Alex , Alexa Ch. 08

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Chapter 8- I Hate Playing Pretend

“Hey Alex, can you possibly go check in on Allie? Your mom and I are stuck grading. Bring her some non-hospital food if possible, okay?”

“Yeah, yeah.”

Hopefully that was just the right amount of apathy to convince them that I would only grudgingly do as requested. I had recently been playing noticeably less video games due to the arrival of my aunt a week ago, and most of the interruption in my routine was indeed centered around accommodating her. Not that I minded, of course, but it was important that my parents not know that. After all, they could hardly find out exactly how Alexa’s and my relationship had…blossomed.

I headed on out to the hospital and found Alexa in bed, reading a magazine. Her eyes lit up when she saw me and she hopped out of bed, rushed up and hugged me.

“I missed you all night,” she whispered, nuzzling her face into my chest. “I love you so much…”

“I missed you too,” I said, kissing the top of her head and caressing her hair. “But you probably shouldn’t be jumping up and down like that, you were admitted to the hospital for a reason, you know.”

“Oh, it’s just a formality at this point,” she replied, smiling up at me and booping my nose. “All the doctors agree there’s nothing wrong me with me, I’m the very model of health.”

“Okay, but either curb your enthusiasm in greeting me or show the same level of enthusiasm for greeting everyone else,” I chided. “We’ve been damned lucky to not arouse suspicions so far.”

“Don’t start your man logic on me,” she sighed, taking me by the hand and leading me back to her bed, which she climbed into. “I’m a woman in love, after all.”

I held up a bag of fast food. “Thought you might be getting sick of hospital food, brought you some junk as a final meal before they kick you out. Any idea when that’ll be?”

“Well, probably not until your dad and Karen come to get me,” she replied as she dug into the paper bag and began annihilating the food I’d brought her. “Since she’s listed as my relative, they might want her around.”

“So later today,” I concluded. “‘sides, it’ll give mom a chance to fuss over you, which I know she’s been looking forward to.”

“I suppose I can allow that,” she mused. “As long as I get some tlc from you too, of course.”

We were silent for a few moments while she caressed my hands, looking down at the blanket that covered her lower half. She finally sighed, smiling forlornly.

“Being in love with you is very inconvenient, you know.” Alexa remarked. “All the questions and objections people would have, blah blah blah…”

“I’ve mulled it over a zillion times, trust me,” I replied, knowing exactly what she meant. “That’s why we’re doing the whole date ruse thing.”

She squeezed my hands and nodded. “I know. But I will admit, there might be a tiny spark of worry deep down in me.”

I tilted my head. “Why?”

She drew in her breath. “I guess deep down I worry that you might find someone you really like,” she confessed. “Someone you could love.”

I chuckled. “Alexa, believe me, if we can’t figure this out between us and I end up with someone else, it’s only because I settled. I don’t know if there’s another person anywhere on this planet who could come close to making me love them the way I’m in love with you.”

She didn’t look at me but kept listening.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen, I really don’t.” I continued. “But nothing and no one will ever fulfill me the way you do. Maybe I just have to live with that, but don’t you ever doubt my feelings for you. I stood no chance whatsoever against falling in love with you.”

My aunt nodded. “I’m pretty sure that’s how I felt the moment I met you,” she confessed. “I knew instantly that I could fall in love with you and I had no defences against it. It would either happen or it wouldn’t, no matter how I tried to rationalize or prevent it.”

I raised her hands to my lips and kissed them. “Regardless of what happens, this whole accident thing has made me realize exactly how much more amazing my life is because of you. In one week, you’ve made me feel like a new and better person. That’ll never change now. Your impact on my life and my heart was immediate and… eternal.”

She smiled warmly at me. “And I can tell you’re being honest, and also that you’ve never said anything remotely like that to anyone before. I’ve told people I’ve been intimate with that I love them, but I’ve never been in love with someone the way I am with you.”

She kissed my hands and then smiled at me slyly. “Go close the door and put the sign on it. Who knows, this might be our last chance to make love for a while…”

I nodded and went to close the door, putting the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the outside. It occurred to me that the front desk knew I was here, but hopefully they wouldn’t coordinate with the nurses on duty and become suspicious. I went and sat back down. Alexa smiled at me.

