Becoming My Step Son’s Ch. 01

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This is a work of fiction. It’s only written for those that understand and like this genre of FICTION.

No persons are real. And while they are fake they are all adults.

This is chapter 1 of what I hope will become something more. But for now it’s all I have.

I hope any readers enjoy and of course your comments and feedback would be great.

Please note that this is my first story. So please respect this.


Why was this happening, who had I become?

I heard the shower turn off and then the door to my bedroom opened, my dripping wet son stood before me in a soft white tented towel and simply said “hey mum, do you think we could head out to dinner after we ruin your pussy a little more?” I was hungry but not for food… I pulled him from the doorway all the way back to the bed where I sat down to marvel at my toy. I removed his towel, his gorgeously thick cock filling my mouth once more and my hands grasping , fingernails digging in, took to his firm buttocks only so as I could force his manhood further down my willing throat to my gag reflex. Finally impaled and looking up to his eyes I noted his smile and nodded… Hhmmmm… My hum vibrating his cock head deep in my throat.I was finally back to my old self… a horny, slutty, cock crazed whore… I felt alive!

Hi, I’m Becky, or Becks, Let me back track to this morning and catch you up. You see it all started like any normal day… my 41st birthday holiday with my new husband and his 19 year old son – Darren.

As normal I’d woke at 6 and made a smoothie and coffee to take out to the patio and sit in the morning sun for a quiet breakfast. Our private Spanish villa looked out over olive and grape in the surrounding fields. I’d sat my 5ft 5 self onto my sun chair and put my feet up. I know that I’m alone and private out on the terrace and so if I flash a little flesh from my thighs to the morning sun then I don’t mind.

It felt good, the sun, and its warmth waking me up and making me horny as was normal most mornings. I hear my son shout ‘morning’ as he closes the bathroom door to shower as usual. Young men and their morning shower!

I felt good, bored and a little… you know… needy… but good. I was turning 41 during this holiday but I was quietly confident that my work in the swimming pool and in the gym had kept my body looking firm and toned enough to give the local girls a run for the money down on the sands here at our Spanish villa. Don’t get me wrong… I have my share of places for a man to hold on… but then… I often needed them to as I had a history of being quite a woman if I was treated in the right way! I trace the line from my breast down over my side to my thigh and ponder when I’ll next feel someone using me for that which I was built. Sex.

I sip my coffee and sigh as my phone beeps from the kitchen counter. My useless husband no doubt. Fetching my phone and returning to my sun spot and coffee I read the email.

Hi Becks, can you survive a few days without me? I’ve been called to the office on some last minute case the partners want me to work on, and I think this is their last test ahead of that promotion. I’ve placed an extra couple of thousand ‘shopping’ cash in your account for the next week and the villa is all paid up anyway so it’s just spending cash. I’ve emailed Darren too to ask him to look after you while I work. I know he’s going to be watching the local girls on the beech all day but if you could make sure he stays out of trouble… and I’m so sorry to leave you two alone so long… I promise to be there in a week! Oh… one final thing… Please do anything you can to stop him calling you step mum! He drives me nuts with it!

Much love


I put my phone down on the table, had a sip of my coffee and closed my eyes while pointing my face to the sun and letting the annoyance in me drift away… a week on my own minding Darren with spending money… Perfect it wasn’t… but almost is close enough sometimes.

A new summer dress, some shoes to match, and a little wine? What else could I treat myself to?

Darren could have been stood there ten minutes or ten seconds I’d no idea… but he wasn’t looking at bursa otele gelen escort my eyes either way… I lowered my raised knees and wondered… What was he looking at?

“Check your phone Darren, your dad has got in touch and can’t join us until next week. So it’s going to be just the two of us this first week of the holiday. Sorry.”

Watching him as close as I could without looking like I cared too much I watched for his reaction.

“Typical of him this last couple of years, useless. Well I guess we’ll have to manage… Just don’t get on my case about having a beer or watching the half-naked babes on the beach and we’ll get on just great… Well… As great as any holiday with a step mum can be I guess.”

His response wasn’t anything to be alarmed about… I think he knew his dad put his own career before spending any quality time with his son.

I look back at him and asked…

“Anyway why don’t we set some grounds rules so it all runs smooth and we don’t annoy each other?”

My suggestion was half loaded with my own agenda… what’s a ‘babe’ in his view? A beer? He’s thinking we’ll head out and be seen together for Dinner or drinks? Maybe this would be good, great even, it’s been too long since I last had a cute younger man on my arm to dinner!

“What do you mean rules?”

“Oh I don’t know just simple stuff I guess”

He looked at me, his eyes roamed over my sun drenched legs and I think I even saw him pause at my thighs and then open his mouth to speak clearly still looking at anything but my eyes.

