Aphrodite’s Kiss Ch. 13

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The gangbang for Mom and reverse gang-bang for me took us a good while, but we still had plenty of time, at least partly due to how quickly I could recharge to fuck again. By all rights, my dick should be too sore to function, yet Mom somehow protected me from that effect, more over time, as the Kiss had a greater impact on me. I focused at the moment on butt-fucking my ladies, having already impregnated each of them (except Madeira, of course). I was able to keep pace pretty well, slamming into the women even as the men did so to Mom. The fact that we were filmed was a serious turn-on for all of us, too.

I banged Kara good and hard from behind as more men took Mom and made her airtight, much to her gratification. I lost track of which men fucked Mom and how many times each, but they also proved resilient in terms of recovering from so many releases. I had images of Mom fucking every man in town repeatedly and all of their cum leaking from every hole in her body. I looked forward to seeing what she could achieve at the reunion especially, with all of those men and women almost certain to fall under the spell of her divine charms. Naked and barefoot, Mom was sure to get them all drooling for her.

I took Kara’s ass and it felt so tight around my cock, clenching me with her butthole, spasming as she screamed out her pleasure yet again from the continued sodomy. Her bottom stroked me just the right way as I plunged in and out of it, plundering her booty for the wonderful property that it was. If she minded having her backfield plowed, you couldn’t tell it from her moans and curled toes, that much was clear. He hips and buns pushed back fervently at me, eager to take me deeper inside her and surrendering fully on her behalf to my power. The fact that she sucked Madeira’s dick while I buggered her only made things better.

I came at last as Madeira shot her load down Kara’s thirsty throat, flooding the former cheerleader’s bowels with my white-hot cum. I gave Madeira a compulsion to fuck the women’s faces while I butt-fucked them, and now I added a desire to take their pussies for herself. I hoped that at least some of these women would fall pregnant to my lovely transgender slut, causing fraternal twins, and the odds improved every time she used their twats for sure. She lined up behind Kara and just started humping her with utter abandon, much to the delight of both ladies. Madeira was always a woman to me, but she was also a woman who happened to have a cock and that was very useful right now.

I grabbed Samantha’s lovely tush and started pounding her bum for the absolute delight that it was, even as I made Madeira switch back and forth between Kara’s slit and Samantha’s throat. Mrs. Cohen could now taste Kara on Madeira’s dick, which thrilled her even more. My former teacher sighed and moaned as she let me bottom-out inside her delectable ass. Her cheeks dared me to fuck her harder while mooning me, even as her pucker seemed to wink at me, inviting me to long-dick her rougher from the back. She shuddered as Madeira brought her pussy-juice covered prick to her face and rammed it down her gullet.

When Madeira came inside Kara, making her cum as well, I exploded in Samantha’s asshole, filling her colon with my jizz at last. Samantha came very loudly now, moaning and cussing as she quivered with her climax that was long overdue. I slapped each of the three women on their butts and they pressed back at my hands with said buns, openly welcoming the discipline. I also kissed them ardently on the lips and used plenty of tongue at it, letting me taste Madeira’s dick straight from Kara’s cunt as well as Samantha’s own spit.

I entered Becca Staunton next, making that reporter feel every inch of my hard, throbbing rod as it ravaged her bottom completely. While Madeira slid her prick in and out of Samantha’s dripping wet twat, I slammed into Becca’s heinie, grabbing both cheeks with relish as I buggered her so furiously. If the newswoman objected to having her butt blasted by me, she could have fooled me, because she backed into me as much as she could to take as much dick into her bum as possible. When Madeira started a new rotation between pussy and mouth, stuffing Becca’s throat with her cock, Becca came like such a hot mess that she involuntarily tensed up and lost control of her bladder. She also clenched me and forced me to jizz her bowels at last, pumping spurt after spurt into bayan esmer escort bursa her eager booty.

