Astarte Ch. 03

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Deon uses mind control on his mother to get her to accept the relationship with his sister; begins to seduce Mom. Not a lot of overt sex, but sets stage for bang-up threesome. Votes and comments welcome. Jb7


“Deon! What are you…Stop it now! Deon! You shouldn’t …oh, oh Deon, don’t… stop it this instant! Deo…n; oh, baby what are you doing to me? Don’t…stop…oh, noooo; oh, baby, no. you’re going to make me…ooooohhhhh, nooooo! What are you…Oh, god, Deon! Nooo…oh Yessssss, harder…faster! Yessss! Like that, baby! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yesssss! That’s it, baby! Like that! Come on…come in your momma! Give me a baby…your baby…our baby! Do it! Come on; that’s it, come on, come in me! Let me feel you come…let me feel your cum! Go, baby, go! Yesssssss; mmm, yes, baby, you did good. Momma’s happy. Your Momma loves you, baby.”

Two weeks ago, Deon had awakened his sister’s friend, Mary, by gently lapping at her labia with his tongue. Barely able to open her eyes, she had complained, “Mmmm, I’ll give you a month to stop that, whoever you are.”

“Only a month? I’m insulted,” Deon laughed. Moving up her body he thrust his pussy juice coated tongue into her mouth, ignoring her stale morning breath.

Before she had time to think about what was happening to her, she felt him enter her barely used pussy and begin the eternal mating dance. “Good God! Are you two at it already?” she heard from the bed beside her. She turned her head and saw Sally leaning on her elbow, hair tousled from sleep and sex last night, she assumed.

“Morning, sleepy,” Mary said. “Your brother decided to wake me up with a very nice kiss, then he started this. Oh, oh,” she said, her eyes growing wide. “Uhh, Gideon, you need to stop or there’s going to be a disaster I don’t want to think about cleaning up after.” With a short laugh, Deon pulled out of the recent virgin and rolled off to the center of the bed. Mary got up and hurried to the bathroom, small explosions of gas following her.

Laughing, he turned to face his sister. “Forget it,” she said. “I have to follow her when she comes back. My bladder needs a ton of relief.”

“There’s the master bath in Mom’s room,” he pointed out. Her face lit up with a smile. Giving him a brief peck on the lips she jumped out of bed and ran to her mother’s room. Before the flush was finished, she was back in Deon’s room, impaled on his rampant prick.

Mary finished her business and the associated clean up. She had just passed Sally’s room, on her way back, when she spied Kate coming up the stairs. Kate had caught an early flight, hoping to get home to celebrate her daughter’s eighteenth birthday with her today. She had been able to take advantage of a cancellation on a flight which got her home five hours earlier than her scheduled flight; eight AM instead of one PM.

Kate was shocked, not to see Mary; she had stayed over with Sally many times, but to see her nude, knowing her son was home. She greeted the teenager, “Good morning, Mary. Are Deon and Sally around?”

Not knowing what to say, Mary glanced at Deon’s open door, through which she could plainly hear the sounds of working bedsprings. Her glance called Kate’s attention to the sounds coming from her son’s room. She walked into the room just ahead of Mary, and stopped, two steps into the room.

She saw her children, both fully nude, obviously totally engaged in the activity called the double-backed beast. From the sudden cessation of movement and mutual groans, she correctly surmised it had reached the point of culmination. Without a word, she turned and brushed past Mary, leaving the three youngsters to their activities.

Mary hurried into the room and found her clothes from last night and rapidly pulled them on. When her friends became aware of her and what she was doing, Sally asked,”You leaving? How come?”

“Your mom’s home, ‘n’ she saw you.”

“Saw us?”

“She was just in here, and saw you as you were coming, I think. Then she just turned and left the room. I think I hear her in the kitchen.” “Shit,” erupted Deon. “I better go down and talk to her; try to explain.” Before either of the two girls could react, he was out the door and down the stairs. He walked into the kitchen. “Mom,” he started.

“I’m not going to talk about it until Sally comes down,” she said, not turning around.

“I can…”

“Not until Sally’s down.” Kate turned to look at her son, barely registering his nudeness. “Then we will sit down and discuss it calmly, like the adults you obviously think you are.” She suddenly noticed his state of undress. “And, for god’s sake, go put some clothes on. Where in hell do you think you are? Your dorm?”