“Last nurse bursa eskort bayan who visited me told me it’ll be at least three hours before they come to check on me, and that was only an hour ago. That gives us a two hour window, right?”

I nodded. “Mom and dad are at work and up to their ears in papers still.”

“Well,” she mused, looking thoughtful. “If you haven’t had a shower yet…”

Alexa stood, took my hand and led me to her bathroom, which did indeed have a shower stall. It was meant for one person, but with some creative engineering and maybe some moisturizer, it could accomodate two.

She smiled at me as she shed her hospital gown, leaving her gloriously naked. She then began undressing me, planting kisses all over my body almost reverently. She knelt in front of me, her face close to my swelling cock, caressing it and smiling.

“I missed you…” she whispered to my member. She then stood and went over to the shower stall, bending over to turn it on, her pussylips peeking out from beneath her pert behind. I smiled as I watched, totally rapt by her lovely body. She turned her head and saw me staring. She smirked and wiggled her bum at me, a promise of things to come.

Once the water was a temperature that satisfied her, she took me by the hand and led me inside the stall. As predicted, it was rather tight, with the only extra space being a recessed area where a person could sit for a shower in case they couldn’t readily stand. Alexa giggled as the water cascaded over us.

“A bit of a snug fit,” she said in a lilting, musical tone, smiling up at me. “God knows your mom and dad wouldn’t fit in here, no matter how much moisturizer they used.”

“Don’t blow the moment by making me think of my parents,” I sighed, causing her to giggle again. She began kissing my neck and shoulders, slowly working her way down my chest. She wanted to go lower, but there wasn’t enough room for her to bend over in the stall, so she used her flexibility to her advantage, turning her legs out to the sides as she squatted, kissing and nipping my skin on the way down.

She moved down slowly, her thighs and calves taking her weight easily. No wonder Alexa had such an amazing ass. She finally arrived in front of my cock, kissing it lovingly before sliding it inside her mouth and reaching her hands around to caress my behind. I shut my eyes and trembled as she bobbed back and forth, humming as she sucked on my throbbing shaft. Nothing felt as good as having Alexa’s mouth or pussy wrapped around my cock.

My hands clasped her head, flexing in her wet hair. The water trickling down my body plus the liquid heat of her mouth had every one of my senses alive and tingling. She pulled me out of her mouth long enough to wrap a hand around my shaft, pumping gently while she snaked her tongue around my cockhead, teasing me with kisses and flicks.

Finally she stood up slowly, dragging her wet, slippery breasts along my front. My hard-on was raging between us and she kept a gentle hand on it, stroking me slowly. She smiled wickedly up into my eyes.

“So…” she began, teasing the head against her pussylips. “I don’t expect you to somehow crouch down in here and return the oral favour, so I’ll let you go straight to fucking me and cumming deep inside my hungry pussy. Do you want me from the front… or from behind?”

I smiled back. “How about a little of both?”

She raised her eyebrow and her expression was one of amused approval. “Ambitious. I like how you think, good sir. So then, I’ll start facing away from you and then turn inward, so we can look into one another’s eyes while you cum in me?”

I nodded. “Best idea I’ve ever heard, Alexa.”

She slowly turned herself around, her body necessarily sliding against mine. She was now facing into the back wall of the shower, her breasts pressed against the tile, her hands supporting her. She turned her head to the side and winked at me while squirming her butt against my manhood. My whole body was aching with need as I pulled her cheeks apart. I toyed the head of my cock against her pliant pussylips, making her moan and tremble.

Alexa and I both sighed in pleasure and a sense of relief as I slid deep inside her, up to the hilt. It felt so natural and right to be bonded like this, the most perfect thing in the world. She squeezed around me, her pussy holding me tight as if she never meant to let go.

“Mmmm, back where you belong,” she purred, smiling at me. “I love you, Alex.”

“I love you too, Alexa…” I said softly as I held onto her hips and began to slide back and forth inside her. She moaned and pressed her forehead to the wall while she squirmed her ass back against me. She was already sighing in pleasure.

“Oh, that’s so good…” she moaned, squeezing me each time I pushed inside her. “You hit every spot I love, it’s like you’re made to fit inside me, Alex…”

I knew what she meant, being inside Alexa was unlike any other girl I’d known this way before. I didn’t bursa otele gelen eskort bayan know if it was because of our powerful love and lust for one another, but it certainly did feel like our bodies were pieces of a puzzle that fit together perfectly and brought utter bliss in the fitting. Destiny or dopamine, I didn’t care which, I loved her and wanted to make her feel wonderful.