What WAS he thinking? Why was he looking at me like a woman he was enjoying looking at?

Then his voice finally broke the silence…

“Rule one, no topless sun bathing… it’s bad enough you do it at home when you think I can’t see but if I have to spend all week trying to not watch your body I’ll get too wound up”

He didn’t move. He stood calm, sipping his water bottle and waiting for me to stop staring and reply. Did he just say I turn him on?

I swallowed… took a breath and tried to match his calmness as I replied.

“Well… I won’t go topless unless you are!? But if you do so then so will I… that’s fair and equal isn’t it? Rule two?”

I waited, heart racing and legs turning to jelly as I told my step son I would willingly and privately go topless in his presence… for him. I was going crazy in my mind. Ten minutes ago I was getting the morning sun and sipping my coffee and now I was in a strange double bluff with my buff toned step son! What was I doing! And WHY was my pussy starting to twitch?!!

His reply came like steam train through my mind…

“Ok, so you wanna be a slut for a week and fuck while my dad and your husband isn’t here? You want this?”

I dropped my head and closed my eyes, it took seconds to do. My mind starting to rage, my pussy still inexplicably moist…

I was about to yell at him, the rage in me, but watching him standing there calm as you like looking at me and …well… I couldn’t. He’s 5ft 10, well built, with fabulous smooth skin, a torso grown women would dream of laying upon and a butt that I had often looked at and thought about.

Don’t get me wrong… I really did want to shout his foul mouth back down.

I plucked up the courage… I was about to stand up and chastise his cocky mouth… then I looked up and he’s moved and he’s now standing next to me, naked, hard and huge right at the height of my face on the sun lounger chair in which I sat.

His hand over my mouth he stood there, his other stroking his cock… his fucking huge cock!

Rule 3… you’ll do as I ask… In public we’ll be normal but here at the villa in private you’ll be my cock hungry MILF or cougar and you’ll do everything you can to sexually please me?!

Rule 4 you’ll call me son or Sir or Darren at all times.

Rule 5 failure to do as you’re told or if you break any of these rules then I tell dad you came onto me and play back the start of this conversation when you said you’d go topless to tease me!

My mouth was trying to move against the pressure of his big strong palm. Pointlessly. I stopped, breathed bursa eve gelen eskort deep and controlled myself thinking I’d deal with him once I was free and could stand up!

Who did he think he was?! And who did I think I was!!

My anger was making my heart thump harder than I could remember. His brazen full on sexual approach on me in the last ten minutes had my mind scattered all over the place and my 39yr old pussy aching and moist like I couldn’t remember for a long time. In itself it felt great but I was fuming angry AND turned on at the same time… it felt horrid… then he straddle my legs, stopped stroking his hard glistening cock and sat looking right at me with his pre cum covered cock head bouncing up and down above my breasts. My mouth still clamped with his left hand… his right hand reached down and connected with my skin above my hips. His hand ran, slowly I might add, up my side until he brushed my nightwear off my breasts and took an agonisingly slow firm grip of my entire left breast.

I felt the instant warmth deep inside myself and knew there and then that I was one step away from letting my slut out. She was buried deep away, unused for many years, coma like. But holy crap was she coming out of me with force! What had he done? Could I put her back – locked away? Or would that version of me finally see daylight again and would he know enough to use me like I’d need him too?

I felt him squeeze and mawl my breast before pinching and pulling my hard nipple. I was wet, drenched in fact, he couldn’t know as he straddled me keeping my thighs pressed closed together.

I tensed a couple of times… one more nipple pull between his finger and thumb and I might have a little orgasm right there while staring at his cock head and wanting him to move his hand away from my mouth. I was now desperate for his taste to fill my mouth… come on stud… Lean forward and fuck my mouth while I let go of every single fun limiting inhibitor in me and let my slut out. Please God… fuck my face?!!

I felt his grip on my mouth lesson and I stayed still, I wanted it, needed it. I’d given up internally and was prepared, almost desperate, to be anything he asked, I just needed one more little push from him… I was near helpless and I loved it.

His hand left my mouth completely and as we kept eye contact in a strange dare to each other to make the final move, the talk had now stopped and I needed action.

I decided to stay still. Mouth wide open and eyes on his. I nodded and he eased himself forward. I had the thickest cock with the fattest head I’d ever seen two inches from my wide open mouth… I put my tongue out. I breathed in…

‘Come on!’ I thought to myself… my slut had long since taken over all choices I was making.

He placed his left hand round the shaved base of his cock and moved even closer…

I nodded just a little…

Neither one wanted to speak yet both of us wanted what might be about to happen.