Deon looked down at himself, suddenly realizing his condition. “Oh, Christ! I’m sorry, Mom; I forgot.” He turned and hurried back upstairs. “Astarte! Help!”

Back in the kitchen, Kate groped for a chair and sat down, her knees suddenly weak. Up in Deon’s bedroom, when she had first seen her children copulating, she had been shocked to realize her bursa suriyeli escort escort reaction was not anger or dismay, but envy. For that reason, she had not wanted to turn and confront Deon alone when he had come to the kitchen. And when she had turned and seen him standing there, naked, it had taken all her strength to stand still.

“Dammit, Kate Davies, what in hell is wrong with you? He’s your son, for shit sake! It’s not like you’re a sex deprived hermit. You can call on any of a half dozen men for a one nighter or a month’s worth of lays; so, stop it,” she scolded her self. Then she thought about the sight Deon had presented when she turned to confront him.

He seemed taller, more fit than she had remembered from when he had been home last month. And his sex organ! Even flaccid, it was over six inches. From watching him with Sally, she guessed it was easily eight or nine inches long. Thinking about him elicited a small moan and a feeling like she had to climax.

She started to reach for her quim when she heard steps hurrying down the stairs. A few seconds later she saw Mary run out the front door. She wondered if he had had sex with her, too. Remembering how she was dressed in the hallway, and was obviously on her way to his room, she laughed at herself for doubting it. She remembered his answer when she asked what he had been up to when he had called her back earlier in the week. What had happened to the shy son she had raised? There was certainly no sign of him now.

She heard voices approaching from upstairs and went back into the kitchen to check on the coffee. She was sure they would need lots of it to get through the conversation ahead.

On his way upstairs to get dressed, Deon had called on Astarte for help; what kind, he wasn’t sure. He knew he and Sally were in it deep, and he had no idea how to get his mother to accept their relationship. What he did know, neither of them was in any sort of hurry to discontinue what they had started.

Astarte answered him with a light laugh in her voice. “Deon, you called?”

“Astarte! This isn’t funny! Mom sounds like she’s ready to kick Sally and me out of her life. I thought you said the women in my family were a sure thing, and that Mom was going to have my baby.”

“I did, and she is. I didn’t say it was going to be easy. If you want, you can turn around and go back to her, and force her like you did Jordan and Amanda. However, your culture’s proscription against incest is so strong she may resent you, and condemn herself for yielding to her hunger, as she would see it.

“You and Sally need to convince your mother that you truly love each other as much as you do. If you can, use your power to convince her, but avoid trying to seduce her until she has come to terms with herself about you and Sally.

“One of the things which is upsetting her is that she wasn’t angry when she saw you two together. She was jealous of Sally and Mary. Right now she is downstairs fighting her attraction to you. Get her to acknowledge it to herself, but don’t take advantage of it. In a few weeks, she will come to you. She will still resist you, but she will yield and her love for you will be boundless.

“And before you ask, it will do no good to tell her about me just yet. Explain your recent successes with the improvement in your fitness, and with your new ability to mesmerize people. Offer to show her, demonstrate on her. I’ll be watching. As long as you’re on the right track, I’ll be quiet.

“Have Sally and Mary forget about me, too, unless they are alone with you.”

By that time he was at his bedroom door. He walked back in and found the girls dressed, waiting on his bed. “Well,” he began.

“A very deep subject,” said Sally, with a straight face. Mary giggled. Deon conquered his smile and frowned.

“She’s not furious, but she won’t talk until you and I are both downstairs, Sally.

“Mary, you should probably leave before she decides she wants to know how you fit into last night. I want you to forget Sally was with us, and about any unnatural powers you might think I have, unless you are alone with one of us.” Mary nodded and stood up, then moved to him to give him a hug.

“I’ll come up with Mary for Orientation, to finish my deflowering,” she said with a smile; “even if she can’t come.” The two siblings grinned and nodded. She turned and gave Sally a hug. “Maybe some evening you could come over and finish the girly parts we didn’t get to explore?” Sally’s grin got wider as she nodded. “See you both soon, I hope,” she whispered, slipping out the door.

When Mary was gone, Deon turned to Sally and told her, “I want you to forget about Astarte, too, except when we’re alone. It’ll be best if the world doesn’t know about her and me.”

“So, we’re not going to tell Mom. How are we going to explain what happened at the bar last night?”

