Amy’s Dad

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Some people believe in love at first sight, for Amy and her dad that’s exactly the way it was since she was born. Amy never had a mother around because she died while giving birth to her.

Her dad made up for it though and was always there for Amy caring and understanding about all of her needs. Her dad Ken worked for a local newspaper but sometimes worked long hours so he and Amy could survive. He was successful so they never had any serious money problems.

Amy loved him because he was always there for her, from first grade to the day she graduated from Northview High School. She was 19 now but decided to take a year off of school before she started looking at colleges. Amy didn’t have a boyfriend and in fact she had actually only had two in high school.

It wasn’t that she wasn’t pretty, but she spent most of her time studying which didn’t leave time for boys. She had a nice body with creamy white skin that she had gotten from her mother. But it was her beautiful big gray eyes that Amy got those from her dad. Her long hair was sandy brown, and intensely curly. She loved her full escort bayan curly hair and so did most everyone else.

Amy wasn’t a particularly popular girl in school, but she loved to run and was on the track team. Her dad attended every race and could be heard cheering at each meet.

Amy always loved her dad, but one night things changed. Amy’s friend Jessica was sleeping over one night. Jessica was dangerous because she could steal your boyfriend just for fun. Jessica had long blonde hair, bright blue eyes and C cups. She was a living Barbie doll, just perfect enough to make you sick.

Jessica had slept with a lot of guys at school, even older men she met in town. To her sex was pleasure and she knew how to get it. Amy was taught that sex was an act of love and that you shouldn’t have sex until you are in love.

Amy had liked boys but loved them, that was different. Love is hard for any one to define let alone a confused teenage girl, which for the most part is why Amy remained a virgin all through high school. Jessica and Amy were polar opposites, but altıparmak escort bayan they where always good to each other.

When Jessica came over that night she suggested that the two attend a movie, but Amy convinced her that they should stay in and rent a few movies. They watched a horror movie first and then a comedy to lighten the mood before they went to bed. As they finished the last movie and headed upstairs past her dad’s open bedroom door, Jess stopped.

Amy looked back and whispered, “Come on Jess.”

Jess smiled signaling Amy to come towards her in front of her dad’s bedroom.

Amy was curious at what Jess was smiling about. Amy walked over and looked into her father’s bedroom.

Her eyes grew big when she realized her father was sleeping, naked, and was laying in such a way that his immense member was clearly visible. Amy’s eyes scanned over her father’s body devouring every inch of what they saw. She stood still staring at her dad for what seemed like an hour before she felt Jess pull on her shirt and they nilüfer eskort walked to her bedroom.

Shutting the door Jess giggled, “Your dads hung like a horse”.

Amy couldn’t disagree so she sat in silence for a second, “But he’s my dad.”

“So, I’d still fuck him,” Jessica giggled.

Amy laughed and said, “Jess you’d fuck anything with a cock”.

They both laughed awkwardly and went to brush their teeth.

Amy lay in bed but she couldn’t fall asleep, nor could she get the picture of her father out of her head. What if he had seem them looking? Would he have been mad? I wonder if he has ever seen me sleeping naked?

After not too long Amy felt a familiar wetness in between her legs. She didn’t believe it so she reached down sliding her hand into her panties. Did thinking about her daddy, naked and sleeping, make her wet? Amy pressed her fingers against her pussy lips and felt the wetness.

As much as she tried to deny it, her body couldn’t lie. Thinking about her father naked had made her wet. She imagined him laying in bed his huge cock resting in between his legs. Amy felt a little dirty for thinking these things about her father but she could not help it. Without realizing it Amy rubbed her clit and pinched her hard nipples. Amy brought herself to an orgasm.

It was the first time she had cum for her daddy, but definitely wouldn’t be the last.

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