Just then, Madeira came inside Samantha’s gooey snatch and brought her dick up to Becca’s face to clean, which she did with pleasure. The reporter licked up every last drop of both pussy juice and lady cum from the two women as she cleaned Madeira and lubed her up with spit for the next round. I now began using Marlena’s ass and Neha’s in my usual sort of swap, going back and forth between them to plunder their bottoms to my great delight and theirs. Neha was on top again this time, but then they switched, each woman wanting her turn underneath the other, as they adored each other far too much to deny. My cock used them both with my typical vigor and I fingered the ass of whichever lady wasn’t being sodomized by it right then.

Marlena’s pale white moons contrasted perfectly as always with Neha’s duskier bum, even as I filled my hand with their soft, smooth buns. I caressed and otherwise pampered their slick, sweaty skin, touching their silky flesh with my free hand, making them gasp, sigh, and moan from my grope. Having Madeira go from Becca’s cunt to their mouths didn’t help things, making it so much tougher not to cream themselves all over me and each other. They did so eventually, being only human. At last, of course, I couldn’t hold back and so I came in Marlena’s asshole first, followed in a hurry by several ropes inside Neha’s butt. For whatever reason, there was always enough cum for the both of them, despite sharing my loads.

“Alright, Jessica, you’re next!” I slipped inside Jessica’s ass about the same time that her husband Andrew shot a load down Mom’s throat.

Sure enough, Madeira kept up the same pattern of fucking twats and mouths alternately, only this time there were two women’s juices on her dick as Jessica inhaled it. Jessica gagged more than once on Madeira’s prick as she fucked her face, but neither woman minded it in the least. Jessica’s primary focus was definitely on taking as much cock inside her body as she could, and that certainly included her tight, hot bum. I pulled her hair as I ramrodded my prick into her butt, plundering it with a passion. She pushed back every bit as eagerly at me as any of the others, and I struggled not to cum inside her asshole as much as I did with all of the ones before.

It wasn’t very long before I spurted inside Jessica’s tight, hot pucker. She creamed herself from the combination of that and the lady juices spread from the two ladies to her mouth by means of Madeira’s dick. I went straight from Jessica to Maggie, entering the Scotswoman’s arse with very little warning indeed. Maggie pushed back hard at me, her bum craving it as much as the rest of her, as she proved to me by thrusting herself at me and arching her back in delight. The fact that my dick was now covered in the butt sweat of so many lasses didn’t seem to faze her in the least, thank Mom! If anything, judging from her thoughts, the awareness of this fact turned Maggie on more than a little. I literally knew each woman inside and out and now a very intimate part of them was inside her, too. Madeira’s role in things, letting Maggie taste Jessica’s twat on her dick, didn’t exactly cool her down, either.

I felt Maggie cream herself and shudder as I pronged her as hard as possible, making her my slut all over again. I slapped her arse repeatedly, making her cheeks turn a nice, healthy shade of pink and making distinctly Scots curses escape her soft, wet lips. The way that she welcomed my ownership of her bum just turned me on something fierce, of course. Gods, she was tight back there, too, clenching my prick with her bottom as I ravaged her! I erupted on about her sixth or seventh climax that very hour, shooting as much of my cum up her butt as I could send there.

“Alright, Lauren, come and get it!” I chuckled as I eased into the widow’s slick and ready bunghole, the smell of her arousal undeniable by now.

“May I rim her, please?” Lauren pleaded with me, pointing to Madeira’s ass.

“Go for it … Madeira, she wants to lick your bum for now, so let her,” I commanded my first plaything, who was very willing to bend over and offer up her booty to another woman.

Lauren actually went back and forth from Madeira’s ass to her dick and balls, gladly tasting Maggie’s twat juices on my Filipina’s bursa ucuz eskort prick, too. I slapped her cheeks repeatedly, making her butt as red as her hair, of course. I could read her mind and knew that she wanted to lick Mom clean in both her pussy and her tush, once everyone finished with my mother, that was. She also wanted to take my cock in her mouth straight from one bottom to another. That thought and the way that Lauren creamed herself so forcefully while taking me deep inside her bum were more than enough to make me shoot it deep inside her bowels.

