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I always wanted to be a newspaper reporter from the time I can remember. Graduating college two years ago with my journalism degree, I thought I had my dream right in front of me. Little did I realize how tenuous the newspapers industry was in and with it, my future?

Now, I just found out that after weeks of researching a story about the life of a farm family in 19th century America, I am being furloughed for six weeks. Some are only off four but because I am junior to everyone else, I get the most time off. I can feel myself panicking as I know I do not have enough savings to cover the rent, car insurance and every thing else. I know I will have to call home, as much as I hate to ask for help, there seems no other choice that I have.

“Hi Mom.” I say.

“Hi honey.” She responds.

“I have a problem; I’ve just been furloughed for six weeks.” As much as I tried not to, my voice cracked. She’ll know for sure, I’m in trouble now. I want to make it on my own but…sometimes things just happen.

“I’ve seen stories where even the Boston Globe is in trouble. Honey, come home, like a long vacation. Michael is done with school and it would be wonderful to have us all together for six weeks.” She says.

“I’d love too but I don’t have…” I cannot even finish the sentence. The tears in my eyes just roll down my cheeks, thank God she can’t see me like this.

“Beth, listen to me, your not alone, we’ll give you what ever you need to pay your bills. An early Christmas present in June, that’s all it is.” She says.

I cannot even respond, I knew they would help me but it just seems so over whelming how much they care. All I can say is, “Are you sure daddy won’t be upset.”

“When grandma died last year, she left us a great deal of money, so in a sense grandma is helping too. You know your father; he would love to see you come home for more than just a weekend visit. OK.” She says.

The thought of going home thrills me. My brother Michael, I just adore, from the time he was a baby there just seemed a bond between us as we grew up. Even now, not a day goes by where we do not text or e-mail each other.

Then, there is the other side to our relationship, which seems unfinished, not yet consummated, might be a better word for it. There has always been this attraction we have had for each other. I know it may sound taboo but it has just always been there. Especially, after the hormones kicked in, we never did anything but each of us knew it was right under the surface.

When I came home from my first year of college, I just walked around the house in a little t-shirt and my panties in the morning. We all did in the dorm; maybe I didn’t think about it but soon realized how much it pleased him. He didn’t say a word, he didn’t have to, and it was obvious. Guys just cannot control what’s between their legs; at least girls can get excited and hide it.

One night, I opened the door to his room and was just mesmerized by the sight of him masturbating. He looked at me and then closed his eyes; I quietly closed the door and watched as he stroked himself to climax. Just the sight of that white semen shooting out of him, excited me so much. He knew and accepted my presence, something that the two of us have continued whenever I go home.

Even now, just thinking of it, I can feel myself getting excited. I’ll be able to watch him masturbate, then go, and make myself cum too. The thought of him shooting all over my breasts for some reason just keeps driving me wild. Maybe, six weeks off isn’t such a bad thing after all.

Then, there is the other part that I don’t quite know what to make of it. When I first started walking around in my panties, mom caught me and just said that daddy would probably like to see those long legs too. She even suggested I go out to the kitchen around 10:00 that night and get a glass of water.

My parents would shower and then go into the living room; the French doors separated the two rooms on one side. That was there alone time, as they told us quite a few times. We respected that part of their privacy. But the thought that she wanted me to in essence, model for daddy, really turned me on. I still don’t know why, but it does. Especially, with her being there too.

That first time I did it, I had just watched Michael jerk off and usually I would go and make myself cum. But this time I did not, I wanted to wait until after I walked into the kitchen to model for them. I remember how excited I felt, that ache between my legs just kept getting worse as 10:00 o’clock approached. I really was into doing it, for me more than them.

Just the thought of my mother suggesting letting my father see my long legs made me think that they both would use that moment for excitement. The fury that raged between my legs, robbed me of any inhibitions I may have had before. Too bad, I couldn’t be this way with my past lovers.

I can still remember so vividly, how I walked into the kitchen wearing just my little bayan esmer escort bursa t-shirt and panties. I did not think they would mind looking at me almost naked, especially since they were probably getting off themselves. That part excited me as well.