She hissed as she writhed her ass back into me while I pushed forward, getting deep inside her pussy. My hands slid up her body and between the wall and her breasts, massaging and squeezing them, causing her to moan. The touch of her body was normally thrilling to me, but the slippery wetness of the shower made it more incredible than ever.

“Nnnn, Alex…” she panted, trembling beneath my touch. “Oh God, turn me around if you want me facing you, I won’t last like this…”

I nodded and pulled out of her momentarily while we turned her around, her slippery body gliding over mine, making me shudder. She was finally facing into me, back pressed to the wall and her incredible breasts squashed to my chest. Her arms went around my shoulders and she looked up at me with hungry, expectant eyes. I could feel her chest heaving as she waited to feel me back inside her.

I put one hand on her hip and used the other hand to guide my tool to her molten sex. She hissed and I sighed loudly as I pressed up and deep inside, pinning her to me. My public bone met hers and we kissed hungrily, tongues lashing around one another. She moaned into my mouth as I began to move back and forth inside her.

“Uhhhh, fuck,” she murmured through our kiss. “You’re gonna make me cum so hard, Alex…”

She snaked one of her legs around my behind, slightly changing the angle of penetration and we both shuddered in pleasure. She pumped her hips against mine as I fucked her, spearing deep into her core. She moaned into my mouth as our tongues tangled and wrestled eagerly. Her fingers gripped my shoulderblades, nails almost digging in.

We broke the kiss as we looked into one another’s eyes, baring our souls for one another to see. I loved her for being so open to me, nothing held back. I could see in her eyes how she felt, the pleasure of our lovemaking, the excitement of fucking in her hospital shower and the unbridled love she felt for me, something I could never doubt having witnessed those eyes.

Our bodies were trembling as we thrust against one another, driving me deeper and deeper inside her, but our gazes stayed locked. Neither of us wanted to miss that moment of looking into one another’s souls when we came together. Her sapphire blue eyes flashed with lust but also deep desire to see that honesty no one could hide at the moment of climax.

And I wanted her to see it.

Panting and squirming, we ground together fiercely, bodies slapping wetly as my cock slid in and out of her tightening tunnel. Her fingers were starting to dig into the meat of my shoulderblades, but I couldn’t feel it at all. There was only the unreal tingling wet heat building between us and the bottomless depths of her blue eyes, staring deep inside me.

Her mouth opened and she stifled a cry, exhaling hard, still looking up at me while she crushed her hips into me desperately. I returned her gaze as I pressed her against the wall with all my might, straining my hips as I pushed in as deep as I could and then began shuddering as her pussy clenched and fluttered around my cock, spilling my cum inside her. I growled as I squeezed her back with my hands.

My God, those eyes…

We both instinctively knew the moment and attacked one another’s mouths in a frenzy, kissing like our lives depended on it. Seeing into her eyes, into her soul in that orgasm, it triggered an unreal lust in me and she clearly felt it too. My body jackhammered against her, slamming her ass back against the shower wall loudly. She screamed into my mouth as I continued to cum inside her, the demon strength her pussy gripped me with almost making me dizzy.

I felt berserk somehow.

I pulled on her hair, craning her neck while her hands grappled onto my back, nails raking across me. Her eyes were flashing, her mouth wide open and white teeth exposed. I slammed my hips against her still, battering her pussy, the head of my cock touching her womb. We were almost like animals, our sex taking on the qualities of frenzied mating. Gone was the lovemaking, this was primal and savage sexual response, something neither of us had expected but were powerless to stop.

And neither of us wanted to.

The madness of the orgasm ended and we collapsed against one another, panting heavily. My limbs were heavy as lead and I felt drained. My body twitched while she trembled and gasped, still pinned to the wall by my bulk. Neither of us could say anything, we were both beyond words. Besides, what was there to say that we didn’t already know?

The water beat down on us while we stood bursa eve gelen escort still, tangled in one another’s limbs, my cock still deep inside her slippery depths. I don’t know how much time passed while I just felt her heart beating against my chest, her pussy still caressing my cock, a needy lover unwilling to let go. Finally, Alexa stirred and pressed her lips to mine, kissing me so lovingly I thought my heart would burst.