Not giving Lauren a chance to change her mind, I put my cock up to her mouth while Madeira entered her cunt from behind. She winked up at me and slurped greedily on my dick, tasting so much ass right then on it that it wasn’t funny. I fucked her face for several minutes before I finally pulled out and lined Michelle up with Missy for the final ass-fuck of the late morning or early afternoon or whatever. I shook things up a bit now, patting Madeira on the tush as I whispered my new twist in her ear, which made her smile brightly at me.

Whenever I put myself inside Michelle’s asshole, Madeira slid into Missy and vice versa. Lauren would suck both of us between strokes, too, in addition to rimming both ladies and licking Madeira’s pucker as well as mine. Only when Madeira came all over their cheeks did I shoot my own load inside in two strokes in each woman’s derriere. Both women creamed themselves as they felt my hot jizz spill into their cornholes at last. I relished the squishy feeling in those tight, hot asses as I slid in and out of them one last time. I admired their cum-drizzled buns, too, even as I made Lauren clean up every drop from their flesh.

By now, Mom was so covered in cum that it wasn’t funny, every man present having used her thrice. She was a sweaty hot mess, but she was so lovely that way that I couldn’t help but admire her sleek body with all of that spunk on her smooth, fair skin. I pulled her to her feet and kissed her very passionately on the lips while Lauren and Madeira teamed up to lick me clean from so many holes.

I butt-fucked Carlita and Amy together now, really reaming them but good, loving the intense delight of sodomizing both cuties in turn. Lauren, Madeira, and Mom each made a point of eating the Latina and the recent bride out while they got buggered, their tight, hot, gaping holes welcoming my thick rod back there. Their screams of delight gave witness to this intense, wonderful triple-power orgasm as I anally dominated both ladies, making them squirt on me and my other ladies. I delighted in the sight of their perky butts as I came in successive spurts, flooding their bowels at last. That Mom licked me clean afterward was just icing on the cake and I didn’t hesitate to kiss her afterward with a lot of tongue.

Mom winked at me as Janine mouthed, “Heather’s hubby.”

I spoke now aloud, “Yes, Heather, it’s high time that we claimed poor Ray and brought him into the fold, don’t you agree?”

“Okay, but I get to consummate my marriage first, right?” Heather asked me, “I’ve waited eleven years for this, after all.”

“Naturally, babe. Don’t clean up, though. None of you do. Get dressed, but let’s show up at Ray’s place smelling of hot, steamy sex. I want him to know exactly how slutty his wife and her friends are. I want him to want to fuck that sultry hot wife and take my hard, throbbing cock up his ass, as well as sharing her with me and others. High time that we find out what he’s up to, don’t you agree, and his motives for this whole fuck-up?” I insisted as we all started to get dressed, though I stopped Jessica short of putting on her old clothes.

“No, you wear jammies until further notice. That’s your dress code for this little game of ours, honey. Jammies or nothing at all times. Plaid jammies to be precise, with a tank top that shows some sideboob. Easy to yank down, you see. Kara, your new outfit is your cheerleader costume. Minus the spankies, of course. You must never wear anything else except for your birthday suit. Maggie, you’re to wear your kilt, no panties, of course. You’ll each have some discretion on footwear, though.

“Lauren, you must stick to lingerie for the duration of this. Nothing else. Corsets, stockings, garters, crotchless panties, and pumps or heels at all times. Nothing says, ‘I’m over bursa anal yapan escort hubby’ quite like looking like something from Victoria’s Secret or Frederick’s of Hollywood. Carlita, you’re to wear long dresses without panties, go barefoot as much as possible, and to have a rose in your hair as much as you can. I want everyone to see what a luscious senorita you are. For you, Amy, it’s all bridal wear all the time.

