.

“Oh, how romantic; now go,” she said, as we headed into the house.

I was only half-joking, it would not surprise me to see a naked Stan and Jordi stroking their cocks eager to have their turn with Jackie; but instead, when we entered the house, no one was in the kitchen and Jackie seemed relieved.

Stan then entered the kitchen smiling at us, and gave us a slow clap, and said, “Well done, I see Johnny can indeed make a delivery.”

Jackie pointed at him with an accusing finger, “That was all your idea, wasn’t it.”

Stan acted all innocent and said, “Mwah?” pointing to himself. Jackie hugged him and Stan said, “It’s great to see you again, Jackie.” Stan gave her a hug, his hands reaching down to grab her ass.

Jackie struggled back and said, “So, Bill, is your shower still the same place it was last time I was here?”

“Yep,” I laughed, “it hasn’t moved.”

I looked around, still no sign of Jordi. I thought he would be eager to meet Jackie. “Stan,” I asked, “where is the kid?”

“Jordi? Well, he has been on the phone with his girl back in Spain. I think there are some problems with the girlfriend, he didn’t get to see any of the excitement.” Stan said this for Jackie’s benefit because Jordi had seen it all.

“Spain?” Jackie asked intrigued.

“Oh yes,” Stan said, “Jordi is a hot-blooded Spaniard, ole.” Stan then struck a bullfighter pose that made Jackie giggle. Stan is never short on charm.

Jackie kissed me and scurried away.

Stan watched her exit. “Jesus, Bill; her ass rivals her tits.”

“Yes, it does; and it is full of cum right now!”

The second Jackie exited the room, Jordi came around the corner. I could tell he had been listening to our conversation. “Jordi, I understand you are having girlfriend troubles in Spain,” I said, with a tone of concern.

“Oh, si, I am very troubled and will need some consoling later,” Jordi said, sounding sad.

Stan could barely control himself, “Oh god, are we going to witness an Academy Award performance here tonight.”

“Si, in both the acting and fucking departments. I think we should try to create a Euro-style porn scene. I believe Jackie can handle it, and I think she will love it as much as we do.”

“Oh hell, yes,” was Stan’s response.

I was excited by the prospects, as well; but, I said, “Jordi, do you mean the hard anal, DP, and fisting-type scenes?”

“Si, and a wet scene, I think she will love that since it will be her first time.”

“You mean for us to piss on her, and in her ass and pussy as well?”

“Yes, Bill, that is when the lady has the strongest orgasm. The urine stream striking her cervix and filling her full, the pressure builds and when it gushes out they cum so hard they sometimes pass out. Jackie will love it I am sure.”

“I think we can try; but if she wants to back out, we have to let her, agreed?”

Jordi and Stan both nodded in agreement. Jordi seemed very confident. “She won’t Bill, the hard part might be getting her to stop.”

I asked Jordi, “Do we need to do any prep work?”

“Well, a little,” Jordi said. “The three of us should be well hydrated. Drink water, even if you’re not thirsty, and if you have any Red Bull, the caffeine helps, works as a diuretic. And laying down some blankets on top of a sheet of plastic makes it pretty easy to clean up.”

“I have some 10×10 plastics sheets in the room that we’re remodeling, so I think we are set.”

“Jesus, this is going to be wild,” Stan said, breaking his cool guy code by being so excited.

Jordi laid out a plan escort izmir for us. “I will get a call from my girlfriend, Juanita,” he said, with a wink at Stan, “and I will get very emotional. I will watch Jackie’s reaction and go from there.”

“Bill, she likes to do anything she can to please you, so if you suggest that she tries to console me, then that would be a good start; and, of course, some of the panty-dropper wine will help.

“Every woman I have ever done a wet scene with, was left breathless when we were finished; so the challenge is getting her to want to do it.”

I looked at Jordi, a bit puzzled. “So why do you think Jackie will do anything to please me?”

“It is just a vibe I get, even not having met her, but just watching the two of you outside. I had a pornstar colleague in Spain that was like that. Don’t get me wrong, she would fuck all the guys and loved it; but with me, it was different. I think you Americans call it, ‘having a crush,'” he said.

Stan nodded, “Dude, I see it, too. That gal would be yours, if you weren’t married to Jean.”