I remember how I teased the French doors as if they were cameras capturing my image. Driven by my own desires and the need to sooth that ache between my legs, I loved every minute teasing them.

As I walked back to my room, I peeked around the corner from the other side of the living room. Just thinking about it still makes me get wet, I often have wondered if they knew I was watching and think they probably did.

You wouldn’t know it by looking at them, conservatively dressed and active in church but they also had a kinky side that now I know about. Mom always reminded me of Helen Hunt and dad of Harrison Ford. Maybe, I am over stating it bit they are a good-looking couple.

Seeing them both naked on the couch without any fear of being caught, or did they want to be caught? I couldn’t pull myself away as I watched mom’s head going up and down as she gave him a blowjob. I could feel my panties soaking as I watched them perform for me, they had to know I was watching.

Then as I stood there, I watched transfixed as my mothers hand slid up and down my fathers cock. I could hear my heart beating as the first shots of his semen shot onto his stomach. Instantly, I imagined what it would feel like if he shot all over me. Maybe, one day he and Michael would do it together on my boobs.

It’s so odd, I’ve had two boyfriends and I never could open up emotionally or sexually with either completely, but then again-how do you tell your boyfriend, that watching your father and brother ejaculating turns you on. I wanted to explore but just couldn’t, part of me was afraid I am just too inhibited, at least with them. But at home, I can feel my desires growing stronger and more intense. It has been almost two months since going home for a weekend and I think I am finally going to set myself free.

As I drive home, the closer I get the hornier I feel. This time, I know I will not be able to resist my own urges. Between Michael and my father and now what I found out what’s happening at home, I know something is going to give.

Michael called me this morning and said he had to tell me something. For the next twenty minutes, I listen as he tells me that mom and dad are fucking in the living room with the French doors wide open. I can feel my pussy starting to quiver as he describes everything to me in detail.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any steamier, he says that mom is actually walking around the house right in front of him with her robe wide open. I know that robe, it’s so short and picturing her letting Michael see her makes my heart race.

It hit me that there might me more than just mom wearing her robe open, as I pressed him further, he soon revealed all of what else is going on. Michael could never keep a secret from me and this one shocked me and thrilled me all at the same time.

Every night Michael sits at his computer looking for pictures to jerk off to. About a week ago mom came in with her robe open, got on her knees and gave him a blowjob. Every night since, it’s the same routine.

I always knew we had a different kind of family dynamics than other families, this is just so wild. Guess I should have seen this was going to happen one day. After all, I was going to start a full-blown affair with Michael myself. My legs are shaking as try and concentrate on the road.

Only another twenty minutes and I’ll be home, my panties are soaked just thinking of what mom has been doing with Michael. Who would have thought she could be so erotic. This time I know I will not be able to resist any longer, I don’t know how I have managed this long.


“C’mon baby, are you goanna cum for me?” I say.

I can tell by how his cock is getting harder, he might be able to cum again, twice in an hour. Which at forty-six is pretty good, I know how all I have to do is lead him verbally as I stroke him closer and closer to his climax. All the key phrases just excite him beyond what even my hand is doing to him now.

“Just think, Beth will be home for six weeks and you will be able to look at those long legs. But I know you really want, you want to see her spread herself wide open so you can see that tight little pussy, don’t you?” I tell him.

I can feel his dick getting rock hard as I even mention Beth’s name, all the taboos have disappeared about her. Most fathers won’t admit looking at their daughters and fantasizing but Bill can-because I nurtured it slowly and now it fuels our own sex life.

Now, another part is about to emerge and as much as I am turned on myself right now, I am a little nervous about how he might react. All the pieces are coming together with bursa ucuz eskort Beth coming home, but maybe I am going too far. Well, let’s find out if he is receptive, I’ll know then if I can move foreword or not.

I don’t want to make him cum too soon, not yet. God, this excites me. I can feel myself throbbing as I stroke him slowly. His cum slowly draining out of me from fucking me just a little while ago. The thick white semen is just driving me wild as I watch it slide out of me.

