An Angel in Disquise

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Okay let me start off by saying this, My name is Kelly, I’m 18 years old and I still live at home with my parents. What can I say? I’m spoiled rotten. Why should I move out and do for myself when I don’t have to? Being the only child I’ve always got what I wanted, when I wanted it, however I wanted it. It was a good life. My parents took me as being their one and only “angel”. To them I could do no wrong, that is until I proved to daddy just how bad I could be.

It was a Monday and I had just come home home from my boyfriends house. We had had a huge argument and because of that we didn’t get our daily fuck. I’m an active, vibrant girl, I need the joys of sex. I know I have the looks and the body so why not use it? I’m pretty tall about 5’8″. I have long brown hair and green eyes. I have 44c breasts and a small, firm, little ass. I attract guys wherever I go and I can’t say I hate the attention.

Anyway, coming home without any sex kind of irritated me. I was horny and had no one to help satisfy my needs. As I entered the kitchen my dad was sitting at the table drinking coffee. I asked him where mom was and he told me that she had “business” to take care of and wouldn’t be home for a few days. I felt so bad for my dad. gorukle escort bayan We both knew that moms “business” meant she was off with some guy getting the fucking of a lifetime.

I studied my father and for the first time I actually saw his masculine features. I saw his hard jaw line, his tight chest that was covered up by his thin shirt and I could see the outline of his cock underneath his jeans. I started to feel the moisture growing between my legs and I let out a soft moan. My dad looked at me and smiled. I knew he didn’t know what to say. So, it was then that I decided it was time for me to give us both what we wanted.

I walked over to my dad standing only inches from him.

“Dad, do you think I’m attractive?” I smiled as I saw the wonder on his face.

“Of course I think you are a beautiful young lady, Kelly. Your my daughter and I think your very smart, loving and pretty.”

“That’s not what I mean daddy.” I reached out to trail the line of his jaw with my index finger. “I mean do you find me sexually attractive?”

“I..Well..Kelly you shouldn’t ask me that kind of thing.” As my dad started to speak I saw him close his eyes to take in the feeling of my touch.

nilüfer escort bayan “Mmmm daddy your skin is so smooth.” I dropped to my knees letting my hand rub across his crotch. “Do you want me to daddy?”

“Kel…Kell..Kelly you can’t. It’s um It’s not right.”

“Now daddy, I didn’t ask if it was right, I asked if you wanted me to.” My hand went to the top of his pants unfastening them.

“Oh Kelly, you know I want to. Are you sure you want to?”

I didn’t answer his question I just pulled his pants and his underwear down. I took his already hard cock in my small hands and let my tongue lick the tip. My dad ran his hands through my hair pulling my face towards his cock.

“Oh Kelly… that feels so good…”

I let the head slowly enter my warm mouth, my tongue trailing all over his wonderful cock. I let one of my hands go to his balls to squeeze gently. I heard the moans escaping his lips and I started to suck my dad off. I let my teeth gently run over the top of his manhood and I sucked faster. My free hand started to move on his shaft mixing my saliva and his pre cum all over its length.

“Kelly.. I’mmmmmm gonna cummmmm.. OHHHHH YES FUCK…. bursa otele gelen escort bayan MMMM SUCK DADDYS COCK LIKE A GOOD LITTLE GIRL.”

My dad exploded in my mouth. It was the sweetest cum I had ever tasted. I got up off the floor and kissed my dad fully on the lips. Our tongues touched and his hands ran over my body. I took all my clothes off and then proceeded to undress him. Once we were both undressed I laid on the kitchen table.

I let my hand rub over my dripping pussy. “MMM Look what you did to me daddy. I can’t wait. You can eat your daughter later…. PLEASE FUCK ME DAD, PLEASE.”

My dad needed no further encouragement. He brought he tip of his cock to my entrance and pushed in. I took his full shaft in without hesitation. He started pumping me harder and harder. He leaned down while he was fucking my pussy and took one of my nipples into his mouth, kissing, biting, and pulling it.


I looked into my dads eyes and all I saw was lust.


With that daddy shot his load. I was in pure heaven. I had never been fucked like that before. I got up off the table and kissed my dad.

“Thanks dad I needed that,” and I walked out the kitchen and to my room.

*I could never imagine that so many people actually like my stories. Continue reading and I’ll continue writing!* Niki_Love

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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