Aubry Ch. 01

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He was a strange little man who seemed to creep along rather than walk. He was shy to the point of being reclusive. No one had ever known him to have a date or enjoy the company of a female in all the years he had lived in Somerville. When he was seen crossing a room every woman there began to drift off like leaves in fall. At twenty-five years old he still lived with his parents and gave no indication that he would ever leave them.

Despite his social faults, the townspeople paid him a grudging respect. He had a brilliant mind and had saved his employer from disaster on more than one occasion with his quick, innovative solutions. They spoke to him on his way home from work. He would simply nod and scurry on his way. They invited him to social functions knowing he wouldn’t accept. He never did.

It was a pantomime that played out between them year after year. They tolerated him.


When he left his job his only thought was to get home as fast as he could and hope no one would look at him and speak. He hated their voices saying, “Afternoon, Mr. Huckelby” . It was never “Afternoon Aubry “or hi Aubry or a friendly pat on the back like others got. No . It was always the same, “Afternoon Mr. Huckelby”. He wanted to puke. Even so, it was better than during his school years when all the kids had called him ‘Fuckelby Huckelby”

Aubry had left work early. He was having one of his terrible headaches. As he neared his house, he saw his father’s car in the driveway. Not wanting to see or talk to him, Aubry went around behind the house and slipped into his room through an open window. He was not in the mood for one of his father’s puritanical lectures görükle escort bayan on the virtues of an eight-hour workday, the sinful ways of mankind or what a disappointment Aubry was to him. He’d heard that all his life.

Aubry opened the closet to dutifully hang his jacket. He stood quietly, listening to the voices coming from the other room. He recognized his father’s voice, but it took a few seconds to place the other .It was Lily, their maid. Poor Lily. She was probably catching hell about something.

The closet was Aubry’s safe haven. His parents had called it his punishment for doing bad things, but it was his escape from their tyrannical Puritanism. Even now as an adult, he still went into the closet when the world closed in on him or when the headaches became unbearable.

Aubry dropped to his knees and put his eye up to the peep hole he had found when he had been six. The house was old and a small tear had appeared in a wallpaper seam. It wasn’t much, but had allowed Aubry a straight line of sight into his parent’s room. He worked on it carefully until he had a pretty good view of the entire room. He had hoped to catch them doing something normal and human, but had been disappointed. Sometimes Aubry thought his parents must have deposited egg and sperm in a petri dish to obtain their child.

Aubry’s breath caught in his throat. They were doing something Aubry was sure wasn’t in Lily’ job description. His father, the strict, unbending preacher of morality was slowly unbuttoning Lily’s blouse. Her hands were feverishly groping his father crotch while she unfastened his belt with the other. It seemed only seconds until her bra was altıparmak eskort flung to the floor and Henry Huckelby had a large pink nipple sucked into his greedy mouth.

Aubry was stunned. This went against everything his father had always taught him. He was confused, how could his father do this? Where was his mother.? She was usually home when he arrived from work. She would be really angry with her father if she knew.

Aubry wondered how long this had been going on. After a few minutes his brain kicked into action.( he was only brilliant in business) He might use this against his father to stop some of the yelling and preaching, maybe get his rent lowered. While he was plotting and watching his father handle Lily’s crotch, he felt himself becoming aroused.

By the time his father had Lily completely undressed and sitting on the edge of the bed, Aubry had a raging hardon. He released his five inch penis and began to massage it the way Lily was doing his fathers

Aubry had never had sex or even touched a girls breast, in all his twenty five years . This was the first time he had seen a naked woman. It was the most wonderful thing Aubry had ever seen. His penis fairly burst as he saw his father place his penis in Lily’s waiting mouth. Aubry tried to imagine what it would feel like to be engulfed by the warm, wet mouth. Lily moaned and he could hardly keep from doing the same. He grew impatient for her to finish sucking the penis and lay back on the bed. He wanted to see that wonderful ,fantastic thing he had only read about.

And then it happened!

She pulled off the cock with a loud pop and lay back nilüfer escort on the bed. Aubry had a great view. The view got even better when his father spread her legs and for a minute or two he got a full view of her spread pussy lips. They were all wet and shiny. Then his view was blocked by his father’s head as he buried himself in lily’s juicy pussy .Damn! Aubry swore as he masturbated furiously.

Still… watching Lily get her pussy eaten was pretty exciting too. Aubry tried to imagine what it would taste like. Evidently, pretty good from his father’s enthusiasm. He vowed that one day he would taste that pussy for himself. Suddenly Aubry felt all his frustration and pent up passion bursting forth from the depths of his being. He bit his lips to stop the scream that threatened to betray his hiding place.

After he could regain his composure, Aubry returned to the peep hole .His father was now mounted on Lily and Aubry was thrilled and fascinated at the spectacle of the penis going in and out of Lily. He could hear every grunt and groan from the two of them. His own penis grew hard again.

Aubry heard his mother’s car coming up the drive. Shit! she would catch them and he would never get to see Lily naked again. He quickly tip toed back down stairs, yelled “anyone home”? And rattled around loud enough for them to hear.

He stopped his mother when she came in with some nonsense chatter,

Then returned upstairs. He peeped through the hole. Lily was gone. His father was hastily tucking his shirt in when his mother entered the room.

“Good day shopping, dear”?

“Yes. I had a good day. How was yours”?

“Oh, good, normal

Aubry wondered how his father could be so casual after nearly getting caught in bed with the maid. He wanted to lash out to his father and call him the hypocrite that he was. He would keep quiet, though, for the time being, but things were going to definitely take a turn for the better around here.

To be continued

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