“Nothing happened. Some folks saw Jordan and I doing a suggestive dance and misinterpreted it. I was able bursa ucuz escort to hypnotize G.W. and got him to confess about Chrissie and to tell the sheriffs about his dad’s lab. Mary had just made up her mind about losing her virginity, and asked you if you knew someone who would be willing to help her.”

“What about us?”

“I walked in on Harry trying to force you. After he was persuaded that raping you wasn’t a good idea, I told him to go someplace and jack off. The emotions left over from the rescue moved us to make love, and we realized how we have felt about each other for so long.”

He had been dressing as they talked, and was now presentable. “Well, we better go down and face the music. Don’t worry; maybe not today, but she will eventually accept the fact that we are in love, and want to be together.”

Sally nodded. “I know, it’s just…” Deon nodded and kissed her.

“Yep, it sure is.” And they both laughed. Holding hands, they descended the stairs and made their way to the kitchen.

Kate was sitting at the kitchen table; coffee for each of them poured and waiting. She was leaning on the table, her head in her hands. She heard them coming through the dining room and looked up to see them enter the room, holding hands. She sighed, and made her decision.

“I’m sure there is an explanation for this situation, and I am anxious to hear it, but first, I have some questions. Gideon, how do you feel about your sister?” The brother and sister sat down at the table, side by side.

“Wha…how can you…” he stopped, seeing the serious look on his mother’s face. “I love her, as a sister, as a friend, a woman, a person. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to make her happy.”

“Even leave her?”

He hesitated, “Yes, if that is what would make her truly happy; if it was the best thing to do for her.”

“Sally?” “Yes, Mom?”

“Same question, how do you…”

“And the same answer, I love him with all my being, and have as long as I can remember.”

“How long have you two been…intimate?”

Deon answered, “Fully physically intimate? We made love the first time yesterday afternoon. It was the first time we’ve touched each other except for our brief hello and goodbye hugs since I was eighteen. We’ve always shared secrets and feelings with each other, like good friends.”

“What are your plans?”

“We were thinking that we could rent an apartment together when she comes up to school this fall. It would save us, you, a lot of money. Up there, we’d be just another couple living together. Students from here wouldn’t think it weird, just a brother and sister sharing space to save money.” He paused, and cocked his head.

“In fact, Mom, we’d like it if you’d think about moving up to Santa Angelo, too. Almost all of your business comes to you over the internet, so that won’t be a problem. And it has a busier airport, with more flights available, so transportation won’t be a problem. You could probably keep the same 800 phone number; and,” he paused, “you could keep an eye on us.”

“You’re asking me to sanction your incest. For permission to flaunt it front of me. I’m sorry, I can’t do that right now. You are both, at least nominally, adults and free to pursue whom you choose. Society, religion, and law, they would all condemn you for what you are doing, but,” she hesitated briefly, “you are my children, and while I can’t accept your behavior, I will tolerate it, and hope you come to your senses soon.”

She took a deep breath. “Did something happen to set this in motion, and how does Mary fit in the picture?”

Sally started with her story of how she met Harry and of his attack the previous afternoon. From there the story went on as Deon had outlined it upstairs before they had come down to talk to Kate.

“You hypnotized G.W.? Against his will? I didn’t think that was possible. That still doesn’t answer my question about Mary.”

Sally answered. “We were just coming to that. You know she’s going to Paris to study to be a private chef. Well, she was still a virgin, and has always had a bit of a crush on Deon. When she saw him in action with G.W., she asked me to ask him if he’d, uh, help her out with, uh…”

“I get the picture, Sally. So, Deon, how did you hypnotize G.W., and when did you learn how?”

“It’s not that hard, Mom, really. There are dozens of sites on the internet that tell you how. Last summer G.W. was in need of some money, so I convinced him to let me practice on him. I think he was surprised when it worked. I figured he was going to try to fake it and get away with the money, so I used a stage hypnotist method, then gave him a trigger word. Noone last night knew it but he was in a trance when he confessed.”

“And you can really do that?”

Deon thought for a quick five seconds. “Yes, I can. If you’ll let me, I’d like to show you.”

It was the mildest controlling statement he could use, but it worked. Thinking it was against her better judgment Kate bursa üniversiteli escort heard herself agreeing, but wanted to know in advance what he was going to do to her,

“I’ll do the same thing I did to G.W. I’ll have you stand up and tense every muscle in your body and hold it until I tell you to relax; when you relax, you will go into a trance, capable only of hearing my voice. To prove you were hypnotized, I will give you a suggestion to do something you would not ordinarily do, but which you have no great objection to doing. Okay?”