“Maybe, I’ll talk to her and you can watch her finger herself. How’d you like that?” I ask.

He doesn’t have to say a word; I can feel his dick jump just mentioning it. Actually, I wouldn’t mind watching Beth fingering herself; then again, I loved watching Michael stroking himself last night. Time to see how far I can go.

“You know, you’re not the only one who likes to look at Beth. I have caught Michael a few times staring at those long legs. I wonder if he wants to see her spread those long legs wide open, just like you.” I say.

Good, his cock throbbed when I mentioned Michael. Now to see what else excites him. “I even noticed last night; I caught him checking me out when I was in the kitchen. I got so excited knowing he was watching me; I bent over even though I just had this tiny robe on. As I turned around, I realized my robe was wide open, he was staring at me up and down.”

His dick jumps with delight knowing I was teasing our son. I’m too hot to beat around the bush anymore. My clit is just too sensitive and screaming for my fingers. Now, to push all the way.

“I couldn’t believe how wet I got knowing he was looking at me.” I say.

“Did you show him your pussy?” Bill moans.

Bingo, I got him hooked. Now I know that I can push it further. “He got a good look, I made sure of that. ” I say.

“Maybe you can catch him at his computer jerking off.” Does he know I that’s what happened last night? He moans as I start to slide my hand faster. I know him so well, all the little signs before he cums, the deep breaths and then tensing his thighs. Not yet, though, I have to finally set things up for the four of us to move on.

“What would you want me to do if I did catch him jerking off?” I ask.

I don’t know how much more he can take, even how long I can either but I have to finish it so we all can get to next level. He’s almost ready to cum and my fingers want to rub my clit so much.

“Do what ever you want to baby; we’re all going to be crossing that line anyway.” He moans.

He’s into it as much as I am, who would have thought that a couple that everyone thinks is so square, has this wild side to them. And both Beth and Michael are just as turned on as we are, this is going to be a very hot time for all of us.

“Close your eyes and picture Beth sliding her hand up and down your cock. Those long legs just spreading wide open as she strokes you faster and faster.” I say.

He’s close to shooting and then I feel his fingers slide into me aching hole. Oh my god, I didn’t count on this, he knows me as well as I know him. He slowly starts to rub my clit and I can’t help but moan as he tortures my pussy with his fingers. This one is going to be good.

“Close your eyes and make believe you’re sucking Michael off.” Bill says.

I didn’t expect that either, he really is into it as much as I am. Feeling his fingers on my clit and then I see him arch his back. All the signs that he is coming, I can’t help myself as I wrap my lips around his cock as I pump him until I taste the salty cum shooting in my mouth. I love this part, letting my mouth fill up completely with his semen and the taste I so enjoy.

His fingers ravage me as his cock empties into my mouth. I do my best not to swallow but can’t resist just a little sliding down my throat. I want to cum too and feel that wave come over me. He knows my body as well as I know his.

Slowly, I lift my mouth off him with my mouth still full of cum. Bill is unique for a man; years ago I talked him into kissing me with my mouth filled with his cum. At first, he resisted as most straight men would, but then, he finally agreed to try it just once. That was ten years ago and he is long past those fears of his manhood being questioned. The truth is he is turned on by it as much as I am.

We kiss and lick each other’s faces as the thick white cream slides out of our mouths. I feel his fingers rubbing my clit faster as our tongues slide in and out of our mouths.

“Make me cum.” I moan.

As I stretch myself wide open for his fingers to ravage me, I notice Michael’s reflection in the mirror. He’s watching the whole event as it plays out. It’s just too much for me. First Beth and now Michael, I’m just too excited right now, my pussy is just screaming for my climax.

“Wait till Beth is home, then you can look at her tight little pussy. You goanna rub her like this too?” I ask.

I’m almost there, bursa anal yapan escort just a little more. That’s it; I can’t believe what those fingers are doing to me. C’mon, just a little more.

“I’ll rub Beth’s tight little hole and you can jerk Michael off. How’s that sound?” Bill asks me.