“Michelle, it’s a black blouse and skirt with a white clerical collar, of course. Missy, it’s a red blouse, fishnet stockings, and thigh-high boots. Madeira, it’s a French maid costume. Marlena, it’s an elfish cosplay suit that I’ll arrange for you. Until then, you’re going naked 24/7. Neha, it’s a saree and nothing else until the game is over. Sandals only. Heather, you’re to stick to sweatpants and T-shirt. Janine, it’s strictly a bikini bottom for you, no top at all. Samantha, you’ll stick to pantsuits and nothing more than that. Becca, it’s a bikini top and no bottom at all. Until this game of mine is over, that’s all you’re to wear, if not your birthday suits. No bras or regular panties at all,” I gave very precise instructions to the women, knowing that they would take pleasure in obeying them.

“How about I teleport us there this time?” Mom offered, overwhelming me with her thoughtfulness that made me kiss her even harder now.

Sure enough, we were all in the hallway of Heather Jenkins, nee Larsen, hearing groans from the bedroom. We followed the sound to find Ray Jenkins, her loving virgin of a hubby, on all fours while his mother-in-law pegged him roughly from behind and his father-in-law fucked his face. He was handcuffed, too, and terrified as he looked Heather in the eye. He tried to alert Heather’s parents, but it was rather impossible, as his voice was muffled and they were too caught up in ramming him deep and hard.

“Excuse me, but what are you doing to my husband, Mom and Dad?” Heather gathered her courage and confronted her parents.

“Making him earn the restoration of your inheritance, as we’ve done for eleven years. When we discovered that he hadn’t consummated your marriage for whatever reason, we took it in our heads that he would make a great bottom boi bitch for both of us. We’ve used him that way ever since. Of course, to be quite honest, we were going to keep stringing him along for years and only give you back the money once you tired of him, anyway.

“By then, we reasoned, he’d be so hooked on servicing us that he’d agree to move in with us as our manservant and let us use and abuse him for the rest of his miserable life. When the last of us was dead, we’d have killed him to keep him from ever regaining his freedom, of course. Who’s gonna miss a Spanish teacher that much, right?” Christian Larsen chuckled as he came down Ray’s throat yet again.

“Yeah, it’s not as if he isn’t a loser already, am I right? You must think so if you’re stepping out on him?” Ingrid Larsen mocked her son-in-law.

None of us saw the white-hot bolt of lightning that escaped Mom’s hands until it was too late, smiting both of Heather’s folks dead in front of us. We turned to Mom with even more respect than ever before and looked down trembling at the smoking corpses that lay on the marriage bed. I remember thinking, “Oh, shit, I almost forgot how powerful my mother is, an immortal Goddess, and she wants to serve me? What have I done to earn such an honor?”

“Yes, it’s an honor, but one that I’ve bestowed only on the worthy, namely you, sweet son. These two folks, on the other hand, abused and hurt someone who loved his wife so much that he endured eleven years of cruelty, torture, and humiliation for her sake. They had to pay for exploiting his love for his wife so ruthlessly. That’s not what love is for, my loves. Heather, take your husband into your arms and make sweet love to him at last. Phil, please, I love what you do, but give them some privacy and one-on-one time this once. They need it for the sake of their marriage and his mental health. His ass will still be there to get plundered when they’re finished, trust me, just as hers will be. Please, if you love Heather and your mother, for that matter, do this for me … and her.”

“Mother, your wish on this matter … is my command,” I told Mom, caressing her cheek, “Heather, I give you as long as you need, even if you have to skip the reunion and other such events. You can catch up with us later. You both need to heal, babe. Mom’s right about that. Take as much as time as you need.”

With that, we exited the master bedroom and I locked the door behind us. There was plenty more to do, starting with Tracy and Gina. Chad and Chase could wait, too. I loved Heather too much to deny her this chance to make her marriage whole.

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