Big Girls Don’t Cry

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It’s been said that they grow them bigger in the country. Well, I don’t know if that’s really true or not. What I do know is that, at 21, I’m what some folks call a big ‘strapping’ young man. My six foot tall frame easily carries my 180 pound body which is made up of solid, muscular tissue and bone. I’m strong, healthy, and full of masculine virility.

As to virility, well, one of my past girlfriends once said, “Goddamnit Jack, you’re ‘hung like a horse’!” Of course now, the girl was exaggerating somewhat. We have several horses on our farm and some of those horse cocks are damn near 2 feet long! Hell, my little old man-sized cock is only a little over 7 inches long! I must say though that my cock becomes a big chunk of swollen meat when it gets excited.

Shit, that big fella inside my jeans was swollen and excited right now! I’d gone down to the barn to pitch some hay to the horses and cows. I saw two of my sisters milking a couple of our cows. Ordinarily, I’d never paid much attention to these girls, but today I was especially horny. Hell, I was either going to have to jack-off soon or get me some pussy! Damn, there wasn’t anything in this world I liked more than pussy!

Now, I wasn’t the only guy who didn’t pay much attention to my sisters. The two were a couple of tall ‘big girls’. And by big, I mean ‘fat’. I know this word is not politically correct. In truth, I’d say the girls were closer to being ‘chubby’ than fat. At about 5-foot-ten each, I’d guess each girl probably weighed near 200 pounds, or more.

My sisters’ height and weight had been a sore spot for both girls. Guys just didn’t go for big girls. Neither girl had ever had a serious boyfriend and I’d bet a hundred dollars that they’re both still virgins. I knew the girls were none too happy about the situation, but I’d never heard either of them cry about it.

I stood in the doorway to the milking shed and stared at my sisters. They were sitting on milking stools with their heads bent over against the side of a cow. Both were dressed in ragged jean shorts and tops which were a little tight on them. There was something about the way they leaned over that drew my attention. Their shirts had hiked up and I could see the crack of their asses before they disappeared into their jeans!

Hell, those were two of the nicest ass cracks I’d ever seen! This got me to wondering if the asses that were covered up were just as pretty as the cracks. I began studying the girls with a more studious eye. At 19, Sherry was a blue-eyed blond with a bubbly personality everyone loved. I swear I couldn’t see any bra straps under her pale-blue top! Well, I couldn’t see any straps under the other girl’s green top either. Bonnie, at 18, was a green-eyed brunette who was just as sweet and personable as her sister. I had me some nice sisters, I did.

But hell, I wasn’t looking at these girls as sweet sisters! No, my horny teen mind was looking at a couple of possible pussy providers. Wicked I was for even thinking of it, but I wanted my cock inside one of those nice girl’s cunts!

Each of my sisters had a firm grip on two big, milk-swollen cow tits. They were squeezing and tugging on the long nipples forcibly. Streams of warm milk and cream squirted into the milk buckets between their legs. Without thinking, I spoke aloud, “Hey, I can do that!”

Sherry and Bonnie twisted their heads to glance at me. The two innocent girls smiled at me and continued milking. As the oldest, Sherry was the first to respond to my comment, “Big deal, Jack. Anybody can milk a cow.”

Seeing my sisters’ smiles made me realize that the girls were actually very pretty in the face. They were a lot prettier than I’d ever noticed before. I smiled right back at them and said, “Sherry, milking cows is not what I meant.”

Curiosity compelled both of my sisters to open their eyes wide in puzzlement. Sherry voiced the question they both wanted answered, “Jack, if you didn’t mean milking, then what did you mean?”

Mischievous teasing entered my voice as I answered, “Girls, I meant that I can squeeze and tug on myself and make milk and cream splash into your milk buckets.”

Farm girls my sisters might be, but these two sheltered young females were too virginal and innocent to know what I meant. Even though they were well into their advanced teen years the girls had little knowledge about the human male’s masculine anatomy. I don’t believe they’d ever seen a guy’s cock in their lives and they most certainly had never seen a guy’s cum shooting out of his cock’s cum hole.

Sherry laughed at my ridiculous claim. She said, “Oh Jack, boys can’t make milk or cream. Why, that’s just crazy talk!”

Bonnie echoed her sister’s sentiments, “Yeah Jack, only females can make milk and cream and they make it in their breasts. There’s no way boys can do it! I know you can’t do it!”

I was on the point of laughing at the girls’ innocent naivety, but I didn’t. Instead I quickly countered, “I bursa escort bayanlar bet you I can!”