OH my god, I watch Michael sliding his hand up and down his cock as I start to cum. I just can barely control myself from shaking with excitement. Make yourself cum baby; let me watch it shoot into your hand.

“I’d suck his cock and let you watch it shoot on my face. How’s that sound?” I moan as my orgasm over takes me.

I tighten my legs on his hand, the signal that I can’t take any more. Bill knows my body so well, which makes it so easy for me to cum. The thought of getting to know Beth and Michael’s bodies as well as our own, makes me light headed.

Looking at the mirror, I see Michael shooting into his hand. I love watching men cum. There is something about seeing the thick white semen squirt out of their cock that drives me wild. Tomorrow night, he’ll be shooting into my mouth as he looks at pictures on his computer.


Finally, I pull into the driveway, I can feel my panties are drenched. Thank god I didn’t have to get gas; it might be embarrassing if my jeans looked as though I peed in them.

“Mom, I’m home.” I yell out walking into the kitchen.

“I’m in here.” I hear her say.

Walking into the living room, I notice a large quilt folded neatly laying at the edge of the couch. I guess she wants to make sure they don’t stain the couch when they are fucking. Just picturing it, makes my head spin.

Looking at Mom thru a different set of eyes, rather than her daughter but as another woman, she just has a sexuality about her that intrigues me. If the four of us are going to be crossing that taboo as I think we are, I find that she is catching my imagination in ways I never thought I would ever have of her.

“It’s going to be so much fun having you home.” She says as she hugs me.

“Where are Daddy and Michael?” I ask.

“Daddy is playing golf and Michael went over to play baseball with Johnny Bowers and some friends. Boys will be boys.” She says.

“And they all think about the same thing.” I say.

We both look at each other, it’s as though we are getting in sync with our thoughts. We have always been close and even though I’m almost half her age, we always seemed to have that connection between us.

“That’s what makes it so much fun. ” She replies.

Her nipples are sticking straight out just like mine. I can’t ever remember being in this state, it’s as though my whole body is being electrified. She must be feeling the same tensions as I am. My crotch just aches for attention.

“Michael called me this morning, he told me about sitting at his computer and…..” I say.

Might as well let it all out just let her know that I’m aware of what is happening. I can see in her face how excited she is. Who would ever have thought I could get so excited talking to my mother.

“At his age, they’re always so horny, especially looking at those naked girls on the computer. I figured he would sleep better if I helped relieve the tension.” She tells me.

“I was wondering if you might have something similar to that robe you wear. He really said it looks so good on you.” I say.

“Actually; I do, I just happen to come across it the other day. It’s a little yellow nightshirt; I’m afraid all the buttons are missing though. Let me go get it, funny you should mention it because I was thinking of how it would be perfect for you.” She says.

Holding it up to me, it just goes an inch or so past my belly button. I’ll be virtually naked but isn’t that what she wants. God, this excites me when I think of where all this is gong. I can see that she is just as excited as I am.

“Daddy and Michael will certainly like it, especially if you don’t wear panties.” She says.

“I hadn’t planned on wearing them anyway.” Is all I can say. I feel my chest tighten as it’s just getting so exciting by the minute. What ever misgivings I may have had vanish as the thought of wearing the little yellow shirt in front of Michael and daddy. Tonight; my lust is going to be set free.

Another thing that is interesting is that I feel strong enough to assert myself with my mother. If we are all going to begin a sexual relationship, calling and thinking of them as Mom and Dad just won’t do. I decide that I have to call them Bill and Susan while we are for lack of a better word, role-playing as lovers.

“There is one thing that I want us to do, I’m going to call the two of you Susan and Bill. Michael and I can be foreign exchange students who are staying with you for the summer. This way we can all let ourselves be free of any feelings of right or wrong and just let nature take its course.” I tell her.

I think it is the only way I can deal with it and not feel guilty. It’s actually a pretty good idea, just kind of came to me out of no where. I think it frees all of us emotionally to be uninhibited, a problem I have always had before but never at home-interesting.

“Very good Beth, I’m glad we have such a brilliant exchange student.” She responds.

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