I got to admit, what they said was a boost to my ego, and I liked the thought that I had that power over a hot lady like Jackie; but, I also realized that responsibility came with it–I had to sway Jackie to do the things I wanted, and not force her.

A moment later, Jackie returned from her shower; and I don’t know if it was because of what Jordi had said, or if it was something else, but WOW, she looked hot! She was wearing Jean’s short white robe and a pair of Jean’s sexy white high heels, the robe was challenged to keep her large boobs covered and it exposed a lot of her cleavage; and unlike Jean, I knew she had nothing on underneath.

Jackie came up to me, gave me a quick kiss, and asked, “Jean won’t mind if I wear her robe, will she, baby?”

“Oh, no I am sure she won’t mind,” I said.

She shook her long lustrous hair, still damp from her shower, then spun around saying, “I hope I am not too casual for you boys, it just feels so comfy.” The gaping mouths of both Jordi and Stan told me they were okay with it because they also knew she had nothing on under that robe.

Jackie leaned against me as Jean would do, something I had noticed other wives do, as if claiming their husbands, or their man.

At the moment, it just seemed natural that I put my arm around her as she looked at Jordi and said, “Hi, you must be Jordi, these guys would have gone all night without introducing us.”

I felt embarrassed by my lack of manners; formalities get lost when you are planning an orgy, I suppose. I recovered my senses and said, “Oh yes, pardon me Jordi, this is my sister-in-law, Jackie. Jackie this is Jordi, a student assistant of mine and a fledgling actor!”

Jackie quick to flirt said, “Well with his good looks, I am not surprised.”

Jordi was walking towards Jackie when I begun the introductions. He stepped closer to her, and said with a bit more of an accent than usual, “A compliment like that means so much more coming from a beauty such as yourself, Ms. Jackie,” as he kissed her hand!

It was a good thing Jackie was leaning against me because she swooned when he kissed her hand, such a European thing to do. I caught Stan giving me a wink out of the corner of my eye for he knew, as well as I did, that Jordi was suave enough to pull off our plans for the evening.

“Oh my, you are a charmer, aren’t you; you must have a dozen girlfriends back in Spain,” Jackie said.

Jordi smiled and said, “I have had many girlfriends; but now, just one, just my Juanita.” Stan rolled his eyes at this, but I thought the kid was nailing it.

“Well, I hope she realizes how lucky she is,” Jackie said. She also noticed how Jordi’s eyes focused on her cleavage to the point that Jackie seemed embarrassed and closed her robe a bit, totally unaware of the young Spaniard’s plans for her.

“Oh señorita, I am the lucky one, but thank you.”

Stan interrupted Jordi’s flirting by proclaiming, “Hey! I was promised food.”

“Oh yes,” Jackie said, “you boys go have a seat at the table.”

As Stan and Jordi went around the corner to the dining room, I went into the kitchen and helped Jackie with the plates; and also distracted her, by feeling her up as much as I could.

Finally, she said, “Bill, we have hungry guests to feed. I promise you can fuck me again later,” she said, giving me a little kiss.

“And in the morning, too?” I asked, with pleading eyes.

“Of course, baby, all you want,” she told me, and then scurried on her way.

While Jackie took the food tray to the table, I poured us some panty-dropper wine–making sure Jackie had a full glass. I carried the glasses to the table, as Jackie grinned at Jordi and asked, “Jordi, are you sure you are old enough to drink?” causing another eye roll from Stan and a grin from Jordi, who was quick to reply, “Yes, I was going to ask you the same thing,” causing another giggle from Jackie.

It bothered Stan not to be the center of attention that izmir escort bayan he usually was, but he knew that Jordi was paving the way for him to be pounding Jackie’s ass very soon.

Jackie got up from the table and said, “I think I might go for another glass of wine, Bill. I love this, what’s it called again?”

I came very close to blurting out ‘panty dropper,’ but I said, “Oh, it is a pinot noir, I believe.”

I glanced to confirm Jackie was out of the room when I told Jordi I thought he was doing great!

Jordi said, “Si, the acting skills are strong in me,” causing Stan to mutter something and say, “I think I will go see if I can give Jackie a hand, or two,” with a grin.

Jordi looked at me and said, “He is very eager to fuck her, isn’t he.”

“Yes,” I laughed, “very eager.”

In the kitchen, Stan came up behind Jackie and reaching around her, started feeling her boobs and rubbing his hands in little circles on her nipples making them very hard.