Sherry and Bonnie snapped back, each speaking the same words, “I bet you can’t! I bet you anything you want. What do you want to bet?”

I knew what I wanted, but I pretended indifference. I shrugged my shoulders and nonchalantly said, “If I can’t do it, then I’ll finish your chores for the day. If I can, then you’ll have to do something for me. Ok?”

The girls were so sure they would win they nodded their heads as a sign of agreement to the bet. We even sealed the deal with handshakes. The girls then watched in astonished disbelief as I unzipped my pants and pulled them and my underwear down to my knees. It was a warm summer morning so I had no shirt on either.

The girls gasped aloud as my swollen cock sprang free. Their eyes gazed in mesmerized fascination at the erect manhood before their eyes. My work-hardened hand gripped the thick, meaty shaft firmly and I began to stroke. My own eyes looked at two pairs of sweet, luscious lips which my own lips were begging to kiss.

Increasing my rhythm, I pumped my meat and thought about pussies. My cock summoned forth seminal fluids. Streams of milky, creamy semen and sperm shot out and splashed into the milk buckets between the girls’ legs. I milked until I was dry and then shook the last few drops into their pails.

The girls’ faces were flushed with unexpected excitement. They couldn’t believe what they’d just witnessed with their very own eyes. As I pulled up my pants, I said, “Ok girls, what about the bet? Do I win?”

Sherry looked at Bonnie. Bonnie looked at Sherry. Unspoken words passed between the two sisters. Sherry finally answered, “Ok Jack, you win the bet, although we don’t think that was really milk and cream coming out of your…your thing. But, we said if we lost the bet then we’d do something for you. What do you want us to do?”

I didn’t want to scare off the two innocent girls by being too bold. My answer came out as soft spoken words, “Well, I’d like to play with your tits for a few minutes. That’s all, just raise your tops and let me touch and play with your boobs. Will you do it? A bet is a bet. Will you pay off?”

Again, the sisters looked to each other. They had a short whispered conversation which I overheard, “We have to pay off the bet. Don’t we? I’ll do it if you will, ok? Oh, ok I will if you will.”

The girls pulled their milking stools closer to me and lifted their tops. I dropped to my knees on the straw-covered floor in front of them. Hell, I’d been right when I thought I saw no bra straps. Neither girl had on a bra. What I now saw just about took my breath away. Four of the nicest tits I’d ever seen in my life jutted out before my eyes!

Goddamn, if my friends knew my sisters had tits this nice, I’d have to fight them off with an ax handle! But, for now these big beautiful boobs were mine all mine. We raised fruit and vegetables in a huge garden near our house. I’d say these breasts on my sisters’ chests were about the size of fully ripened cantaloupes. Boy-o-boy those big mammary mounds were gorgeous! I silently asked myself, “Were the hell do I start if I’m going to play with them?”

I started by grabbing a handful of tit from each girl’s chest. I cupped each tit tenderly. I’ve got big hands, but hell one hand was not enough to do justice to those magnificent mounds! I played with all four tits one-handed, but I wasn’t really getting the job done to my satisfaction.

Frustrated, I gave up on the one-handed tit playing. I turned to Sherry and grabbed one of her tits in a two-handed hold. I played with that tit and massaged the quarter-sized dark-pink nipple and the two-inch pale-pink areola. Irresistible temptation drew my mouth toward the beautiful expanse of white breast meat. My ravenous mouth sucked on Sherry’s nipple. Hungrily, my lips and tongue kissed and licked every square inch of the girl’s delicious boob. With the same tit-starving hunger, I gorged myself on the other breast.

I wasn’t forgetting Bonnie. I moved to her chest and greedily kissed and licked each delectable teen tit. So tit-hungry was I that sucked with enough force to call forth squeals of protest. I forced my tit-crazy mind to slow down and told my mouth, my lips, and my tongue to play a little more gently. Hell, I didn’t want the girls to tell me to stop!

Neither sister told me to stop. Neither reminded me of the fact that the bet called for a ‘few minutes’ of playing with their tits. A few minutes had long since passed. Time flew by in a blissful fury of tittie playtime fun. One girl, I couldn’t tell who, said, “My arms are getting tired holding up my top.”

I had a simple solution to that little problem. I said, “Girls, just go ahead and take your tops all the way off. Then you can put your arms down. Hell, I’m nowhere near ready to stop playing with your beautiful breasts! bayan sarisin escort bursa Damnit girls, I didn’t know you two had such wonderful baby-dolls hidden down here!”