I kept eye contact and moved my head forward enough to just lick the drops of pre cum from his tip and then lifted my hands to his buttocks and pushed him slowly but with a firm grip into my mouth. I didn’t suck. I wanted him to fuck my face. I love being used and used way more than anything he’d ever have seen on the Internet and here was my ideal and hopefully willing abuser and Dom?

I pushed with my hands, his length invading my mouth like most delicious breakfast I could imagine. He must be about to cum as I saw his balls twitch I thought. He let go of the bar of his shaft and my eyes broke contact with his for the first time since I’d taken my step son as my lover and become his ‘whatever’

I looked down his length, I was half way.. I think… Ooohhh I need this… I paused, re gripped his ass in my hands and willingly impaled my face deeper on his gorgeous cock. I pushed, chocked and then as my orgasm was upon me from nowhere I finally felt his hips move on their own… I put my hands on the side of my sun lounger for stability and tried to open my aching mouth even wider. I nodded hard against my own chocking and his pushing and that’s when I felt his warm cum down the back of bayan escort bursa my throat.

I steadied myself and let it drop down my throat. It felt so good to be used again… I’d not been this bad or felt this good since my early twenties when I studied away from home at uni and worked as an escort in Manchester.

He finally caught up. He looked down through a relief and excitement he’d probably never known and started to withdraw his length from his step mom’s mouth… I waited until his cock head reached my lips and then I slowly but with a moan lurched forward to take him back inside my empty throat. He shook and stammered

“Slowly… I’m really sensitive after I cum”

I eased the pressure my mouth was applying but not the direction and I got another inch or two in me like the degradable cock whore I was.

Again he stated to pull away and I got my balance on the chair and then put my hands to his arse… his fantastic tight ass!

I looked up and with constant eyes on him I cleaned his impressive cock as best he would let me.

Finally he started to soften a little and the natural break in our actions gave way to the need for one of us to speak.

I felt a loss as his cock left my mouth and the morning air refilled my lungs deeply.



I took a breath and then my inner slut made her pitch to him… desperate for his approval.

“You’ve got to know that when I was younger I was a complete whore for cock, I put myself through uni working as an escort. I’ve few limits, less morals, a deep seated naughty kinky side that you’re farther has not the faintest idea about. I will do anything for you if you can keep our secret AND use me as much and as hard as you like. I’ll have to fuck your dad once a week just vanilla as he likes it but I want to feel used by you once a day? I’ve no idea what you’re going to say or do and I could be about to lose you, your dad, and his money if you run away scared right now. But if you don’t… if you take me as your slut then you’ve just hit the jackpot son.”

With that I stood up, dropped my night clothes to the tiled floor and swept my hand over my pussy and up to his mouth…

“Here – my cunt belongs to you. I’m going to go shower and shave it. Have a think about it for ten minutes… Then if you’re still interested I’d love that huge cock to fuck mummy?!”

The water ran warm… I was already naked and as I stepped into my shower my minds voices were both shouting at each other.

Wife – “what the hell did you just do?!”

Stepmom whore – “I ate fresh cum and I loved it”

Wife – “You’re so going to be in trouble for this!”

Stepmom whore – “do you think so… fabulous!”

No sooner had I placed my hands on the tiled shower walls and allowed the water to drench my outer self than I felt him. Hard and hot his cock head forced a path through my thighs from behind. My face placed, with a gentle but firm touch from his hand, against the tiles.

“Leaving me like that was bad… Naughty… for that I’m going to have to spank you”

I felt his cock move away and his hand slapping my bouncy (and needy) ass to a red glaze.


“Yes my slut”

I pushed my ass out, took each globe in hands and pulled them apart, the warm water washing over my hole and down round my plump pussy lips.

“Fuck mommy here and now… leave me alone or fuck me like the slut I am to you. Please… just get that cock in my pussy and make me yours… don’t worry or say anything… just fuck this bitch like the slut she is and pleasure yourself deep into me”

There were no more words… just moans and a little heavy breathing. The water splashed all over us and moments later I felt the reward I so wanted… his cock forcing my pussy lips apart in just easing into my hole… the size of it had me surprised again… then with the head in me I released my hands from my own ass… put them on the wall and pushed back… his back and shoulder now against the opposite shower wall I was free to back up onto his cock and milk my Sons cum with my pussy to my delight.

It all happened quite fast… I was overdue an orgasm and came first… and as I did my son felt it and that was enough for him to let go his second load of cum into me thus far.

When the thrusting had stopped and the breathing calmed I turned to him and finally got my hands to roam every inch of his naked and sexy body. Finally a stud for this whore to be proud of and used by!

I left him to shower and told him I’d be on the bed relaxing.

-End of chapt 1.

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