“Bill,” she whispered, in a very sultry voice, “I said you could fuck me later, baby.”

Stan nearly laughed, then imitating Bill’s voice which he was very good at, said, “What about Stan?”

Jackie said, “Oh yes, I will fuck Stan, too; I can tell he is very horny tonight. Don’t worry I will take care of both of my boys.”

“What about Jordi?” Stan asked, curious what Jackie would say.

“Oh, he seems very much in love with Juanita, I imagine he will leave shortly after we finish dinner,” Jackie replied.

“I saw him checking out your boobs earlier, I think he wants to fuck you.”

“Really?” Jackie said. “I bet he would be a fun lay, but he is taken with his Jaunita.”

Jackie glanced down now to see that it was the dark brown hands of Stan feeling her up and not Bill! She spun around shocked, ready to unleash on Stan, but Stan headed her off with a deep kiss and some tongue action that cooled her down. Stan could tell the wine was already kicking in, as he felt Jackie’s hand reaching for his cock.

Breaking away from the kiss of Stan, Jackie whispered in his ear, “Will you give me a hard fuck tonight, Stan?”

“Oh yes, baby! It will be something like you have never had before.” For just a brief moment, Stan was tempted to tell her she was going to be fisted, DP’d, and fucked in the ass; as well as have three guys piss in her pussy and ass; but it was way too early for that much information.

As Stan followed Jackie back to the table, he noticed she had taken the wine bottle with her, and had just a slight sway in her walk. Yep, the panty dropper is magic. Stopping at the fridge, Stan grabbed three Red Bulls to take back to the table, as well.

I noticed that Jackie’s face was a bit red and Stan’s grin told me why it took them so long. “So did you guys get lost in there?”

“No silly,” Jackie said, with another panty-dropper-induced giggle. “Stan and I were just catching up, it’s been two weeks since we, um, talked,” Jackie said, sitting down, pulling her chair closer to mine, at the same time her hand finding its way to my pants and rubbing back and forth across my hard cock.

Jackie looked at Jordi and said, “So you are at the University taking anthropology and acting classes?”

“Si,” Jordi said, “it is not a common pairing of fields of study, but there was a generous scholarship that I could not turn down.”

“How long have you been away from home?” Jackie asked.

“About three months,” Jordi said.

“You must miss Juanita and be distracted by all those college girls running around half-naked.” I glanced at Jackie, her eyes had a sexy glow.

“Yes, it is hard,” Jordi said. “So many American girls have, umm, such large boobs,” Jordi said, with a smile, “but not many are as large as yours, Jackie.” Jordi appeared to blush. The kid knew how to work it. This caused Jackie to laugh and call Jordi a terrible flirt.

“I was trying to talk to Juanita earlier, but there was a problem with the connection; just about the time the food arrived,” Jordi said.

Jackie seemed a little concerned, wondering how much Jordi had seen of her, Bill, and Johnny fucking out by the pool. Jackie said, “Oh yes, that was Johnny who delivered the food. Do you have any classes with him?”

Jordi, ever the clever one, said, “I don’t know; I didn’t see him when he delivered. I was in the other room on the phone.”

“Oh,” Jackie perked up; she seemed pleased Jordi had not seen us.

Stan had slammed down his Red Bull and I noticed he grabbed his phone when he stood up and said, “I think I will have another Red Bull.”

“Si,” Jordi said, and nodded to me to say yes as well, so I said, “Sure, Stan, thanks.”

“I don’t know why you guys like those; oh well, more wine for me,” Jackie giggled.

Shortly after Stan left the room, Jordi’s phone rang, and I knew our plan was underway. Stan was in the kitchen leaning against the counter looking forward to giving Jordi some crap on the phone.

Trying to mimic a girl’s voice Stan said, “Hi Jordi this is Juanita, I need izmir escortlar you to fuck me right now, you Spanish Stallion!” I could only imagine the gruff Stan was giving Jordi, but the kid stayed in character.

Jackie was watching intently as Jordi said, “Oh Juanita, it is great to hear from you; I have been missing you so much!”

Jackie smiled thinking it was romantic. Little did she know that Stan was saying, “Missing me! You liar. You are going to fuck Jackie up the ass, you bastard! But, she is going to cum the hardest on my Big Black Cock!” I could almost hear Stan laughing from in the kitchen.