Shyly, the girls stripped off their tops. Sherry blushed bashfully and hesitantly asked, “Jack, do you really, really like them? Don’t you think they’re too big, too fat, and too gross? Bonnie and I think guys are put off because we are too big, too tall, and too chubby. Do you think we are?”

I answered candidly, “Truthfully girls, yes, I used to think so. But now, oh good god girls, I think you two are the sexiest, most gorgeous, most desirable female beings I’ve ever known in my life!”

As a reward for my truthfulness and sincerity, the girls jumped from their stools and began smothering my face, cheeks, and lips with kisses. The sides and front of my naked muscular chest was cocooned in a big tit and plump flesh sandwich.

Abruptly, the girls pulled away. Sherry’s face reddened and she spoke apologetically, “Oh god, Jack! We didn’t mean to kiss you on the lips like that. Boys don’t like the idea of kissing us. Not one boy has ever kissed either of us. Who wants to kiss chubby big girls? I bet even you don’t want to! Do you?”

I answered sternly, “Well Sherry, there’s another bet you girls would certainly not win! Why, I like your kisses just fine! But, you two are kissing too fast. How about we slow down and try a few slow kisses? And Sherry, since you asked, I’d like to start with you first.”

I sat my sister’s hands on my shoulders and pulled her body against mine. Wrapping my arms around her back, I crushed her ample bosoms against my rock-hard chest. My lips pressed against hers. My lips were too dry and so were hers. I moistened mine with my tongue and then I licked hers. This time when I kissed her, our slippery wet lips molded together in and erotic, joyful display of genuine affection.

I kissed her again and she kissed me with a hungry, ‘love struck’ obsession. Sherry acted like she was a girl who’d been dying of thirst and had just found water. She put her heart and soul into the kisses she was sharing with her brother. Finally, when she came up for a breath, she sighed and said, “Oh god Jack, I love kissing you! I’ll love you for kissing me like this until the day I die!”

Bonnie then came into my arms. This young sister of mine was just as thirsty and hungrily obsessed with kissing me. Our mouths, and lips, and tongues played merry games of thrilling oral delight. This girl too spoke words of endearment, “Oh goodness Jack, I didn’t know kissing would be so good! I never knew a boy’s lips could make me feel this happy! Jack, I’ll love you forever and ever, too!”

I realized that I loved my sisters, too, and I told them so. Love and lust had been overwhelmingly aroused in me. My cock was again swollen and begging to once more get out of my pants. Kisses were fine and so were tits, but hell, I wanted some pussy!

I twisted the girls around so that their backs were pressed against the sides of my chest. My arms encircled their fleshy waists and I played once more with their tits. I was unsure as to how they would react to what I planned to do next. But hell, I wouldn’t know if I didn’t just do it!

So, do it, I did. I unbuttoned two jean-shorts buttons and I unzipped two zippers. My mind silently screamed, “It’s now or never!” Slowly, my hands slipped in under the waistbands of two pairs of panties. I reached in deeper and came upon two curly bushes of hair. Unconsciously, I wondered if the color of the girls’ bushes matched the color of the hair on their heads.

Digging down deeper, I found the pussy treasures I sought. My hands cupped two well-developed, large-sized pussy mounds. To my surprise, I found out that both Sherry and Bonnie’s pussies and panties were already dripping wet from feminine vaginal excitement.

Undeterred by the slippery wetness, I played with the girls’ pussies. My hands and fingers squeezed, tickled, and teased the abundance of warm, moist feminine flesh. My sticky-wet fingers found a welcoming home inside two vaginal openings. I dug in as far as I could. Whimpering protests let me know I was digging too roughly against virginal hymens.

I was having a good time playing with pussies, but hell, I didn’t want to make the girls cum. Not yet, I didn’t. If there was any way I could, I wanted my cock inside one of those nice, wet cunts. I wondered what the girls might say about that. Shit, these big girls would probably run away and cry!

The girls must have been reading my mind. They pulled my hands out of their panties. They scooted away from me and had a whispered conversation. They then came back to my side and faced me. Acting as the spokesperson, Sherry said, “Jack, Bonnie and I are both virgins, but we don’t want to be. No boy has ever shown any interest in…in fucking us. I guess we’re too ugly and fat! Jack, we’ve bursa evi olan eskort talked it over and we’re just wondering… Jack, would you…? Would you have any interest in…in taking our virginity from us? We’d both love to give our cherries to someone we love and we love you!”