“That really works? It looks so fake when they do it onstage. Okay, how do we start?”

“Stand up. Now, I want you to tense every muscle you can control, as tense as you can. Hold it until I tell you to relax. That’s good,” he said when she was rigid as a board.” He walked around her, obviously inspecting her. When he was in front of her, he locked eyes with her and continued.

“When I tell you to, I want you to totally relax and go into a trance so that you are completely unaware of everything but my voice. On three, ready? One–two–three!” Kate collapsed into his arms. “Can you hear me, Mother. You can speak.”

“Yes, Gideon, I can hear you,” she mumbled.

“I am going to bring you out of the trance. When you are awake, whenever I, and only I, say the word trance to you, you will go into an even deeper trance. Do you understand? Nod your head if you understand.” He was pleased to see her nod. “When I say wake, you will wake up feeling happy and well. On three, one–two–wake!”

Kate shook her head as if she were just getting up, and looked around. She seemed surprised to find herself sitting. She looked at her children, puzzled. “Trance,” commanded Deon. Her eyes closed and she slumped to the table.

Deon went to her and pulled her to an upright sitting position. “Mother, can you hear me?” She nodded. “Look around. You are in a professional building, in a hallway. Is that right?” She nodded again. “Do you see the elevators?” Nod. “Get in the open one and press the button for the lowest level.” He and Sally watched as she reached out and pressed the imaginary button. “Count the floors as you go down. There should be five of them. As you go down in the elevator, your trance will deepen, and at the bottom, you will be in your deepest possible trance. Do you understand?”

She nodded and began to count slowly, “Five–four–three–two– one.”

“Very good, mother. Remember, when Sally and I were little, until I was nine or ten, you would take us swimming at a farm pond you knew about, in the woods where we could all go skinny dipping, and how much you enjoyed being nude?” he asked, implanting a false memory. “Then, when I started into puberty, we had to stop doing that, but you still enjoy being nude around the house.

“We couldn’t practice casual nudity at home because you thought it wasn’t right that Sally and I be exposed to each other, but now, since we are lovers, there isn’t any reason to not be nude at home, is there? When I waken you this time, without being told, you will take off your clothes and explain doing so based on what I just explained.” He began to strip and signaled Sally to do the same.

“When you awaken, you will feel light hearted and happy. You will not notice that Sally and I are nude until you have removed all your clothing. When you are nude, you will gather your clothes and take them to your room. On your way out of the kitchen, you will stop and give me a lover’s kiss. You will awaken on the count of five. Five, four, starting to come awake; three, two, practically awake, one, wide awake now.”

Her children watched, amazed, as Kate Davies carried out her son’s instructions. It was not until she picked up her clothes, she noticed they were also nude. “I’m glad to see you both agree with me,” she observed. Passing Deon, she stopped and leaned down to kiss him full on the lips, and surprised him with her tongue as it slipped between their lips. “Mmm,” she moaned. “That should be enough of that, or that might be war in the house.”

Sally grinned, knowing well the effect Deon’s kisses could have. “I’m willing to share, Mom, but I won’t give him up.”

“Share, huh? Do you think there might be enough to go around?”

“Well, he wore out two very horny eighteen year-olds last night.”

Kate laughed. “We’ll have to…” She was interrupted by the door bell. She looked through the living room window, to the curb. A sheriff’s car was at the curb. “Shit, what do they want?”

“Harry Pieters is claiming I made him drive downtown and masturbate in public. Bob Williams, my friend who is a deputy, told me last night. You go on, Mom; I’ll handle it. Sally, you go get dressed, too.” Deon had pulled on his shirt and shorts, and headed to the door.

He waited until the women were out of sight, and then opened the door. It was Bobby, his friend. “Hey, Bobby, you got the unpleasant task of dealing with Harry’s story?”

“Yeah, his and G.W.’s. They are both complaining that you put them under some kind of spell; sort of hypnotized them into performing the acts they’re being charged with.”

“Like I said last night, Bobby, me and what army? G.W. confessed in front of a crowd. Did any of them see me put him under a spell? He was concerned that his sister’s reputation was being ruined. I just made him agree to tell the truth before he could tend to her.

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