Jordi continued, “Well maybe, but it has to be longer you know, and last a long time; skill, experience, and training matter.”

Jackie just assumed Jordi was talking about his classes. While I was just hoping the guys didn’t blow our plan.

Stan fired back, “Experience! I have banged the hottest women all around the world. I will stretch Jackie out so much, she won’t even know when your cock is in her ass!”

But Jordi kept his cool, and hung up on Stan without us knowing, to continue his conversation without Stan throwing him out of character.

As Stan returned to the table, I could tell he was struggling to keep a straight face.

Jordi continues his one-sided conversation. “The Americans? Oh yes, they are great. Bill is great, he has a friend Stan that can be a dick sometimes, but overall pretty great.”

Jackie laughed at that, and it even brought a chuckle from Stan; the kid was winging it like a pro. Jordi paused like he was listening to what Juanita was saying, then rose from the table with a concerned look on his face.

Jordi continued, “American girls? Yes, they are nice, but I am not distracted by them, Juanita. What, what do you mean I should consider dating over here? What do you mean that it would only be fair!”

Jordi walked away from the table pretending to be in conversation.

Jackie looked concerned and whispered to me, “Oh Bill, something is wrong.”

Stan, to my surprise, acted concerned, as well.

Jordi was thinking of how to say his next line during the pause, where we would assume Juanita was speaking.

Jordi continued, now loud enough for us to hear. “Carlos! Carlos! You are fucking my best friend, Carlos!”

Jackie grabbed my hand and said, “Oh no!”

Then Jordi waited, leading us to think Juanita was talking again. Then he went on, “Sorry! You’re sorry! You, bitch!”

This caused Jackie to grab my leg now, she leaned over and said, “Bill they are breaking up!”

Jordi had called it, this kind of drama is like a drug for women. I slid my hand up her thigh to feel her pussy, she was so wet!

Her hand took mine and I thought she was going to move it away, but she just held it on top of mine as I rubbed back and forth slipping a finger into her. She gasped at the feeling of my probing finger, as this display of drama was so exciting to her.

Jordi now launched into Spanish, “¡Juanita, puta de mierda! ¡Cómo pudiste follarte a mi mejor amigo Carlos y quedarte embarazada!”

Jackie looked at me and Stan, and whispered, “What does that mean?”

I had a general idea, as Stan whispered back, playing along with the role now, “Juanita is pregnant.”

Jackie gasped! And pulled her hand away from mine as my fingers were probing her cunt, and placed it over her mouth! “I feel just terrible for Jordi,” but even as she said it, she spread her legs wider and I thrust in two fingers and started feeling for her G-spot, her breath quickened and she was about to cum when she pulled my hand away.

“Bill,” she panted, “we need to be here for Jordi now, we can do that later.”

Jordi, reappeared in the room, shouting more than talking now.

“Goodbye, goodbye forever, you slutty bitch!” as he hung up the phone; his face was red and his eyes looked watery–the kid was nailing the role.

He struggled to compose himself, and said, “Uh, I am sorry you had to hear all that. Jackie, it was nice to meet you.” Turning to Stan, “Stan,” who nodded back.

“Bill, I have to go now,” Jordi stammered. “I will give you a call tomorrow. I might be dropping out of school, I’m not sure. I am not sure of anything!”

“Jordi,” I said, “call me tomorrow and we will talk.”

Jordi nodded gave a half-hearted wave, and left the room.

Stan looked at me and said, “Wow, things changed in a hurry.”

I nodded, while Jackie was in a near panic; looking at me, and then Stan.

“Bill! For god’s sake, do something!” she shouted.

“Jackie, what can I do?” I replied.

“Well, go after him, NOW!!!” she yelled.

I jumped up and ran after Jordi.

Stan said, “I’ll go give Bill a hand; the kid might be a handful, right now.”

“Oh thank you, Stan,” Jackie said.

Pouring another glass of wine, she ran after them to peer out the window. She saw Bill catch up with Jordi just as he was about to get in his car. A moment later, Stan appeared next to Bill. She saw Bill pointing back towards the house and Stan with his hands apart, she imagined Stan was saying forget that bitch in Spain and start banging the chicks in Iowa. As Jackie downed her third glass of wine, she thought she could take his mind off of that slut, Jaunita.

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