Damn, my cock jumped excitedly! It was swollen so big it was about to bust the seams in my britches. I answered hurriedly, “Goddamnit girls, I told you you’re not ugly or fat! Why, you two have really pretty faces. Now, I’ll admit that you are ‘full figured’, but hell every inch of your figures are pure feminine delight! I’d fuck you in a heartbeat and be damn proud to do so!”

Elatedly, the girls again threw themselves at me and rained kisses all over my face. When their impassioned attack began to fade, I stood up from the milking shed floor and pulled my sisters up along with me. I grabbed up two ratty, old horse blankets and led the barefooted girls into the nearby hayshed.

I threw several fresh bales of hay onto the dirt floor and arranged them into a square-shaped form. I spread the two blankets out to make a comfortable bed. I directed the girls to pull off their shorts and panties and climb onto the makeshift bed.

Panties and shorts went flying off. The naked girls sat on the edge of the blanketed hay bales. Before lying back, the girls had another secret, whispered conversation. This time when they faced me Bonnie was the spokesperson, “Jack, you’ve played with our pussies and titties. So, before you…fuck us, can we… Can we play with your penis? Just for a few minutes would be enough. Neither one of us has ever even touched one. But, both Sherry and I think you have the most beautiful penis in this whole wide world!”

Without awaiting my permission, Bonnie unbuttoned my pants. Sherry pulled down my zipper. Together, the girls stripped my pants, underwear, socks, and shoes from my body. My exposed manhood burst out in all its fully erect glory. Damn, I couldn’t believe how big, hard, and horny I was! I’d never felt so proud to ‘show-off’ my manly cock to anyone before. For some reason, I wanted my sisters to really enjoy touching and playing with me. I loved these sweet girls, these sweet sisters of mine.

I was still standing when four feminine hands grabbed onto my cock and began to play. Not one inch of my swollen shaft went untouched. My balls were squeezed, juggled, and bounced. Fingers ran through my pubic hairs combing, pulling, and tugging. Sherry’s voice heatedly inquired, “May we kiss it, Jack?”

Again, without waiting for an answer, the girls began kissing my meaty shaft. Warm, wet lips and tongues kissed and licked with a frenzy of cock-hungry desire. The girls’ lips were moving so frenziedly that the head of my cock accidentally slipped into a mouth. Sherry’s mouth, it was. The girl recoiled in fright. The girls had heard of cock sucking, but neither had ever done it.

Sherry looked towards Bonnie for guidance. Hell, that girl didn’t know any more about cock sucking than her sister did! Yet, that younger sister of mine was game to try anything. Bonnie leaned forward and plopped the head of my cock into her mouth. She licked and sucked awkwardly.

Inexperienced and naïve, yes Bonnie was, but the girl’s ‘hands on’ training was soon paying off. Her mouth released a flood of saliva which lubricated the rigid rod she was sucking on. Before I knew it, the girl’s head was bobbing up and down on my spit-lubricated shaft. My wet cock was disappearing deeper and deeper into my sister’s deep-throated mouth. Goddamn, it felt good!

Suddenly, Sherry grabbed a handful of her sister’s brunette hair and pulled her head away from my cock. She spoke harshly, “Goodness Bonnie, don’t make Jack’ milk and cream come out yet! We want to save it so he can fuck us. But, I saw how you did it, so I want to suck him for a minute myself!”

Without saying another word, Sherry’s lips took Bonnie’s place on my cock. Her mouth was already dripping wet with cock sucking anticipation. Again, my shaft became imbedded in a girl’s cock-hungry oral cavity.

Sherry’s cock sucking was no less energetic than her sister’s had been. In fact, this girl’s sexual wantonness had been aroused to the point where she was loosing control. In a furious flurry of kissing, licking, and sucking, the inexperienced teen wench swallowed in every inch of my elongated, engorged shaft!

Oh shit, guys are not programmed to handle this much cock sucking pleasure! I let Sherry play just a little while longer, but then I grabbed her curly blond hair and forcibly pulled her head away. My voice was none too gentle when I said, “Damnit Sherry, if you girls want me to do some fucking, then hell, you two had better stop sucking!”

After shoving the girls back into a reclining position, I dropped to my knees before them. My eyes gloried in the sight of so much naked female flesh. Never again would I think of these girls as being ‘fat’. They were certainly plump, full-figured ladies, but hell every inch of their feminine bodies were well-proportioned, sexy, and erotically stimulating! Big girls they were, but they were ‘my big girls’ to love and play with as I wanted! And, what I wanted was to fuck them. I wanted to fuck them both! I hoped and prayed for enough sexual stamina to do just that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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