“Perfect…” she whispered against my mouth. “No other word for it, Alex. I couldn’t have dreamed for more…”

“I agree,” I said back softly, my lips touching her while I caressed her exquisite body. “That was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced, Alexa, even with you.”

“I know,” my aunt sighed, shaking her head slightly. “I just… that orgasm, Alex, it brought out something so primordial in us both. I hope we can find that again some time, when we don’t need to be so guarded.”

I nodded and pulled back from the wall as much as I could, my cock popping out of her wetly. She supported herself with her hands on my shoulders and stretched on her toes, rotating her neck and doing what she could to squirm the kinks out of her body. True, she was still pressed against me, her tits squashed to my chest, but at least I didn’t have her pinned and immobilized.

“Mmmm, we’d better shower off before anyone arrives.” Alexa mused, smiling at me. “ShallI lather you up first?”

I shook my head. “No, I’m just gonna rinse off and get out so you can shower up properly.”

She looked confused. “You’re turning down my invitation to lather you up using my body?”

“I don’t want to refuse ,” I replied, shrugging. “But I don’t think it’s a good idea for both of us to smell like your hospital’s shower gel when my parents get here.”

“Oh. Good point…” she conceded. “Well, I’ll just have to make it up to you another time. Okay, you rinse off and then I’ll do my thing once you’re out.”

I nodded and turned around, allowing the showerhead to cleanse me while doing my best to ignore Alexa giggling and fondling my body from behind. Her hand took my limp but swollen shaft and caressed it slowly, seeing if she could make me hard again. Half of me wanted to resist out of principal, but I also needed her to know what sort of effect she had on me and I was soon hard and throbbing again.

“Naughty boy,” she cooed, lightly slapping the top of my shaft, making it bounce up and down comically. “Too bad you need to get out now, right?”

I shot her a look and she smiled innocently. I sighed and got out of the shower while she giggled at her torture of me. She couldn’t stop me after I’d wrapped myself in a towel and left the bathroom, flushing the toilet on the way out.

There was an evil smirk on my face as I heard a shriek of discomfort from the shower stall. I didn’t know that happened with the water in hospitals too…


After Alexa was done promising to kill me for the hot water prank, we made sure I was completely dry and sat around, listening to music on a radio station and reading magazines. Restraining ourselves from locking the door and making out was difficult, but necessary. My mother finally texted me and announced that she and dad were on their way over. I replied I’d been reading while Alexa had taken a nap before their arrival and her release.

My mother breezed into the room, followed by my father, who was his normal, giant and genial self. Mom hugged Alexa close, sniffing her and commenting on how glad she’d be to get her home so that the shower gel smelled not so antisceptic. I stood up and gave mom the chair while she interrogated her little sister, making sure she was ready to leave. Mom was more than willing to take the entire hospital faculty on in a no-holds-barred pitfight if Alexa felt she needed to stay longer. And with my dad as her tag-team partner, I didn’t really fancy the hospital’s chances.

My mother began going on about how they’d keep an eye on her for a few extra days, just to be sure, but I couldn’t help noticing that Alexa didn’t seem to be paying attention. She was staring at something. She caught my eyes and nodded her head subtly, directing my gaze. I followed her eyes over where she was looking…

Towels on the floor. Three of them. One of which would not smell like hospital shower gel.

Normally one wouldn’t think that was a big deal, but if my mother decided to fuss and clean up after her younger sister, there was no chance she wouldn’t notice how one of them smelled differently and then she’d be asking questions. Why give her the opening, right?

I excused myself to go to the bathroom, making a show of noticing the towels strewn on the floor and kicking them into the bathroom ahead of me, using my foot to wipe up any water on the floor with them. This virtually guaranteed my mother would be loathe to touch them now. I tossed them in the hamper as I closed the door, waiting an acceptable length of time to go to the bathroom before flushing the toilet and coming back out into the room, where my mother was still explaining her plans and Alexa listened intently.

I was also listening, but I made a point of looking around the room, inspecting other things, seeming like I wasn’t paying attention. I allowed my mother to call for me twice before looking over, coming out of my ‘fog’ that I was apparently in.

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